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About Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson is a highly experienced Software Developer and technical expert who has been associated with consumer technology for many years. He is the chief editor of https://justinrange.com and currently covers a lot of consumer electronic products like projector, TV, laptop, speaker, etc. Apart from being an editor, he has a firm knowledge in the electrical and mechanical area especially in designing LED systems. He has an electrical engineering degree from Grand Canyon University which has helped him to understand electronic devices in a better manner. Moreover, he is well aware of many diagnostic types of equipment which gives him an upper hand when it comes electronic products.

In addition to Mark Hanson’s blog, he also manages many other projects. He has a stable background on CAD, GD&T, and DVP&R along with experience in a variety of processes. He even has vast experience in manufacturing and assembly division, and this experience helped him to create a strong base in consumer electronics know-how.


Side-Front image of Leupold gx-3i rangefinder

Leupold gx-3i Rangefinder Review: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Golf is a game of confidence and competence. As a golfer, there are many factors that will help improve the ...
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vector image of kind playing golf

These are How Kids Can Benefits from Golf: A Short Guide

The Benefits of Golf To Children Are your kids love to be with you when you play golf? Do they ...
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Image of Nikon Auculon Golf Rangefinder

Nikon ACULON AL11 Rangefinder Review : What You Need to Know: Check Editor’s Review

Are you searching for the best rangefinder that promises amazing performance? Nikon ACULON AL11 might be the one you are ...
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Side Image of Image of Simmons Laser Golf Rangefinder

Simmons Rangefinder Reviews: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Have you observed? Technology nowadays is incorporated to almost everything. Industries, arts, manufacturing, marketing, and even Sports! All have different ...
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image of snell golf ball

Top 10 Snell Golf Ball Reviews to Make You More Interested in the Game

If sophistication and sports get amalgamated, you get golf to play. It is true that golf is not a hardcore ...
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side image of Halo golf rangefinder

Halo Golf Rangefinder Review: An Unbiased Review

As I mentioned in my previous article about best golf rangefinders of 2018, that my team has tested a variety ...
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featured image of the best projector under 200

20 Best Cheap Projectors under $100, $200 in 2019 – Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide

Family time is all about firing up the grill and enjoying a good movie. This gala time is perfectly carried ...
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student's gadget

Great Ways of Using Tech Gadgets to Increase Student Engagement

For the past 10 years, technology rapidly advanced. It has improved communication, making it easier for everyone to connect globally ...
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10 Best Soundbars under $200

The affordable soundbar market is vast, and you will be spoilt with choices when you look for the finest model ...
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cheapest gaming laptop under 200

Cheapest Gaming Laptop under 200 – All You Need to Know!

You love gaming. Your friend has an Alienware and you wish he would adopt you. But alas! How impossible is ...
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budget laptop under $500

Cheapest Gaming Laptop under 500 – For Best Gaming Experience

While buying a budget gaming laptop there are 2 basic questions you need to ask: “Will you be using it ...
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Image of the cheapest razer blade laptop

The Cheapest Razer Blade Laptop – All About Speed, Lights,and Weight – Pick Your One Now!

We are no more teenage students playing games all day. But that does not mean we still don’t love gaming ...
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