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About Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson is a highly experienced Software Developer and technical expert who has been associated with consumer technology for many years. He is the chief editor of https://justinrange.com and currently covers a lot of consumer electronic products like projector, TV, laptop, speaker, etc. Apart from being an editor, he has a firm knowledge in the electrical and mechanical area especially in designing LED systems. He has an electrical engineering degree from Grand Canyon University which has helped him to understand electronic devices in a better manner. Moreover, he is well aware of many diagnostic types of equipment which gives him an upper hand when it comes to electronic products.

In addition to Mark Hanson’s blog, he also manages many other projects. He has a stable background on CAD, GD&T, and DVP&R along with experience in a variety of processes. He even has vast experience in the manufacturing and assembly division, and this experience helped him to create a strong base in consumer electronics know-how.


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