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Home » Best 5 Golf Rangefinders of 2017 in USA– An Unbiased Buying Guide

Best 5 Golf Rangefinders of 2017 in USA– An Unbiased Buying Guide

Few Top Rated Golf Rangefinders at a Glance:

If you are reading this post, it is sure that you are passionate about golf and you want to improve your skill like a professional, right? Now, here in this long and in-depth post, best five golf rangefinders reviews of 2017, we’d guide you to pick the best one for you as per your need, whether you are a veteran or a newbie. We will also be mentioning some golf products that you might need in your game!

Let’s dive deep!

9 Top Rated Golf Rangefinders of 2017

Best 5 Golf Rangefinders Reviews of 2017: An Unbiased Buying Guide

There is no such professional golfer who doesn’t know about golf rangefinders. It is practically a GPS system that assists the golfers in determining the distance of certain points of the golf course.

These rangefinders can be a standalone device or software that you can install on your smartphone that comes with GPS capabilities.

Installing golf rangefinders on your smartphone will be beneficial to detect the distance of the holes on the golf court as the rangefinder map the entire ground to detect the points of the holes.

There are different types of services you can get. You just need to obtain any service and pay the monthly subscription fee according to the service you are getting.

With the advancement of technology, apart from a number of golf GPS watches, today several golf rangefinders are also allowing the players to measure the quality of their practice, that means it helps not only to determine the distance of the hole but also the swing of them.

Well, here in this review article, I would help you how you should choose the right one to improve your professionalism incorporating the latest technology of our time!
Be the best in your favorite Sports, the Golf, using one of the important golf accessories, the golf rangefinder and play like a pro.

Here you go!

We have added the most popular one of Bushnell golf rangefinder series in our top 5 list. Before getting into the detailed reviews of those ones, you may have a look on Bushnell Tour V4.

Bushnell Tour V4: The Latest Golf Rangefinder of Bushnell Series

Bushnell fans would surely love the Bushnell Tour V4, the upgraded version Tour V3 that comes in a 30% slimmer version. It is admired most on its physical attributes, providing the user to hold comfortably in the palm. And while Bushnell has been very strong regarding performance for years, this Bushnell Tour V4 has no difference from other products but works faster at picking up the target.

And yes, just like other hi-end Bushnell rangefinders, it boasts its JOLT technology that gives you a slight jolt when the target is pinned. So, how important is this technology? Sometimes, when looking at the eyepiece, we are not able not to recognize the target. With the help of its slight jolt, it helps you to identify target faster. After all, who doesn’t want a faster game?

Now, get this: this Bushnell Tour V4 has a Fast Focus System which allows you to adjust the focus using the same finger that you are using to hold the device. Just like a pro golfer, you’ll never miss your target with Bushnell Tour V4!

Read detailed reviews about Bushnell Tour V4.

Well, without wasting our time, let’s dive into the top 5 golf rangefinders of 2017.

Here you go:

1. Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder Reviews: How Does It Improve Your Golfing Experience – A Quick Guide

Review Image of Bushnell Tour V4

One of the most helpful gadgets in golfing is the laser rangefinder. When I was starting my journey in the golf course, I feel sorry when I can’t even hit a single score. But with the help of this gadget, it gave me a lot of confidence every time I go to a game.
I used Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Golf Rangefinder previously, but a cousin once let me tried a Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder, and after I have tried it, I also bought one for myself. It’s quite expensive than the other brands, but it’s worth it.
It’s a product of JOLT Technology and features ergonomic design. This design gives you a satisfying performance without any complications in operating the device. It is one of the top rangefinders in the season.

Features and Specifications: What Make It Great


What I like most of this device is the always-on Pin Seeking mode just like other Bushnell models. This mode helps you lock onto the closest target directly within a line of sight.
The JOLT design provides you a signal of short bursts of vibration to indicate that it’s featured Pin Seeker Technology has locked onto the target, giving you easy and comfortable hit.
Veteran golfers always admired it for its ease and goodness at picking and locking out a device. Others may find the JOLT irritating and disturbing, but once get used to it, you won’t be bothered by its sudden burst anymore.


I consider optics as the heart of a golf laser rangefinder. The Bushnell Tour V3 offers us with fantastic optics which I like. Just like its preceding model Tour V2, this device has a 5x magnification which gives you a clear view of your target up to 5 to 1000 yards ranges.
However, unlike other Bushnell products, v3 is not designed with a “Vivid Display Technology” which gives you difficult to see clearly things against a dark background.


Just like everyone on the golf course, accuracy is crucial to maintaining a good game. Bushnell Tour V3 is accurate in distance measuring, providing you a clear view up to -1 Yard, just almost the same accuracy that other models offer.
What makes this model on edge with others is the name it carries, Bushnell, which often receives positive and satisfying golf ball rangefinder reviews from customers.


Measuring 4.3″ x 2.8″ x 1.6″, the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT weighs approximately 7.4 ounces without its carry case. This golf laser rangefinder is lightweight and wouldn’t give you hassle when you carry it. It comes with carrying case to help you feel more at ease when walking around the course.


This golf gps device’s body is made with plastic so with its accent. It comes in a cool combination of white and black. The grip rubber helps you not easy to slip your device even when wearing gloves.
It also comes with a zippered case in gray with black and red highlights. Netting at the sides prevents your rangefinder from falling.
The elastic loop attached to your case can be attached to a bag or cart, giving you more ease and comfort while roaming around the course. Bushnell too would like you to take care of your device by just including in your case a small dust cloth for wiping to see to it that your lens is always clean.
Unlike other devices, the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT has only one button for power which is also used for adjusting settings such as enabling the JOLT feature on or off, or switching between yards and meters.
Though others would find it difficult to maneuver because you need to use only one button, it is still considered user-friendly for some.


It comes with a 3volt battery (lithium ion) and guarantees longer life when used in your game. Moreover, the battery compartment is well sealed to protect the battery from getting wet or overexposure to sunlight.
Tip: If you want to enjoy your game using the rangefinder fully, always make sure that when you bring your rangefinder in the course, the battery is fully charged.

  • Rain or shine, you can enjoy golf with this buddy as it has an all-weather proof.
  • Can be used for the tournament.
  • Easy to use even for newbies. It has only one button and won’t give you any complication in operating it
  • It comes with a cool cover/case that would protect your device and a string for you to easily attach v3 into bag or cart.
  • Exceptional distance reader.
  • Cheaper than other Bushnell units.
  • Provides scan mode.
  • Faster at picking up targets.
  • The 5x magnification has poor result compared to units with higher magnification.
  • Considered as low end especially on the magnifying object.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder

1. How does it differ from its preceding model, V2?

The JOLT Technology gives V3 a more latest and upgraded feature than v2. Other features such as magnification, accuracy, and speed are almost the same.

2. Can you turn off the Jolt Technology setting?

Yes, you can. Some users do not need such feature. You can just check the user’s guide how to turn it off. But because it is designed to be in your rangefinder, surely it could be of great help. Maybe you can just get used to it.

3. My JOLT is not working. How can I fix it?

Try to press and hold the power button for about 8 to 10 seconds. The viewer will display options. If unsuccessful, please refer to user’s guide.

4. Does it have a warranty?

Yes. Just like most products. However, the warranty does not cover user’s fault. Malfunctions brought by factory defects are usually of number one priority.

Though it is all weatherproof, please do not expose your device to too much heat. It might damage mostly on the optics part.

i. Keep it to a safe, cool, and dry place.
ii. Don’t allow anyone to operate your device in particular by those who are not familiar with such devices.
iii. When used after a rainy game, gently wipe every part of your device with a soft, clean and dry cloth.
iv. Always consult an authorized repair shop if there are problems with your device.


In a scale of 1 to 10, I can say that Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder is on 8. The JOLT Technology which is considered to be its best feature is quite satisfying compared to its preceding model V2. Its performance in lock pinning out targets is amazing. It’s as speedy as other rangefinders I have tried.

It gives you a crystal-clear display an accurate result. It’s 5x magnification would often cause users to consider other models over Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder, but you should try this first when you know someone who owns one. It still gives a better performance.

There are sellers who give promo discount. Nevertheless, in purchasing such product, always consider the ease and comfort that it could give you. After all, you’ll always be the one who’ll use the device.
And hey! The new Bushnell Tour V4 is out on the market. It’s a new and improved version of Tour V3. Check it out if you’re interested in upgrading your unit.

2. Bushnell PRO X7: Is It Top Rangefinder with Jolt and Slope?

Side Image of Bushnell Pro X7 Reviews

When it comes to best golf ball rangefinders, Bushnell has been a leading name in the world of golf. It has been a favorite among golfers since the brand released its flagship model. Other brands have only been trying to meet up with Bushnell and only excelled by adding features the Bushnell did not offer.

The fact is: The Bushnell became a favorite with the release of the Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder in 2014. 90% of PGA players use The Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder.

Features and Specifications

This product is a step up from the Bushnell Pro 1M and offers better features. To give you a sneak peek into all it has got to offer, here is a closer review of the device.

Vivid Display Technology

With this feature, one can use a rangefinder in any lighting or weather condition. No matter how gloomy the day may seem, with this feature, you still can go out to the course and enjoy your golfing time.

Pin Seeker with Jolt Technology

Bushnell takes golfing to another level with this jolt feature. It is a great feature, especially if you are a beginner or an average level golfer. It allows you to locate the pin quickly against other objects on the course. The device vibrates with the jolt feature once it locks on the target. This helps you know for sure that you lock on the target.

E.S.P 2

The device comes with a second generation Extreme Speed Precision feature. This feature ensures you get the most accurate yardage. More so, the device provides you with these yardages a whole lot quicker than any other rangefinder you will find today. With this feature, you should expect to have ranged from 5 yards to as far as 1 mile. You would also be able to measure distances of 550+ to a flag.


This feature is one of the things that make this device stand out for many golfers. This feature gives you compensated distances for changes in elevation. This feature would provide you an edge with getting exact measurements.

7x Magnification

Unlike most of the other rangefinders that offer a maximum of the 6x zoom feature, this device comes with the highest zoom feature any golfer would kill to have. This means you get to have seven times closure to the target. It also offers it in HD optics.


The Bushnell Pro X7 like many other rangefinders comes with a groovy design. It is waterproof and won’t give you worries even when used during rainy season. However, it is heavier compared to Bushnell Tour 6 which is very light. Nevertheless, its size won’t matter because of the great performance it offers.

  • Easy to read
  • It’s Pin Seeker feature gives you that extra confidence of hitting the target by locking on it.
  • Vivid Display Technology is great and provides accurate reading even in bad lighting.
  • Offers broad range coverage.
  • Has a compact and rugged design and definitely durable.
  • Can be used in any weather condition with its all weatherproof.
  • It comes with a premium carrying case that allows for easy movement.
  • he device functions with a 3-Volt 123 battery which is protected by a Posi-thread battery door.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Expensive than other high-end rangefinders. You may find it a bit high if you are on an average budget.
  • The device may seem a bit bulky for some users.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Bushnell Pro X7

Can I use the rangefinder to get distances of other objects on the course?
Yes! The Bushnell Pro X7 can be used to get the exact yardage of any object on the golf course.

Can the Bushnell Pro X7 be used in Golf Tournaments?
No! The device is not legal for use in tournament play.

What is the significant difference between the Bushnell Pro X7 and the Tour X?
The major difference would have to be the magnification. The Tour X comes with 6x zoom while the Pro X7 comes with 7x magnification.

Why is the Bushnell Pro X7 held horizontally?
Unlike other models, the Pro X7 is designed to hold horizontally.

Does the Bushnell Pro X7 come with a front lens cover?
No, it doesn’t. It only comes with an eyepiece cover.

Can I get a reading in meters?/
Yes, you can! The device is about to change the yard unit readings to meter.

Why exactly is the Pro X7 not legal for tournament use?
This is basically because of its slope feature. The USGA rules do not allow devices that measure slope distances.

Insider Tips

You’ve spent a lot for your golf buddy, right? This device might be very important to you. Thus, it needs extra care for it to last longer.
• Do not expose your device to too much moist or wet.
• When the screen is not displaying results clearly, you may restart the device or check the battery.
• Do not allow children to play your device. Rangefinders are so sensitive.
• Always refer to the user’s manual when you find trouble in operating your device.
• Consult an authorized service technician whenever there are problems. Do not open your device.


I guess you now have an idea! Just to add a few: Bushnell is known for its quality rangefinders that make golfing extra comfortable. The Pro X7 is regarded as the best rangefinder to hit the market when it first appeared on the market in 2014. This is because of the added features the device carries. The Bushnell Pro X7 offers the highest magnification feature built in any rangefinder. The 7x magnification gives users clear, a close picture of targets. The Bushnell Pro X7 sports all of the features of the Tour X and most like an upgraded version of the latter. The only major con the Bushnell Pro X7 has is its price If you are looking for a quality rangefinder in the market, you can invest in the Pro X7 and be sure to get your money’s worth.

3. Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder: How Is This One of The Top rangefinders?

Review image of Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder

There’s nothing more frustrating than making a hit, and then golf ball landed on the wrong target. Much more, you want to play like a pro but feels like you need to eat more golf balls before becoming such. Hey! Don’t get upset! Every golfer has been in that situation. Even Tiger Woods! Becoming a professional golfer doesn’t happen overnight. It would take you a lot of practices, warm-ups, and courage.
Good news?
There’s a lot of golf that could assist you in becoming a pro. Along with the hundreds strategies and tactics are great equipment and gadgets you can use in your play. One of these devices is the Golf Laser Rangefinder. Unlike the GPS, laser rangefinders don’t need you to download a map of your desired course. You can simply set up your device, scan the area, fire a target, then boom! You have calculated a measurement from your distance to your target.
One of the golf laser rangefinders that makes some noise in the golf industry today is the Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder. Just like other Leopold products, this device exhibits great performance based on reviews. One of my friends is amazed how it displays results featuring its OLED display. It may possess more advanced features such as the JOLT and PINSEEKER editions from Bushnell, but surely its performance competes with other leading brands.

Let’s take a look at how this device might suit your needs and how it went on the list of the best golf rangefinders!

Features and Specifications: What Make It Great


Featuring it’s OLED, the Leupold Gx 4ia2 stands out from other golf rangefinders regarding displaying results. It provides the golfer a crystal-like view of the course and helps you find target faster no matter what type of background they have.
Though there are times that seem to be blinking while viewing the result, and you can witness such distraction in weak batteries.


Who would resist a golf rangefinder, ranging up to 700 yards accuracy? With 6x magnification and multi coated lens and enhanced laser, this device extremely gives you a precise result. While Bushnell Bushnell Tour V3 has its Pinseeker Technology, this Leupold Gx 4ia4 could also boast its pin hunting technology that makes every shot hits the target.

Club Selector

This is a special feature which you can find in other high-end laser rangefinders. Its unique programming capabilities allow you to set club distances and suggests to the golfer which club to use after getting the distance reading.


While the Bushnell Pro x7 can calculate measurement in hilly and uneven terrain, the Leupold Gx 4ia2 too gives a golfer a chance to view the slope of certain shots, however, not that great compared to the latter.
And to disable such mode (which is considered illegal in tournaments), one can just remove the chip that reads the slope for him to be able to use the device still.


With a dimension of 4.2 x 3.0 x 1.4 inches and weight of 7.9 ounces, the Leupold Gx 4ia2 is extremely handy and won’t give the player any uncomfortable moments while using the device. Like most rangefinders, this device has an ergonomic design.

You can play golf anytime with any condition as it is designed to be weatherproof. A rugged aluminum body gives you an impression that such device is durable and you could use for heavy-duty activities, even in hunting.
Having problems with eyecups? This device might suit your needs as it is designed with adjustable eye cups to make sure it fits comfortably to any size/shape.

It comes with a CR2 Lithium, which is commonly used by most golf rangefinders. This means that you won’t get headaches if you experience trouble with your bats, as they are easy to find/purchase.

  • With Digital Enhanced Accuracy for faster measurements.
  • Compact and handy
  • Can be view slope areas
  • Can disable slope mode when in tournament
  • Multi-coated lens
  • 6x Magnification
  • Pin hunting technology just like pin-seeking Technology
  • Quick set menu
  • Expensive than other rangefinders
  • Blinking while reading distances can be destructive

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Commonly Asked Questions about Leupold Gx 4ia2 Golf Rangefinder

1. What can be done with the Slope mode during the tournament?

Slope editions are discouraged and not allowed in tournaments. With Leupold Gx 4ia2, you can just remove the chip that reads the slope; then you can use it freely in tournaments.

2. The display is blinking at times when viewing targets/objects, what can I do?

You can check the battery because it might be in low power. You can also restart the device.

3. Does it have Pinseeking Mode?

No, but it does has a pin hunting mode, quite similar to pin-seeking but without the JOLT. Pinseeking mode too is quite higher in performance at pinning targets.


The Leupold Gx 4ia2 exhibits commendable performance just like other high-end golf rangefinders. It may not be the best, but its performance is good especially at displaying results because of its OLED.

It may not possess the advanced features like Pinseeker and JOLT; it can still perform well in pinning targets because of its Pin Hunting Mode. Overall, on a scale of 1-10 in the design, I can give this device an 8, 8 for special features, 9 for its ease of use, and 8 in accuracy.

4. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Rangefinder: Why Did We Consider This in One of The Best Golf Rangefinders

Review Image of Bushnell Tour Z6

Need help in choosing your best golf rangefinder? Take a look at this golf rangefinder review so you would have an idea what to pick. As we all know, one of the most important equipment in golf is the rangefinder.

One of the most talked golf laser rangefinder you will find on the golf course today is the Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt.

Bushnell proudly brought this device to you with some real impressing features. So what makes the Tour Z6 Jolt unique from other models? Well, let’s take a closer look on what this device offers.

Features: What Make It Best

PinSeeker with JOLT Technology

The reality is this feature functions to help you zero in on the flag. No matter your distance from the flag, this feature will be able to lock onto the flag. This amazing feature works hand in hand with a JOLT technology.
When the Pinseeker locates a flag, your device produces a short vibrating pulse and helps you confirm that indeed you have locked into the flag.

Unfortunately, this feature is always enabled on your device by default, which is why some users may find it annoying.
But hey! Don’t get me wrong! This device when used properly helps you to have a better shot. All you have to do is to focus on an object and the fire its laser for about 8 seconds. Upon release of the fire button, the feature will keep the distance calculated for 8 seconds.

Vivid Display Technology (VDT)

I’m pretty sure that you want to identify actual targets as quickly as you can. Good thing? What you wish is granted through this feature.

What’s more? This is the first golf laser rangefinder from Bushnell with this new feature. One of the things that make it great is the fact that you can use it under any lighting condition. You would also be able to adjust the brightness level of the display.

Fact: You have 4 brightness level/options to choose from. This feature gives all of its display readings in red. This means if you are looking at a point with a dark background, you would be able to read the information easily and quickly.

E.S.P. 2 (Extreme Speed Precision)

Bushnell never fails to give each player its best with this Extreme Speed Precision (ESP 2). Compared to Tour V3 and other hybrid GPS Finders, this device gives you the quickest result.
Looking for its accuracy, this Tour V6 has a lower ranging performance compared to Pro X7, but it still gives a clear result because of its VDT. With this feature, you will be able to get displayed distance of 1/10th of a yard even ranging from 5-125 yards.


How can you resist such a marvelous design? This rangefinder comes in a rubber material and a highly durable black case. This allows for better grip of the rangefinder. If you are into the design beauty of these rangefinders, then you will find the Tour Z6 appealing.

Moreover, this rangefinder is designed with white aluminum on both sides of the device. This gives a perfect blend with its textured black casing. To allow you move around with it easily, it comes with a carry pouch. You can easily attach this pouch to your golf bag with the aid of the plastic pouch clips.
The casing is also waterproof. The device has just two buttons on it – a red laser button on top and a mode button on its left side which are easy to use. The Tour Z6 eyepiece has an easily adjustable diopter(+/- 2).


The Tour V6 weighs 7.9 ounces. If you include its carry pouch, then it comes with a weight of 11.6 ounces. This is just the right weight to give a laser range finder the firm fit in your hands. It also has a slim size that makes it fit easily into your bag. All of this makes it very durable.

6x Magnification

And though this device has a lower magnification (6x) compared to Pro X7 (7x), it still gives a great view because of this special feature of VDT.


The golf ball rangefinder uses just one 3-volt CR2 battery. You can easily change the battery through a twist cap. This cap is located just below the viewfinder and is uniquely called the Posi-thread™ battery door. You should ensure you change the battery at least once every six months.

  • The Tour Z6 comes with a whole new display feature for its yardage and PinSeeker feature
  • It gives you a full field of view
  • The product comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • The product comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • You would have to hold down the fire button firmly to get it to function
  • It has some limitations in getting reading while you pan across targets
  • The device is a bit pricey for someone on a budget

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Commonly Asked Questions about Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder

Does the Bushnell Tour Z6 come with slope adjustment and how well does it compare with the Bushnell V3?
Unlike some of the other rangefinders, the Tour Z6 doesn’t have the Slope version. While the V3 is an amazing rangefinder, it does not have the Jolt Technology which the Z6 features. This means you would be able to locate your target more quickly and in an accurate manner with the Z6.

Can I see how far I hit the ball with the Bushnell Tour Z6?

Yes, you can easily use the Tour Z6 to see how far you hit your golf ball. The only limitation is that it can only see the ball in a short distance and on level ground.

Can I use the Tour Z6 actually in foggy conditions?

This would largely depend on the density of the fog. As the density of the fog increases, the visible range decreases.

Without crystals, can the rangefinder measure distance accurately?

Yes, the Tour Z6 can measure an object and give the range.

Can I wear my glasses when using the Tour Z6?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is adjust the eyepiece to suit you.


Not satisfied? Here’s to finally help you decide.

A good rangefinder should be able to provide you with all the features it should possess and a little much more. This is what the Bushnell Tour Z6 offers to golfers. The rangefinder may come at a price that is about $50 above the Tour V2 and may be a bit pricey if you are on a budget. This laser rangefinder makes it up for this price with its features. If you are looking for a great rangefinder and willing to spend a little more for it, then the Bushnell Tour Z6 is what you should settle for.

5. Nikon Coolshot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder:
Is It Worth Buying?

Review Image of Nikon Coolshot 40

When it comes to best golf ball rangefinders, Bushnell has been a leading name in the world of golf. It has been a Do you want to be victorious in your next golf tournament? Every golfer does! There are lots of helpful devices that would assist you in the entire game. Along with your skill, these devices would help you play faster like a professional golfer.
If you’re planning to own one, check this all-new upgraded powerful USGA-approved range finder brought to you by one of the toughest electronic lines: Nikon!

USGA-approved range finder brought to you by one of the toughest electronic lines: Nikon!

Well, golfers, may it be professional or newbies prefer to use a rangefinder to know clearly how trees, flags, and other hazards may prevail in the golf course. With the help of Nikon, one can plan and quickly shift strategies and techniques in whatever golfing situation calls for. The Nikon Coolshot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder is the newest device exclusively made that best suit your needs and helped you succeed in every game.

Features and Specifications: What Make It Great


It features a high-quality 6x monocular high-quality finder and multilayer coating that lets you see bright and clear images even with the gloomy weather. It has a wide field view (75 degrees) that helps you avoid the hazards and allows you to identify everything on the golf course.
It quickly responses to everything on the golf course. Designed with a long eye relief, it lets eyeglasses wearers with easy viewing while maintaining a reliable and accurate view. Its LCD is bright and clear, displays images. The large viewfinder allows you to scan through the course and helps you read results quickly.


According to golfers, one of the essential factors in succeeding in golf is Accuracy. Thus, in purchasing golf laser rangefinder, consider Nikon’s +/- 0.75 m/yards measurement display.
Along with this is its 18 mm ocular which is large enough for comfortable viewing in a range of 7.5 m – 590 m / 8 – 650 yard. It’s a Hyper Read Technology and guarantees to show the measurement result in approximately 0.5 meters per yard.


With a size of 112x70x36 mm, the Nikon 40 Coolshoot Golf Laser Rangefinder offers you a comfortable grip and helps you relax your arms while maintaining a high-quality game.
It weighs 160 grams (excluding battery), and it barely distracts you when you need to move from one place to another. It is light and easy to transport. Having a lightweight device while walking around the course for several hours, definitely, won’t give you a tiring day.

First Target Priority Mode

Normally, the course has many kinds of stuff that could be scanned by your range-finder. The Nikon Coolshot 40 is employed with First Target Priority mode that automatically disables signals from other objects. This allows you to focus only on your target. It eliminates disturbances present in the course.


It also features a rechargeable CR2 Lithium Battery (DC 3v) that lasts longer than others. The device helps you save battery life as it has automatically shut off after eight seconds of inactivity.

Ease of Use

Professional or experienced golfer won’t have trouble using a rangefinder as they are used to operating such tool maybe for years even the complicated ones. However, newbies/amateurs might be relying on rangefinder most of the time.

Thus, it is best for them to choose the ones accessible that are easy to operate. This is why experts recommend Nikon 40 Coolshot for the beginners. The two main buttons that bring up overlay menu are easy to use. It displays functions that are easy to operate.

  • It is compacted and lightweight.
  • It can easily be slipped in one’s pocket when not in used. As there would be times that we want to walk along the golf course without hassles, this Nikon 40 Coolshot would definitely give you a tiring game.
  • Has a waterproof design. With a built in JIS/IEC protection class 4 (IPX) equivalents, you won’t spoil a game even when you combat with drizzles
  • It is designed for all weather. It has a wide temperature tolerance from -10 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius.
  • Rain or shine, you’re still on the track of your game
  • It best suits with amateurs/newbies with its easy-to-operate feature. It doesn’t give newbies a hard time in operating the two main buttons, so they could focus on their target and enjoy golfing.
  • Worthy to own. You’ll get the chance to use it legally in tournaments. The device has the permission to be used from USGA, though most pros do not use rangefinder on their games. Nevertheless, it doesn’t limit you when the situation calls for.
  • Though it is made with the sturdy plastic material, nothing compares to the durability and toughness metal-reinforced rangefinders could offer.
  • The price is quite high compared to other rangefinders, but the value and satisfactory performance it offers is worth on every single penny you spend on it.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Nikon Coolshot 40 Golf Rangefinder

1. Where can I find an authorized repair stations for my Nikon Rangefinder in the US?

Your rangefinder has sensitive parts, especially on the optic areas. Thus, you should not be bringing your device to unauthorized repair centers. Here’s a link for you to get a quality repair and for genuine parts.

2. My device does not update automatically when I move to next destination in the course, what to do?

Frequently this happens when you were not able to update the map of your course. Now, if you are new to the course, be sure to get your device mapped so it would surely display the course’s situation that you will be playing and dealing with.
Restarting your device could also help.
But most often, a non-display issue is experienced when your device did not update its GPS system.

3. My kid accidentally poured water into my Nikon Coolshot 40.

Your device is waterproof but not for underwater. However, if it is accidentally flooded with liquid, gently wipe the screen to dry. Examine parts with the small opening if there is no liquid stuck on it. If there will be problems with its functions (such as power, adjustment, images, etc.), contact authorized repair stations.

Be sure not to open it yourself. Some pieces of your device are so sensitive. This will also not be covered under your warranty since this isn’t manufacturer’s fault.

4. How many hours does my Nikon Coolshot can be used?

It lasts for 15 hours (approximately 15 rounds). It automatically shuts off when not in use which could also help you save your battery life.

4 Things Considered in Picking and Testing the Top Rated Golf Rangefinders of Our Time

Yes! The features are always our number one priority in looking for the top rated golf ball rangefinder. Apart from the basic functions, it offers such as calculating the distance and pointing out targets, golf ball rangefinders with more advanced technology will always be on edge from the others such as the JOLT Technology, Vivid Display, magnification up to 7x, and Pinseeker. According to Brian, a rangefinder with those mentioned features is a good one.
Never miss to consider the following:

1. General

A rangefinder is one of the crucial gadgets you need to think a million times when you plan to purchase it. It is very important that you check the features and the type of rangefinder you are planning to buy and of course its size, shape, price, model, and brand. Looking at the size and shape, you need a rangefinder that is lightweight and would be perfect in your palm. Remember that you will be carrying your gadget in the entire game and I’m sure you won’t opt for something bulky and irritating.
Next, take a look at the model and its brand. I know you’ve heard of the best manufacturers of laser golf rangefinders. Research those famous brands and be sure to buy the authentic and right golf rangefinder.

2. Accuracy

This is what usually people look in laser rangefinder. Golfers want perfection, thus if you want to have tools to assist you in your game, you need to consider the accuracy before purchasing it. Most of the accuracy presented by various models and manufacturers are at half a yard (+/-0.5). Look for this accuracy and of course, with your due diligence and capacity; your game will surely be closer to perfection. It has also incredible ranging capability (8-650 yards), reported in ½ yard increments, with an accuracy of +/- 2 ¼ feet.

3. Speed

The faster the rangefinders reflect and display the result, the better. When a rangefinder is slow at providing the result, there are chances of delaying games. Some top golf rangefinders have special features on reflecting the fastest result when aiming for targets.

4. Optics and Display

Optics is based on the lens magnification and clarity of image a rangefinder could provide. The overall display factor includes the size of numerical readout, display contrast, and the quality of targeting reticule. Most of the rangefinders are at 6x magnification and are considered great. However, there are rangefinders which offer 7x magnification such as Bushnell Pro X7.

How we come up with Rating Rankings?

To come up with the best review, the following criteria were considered:
Optics and Display

What are Jolt Technology and Slope Technology?

Essentially, all rangefinders help you measure the distance to the pin. With the continuous upgrading of technology, manufacturers have launched some upgraded and best quality rangefinders with more advanced features that would assist you in coming up with better performance.

One of the popular advanced Tech in rangefinders is the Slope Editions. It takes one step further by giving the user an elevation adjusted distances to the hole. Instead of just a straight line, it allows you to measure distances even in uphill or downhill position regarding yard/meter.

A standard rangefinder provides you with a measurement of the distance to the hole, while with Slope edition; the distance of the elevation is added or subtracted to the measurement, giving you a more accurate result.


The JOLT Technology is enjoyed by most users especially those who are struggling in locking the correct target. With JOLT, there’s always a chance a rangefinder picks up the flagstick even if there are trees and other objects in the course.

Once the golfer aims at the flag, The JOLT Technology automatically provides short vibrating bursts indicating that the Pinseeker Technology has identified the target and locking it onto the flag.
Some players might not notice that they have already pinned the target because of some factors such as poor display of the screen. But with the vibrating action done by JOLT, your device always makes sure that you have noticed your target and made the quickest strategy of your game.

If your rangefinder has these Jolt and Slope Technologies, then you have one of the best golf rangefinders.

Steps in Using JOLT and Pinseeker

Step 1: Power on the device. Press again the power/fire device longer until it begins to cycle through the available modes of your device:

JOLT/Yards – displayed as JLT Y
Yards – displayed as Y
JOLT/Meters – displayed as JLT M
Meters – displayed as M

Step 2: Upon choosing your desired mode which is shown on the eyepiece display, release the power button to the particular mode.

Step 3: In case you have not selected the correct mode, wait for the unit to power down and repeat Step 2.
And yes! JOLT and Pin Seeker Technology too have come to age in rangefinders. PinSeeker Technology lets you surely pin your target, giving you the exact distance so that you won’t get short with your hole. When a target is pinned, the device will give you a vibrating burst, indicating that your target has been pinned. These settings would be very helpful to every player and make their game easy and hassle-free.

What is the Difference between a Laser and a Non-Laser Golf Rangefinder

Well, a rangefinder is necessary if you want to make fast in your game. Most of the players use this device, and without it, you’ll lose edge from other players.

However, newbies who plan to purchase device are still confused on the difference of performance between laser or non-laser rangefinders, and which one is better.

Let’s take a look!

Non-laser rangefinders:

Non-laser rangefinders refer to Golf Global Positioning Technology (GPS). These functions work by downloading the map of your desired course to your device and results are shown transmitted via satellite.


  • If you want to own a gadget within your budget, this device is quite cheaper than laser versions and is easy to use.
  • It can give you the distance to the middle, back, or front of the course which is even beyond your vision.


  • 1. The device itself is cheaper, however, requires you to spend more when downloading maps of the different courses
  • 2. Maps are for sale through subscription or individually, thus, if you play a lot, then you are likely to spend more on subscription.
  • 3. Based on experiences of players who have tried the GPS, it does not guarantee accurate result when the weather is not good.
  • 4. The weather might affect the transmission of the signal to and from the satellite and might not give any good result at all.

Golf Laser Rangefinders:

Golf Laser Rangefinders measure distances through emitting laser beams. These devices are like little binoculars in which when one looks through, he/she can measure the distance from a position of a target.


i.The basic mechanism of laser rangefinder is like pointing and shooting, thus, when you get familiar with
operating it, it gives you ease and comfort.
ii.It helps you save time as it provides you with the accurate result in about 0.5 seconds because laser travels
so fast.
iii. It is consistent in measuring distances to the flagstick with little or no error at all.
iv. It has different modes that enable the player to adjust device according to his comfort or course condition.


1. It is more expensive than Golf GPS.
2. The optic is sensitive thus it requires more care in handling/using such device.
3. Some Golf Laser Rangefinders are not permitted in tournaments. Thus it is necessary for you to check
the device before purchasing it.

Then which one is better?

I go for Laser Rangefinders. It may be quite expensive but worth for the price. Moreover, there are manufacturers who launch cheaper laser rangefinders at a very reasonable price. All you have to do is check the specifications carefully and features a certain rangefinder offers.

What is the Difference between Golf GPS and Golf Laser Rangefinder?

The Golf GPS and Golf Laser Rangefinder are both great devices helpful to every golfer in improving his/her performance. Both offers accuracy in providing measurement in the distance but differs mainly in the ease of use and advances in technology.

In using the Golf GPS, one must load a map of the golf course. One’s position on the course is determined to the pin by a satellite signal. Thus, its ability depends on the quality of the map as well as the clarity of signal provided by the satellite. It only shows the distance to travel to the front, middle, and back of the course. Some models too are of sowing hazards.

Though GPS guarantees easy to use, it could be more expensive. Every time you play, you need to buy the map of the course or subscribe individually. Thus, if you play a lot of different courses, it requires you to spend more on buying of maps too. Further, at times when the weather is not good, it’s not easy to connect to the satellite, giving you an unclear reading, or worst, no results at all.

On the other hand:

The Golf Laser Rangefinders are like little binoculars, where you look through, and the unit measures the distance from your position to the pin through a laser beam. The laser beam travels so fast that it gives an accurate result in about 0.5 seconds.

The device also allows you to calculate the distance to a hazard. And with more advanced technology, manufacturers of Golf Laser Rangefinders continue to upgrade such device, giving users a more convenience and accuracy in their favorite Sports.
i. The most popular advances include JOLT and PinSeeker: The ability of the device is to produce a signal when a target if found through a bursting vibration.
ii. SLOPE editions, allows the player to calculate differences in elevations.
iii. It has improved optics and magnification up to 7x; more light settings to match your lighting conditions; and many others.

To sum it up:

These two gadgets have been very helpful to golfers. If you want to purchase a rangefinder that would help you improve your performance in every game, decide which of these two devices would fit your needs. Always remember, whatever gadgets we may have, it doesn’t guarantee a perfect performance.

These gadgets are just made to help and play the games easier. What you need as a player is to develop your skill, ability, and attitude towards golf.

15 FAQs about Golf Rangefinders

The rangefinder spits out a beam of light. That’s the laser, of course! Then, the clock measures how long it took before that beam bounced off your target and came back.

1. How does golf rangefinders calculate distance?

The laser moves around 300 million meters per second because the speed of light is constant. It calculates the distance based on three hundred million meters per second and then tells you its calculation.

2. Is there a difference between hunting and golf rangefinders?

Golfing and hunting rangefinders do have some differences. For instance, golf courses usually have the flag in front of any other obstacles. So golf rangefinders will usually go for the nearest target. But as woods are crowded, hunting rangefinders go for the farthest target by default.

However, if you want to use a single one for both hunting and golfing, no problem. It’s possible to buy one that can work for both. Look for one that has both the nearest target and the furthest target mode. It might be a little more expensive, but it’ll save you from having to buy two.

3. Should I use a rangefinder?

It’s up to you! Do you want to stick with tradition? Prefer to keep doing things the way they’ve been doing for decades? There’s nothing wrong with that, but if so, a rangefinder probably isn’t worth it.

And if you’re a casual golfer, it might be a bit too much money to spend. If you’re considering it, though, there are some reasons to buy even a cheap golf rangefinder.

Firstly, you should buy a rangefinder if you want to know what the distance to the flag is. Sure, you can buy books about yardage on a golf course, or find the information online. Some courses also give you yardage marks. All are hard to find, though.

A rangefinder allows you to get distance almost instantly, wherever you are. Plus, it’s the most accurate option. It can also speed up play time since you don’t have to hunt around looking for distance marks. Finally, it can help you avoid hazards by measuring the distance to them.

4. Is it worth the price?

Well, that depends on your priorities. If it’s very important to you to know the distance to the flag with speed and accuracy, then yes. If those things aren’t important to you, then don’t. When do they become important?

Well, rangefinders are pieces of equipment for serious golfers. GPS units are comparatively cheaper, and because it’s possible to play golf without any distance-finding equipment.

Because of this, rangefinders are something you need only if you are a serious golfer. Here are some reasons that a rangefinder might be worth it to you:

1. You have a strong need to know the exact distance to the flag
2. You often want to know the distance to hazards
3. Your home course isn’t well-mapped on GPS
4. You want to speed up your game
5. You want to increase your confidence
6. You want to take your golf game to a professional level
Any of those could make the purchase worth it. Ultimately, however, only you can decide if you need a rangefinder!

5. How accurate are golf laser rangefinders?

Most makers say that their rangefinders are accurate to within plus or minus one yard. This means that a target 30 yards away might read like 29 or 31, but will not read like 28 or 32.

6. Why do they cost so much?

Golf rangefinders usually have a more accurate type of technology for pin-seeking. With this device, you can more easily pin your target with the laser. That, however, causes them to cost more. Though there are cheap golf rangefinders, it is still on steeper price compared to GPS.

7. Is a GPS or a laser rangefinder better?

Both types have pros and cons. GPS units can be cheaper. Free golfing apps are available for many smartphone platforms. Even you can buy watches and GPS units for $100 or less. However, you may also use GSP if your golf course is mapped.

By contrast, laser rangefinders often exceed the $200 mark. Also, you can only “hit” things you can see with them. But they are more accurate since they can give you the exact distance to the flag. You can use them anywhere.

Just a tip:

Use a GPS unit if you want something cheap and don’t mind sacrificing accuracy. Use a golf laser rangefinder if you’re willing to pay more money for more precision.

8. Can I make my own rangefinder?

Yes, you can! It’ll take some time and effort, but if you’re committed to DIY, you can do it. A mini laser pointer, a webcam, some cardboard, and some coding are everything you need to whip one up. If you’re not much of a techie, it’s a lot trickier, so this is a project for computer buffs.

9. How do I use a monocular one? What about a binocular one?

You’ll use the first a little bit like a telescope. Put it up to your eye, close the other one, and peer through it. The display will have the numbers on most models. For other instructions, such as switching modes, you’ll have to check for each model.

For the rarer binocular version, you’ll use both eyes, just like a pair of binoculars. You can also just buy a pair of rangefinder binoculars!

10. How do I use a golf scope rangefinder?

Scopes are a simpler, cheaper distance method. They don’t use lasers – instead, they use geometry. You look into the scope the way you do a telescope. The display has distance lines on it. You line up the flag with the distance lines and calculate from that. It’s more low-tech than a laser, and it’s not quite as accurate. You can’t beat it for the price, though.

11. Should I get one with slope calibration?

Rangefinders with slope modes aren’t legal for many tournaments, even if you turn it off. So, if you’re planning to play in a tournament, but one which doesn’t have this feature. No plans for tournaments, but do play a lot of hilly courses? In that case, you might want one with a slope mode.

12. How does Pinseeker technology work?

Pin seeking technology zeroes in on the nearest object. It can sense the length difference between a lot of far-off objects and a close one. It then locks on the closest one, ignoring the far ones. Since golf courses usually don’t clutter the view to the flag, it gets the pin. If your rangefinder has Pinseeker mode, obviously, it is one of the best golf rangefinders.

13. Are golf rangefinders legal in rounds and competitions? In the PGA tour?

Golf laser rangefinders are not allowed on the PGA tour, ever. Some other tournaments, like USGA ones, allow line-of-sight devices only. Luckily, some rangefinders come with tour-legal modes for ones like that. If you’re just playing rounds of golf for fun, they’re all legal.

14. How do you swing a golf club?

First, you need to stand with your front foot just ahead of the ball. If you’re left-handed, put your right foot ahead. If you’re right-handed, put your left foot ahead. Stand close enough to the ball that your arms are straight, but not tense. Be relaxed!

Make sure you’re standing so your feet are lined up with your shoulders to form a nice square. Bend your knees just a little and lean slightly forward. Make sure your weight is evenly on both feet. Your grip on the club should be relaxed.

Finally, you’re ready to start the swing! Keep your front arm straight and lift the club above your head. Swing it out so that your arm is straight and parallel to the ground. Then, follow the swing through to hit the ball.

When you’re about to hit the ball, make sure your arm is straight and locked. While you do this, shift your weight from the back foot to the front foot. Let your knees move towards the ball. Don’t take your eye off the ball! Follow through with your swing, and soon you’ll be shooting like an expert.

15. What are the top brands of golf rangefinder?

The top five makers of golf rangefinder are Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, Callaway, and TecTecTec. Here is one great example of each company. All models are tournament-legal and are listed from highest to lowest price.


Have you ever imagine going golfing without knowing a thing about the course? You might feel lost and don’t know what to do. If you have a good golf Range finder, it won’t happen. You can get all the information you need pressing a button.

Besides golf rangefinder, choosing your other golf equipment isn’t that easy. Remember, you are not just acquiring your golf club as well as your accessories for free. You invested money in them, right?
And there are lots of them: golf bag, golf watch, and even your GPS app are paid.
So, either you buy a golf rangefinder or any golf accessory, you’d need to consider all the aspects to save your hard-earned money.
Now, let’s focus on your favorite golf buddy, the rangefinder.
That’s why you have to be cautious to pick the perfect Golf Rangefinder.

These are the ten things you need to know to buy a rangefinder. You will make every golfer jealous! Get in your hand everything you need for a perfect game.

1. Distance Coverage:

It is a basic feature of Rangefinders. Range coverage changes depending on the target. 350-450 yards for the flag is excellent distance coverage.

For bigger objects, a good range should be above 600 yards. The max range of a good rangefinder has to be above 800 yards. Weather conditions influence the coverage, so it has a margin of error.

2. Accuracy:

It is as important as the distance coverage. Golf rangefinders should have a perfect proportion between range coverage and accuracy. Most brands claim an accuracy of ± 1/2 yard. As the range, it varies with the distance and the weather.

If the target isn’t close, the accuracy will decrease. An accuracy of ± 1 yard for distances above 600 yards it’s great. Producers indicate the max accuracy. To know how accuracy changes with the distance find and read many costumers reviews.

3. Size/Weight:

In golf game being comfortable to play and move is a must. Your rangefinder needs to be light, compact, easy to carry and store. Most rangefinders have a perfect size and ergonomic design to fit in your hand.

A good weight for a golf Rangefinder is between 6 and 8 ounces. Size varies from product to product; make sure that it’s perfect for you. Everyone is different so remember that the most important thing is your comfort!

4. Zoom:

Another thing to consider is the zoom. If there are different objects close it is hard to choose the right target. A good zoom helps to identify objects even if they are close.

The key is to find a great proportion between zoom and distance range. The best Rangefinder models have a zoom over 5x. You need a good zoom to find objects in the course.

5. Features:

Rangefinders include many extra options. PinSeeker technology identifies and locks your target accurately. JOLT is a compliment that vibrates to reassure you locked the right object. Extreme Speed Precision is a Bushnell feature.

It gives you ultra-accurate measurements. The Vivid Display ensures you can see under every light condition. LCD screen can be helpful to take advantage of other features. Slope adjustment it’s perfect to play on hills or training.

Careful! Features like Slope aren’t legal in tournaments. Rangefinders can show you weather conditions to help you in the game. They can be water or rain proof so you can play every day.

Some Rangefinders come with many installed courses. This can help you play better and faster. Even if all this sounds awesome, it isn’t essential. High-tech features increase the price of Rangefinders.

The rule of features: if you don’t need it, don’t get it.

There are a few golf rangefinders that offer great performance even without the presence of other hi-tech features.

6. Ease of Use:

Rangefinder makes golf games easier. So keep it simple. A golf Rangefinder with many features makes hard to use. If you’re getting your first rangefinder, buy one easy for you to use. Find the essential features for your game and buy according to them. If you waste time using your Rangefinder, it isn’t for you.

7. Battery Life:

Golf games take time. One charge should be enough for a whole game. Lithium batteries are the most common on Rangefinders. Most Rangefinders include a CR-2 lithium battery which is great. They perform ok at high temperatures, but extreme weather conditions reduce their life.

Check the quality of the battery and if it’s easy to replace. Rechargeable batteries are a modest option. Pro: they are easy to charge and replace. Cons are that they have low life. You might find yourself with a dead Rangefinder in the middle of your game.

8. Approved by USGA:

ten years ago as articulated in golf digest, rangefinders were approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA) in tournaments. However, these golf ball rangefinders have to be approved by the said organization. USGA might forbid laser rangefinder with advanced features like Slope.

In premium models (Bushnell Tour X or Leupold GX-412) you can disable these options. These rangefinders are expensive, but you can use them in different events. Having a flexible golf ball rangefinder is useful but consider if you need these features.

9. Brand

Some brands specialize in golf technology. Compare golf rangefinders with the features you prefer. Bushnell, Leupold or Nikon are famous brands with high-quality products. Non-premium brands can be good but check the features first. The guarantee is essential. Make sure they offer it with the product.

Read rangefinder reviews to find the best brands. It is easier to find reviews of premium brands to be sure the product fits you. Don’t take a risk by buying cheap golf rangefinder from unknown brands. You can get lucky, but it isn’t worth it risking just by saving some dollars.

10. Price

If several products suit your needs, check the price to decide. Rangefinders are expensive but worth it. You can find great discounts on premium brands. They release products with different features and prices for you to choose.

There rangefinders above $2500 and there are also cheap golf rangefinders under $100 when discounted, or when comes with limited features. A thing to remember: don’t let the golf rangefinder prices decide for you. We all want to save some money, but a Rangefinder is an investment. Find the good Rangefinder for you, and you will never regret paying for it.

How to choose the best golf rangefinder
Courtesy: https://www.amazon.com/

How to Find the Best Rangefinder for Your Requirement

Finding the right golf rangefinder to improve your skill is not that easy. To give you an idea of finding your “right one,” take a look at these tips:

i. Manufacturer Matters! There are many companies who have already made a name in golf rangefinders industry. You just have to look for the trusted ones, and that means looking for the top brands.

ii. Manufacturers who gained much positive golf rangefinders reviews suggest that they are producing the best devices. Thus they have more satisfied customers.

iii. Complex Features means more uses. Most of us look for something that can be operated simply without complications. However, when it comes to its uses, simple rangefinders could limit you to simple uses too.

iv. A golf ball rangefinder with more features allows you to perform more easy shots as it expands your strategies. Do not worry if it might give you complications in operating it.

v. All rangefinders come with a user’s guide where you can find all necessary guidelines about your golf buddy. If you use it constantly, functions could be studied and familiarized.

vi. For example, rangefinders with Slope could help you deal with uphill or downhill; Jolt Technology and Pin Seeker helps you easily isolate and lock target, and eventually minimize delays in games; or even features with more Light Settings that allows you to measure distance in different light conditions still.

vii. Go with powerful magnification. Having a rangefinder that zooms up to 7x is better than a device that could zoom up to only 4x, thus, choosing a high-end optics is important.

viii. Choosing with a powerful magnification allows you to have a clearer view of your target. If this type of magnification is added to a rangefinder with complex features, undoubtedly, you’ll have the best rangefinder.

ix. Those are just some of the complex features but surely give you a satisfying result.

x. Price versus Performance. If you want to have the best, you should gamble to those with a steeper price. Besides, those considered to be expensive are the ones with more advanced features than the others. If your budget approves, why settle for mediocre, right?

xi. Assure Service Contracts. Though most of the gadgets come up with most highly durable materials, it is still a must to assure free services (two years the most).

xii. Your rangefinder could be very sensitive. There are also a lot of accredited service centers that would check or fix your device for free.

xiii. Search for Mr. Right. Do a research. There are many available resources (groups, forums) on the internet where most of the rangefinders’ performances are discussed.

xiv. Gather data and make more rangefinder comparison. Weigh everything according to your need. Having more information could help us make a wise decision.

xv. Always take time and don’t be such an impulsive buyer. Always get familiar with different types of golf rangefinders whenever you have a chance.

xvi. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask other golfers. I’m pretty sure that you have friends and even relatives in the same club. Try to ask them and consider their suggestions when making a decision.

How to Take Care of Your Golf Rangefinder?

You don’t want to lose your favorite golf buddy, right? You’ve invested in it, and more importantly, it always gives you an easy and comfy play!

Never forget:

    1. Your golf ball rangefinder could be very sensitive especially on the part of the optics. Though your device has durable metallic, plastic, or rubberized housing, inside parts could be affected if not cared properly, resulting in a distorted images and performance. The following are some tips on caring your golf buddy:
    2. Don’t let it fall. Most of the malfunctions or when your device experienced a devastating fall. Though it has a durable housing, the sensitive tools inside would be damaged.
    3. Clean the Device after using. It would be dusty around the course. Dirt particles are likely to enter in your device.
    4. Clean the lens and remove dust deposited in small chambers. Use cotton or other soft fabrics when cleaning the unit.
    5. Keep it dry. Your device is waterproof, but it doesn’t mean that it if you submerge it in water or other liquid for a long period, it won’t be affected. When used during the wet season, dry the device after use. Be sure to remove water deposited in chambers.
    6. Use carrying case. Most of the rangefinders come with a carrying case. Some of which have slings and hook for ease and comfort in carrying. Always use the carrying case to give extra protection of your device.
    Take care of the battery. The battery gives life to your device. Thus, it is very important that you give extra care for it. In the case of the device is not used for a long period, don’t forget to remove the batteries. Chemicals might be deposited in the battery chamber. When inserting a battery, always put it in the exact position. Do not insert anything on the chamber especially those with moisture.
    Always refer to User’s Guide. Your device always comes with a user’s guide. You can find everything in your golf “bible” (the guidebook) thus, before operating it, read it carefully to get the best performance!

    7. Keep out of reach of children. Your device might be too enticing for children. Always keep your device out of their reach to prevent them from playing it. It might fall, get broken, or worst poured with liquid. Always keep it in a safe place.
    8. Consult the doctor. There are authorized service centers for each manufacturer. You can research the internet for nearest locations and contact number. Some authorized technicians are accredited in stores where you have purchased your golf laser rangefinder. Do not fix it on your own. Always consult technicians.

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  2. It’s really difficult to choose the right golf rangefinder, knowing that there are lots of rangefinders in the market today uniquely made by different manufacturers. I know Bushnell tour v3 exhibited great performance in the course, but through this article, I was able to check on other brands too. Now, I have widened my options by reading this best golf rangefinders reviews. It’s really helpful!
    I am heading towards v4. Could you please let me know what are the advanced features are added to it comparing to its previous v3 version?
    I’m satisfied with v3, but true to say, I am not satisfied with their customer service. It was awful!
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    • Glad to know that Philip. Yes, it’s true. It’s difficult to choose the best. You have to make a thorough research on the item before you make a purchase. These gadgets are expensive so you have to be wise in choosing them. And I am thinking of writing a detailed review about bushnell tour v4 soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    • Hi Mark! Thanks for sharing the tip. Yea, you’ll really get confused between Bushnell Tour V3 and Pro 7 because both are performing well in golf as well in other activities. But Pro 7 is much expensive than Tour V3 which is often considered by many.

  5. I have this Tour Z6 for almost a year now and I’m still enjoying it. I like the way it shoots target very quickly compared to my Nikon Aculon. But I have experienced the unit to hang up maybe for 3 times already… First, I thought it was with the battery but when I checked it, the battery is still sufficient and did not suggest for charging. The next time I experienced that was when I played during a bit hot temperature, and I thought that was the reason. The last time it went hang, I can’t already find a reason, so what I did again, restarted the unit. In fairness, it usually goes well after restarting.

    • Hi there! Thanks for sharing your experience. Restarting your unit is the best way to relive your unit when it seems to hang. I also agree with you that a super-hot temperature would sometimes affect the life of your rangefinder. However, if you’re not sure with what really is the cause, it is good that you observe your unit well and consult some authorized technician.

    • Hi Terence! I have Tour Z6 too and I’ve been using it for six months now. I am just maybe lucky that I do not have some issues of my unit as of the moment. I am satisfied and impressed with its performance and recommended the unit to some friends. Actually, I have experienced frequent hanging with my old rangefinder, and I think that was the start of the unit’s agony until it went dead after almost a year of using it. I suggest you should check it with technician as early as now to prevent further trouble.

  6. Justine Mierley

    Yes mark! I agree.. I also own a Bushnell Tour V3 and I’m totally impressed by its performance. But sad to say, it’s already dead now. I have used the device for more than just a year. After a year, I have observed a little moist on the screen which make it unclear for me to view results. I went to a technician and he was able to fixed it. After two months since it was fixed, it went dead!

    • Hello Justine..
      Isn’t it covered by warranty? You should have sent it back to the company so they could have fixed it instead of some technician out there…I understand it has 2 year warranty from the company.

    • You’re right Justine. It has a 2 year warranty so he should have contacted customer service and get to know the warranty terms. Based on my experience with Bushnell product, they’re long lasting.

  7. Richard Cordley

    Wow! 3 Bushnell golf rangefinders made it on your top list. Well, I won’t wonder why. I’m just an avid fan of Bushnell and the products then and now are all seem to be amazing. Although some models have flaw especially the predecessors of the new ones, but still they offered a satisfactory performance. I own a Bushnell Pro X7 Slope and I am giving lots of thumbs up for it. I have also use the Bushnell Golf Tour 4 owned by my friend and it also suits my taste. I don’t know! I just love Bushnell. From its physical features to their technical specification, they are just… great!

    What I really like about the Bushnell Pro X7 is that, it seems all the advanced features of other rangefinders are summed up into this device. And definitely, durable. I bought the product in the late 2014 I think, and until now, it’s alive!

  8. I have a Bushnell Tour V6 and it’s been a good golf company for almost a year now. It is quick at firing and the speed is really good compared to my Nikon Prostaff. And the way it looks? Well, I like its white and black combination with some accents or red color such us the power button. And speaking about the button, I’d like to point out its position which is a bit hidden. How I wish it would be designed with ease especially at turning on and off the power.

    • Hello Henry,
      Are you comfortable in holding up such rangefinder? Coz it’s a bit larger than my expected size.

    • Do you havelarge palm? Coz if you do, you’ll surely feel that it is too compacted and small. But as for me, it fits well on my palm because I have smaller palm.

  9. Nikon Coolshot 40 is often regarded as the rival of Bushnell Tour V3. But if you want to have a taste of practicality, I suggest you take the Nikon, in which, you can only own it at $165-$180 price range. Although I owned a Tour V3, I have tried the Nikon 40 and I also fell in love with it, just like what I did with V3. Since I was and always will be a Bushnell fan, and I have already purchased the V3, so I just enjoyed using it. But for those who are still confused on what to take, and is quite tight in budget, then go for Nikon. There’s just one thing I want Niko 40 to improve, and that is the eyepiece. But overall, I like the gadget.

    • I think we have the same observation. I have been using Nikon Coolshot 40 for less than a year now and I also have the same issue, the eyepiece. I found it hard to view targets because I am wearing eyeglasses. I hope Nikon will address to this and design a longer eye relief design.

    • Thanks, Louise. And what exactly is your complaint with the Coolshot’s 40 eyepieces?

  10. I’m beginning to love my Bushnell Tour V4 Slope edition which is actually an updated version of Tour V3. My brother has his V3 and I got to compare it with my v4. In terms of optics, the two models are almost similar in their performance, however, looking at its design, I have observed V4 to be much handy and better in the hand and allows a more stable grip when aiming at a pin. It’s also a bit of speedy in calculating and displaying result. So, if you are planning to get Tour V3, then maybe you should upgrade your plan to V4. After all, they have almost similar price.

    • Thanks, Maurice! Yes, both have almost the same price and since V4 is an UPGRADED version, features are surely improved which could be more satisfying.

  11. I recently bought a Bushnell Tour V4 slope and I like how it was sized into a smaller and handier one compared to V3. In terms of performance, there’s no big issues on their differences. I’ve tried v3 twice in the course which was lent by my cousin. It seems that v4 had upgraded more on appearance. Unless you have a very large size of palm, you’ll never have problem in holding the device.

  12. Thanks for the review! I just got my new Bushnell Tour Z6 and it’s really amazing. The 6x magnification provides a clear view of target and it really is a big help. Actually, I have also considered tour Pro X7 but, I don’t know, I just fell in love with Z6. Lol and it’s easy to operate. The ESP feature is great, too.

    • Same here buddy! Got a now toy. But mine is the Pro X7. Yea, the ESP is helpful, and Pro X7 also has that feature. Is Z6 has a Vivid Technology feature too?

    • Hey Henry,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Well, congratulations on your new rangefinder! Enjoy your new golf buddy. Bushnell Tour Z6 is a wise choice!

  13. Hey, does anyone here know about Bushnell’s Trade-In Program?

  14. Great review! Thanks. I’m actually planning to replace my two-year-old Leupold. I’m considering now the Bushnell Tour V4 after knowing it’s already out in the market. The price is affordable and I think the product is worthy. I am dreaming of Bushnell Pro X7 but I think it’s not yet time to get that price. I hope I can get V4’s.

    • Thanks for considering our suggestion, Dwayne. There are also tips here in finding the best rangefinder. You might want to read that before purchasing.

  15. Among all rangefinders, the Bushnell Pro X7 has really captured my heart, so I really saved to replace my Tour V2. Imagine how things could be so clear with a 7x magnification while other rangefinders come with 6x as the highest. And it’s really true! I got the clearest target in my whole life. Well, I might sound over-acting, but really, you should this rangefinder if you have sufficient budget. After all, it’s a wise investment. In terms of other features, they are actually found in other models of rangefinders. But the magnification? No way! Only in Pro x7.

    • Thanks, Kevin. Yes, you’re right. Only the Bushnell Pro x7 has the magnification up to 7x. While others settle for 6x and are also clear, it’s better having an extra one. Now wonder such model maintains to be on top in the market.

  16. Thanks a lot for giving the quality idea about golf carts, thnaks again

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