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Best Bathroom Extractor Fan: Keep Your Bathroom Smells Fresh

Do you love to use a smelly and dewy bathroom?
No, right!
Moreover, if you leave your bathroom unattended, then the moisture can cause structural damp which will jeopardize the beauty of your house. So in these situations, bathroom extractor fan comes into play that easily draws out all the moisture along with the odor and maintains aesthetic in the bathroom. Most importantly an extractor fan saves you from massive repair cost that occasionally due to damping.
Here’s the deal:
It is always advisable to opt for the best bathroom extractor fan as it will treat you with a top of the line services. A fan comes with different attributes like low decibel, backdraught shutter, high extraction rate, low SFP efficiency, etc. However, it is true that you won’t find all these features in a single product even though if it is the top-rated bathroom extractor fan on the market.

Now, you might be wondering:
Which fan should be ideal for your bathroom? Now we have listed the name of some superior quality bathroom extractor fan carrying different attributes and catering your distinct demands.

Let’s take a look at the list of top quality bathroom extractor fans:
20. Manrose QF100T– The finest bathroom extractor fan with timer.
19.Manrose MF100T – The ideal inline extractor fan.
18. Envirovent SIL 100T Silent Tornado Hi-Power Bathroom Fan With Timer– A potent Envirovent silent 100 extractor fan.
17. Airflow AVENTA 100T – A Home Utility With Many Expert Bathroom Extractor Fans Advice.
16. Silavent SDF100TB – One of the most efficient bathroom ventilation fans in the market.
15. Xpelair DX100T – The highly rated bathroom extractor fan kit.
14. Airflow iCON 30 – One of the coolest iCON extractor fans available in the market.
13. Envirovent 100HT – Bathroom fan with humidistat and timer that worth your money.
12. Vent Axia silent fan VASF100T – A highly efficient silent bathroom extractor fan.
11. Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Quadra HT – Probably the most potent bathroom extractor fan.
10. Awenta WLS100H – A dominant modern bathroom exhaust fan.
9. Xpelair C4TS – A widely favorite toilet extractor fan.
8. Manrose MG100T – One of the super quality bathroom ceiling extractor fans.
7. Vectaire A10/4T – A high-performance 100mm extractor fan.
6. Xpelair 93225AW – An effective small extractor fan.
5. Manrose XF100T – One of the most excellent 4inch extractor fans.
4. Cata E GTH – One of the highest capacity extractor fans.
3. Xpelair DX200T – Probably the paramount quality extractor hood bathroom fan.
2. Greenwood Airvac SXS100TR – An useful wall mounted extractor fan.
1. Hon&Guan B-150mm – A robust bathroom extractor fan with light.
This list is crazy, right?
Let’s jump to the details of various efficient bathroom extractor fan that can quickly drive away all the moisture and odor:

Manrose QF100T: The Finest Bathroom Extractor Fan With Timer

Manrose is a highly skilled bathroom extractor fan with timer, and it comes loaded with intriguing features that save you from a lot of miscellaneous costs. The exciting part of this powerful fan is that it rocks an overrun timer along with a draught shutter. It comes in a compact design embedded with a quiet motor that runs in almost stealth mode while you are in the bathroom. It is a value for money product that offers 21 litter per second extraction rate but only consuming 4.8 watts. This energy saving fan also runs in extreme damp condition without damaging the motor.


• Low energy motor with 4.8-watt energy consumption rate.
• Run at 27dB providing Quiet Operation at 3m.
• Overrun timer and backdraught shutter.
• Unique tuning vane technology.
• Promotes high durability and robustness as it is made using ABS thermoplastics.
• It has SFP of 0.24WL/S.
• It is compatible with Part L & F.
• 21 liters per second extraction rate which denotes 75m3/hr.
• Easy to install the bracket.


  • It only produces a 27dB sound which is 60% less than regular fans.
  • It saves a lot of energy by running on the 4.8-watt motor.
  • Impressively affordable price tag.
  • It doesn’t come with humidistat as standard equipment.
  • It doesn’t include air duct and external grill.

See What the Customers are Saying

What's the bottom line?

Envirovent SIL 100T: A Potent Envirovent Silent 100 Extractor Fan

SIL 100T is a well designed Envirovent Silent 100 bathroom extractor fan that will make you drool with its features. This stylish fan is embedded with heavy duty ball bearing and it delivers 26 liters per second extraction rate. This 4" axial even impresses you with 26.5dB low sound for which it was rewarded with Quiet Mark. For feasibility, it treats you with an intelligent timer as well as an adjustable timer.

It starts when its sensor detects your presence in the bathroom. If you don't love to have a completely dry shower, then you can use the humidity sensor in the device.
It gets better here:


• Exceptional 26 liters per second extraction rate which equates to total 96 cubic meters per hour.
• It comes with airflow guide vanes, pilot light, and back-draught shutter feature.
• Adjustable timer features along with intelligent timer facility.
• It has a 26.5 dB sound output.
• 8 watts power consumption.
• IP 45 rating along with CE approval.
• Five-year guarantee.

  • Impressive performance at 26.5 dB sound level.
  • Superior build quality.
  • Five-year guarantee.
  • The intelligence timer works abruptly.
  • Makes more sound than given sound figure.

See What the Customers are Saying

Airflow AVENTA 100T: A Home Utility With Huge Number Of Expert Bathroom Extractor Fans Advice

Airflow AVENTA 100T is a long-lasting bathroom utility device that won't disappoint you with any kind of repairing cost. If you go through various review sites, you will find it is associated with many expert bathroom extractor fan advice. This is a ducted design fan that serves as both in-line and mixed flow 100mm fan which can easily pull out all the moisture content. You will be excited to know that it offers two speed where 145/187 MHR is the high point while the low end is 40/52 I/sec. The built-in-timer provides a range of 2 to 30 minutes, so it will run for a small time after it is switched off.


• 100mm with Inline and mixed flow facility.
• Efficiently designed so that it can be fitted with the ducted installation.
• Works flawlessly under high pressure by making low decibel noise.
• It comes with two 145/187 mhr and 40/52 I/sec speed version.
• 2-30 adjustable timer version.
• Offers easy maintenance by hassle-free access to the impeller.

Here are the good and bad parts:
• It is easy to install and maintain.
• Highly effective timer option.
• Sleek design with a little amount of weight.
• It doesn't come with proper sealing.
• Slightly lacks in power.

Manrose MF100T: The Inline Bathroom Extractor Fan

Manrose is known for producing robust extractor fan, and Manrose MF100T is one of them. It can be patched with the title of superb inline bathroom extractor fan in the market, and it offers 68 liters per second extraction. Even though it has a high magnitude power, but it makes around 24dB sound so that you can have a peaceful time in the bathroom. This fan sits well with a long-range duct, and with its sheer power it easily draws out the moisture. The 25 watt motor in this inline bathroom extractor fan saves your energy bill by producing an energy efficiency of 0.37.


• It consumes 25-watt power which high airflow under heavy pressure.
• Top quality ball bearing with a robust motor.
• Extraction rate staying around 68 liters per second that boils down to 245 cubic meters per hour.
• It works in stealth mode at a 24dB sound.
• It belongs to Class II double insulation.
• It is BEAB and CE approved.
• Easy installation and demounting facility.
• Three-speed settings through internal dip switch.
• It offers 30000 hours or 3-year warranty.

Here's the kicker:
• It produces 0.37 energy efficiency.
• Exceptional 68 liters per second extraction rate.
• It doesn't include any vent or grill.
• Installing it an electric portion is tough.

Silavent SDF100TB: One of The Most Efficient Bathrooms Ventilation Fan

Finding an efficient low-cost ventilation fan is not easy as most of them are not up to the mark. However, Silavent SDF100TB stands out in the crowd as it serves as one of the most efficient bathroom ventilation fans that easily crunch out all the humidity. The exciting part of this low-cost fan is that you will be offered a 20-watt motor which you can install on ceiling or wall. It provides you an excellent performance with its 20 liters per second extraction rate and that too consuming less power. This IPX4 rated fan requires you install wiring involving switched live, neutral and permanent life.
Let's take a look at the feature portion:


• 20-watt motor.
• IPX4 rated with a max temperature around 40-degree centigrade.
• 20 liter per second extraction rate.
• Power consumption around 20 watts.
• Easily mountable in ceiling, wall, and window but it needs an extra kit for the window.
• It has a decent noise level of 32dB.
• Wiring requires neutral, switched live and permanent live.
• Two years warranty.

• The timer works flawlessly without any ado.
• Comes with two-year warranty.
• It is easy to install.
• It doesn't offer good longevity.
• Its performance is not up to the mark.

Xpelair DX100T: A highly Rated Bathroom Exhaust Fan Kit

Xperlair is a well-known company that has made many efficient home utilities. Xpelair is one of their most appreciated bathroom extractor fan kits which has many high rating under its belt. It is an affordable 10mm fan that comes with timer and humidistat. This unconventionally designed humidistat fan comes packed with the wall as well as window kit, and it also treats you with a timer delay feature. It boasts an unmatched performance with 21 liters per second extraction rate at 36 dB sound. Xperlair hasn't compromised on the quality of the fan, and it is IPX5 rated along with BEAB approval.


• 100 mm high-quality fan, with wall or window kit that contains grille, fittings, wall tube, raw plugs, wall fixings, etc.
• It comes with timer delay, pulls cord and humidistat facility.
• It delivers 21 liters per second extraction rate.
• The sound level stays 36 dBA.
• It has 12-watt power rating along with Class B insulation.
• It offers clip off front cover for easy maintenance.
• Two years guarantee.

Now take a look at its pros and cons:
• It offers a flexible mounting option for window and walls.
• Demonstrates impressive performance with a high-quality fan.
• Carries all the essential kit that you will need.
• It is not at all energy efficient.
• Slightly noisy with 36dB sound level.

Airflow iCON 30: One Of The Unsurpassed iCON Extractor Fans

iCON 30 is a curvy designed extractor fan that goes well with any bathroom design, and it is quite easy to install them. Although it is slightly expensive, it will spoil you with its highly laden feature list. The 118 mhr/32 extraction rate is powerful enough to draw out all the unnecessary moisture and maintain the soothing environment. While the fan is in working condition, it only makes a decent 34.5 dB sound level, and you can operate it using a remote. You also get silent unlock and closing delayed iris shutter with this unobtrusive fan.
Now you might be wondering about its features:


• It offers 32 liters per second extraction rate.
• It comes with silent iris shutter along delay facility.
• Engulfed with stylish design and it can be ducted up to 9m.
• Installation can be completed within 10 minutes.
• It has 30-watt power consumption with 34.5 dB sound level.
• Three years warranty.
• IPX4 rating.
• Supports run on a timer, motion sensor, humidity with a run on a timer, etc.

• Unconventional styling.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Iris mechanism works flawlessly.
• Slightly expensive.
• You need cut large hole during installation.

Envirovent Silent 100 HT: The Top- Quality Bathroom Fan

Envirovent Silent 100HT is a remarkable extractor that has loaded this monster with an array of features, but all this come with expensive price tag. Its powerful motor effortlessly draws out all the unnecessary moisture and odor from the bathroom. It doesn't make much sound as the engine is placed on elastic blocks. It comes preloaded with a timer which can be set between 1 to 30 minutes, so it automatically switches off after you have left the bathroom. You will also get a humidity sensor which can be configured between 60% and 90%.


• Long life ball bearing providing heavy longevity.
• It has extraction rate around 95m3/hr or 26 liters per second.
• Power energy consumption is around 8 watt.
• It produces sound level around 26dB.
• It is IP45 rated.
• It comes with airflow guide and backdraught shutter.
• Efficient timer and humidistat facility.
• It also features neon running light.
• Five years guarantee.

Here's the interesting part:
• It is easy to install.
• It delivers exceptional performance by consuming low energy.
• Comes with an affordable price tag.
• Five years manufacturer's guarantee.
• Creates slightly louder noise than other models in this range.
• The overall build quality could have been better.

Vent Axia VASF100T: A Highly Efficient Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

Vent Axia VASF100T is a ghost in your bathroom as it works in stealth mode and it makes around 14 dB sound level and you can stay assured that you won't be disappointed with its working. It is equipped with a silent intermittent fan, and you can opt for two different speed.
It even greets you with an overrun timer which can be attuned between 5 to 30 minutes. You can easily install them on the ceiling, wall or window panel and you can also find backdraught shutter embedded on the fan.
It gets better here:


• The motor is shielded by thermal overload.
• Boast a stylish design with the IP44 splashproof rating.
• One of the quietest fan with 14dB sound level.
• It is quite easy to install on wall, window or ceiling.
• It features changeable timer function and backdraught shutter.
• Two-speed variation.
• Two years warranty.
• Available in a white and brown kit.

• It almost doesn't make any sound when in working condition.
• Helpful two-speed option.
• A highly efficient timer that works without any glitch.
• Two years warranty.
• Slightly expensive when compared with other models in this range.
• It doesn't carry all the necessary kits needed for installation.

Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Quadra HTP: Probably The Most Powerful Bathroom Extractor Fan

Finding raw power in an extractor fan can be a tough job, but if you go through Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Quadra HTP, it will surely quench your thirst for power. This fan offers dual speed selection which can be adjusted with the help of switch or pull cord. It is probably the most powerful bathroom extractor fan in the market as it can produce extraction rate up to 60 liters per second. The most scintillating fact of this fan it boasts maintenance free unit and this is due to its unique filter-less design. You are greeted with a LoWatt motor that saves a lot of your money which you might have spent energy bill.


• It comes 100mm circular spigot which offers easy installation.
• It has a low noise level around 20dB.
• It fits with current building rules.
• Embedded with motor cassette cartridge design which offers an easy replacement.
• Zero maintenance with Filter-less technology.
• IPX4 rated.
• It comes with two optional speed option.
• It has 60 liters per second extract rate at high performance.
• Five-year motor warranty.
• It comes with a humidistat, timer, and pull cord.

• Provides an exceptional performance.
• Long lasting motor.
• It offers lots of top-notch facilities.
• Quite expensive when compared to its competitors.
• Slightly noisy when in full power.

Awenta WLS100H: An Efficient Modern Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Awenta WLS100H is a blend of top-notch features and modern craftsmanship which comes with a low price tag. This contemporary bathroom exhaust fan has a 14-watt power consumption which curbs down your monthly energy expense. To attract your attention, Awenta has also padded the fan with humidistat and timer which works flawlessly in any humid condition. Its fluidic silver satin color masquerades its sheer power, and it can produce an extraction rate up to 94m3/hr. The whole body is covered with a removable cover plate which goes well with any design of the bathroom. It is 100mm in diameter so you can easily mount it anywhere in the bathroom.


• It has 14-watt power rating with 230VAC power supply.
• It comes with a cover plate which is removable and replaceable.
• It has 94m3/h extraction rate.
• It is available with humidistat and timer.
• It is 100mm in diameter.
• It comes with silver and satin color combination.
• It fits with all standard ducting and in-line fan vent.

It doesn't end here:
• The humidistat works seamlessly by starting automatically.
• It comes with an attractive design.
• It is a value for money product.
• It has higher energy consumption when compared to its competitors.
• It doesn't come with backdraught shutter or other kits.

Xpelair C4TS: A Widely Popular Toiler Extractor Fan

Xpelair C4TS is an aesthetically pleasant toilet extractor fan that has pleased a lot of customers with its performance. It is a bathroom utility that comes with the option of timer, humidistat and pulls cord switch. It boasts two adjustable speeds where the top extraction rate is 32 liter per second while the lower one is 15 liter per second. Xpelair's Ghost Air Movement technology can easily impress you with its 16dB sound level which makes it one of the quietest fans. The front fascia is quite easy to clean, and you can easily remove it to clean the interior portion.


• It comes with Ghost Air Movement technology which produces 16dB sound.
• It offers twist and clicks facade that allows you to install and clean them quickly.
• Two-speed adjustment depicting 15 liters per second and 21 liters per second.
• BEAB certified.
• It comes with the option of adding a timer, pulls cord switch and humidistat.
• Sleek and seamless facial design.
• Suits well with ceiling, panel or wall.
• Two-year guarantee.

• All the features come with an affordable price tag.
• It is easy to maintain.
• It comes with two-year company guarantee.
• It is slightly noisy when in high power.
• It doesn't carry all the necessary kits.

Manrose MG100T: One of The Elite Quality Bathroom Ceiling Extractor Fans

Adding a well-built extractor fan is always a logical choice, and Manrose MG100T can help in this situation. It is built using highly durable ABS thermoplastic material and comes loaded with long-lasting ball bearing. It is embedded with a single phase induction motor. It's 23 liters per second extraction rate easily removes the moisture, but it creates 40dB sound level while in full power. The eye-popping feature of this fan is that it is entirely maintenance free and it complies with all building regulation.
Here's the scintillating section:


• Superior build quality due to ABS thermoplastic material.
• Boast 23 liters per second extraction rate.
• 20-watt power output.
• Single phase motor with robust ball bearing which is oiled for the lifetime.
• Almost zero maintenance.
• 40 dB sound level.
• Simplistic design that offers easy cleaning.
• Complies with all current building standard along with the IP44 rating.
• It boasts a standard timer.
• Five years guarantee.

• It has a long-lasting motor.
• Five years manufacturer's guarantee.
• It doesn't require any seasonal maintenance.
• Mounting on the ceiling is easy.
• Makes a lot of sounds when in full power.
• The extraction could have been better.

Vectaire A10/4T: A High Performance 100mm Extractor Fan

Vectaire can be categorized as an affordable 100mm extractor fan which won't disappoint with its reasonable performance. The uniqueness of this fan is that it is operated by bathroom's light switch. It comes with timer functionality, which allows the fan to run for a preselected time period after you switched off the bathroom light. It comes with a white body color, and the practical design allows you to install it easily. Even though it produces a stunning 27 liter per second extraction rate but it will disappoint you with its 41dB noise level. The good part of this fan is that it is IPX4 rated.


• 27 liters per second extraction rate.
• Power consumption around 15 watts with Mains 230/240V AC.
• Operated through a light switch with the option of a preset timer.
• Noise level around 41dB at 3m.
• It comes in white color with simplistic design.
• It depicts 151mm X 151mm X 36mm measurement.

Now the interesting part:
• It produces decent performances with its 27 liters per second extraction rate.
• It comes with an affordable price tag.
• It requires low maintenance.
• The energy consumption is on the higher side.
• It makes too much sound during operation.

Xpelair 93225AW: An Efficient Small Extractor Fan

Xpelair 93225AW is a budget small extractor fan that you can easily install at a suitable place in the bathroom. This classic extractor fan boasts a round grille front facade, and it abides by Part F building rags. Due to its minute price point, it only offers single speed option which can be only adjusted with the help of remote switch. The eye-popping feature of this fan is its run on a timer which can be set between a time interval of thirty seconds to thirty minutes. Moreover, it produces a decent 20 liters per second performance by consuming 16 watts.
Let's take a look at the features portion:


• It comprises a potent AC motor that offers 20 liters per second extraction rate.
• 0.78W/l/s specific fan power rating.
• 16 watts power consumption.
• It complies with Part F of current building regulation.
• Equipped with an overrun timer that can be set between 30 seconds and 30 minutes.
• Built using corrosion devoid ABS plastic.
• IPX4 rated.
• Two years guarantee.

Are you wondering about its pros and cons?
Let's take a look at it:
• It produces an effective extraction rate.
• It is blended with corrosion free ABS plastic.
• Highly effective overrun timer.
• Consumes vast amount of energy when compared to its competitors.
• It doesn't offer low sound level.

Manrose XF100T: An Excellent 4inch Extractor Fan

Manrose XF100T can be counted as an exceptional 4inch extractor fan which will treat with a sleek design and power pact working scenario. It goes well with any kind of bathroom decor, and you can comfortably fit them in ceiling or wall. The highlighting feature of this fan is its adjustable electronic timer and highly durable ABS thermoplastic material. It rocks on a single phase motor which consumer 20-watt power but delivers 23 liters per second extraction rate. Manrose has oiled the bearing during the manufacturing process so that you won't have to conduct any maintenance.


• Single phase motor with 20-watt power consumption.
• 23 liters per second extraction rate.
• 41 dB sound level.
• Made using high ABS thermoplastic which offers durability and hassles free cleaning.
• Pre-oiled ball bearing which offers zero maintenance.
• Complies with 2006 building regulation on ventilation.
• Overrun timer option with 1 to 20mins selection option.

• It is quite easy to install.
• It delivers a competitive performance.
• Affordable price point.
• It produces a lot of noise when in full power.
• It doesn't carry all the necessary kits.

CATA E-100 GTH: One of The highest Capacity Extractor Fans

CATA E-100 GTH is an exotic looking high capacity extractor fan, and this beast is not only built for looks but performance too. It will make you drool with its dark grey glass exterior, and it can easily notch up the aesthetic of your bathroom. E-100 GTH packs a two-speed powerful motor which allows you to set two extraction rate. The exclusive design allows you to easily clean the fan without any ado. Cata has also supplied Hygro adjustable humidity sensor and timer. The interesting part of this fan is that it will show temperature and relative humidity of the bathroom.


• It built using high-quality plastic with glass cover as a facade.
• Displays humidity and temperature of the bathroom.
• Power consumption is around 8 watt.
• High extraction rate which is around 115m3/h.
• A noise level of 31dB.
• It comes with a two-speed option which can be activated by turning on the light.
• It comes with humidistat and timer adjustment tool.

• Cutting-edge design with temperature and humidity display.
• It operates by consuming little amount electricity.
• High-performance motor.
• Creates good amount sound.
• Slightly expensive depending on its features.

Greenwood Airvac AXS100TR: An Useful Wall Mounted Extractor Fan

Finding a reliable budget wall mounted extractor fan might seem like a terrible hunt because not every product can meet your expectation. However getting Greenwood Airvac AXS100TR can solve all the issues because it will treat you with 20 liters per second extraction rate. You can easily mount it on the wall, and it is attached with a run-on timer which allows the fan to run when the light is switched on. The manufacturer also offers you backdraught shutter. It consumes a decent amount of energy which stays around 16 watt so you won't have to worry about the energy bill.
Here's the feature section:


• Single speed axial fan which is compatible with 230/240V AC.
• Loaded with an overrun timer which is linked to bathroom's light switch.
• Extraction rate depicting 20 liters per second.
• Noise level reaching up to 35.1dB.
• 16-watt power consumption.
• It is loaded with backdraught shutter along with vanes for smooth airflow.
• It is easy to install and suitable for wall ducting up to 3m.

Now the interesting part:
• It delivers decent performance with 20 liters per second extraction rate.
• The installation process is quite simple.
• The sound level is on the higher side.
• It doesn't offer all the necessary kit.

Hon&Guan B-150mm: A robust bathroom extractor fan with light

Hon&Guan B-150 is a masterpiece bathroom extractor fan with light that can make you fall on your knee with its craftsmanship. It is engulfed with the top of the class ABS plastic which makes it robust and maintenance free. It is not your average fan as it comes with fast seven fan blade which can draw out the moisture at massive 197m3/h extraction rate. It comes with a pleasant white LED light and a thin front panel. Hon&Guan has even provided overheat protection to enhance the longevity of the motor. It can easily exhaust all the moisture and odor within 5 minutes which depicts its impressive performance.


• Top notch ABS plastic depicts its robust built quality.
• It comes with overheat protection.
• 197m3/h extraction with 2350RPM fan speed.
• White LED light having 6400 Lumens.
• Seven-blade fan.
• Power rating is around 28 watt.
• It can withstand temperature between -20'C to 60'C.
• 40dB noise level.

• It delivers impressive extraction rate.
• Smoothly drives out moisture within five minutes.
• Pleasant LED light.
• It is quite heavy.
• It makes too much sound at high power.

Xpelair DX200T: One of the Paramount Quality Extractor Hood Bathroom Fan

Xpelair DX200T is an amazing looking bathroom utility and you will surely be impressed with its first look because it boasts a glossy white hood with a clean design. This extractor hood comes with a strong motor that can offer a top extraction rate of 108m3/h. Xpelair even provides you with four-speed option and backdraught shutter features. You will be excited to know that it comes with Quick Visit feature where the fan won't start if you visit the bathroom for two minutes.


• 34-watt electrical power rating.
• Heavy duty motor with thermal cut out and self-aligning bearings.
• It boasts a glossy white hood divided into two parts.
• 108m3/h extraction rate with four fan speed option.
• It offers timer delay facility which can be adjusted between 30 seconds and 20 minutes.
• Quick Visit delay facility.
• Suitable for long ducting installation.
• IPX5 rated and BEAB approved.
• Two years guarantee.

Let's talk about its pros and cons:
• Four fan speed selection.
• Quick Visit feature curbs down the unnecessary use of the fan.
• It produces an exceptional performance.
• Almost maintenance free.
• It doesn't offer humidity sensor.
• The sound level could have been better.

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