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Best Cheap Projector under 100 Dollars – 2018 Updated

Best Cheap Projector under 100 Dollars – 2018 Updated
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Family time is all about firing up the grill and enjoying a good movie. This gala time is perfectly carried by a good movie with all your near and dear ones around you.

However, you’ll find so many cheap projectors on the market under 100 dollars, but it is difficult to make out which is the best model that fits your tight budget.

Now, to break a common myth, it is not necessary that a good projector must cost thousands of bucks.
In fact, there are a plethora of choices for budget projectors to make from some good options that are loaded with extensive features.
Let us take you to the list of the best projector under $100 with detailed guides!

Name Look Specifications
DBPOWER T20 1800
Blusmart LED-9
Crenova XPE460
ELEPHAS 1800 Luminous
Crenova XPE470 Mini

1. Crenova XPE470 Mini LED Video Projector: The Best Cheap Projector under 100

This may prove to be a good centerpiece of attraction in your house. Now enjoy movies, web series or movies at your home without compromising on comfort. It’s improvised LED technology delivers clear and sharp images without harming your eyes. It is one of the most affordable home projectors that lasts up to 30000 hours by saving 70% of energy. Equipped with keystone buttons, it allows you to increase image size without affecting picture quality. Even if you need to tilt the projector a little bit then still it will give you sharp and clear projections. It can create a screen for a size of your TV or home cinema screen.

Key Features

• Does not use a direct light source. So, eyes are not harmed
• Convenient and easy to port
• Connects to multi devices like laptop, TV, DVD and much more
• Makes less noise as compared to other projectors

  • Protects health.
  • Screen can be easily customized.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Can display sharp images in dark places also .
  • Wi-Fi dongle necessary while projecting from tablet or phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many HDMI ports does this projector have?
Only 1 HDMI port is installed on this projector.

Is it suitable for class projection?
Yes, all you need is to connect using HDMI cord and an adaptor. Even Apple devices can be connected in the same way.

How much can an image be tilted?
Only up to 5 degrees.

Why there is a dotted projection on the screen?
This might happen due to the projection of small resolution images when projected on the bigger screen. An image should be of minimum 400 dpi for a clear projection.

2. ELEPHAS 1800 Luminous Projector:

Create a completely new experience by moving from a small screen to a bigger one. ELEPHAS offers you a projection of 50-130 inches for the best visual experience. Its LED lamps are made using built-in mercury, which protects your sensitive eyes. It is loaded with multiple lots so that you can hook up your DVD, laptops, Xbox, PSP, speakers or hard disks. A memorable weekend gift for your family to spend some moments together.

Key Features

• Efficiency of 1200 lumens
• Supports 23 native languages
• Easy to port anywhere
• String connections for every device
• Bigger lamp life
• Sharp images

  • Easy to install.
  • Projection of pictures from Apple devices also.
  • Three years warranty with a lifetime customer support services.
  • Loud fan noise.
  • Does not deliver HD pictures.
  • Does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this projector support soundbar?
Yes, by plugging in RCA cables with an adapter.

What is the life of a projector?
The lamp life of the projector lasts more than 3000 hours.

Is it necessary to connect speakers with this projector?
No, it is not necessary at all. This projector comes with speakers offering a great sound. Still, if you need to connect, you can do so by hooking up with a headphone jack.

3. Crenova XPE460 LED 1080P Video Projector Home Projector: Free HDMI Support

Now, get the feel of the big screen at your home with Crenova XPE460 mini projector. With its upgraded LED technology, it gives you a home-like comfort. By giving clear and sharp images without inflicting harm to your optical lenses like TV, laptops, and PSPs do. This ultra-modern technology is specially made with care to protect your eyes while watching your favorite series, match or movies. This model offers a projection size from 37 to 130 inches, which means you can enjoy watching it in a dark room as well.

Key Features

• Mini size. Easy to port anywhere
• Comes with an option of customizing your screen
• Gives a big screen watch
• Available with a free HDMI cable

  • Square pixels give clear pictures.
  • Long lamp life.
  • No.1 seller on Amazon.
  • Three years warranty and lifetime customer support service.
    • Customer support service is not up to the mark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used for school programs?
Yes, but only if you are comfortable making your students watch in a dark room. As this model projects clear images in the dark only.
What is there in the package?
Crenove 460 mini projector-1
Power adapter-1
Remote controller-1
3 in 1 AV CABLE-1
User manual-1
Can screen size be adjusted without physically moving the projector?
Yes, it is possible by adjusting the percentage setting.

4.Blusmart LED-9 Projector: The Budget Multimedia Projector


This model comes with a rating of 1800 lumens. By giving less strain on your eyes, it avoids direct light source by diffused reflection. It has combined a new single color white LED lamp, which offers more crisp and sharp images. It comes with an improved cooling technology, which results in a reduction of noise. So, you can have an ideal weekend with your family with this mini home projector under $100.

Key Features

• 1.60% brighter than rest projectors
• Fan noise is lower than basic projectors
• Works like a big screen with 150 inches of projection
• Warranty of 36 months
• Different card slots

  • Best watching experience
  • AV, SD, USB, HDMI and TV slots to connect with TV and video devices.
  • Professional customer service
  • Not suitable for PPT and business projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require any special cables to attach Apple devices to this projector?
Yes, a special connector is required to hook apple devices with this mini projector
Does this projector deliver blurred photos?
Yes, there are clear and crisp photos provided by this projector. All you need is adjusting at best distance for crisp photos.

5. DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector: Why is It in Top 5 Projector in 100$ Range?

Do you want to have an amazing time at home? DBPOWER 1500 Lumens is the right choice you can make. Its reasonable price tag has high focus functioning and loyal picture quality. This projector is specially crafted to enhance pictures by making them crisp and clear. Through its technical optimization and processing, you can improve the focus by adjusting the lens on the image.


• 1500 Lumens
• Reduction in fan noise
• Free HDMI cable
• Easy to port anywhere due to its small size

  • Double tube cooling technology.
  • Clear images with upgraded LED technology.
  • Extended life up to 50000 hours.
  • 3-year warranty and a lifetime customer support.
  • Bluish color pictures projected on screen.
  • Not compatible with word, PPT or any business presentations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose this mini portable projector?
This model comes with upgraded LED technology, which is brighter when compared to the rest. Improvised fan system to cut unpleasant noises has been incorporated. Now you can experience large screen projection and relax your eyes from TV as it is equipped with the functioning of adjusting image sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Priced Projectors

Home theatre projectors allow 36 times larger and clearer images than an HD TV. These projectors not only focuses on image quality and emphasizes every detail but also lets you scrutinize with its deep color saturation feature. Home projectors are best suitable for:
• A movie night
• Gaming
• Home theatre
• Slide view of photographs
• Sports
• 3D movies
Now you might be thinking why to choose a home theatre projector? So, below are some listed answers to your question.
• Projection of quality images
• Large screening
• Fans to produce less noise
• Several ports to connect different devices

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While buying a mini projector for home theatre, there are several questions that overwhelm the mind of every buyer.
Below are some frequently asked questions on mini projectors, which might be of help to you when shopping for a projector.

What is the need for buying a mini projector?
This has been the most answered question about projectors. Everyone wishes to see images and movies on a bigger screen at home. It is not easy for everyone to hush into cinema theatres so buying a mini home projector is cost-efficient and everyone gets to enjoy together.

Do projectors support wireless connections?
When looking out for a mini projector, you might find various options in this range. One such option is wireless connectivity, which is available in only a few projectors such as Qumi and ACER. Do not panic there is an option of Wi-Fi dongle connectivity in some projectors which offers wireless connectivity.

Do mini projectors support direct memory card connectivity?
This range of projectors is available in two categories, one being simple and another smart.The smart projector range allows direct memory card connectivity but in the cheap projectors under 100 dollars range, you need to connect memory cards using external devices like a laptop.

Are all mini projectors supporters of Apple devices?
Yes, you can connect your Apple devices directly or indirectly by pairing it with an adaptor. VGA and HDMI type adapters, which connect every Apple device.

What is the battery life of mini projectors?
These mini projectors have built-in batteries lasting up to 2 hours.

Why must one opt for LED technology projectors rather than incandescent bulbs?
LED lights are brighter and whiter. They save up on energy without compromising the health of your eyes. They have a lamp life of 20000 hours so no changing of bulbs in every few days.
On the other hand, incandescent bulbs are heavier and inconvenient to carry. They generate more heat and loud fan noises. This too depends on the brand to brand, but in general, these are less travel-friendly and not pocket-friendly.

What to do if the lamp gets shattered abruptly?
There is no way of lamp getting shattered prematurely. This might have happened due to some manufacturing fault, or the glass might be weak, which led to the breaking of the lamp. It is advisable to take out the lamp carefully and put it in a paper bag or a small box. Flip the projector upside down and fling out every fragment of the shattered lamp on a towel or newspaper. Do not panic, this shattering of the lamp in an abrupt manner is covered under warranty. You can contact the customer service as soon as possible to verify if an exchange warranty is applicable or not.

Why there are green or blue smudges appearing on the projected screen?
Try cleaning your LCD panels or pause the images so that those abnormalities can be rectified automatically. If nothing happens, you can try defocusing the projector in both the directions. To avoid dust smudges on your projector it is advisable to clean the projector once or twice in a month. You can also clean the filter with a vacuum once a month.

Why do settings keep getting reset after switching on the projector every time?
You need to enable the save option in your settings for the keystone settings to be stored in future also.

Why is there an unpleasant noise in the projected image?
Due to the large screen projection, it is obvious for the image to create awful noises from grounding or interference. Try connecting the projector to a different switch. If nothing works, then there might be an internal problem or in setup. You can contact customer service if nothing goes right.

How to control the size of the projected image on the screen from the laptop?
Every laptop comes with a control for external display. Change the settings to 800×600 or 1024×768 to get an optimum result according to the projecting screen.
Always remember that the above-discussed projectors give best results when projecting from a distance of 3 and 11 feet. These are not the right choice for business presentations but are proven to be perfect partners in spending a nice family weekend. Before choosing the right model, it is advisable to read all the specifications carefully. This will avoid regretting later.
Enjoy the family weekend!

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Tips for buying a budget projector:

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