Best Cheap Projectors under $100: Review and Buying Guide ( 2022 Updated)

(Last updated October 2019)- Family time is all about firing up the grill and enjoying a good movie. This gala time is perfectly carried by a good movie with all your near and dear ones around you.

However, you’ll find so many cheap projectors on the market under 100 dollars, but it is difficult to make out which is the best model that fits your tight budget.

Now, to break a common myth, it is not necessary that a good projector must cost thousands of bucks.
In fact, there are a plethora of choices for budget projectors to make from some good options that are loaded with extensive features.
Let us take you to the list of the best projector under $100 with detailed guides!

1. DBPOWER Upgraded Mini : The Editor’s Choice for the Best Cheap Projector under 100 Dollars


DBPOWER can be considered as the market rule when it comes to budget projector range (read about a few top projectors under 200 ), and both experts and users highly appreciate most of their models. RD810X is one of those popular models that has hardly disappointed any of its customer with its performance and durability.

Key Features:
• Native 480p resolution .
• 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio.
• 1800 lumens of brightness.
• 2000:1 contrast ratio.
• Double tube cooling technology.
• 32-176inch projection size range.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

DBPOWER RD810X is a state of the earth mini projector that is designed to offer you a home theater experience in your entertainment room. This device comes with the renowned TFT LCD display technology which provides incredible visual output.
However, the blend of 800 X 480 native resolution and 1800 lumens of brightness makes the real impact as it adds vividness and richness to the projection. It will just leave you stunned with its clarity level as well as black depth, and all the credit goes to its 2000:1 contrast ratio.
The quality of the visual remains even when you are playing contents above 480p resolution because it offers supports up to 1080p.
DBPOWER RD810X won’t give you any room to complain about its color output and its 27 color enhancing technologies serve as the main reason. It’s huge support from million of displayable color also plays a crucial role in determining its color output. Whether you have a large room or a small room, it won’t matter as you will get a screen size range between 30 to 176 inches.
However, you need to arrange a decent amount of space for its placement because it comes with a projection distance range of 1.1-5m.
Fan noise is always a problem with budget models but not with this one as it grabs a double tube cooling technology which reduces the noise.
While watching movies or TV series on DBPOWER RD810X, you won’t have to worry about eye strain, and it is due to its upgraded LED source technology. Even though it looks small in structure but it offers a decent amount of input option which comprises HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, and audio.
This HD projector even allows you to play movies from your smartphone, FireStick, tablet, iPad, etc. but you need a wireless HDMI dongle. Unfortunately, you are only going to get +/- 15-degree keystone correction for any image alteration. Lastly, it gets three years of full warranty coverage with lifetime technical support.

  • Praiseworthy visual output.
  • Good color reproduction.
  • Efficient heat dispersion with low noise.
  • tDecent screen size range.
  • Impressive three years warranty.
  • It only comes with a single image correction facility.
  • t doesn’t come with an inbuilt stand.

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    Special Note:
    If you are really short on budget and want to invest your hard earned money on a good product? You should blindly go for the DBPOWER RD810X.

2. Vankyo Leisure 510 3600 Lumens Full HD Projector: The Runner-up for the Top Affordable Projector under 100 Range

Best Cheap Projectors under 100
Vankyo Leisure 510 is one of the best sellers in the cheap range that packs some interesting list of feature, and its main motto is to cradle your eye with fluidic visuals. Many experts were ecstatic with this model when it made its way into the market because it offered a performance which is equal to many mid-range models.

Key Features:
• Native 1280 X 768 native resolution.
• 3600 lumens of brightness.
• 50000hours of LED lamp longevity.
• 16:9 aspect ratio.
• 1.4:1 short throw ratio.
• Two 3-watt stereo speaker.

Features Overview:

Vankyo Leisure 510 is a meticulously engineered product that boasts a powerful hardware configuration that you won’t often see at this price point. Even though it comes with the generic TFT LCD but with its 1280 X 768 native resolution it takes the output quality to a whole new level. Not only that it even allows you to play 1080p contents and that too without any lag.
However, it just comes with a single 16:9 aspect ratio option but it sufficient enough to provide you a theater-like experience in your home comfort. Clarity and brightness level in the visuals won’t even be an issue as the combination of 3000:1 contrast ratio with 3600 lumens takes care of that factor.
Vankyo Leisure 510 brings alive every frame it projects on the screen and 16.7m displayable color helps it to achieve it. Despite being a low priced projector, it doesn’t rob you in longevity, and its 50000hours of lamp longevity serves as the proof.
It is an indoor projector but you can also use it for a small outdoor session, and it is due to its massive screen size ranging from 40inches to 200inches. Moreover, space won’t be an issue during the setup process as it comes a 1.4:1 throw ratio which depicts it throws large size from a small range.
You will be delighted to know that Vankyo Leisure 510 also treats you with two 3-watt stereo speaker which is suitable for any small room. This projector is equipped with various types of connectivity options which comprise dual HDMI, VGA, AV, micro SD, and USB port.
You won’t have to worry about any unsupported format as it has playing engines which assist the projector to play all kind of format.
Vankyo is always known for taking care of the interest of its customers, and that is why they have given AV and HDMI cable in the box. Unlike others, it grabs a three years warranty which also includes a three-month full refund warranty.

  • The visuals are clear and vivid.
  • It offers a decent color reproduction.
  • Mindboggling lamp longevity.
  • Wide screen size range.
  • Availability of HDMI and AV cable.
  • The temperature rises to a critical level within four hours.

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    Special Note:
    Vankyo Leisure 510 is a steal deal for users who are eager to get a new home theater projector at an unbelievable price point.

3. QKK Mini Full HD LED Projector

QKK AK-80 is a highly rated home theater model that has numerous happy customer in its bay, and its incredible performance with affordable price tag serves as the main highlight. It is filled with many unusual features but it’s 50000hour of longevity with 2400 lumens stands out in the bunch.
• Native 800 X 480 native resolution.
• Maximum 1080p resolution support.
• 2400 lumens with 2000:1 contrast ratio.
• LED longevity of 50000hours.
• Overall 3.09lbs weight.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

The outlook of QKK AK-80 may not impress you in the first place but once you start using you will understand why many users prefer this model over others. It is a native 480p resolution model that puts out a decent visual quality and clarity with the help of a 2000:1 contrast ratio.
Although it doesn’t restrict you to only 480p resolution as you can easily play contents up to 1080p resolution without facing any pixel drop or lag.

While watching a movie, a little amount of ambient light in your room won’t bother the luminance of the visuals, and all the credit goes to its 2400 lumens of brightness.
Although the color accuracy of QKK AK-80 is not that great but still provides an excellent color reproduction in all the videos. It comes as a complete entertainment package because it packs a 5-watt inbuilt speaker with a good surround sound effect. It might look small in structure, but when it comes to screen size, it treats you with a massive screen size range of 32-176inch.
It even offers a splendid throw distance which lies between 1.5m and 5m thus allowing you to project 120inch from 3.5m away. However, it is better to avoid it using for the business presentation or outdoor movie session purpose.
Another potential reason behind the popularity of QKK AK-80 is its 50000hour of LED lamp life which ensures that it will last more ten years with ease. You can connect a lot of devices with this model as it houses many ports like HDMI, VGA, AV, SD card and USB. Using these ports, you can also enjoy your favorite TV shows, and it is due to its compatibility with ROKU stick, TV BOX, Amazon fire stick, etc.
It comes with the industry-leading three years warranty which bars you from spending any extra money on any kind of repair.

  • Excellent visual quality at a fantastic price.
  • Impressive vividness and richness.
  • Huge lamp life.
  • It is quite easy to set up.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of products.
  • ong three years warranty.
  • The build quality could have been better.

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    Special Note:
    QKK AK-80 can be an excellent addition to your entertainment room at an affordable price point, but you shouldn’t expect an incredible visual output from this device.

4. VANKYO Leisure 3 (Upgraded Version)

Leisure 3 is another potential Vankyo model that has made its way into the list, and its incredible performance has helped it to book a spot in this list. It may not serve as a feature-rich model but whatever it possesses help it to produce a mindboggling visual quality which you will hardly see in budget models.

Key Features:
• LCD display technology.
• 480p native resolution with max 1080p support.
• Advanced MStar color engine.
• 2000:1 contrast ratio.
• Projection size: 32inch to 176inch.
• Innovative cooling system.
• 40000 hours of lamp longevity.

Features Overview:

Vankyo Leisure 3 is all about offering you a movie theater in your room, and it uses 800 X 480p native resolution along with an LCD display to accomplish the goal. Like every other budget Vankyo models it comes with the support for 1080p visual content so you won’t find any difficulty to play your full HD movies.

To enhance the visual output, Vankyo has incorporated a five-layer crystal clean lens in the projection section, and it helps the device to output visuals with immense clarity. It houses 2400 lumens of brightness which assist the projector in maintaining the optimum amount of intensity in every frame.
Vankyo Leisure 3 holds the capacity to baffle you with its black depth as well as clarity and all the credit goes to its 2000:1 contrast ratio. What’s more? It comes with the modern MStar advanced color engine that engulfs every visual with high color accuracy and richness. To your surprise, it will also pamper you with a dual stereo speaker with a home theater sound processor.
It also doesn’t hold back in screen size range as it offers you a wide range which starts from 32inches and goes all the way up to 176inch. Although it might not impress you with the projection distance which stays between the boundary of 4.9ft and 16.4ft.
Vankyo Leisure 3 won’t interrupt you with its fan noise during your movie session as it uses an innovative cooling system with noise suppression technology. It offers a series of connectivity options which include HDMI, AV, USB, VGA, and micro SD so you can connect all the latest external devices.
However, its 40000-hour lamp longevity takes all the highlights which depict that you won’t ever have to think about lamp replacement. Lastly, Vankyo also has given industry-leading three years warranty with this device which also includes a 100% money-back guarantee facility.

  • Lucid visual quality with optimum brightness.
  • The color accuracy is sufficient.
  • Colossal lamp lifespan.
  • It is light in weight and quite easy to carry.
  • The visuals often get washed in ambient light.
  • The absence of keystone correction.

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    Special Note:
    Vankyo Leisure 3 is an incredible device that suffices most of your entertainment requirement at a nominal and that too without sacrificing anything on the feature list.

5. Vamvo Mini Portable 1800 lumens Projector

An unconventionally designed projector is a good phrase to define the outlook of Vamvo YG510, and you will agree to this face once you take a look at its sleek design. Many experts consider it a hidden gem as it is not as popular as other models, but it blows many models out of the water when it comes to performance.
Key Features:
• Native 480p resolution.
• 1800 lumens of brightness.
• 1.4:1 short-throw ratio.
• +/- 15-degree keystone correction.
• 2.2lbs overall weight.
• Two-year warranty with 3-month replacement coverage.

Features Overview:

Vamvo YG510 doesn’t come with high-end features; instead it boasts some low figure in certain areas, but still, it manages to put up a beautiful visual quality. It comes with the basic configuration of TFT LCD display technology and 800 X 480p native resolution, and together they create magic on the screen.
Even though it offers 480p resolution but still it will support the contents of 720p and 1080p resolution. However, it fails to deliver a terrific clarity and black depth in the picture but the still 1000:1 contrast ratio showcases a decent job in the visuals.
1800 lumens of brightness serves as the main luminance source of Vamvo YG510, and it cradles all the picture with optimum vividness but often gets affected in ambient light. The quality it offers during movies or any other video is praiseworthy and its high color reproduction along direct light path technology is partly responsible for this.
It 30000 hours of LED lifespan makes it as a one-time investment as it can easily last more than 15 years after daily usage. Not only that, but it also offers a broad screen size choice which starts 50inches and ends at 130inches.
Vamvo YG510 might come with a cheap price tag, but it offers you a short throw ratio of 1.4:1 which depicts that you won’t require ample space to set up the projector. While watching a movie, image correction won’t be a problem as it houses +/- 15-degree keystone correction along with manual focus.
Vamvo has supplied an ample amount of connectivity options with this model, and you will find HDMI, USB, VGA, AV and SD card port in the body. You can even carry this model while you are traveling as it weighs only 2.2lbs and also bears a small form factor. Unlike other budget brands, Vamvo has included a two-year warranty coverage with this model which also comprises a three-month replacement offer.

  • The frames are vivid and vibrant.
  • Immense LED lamp longevity.
  • Sufficient amount of connectivity options./li>
  • Short throw distance.
  • It doesn’t lag while playing 1080p visuals.
  • Poor black depth.
  • The screen size range is that wide.

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    Special Note:
    Want to grab a projector under $100 but perplexed about which model will be the best bait? Then you can keep Vamvo YG510 at the top your consideration list.

6. AuKing Portable Mini Projector

The Auking portable projector is compact and exceptionally well-configured home theater projector that serves as a good addition in your entertainment room. It has some pretty good features which assist it in offering you a mesmerizing movie session with quality visual performance.
Key Features:
• LCD TFT display technology.
• Maximum 1600 X 1200 resolution.
• 2000:1 contrast ratio.
• 32-170inch screen size range.
• 50000hours LED longevity.
• Two years warranty.

Features Overview:

Generally, people have the notion that cheap projector fails to deliver excellent visual quality which is true to some extent. But there are models like Auking portable projector that uses 480p native resolution and LCD projection technology to create magic on the screen. While projecting any frame, it takes assistance from 2400 lumens of brightness to showcase a visual output with the right amount of luminance.

Not only that, but the presence of 2000:1 contrast also helps the projector to achieve a decent amount of clarity and richness in the visuals. The color reproduction it brings in all the frames is entirely praiseworthy, and it won’t ever disappoint you with the color quality.
With Auking portable projector, you won’t be restricted to only 480p resolution videos because it offers maximum support up to 1600 X 1200 resolution.
However, it doesn’t produce a good quality data image quality so avoid using it for business or education presentation purposes. The projection range it provides is quite good, and it stays between the boundary of 32inch and 170inch.
Similarly, it also offers an excellent projection distance range of 1.5-5m which is suitable for any small room. During setup, if you require an image correction, you can use its manual focus and 15-degree keystone correction.
The highlighting feature of Auking portable projector is its 55000 hours of LED lamp lifespan which makes it a lifelong device in your entertainment room. Another significant advantage of owning this projector is that it only bites little amount of energy, so it saves a lot of your money on the energy bill. It gets all the standard port options that comprise HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and TF card thus allowing you to connect any kind of device. It even comes with AV and HDMI cable in the package.
Lastly, it gives you two years of satisfying warranty which you will hardly find in any other brand.

  • High-quality frames with good vividness.
  • Immense black depth.
  • It supports a varied type of video and audio formats.
  • It is extremely portable.
  • Availability of AV and HDMI cable.
  • It yields an unfortunate result in the business presentation.

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    Special Note:
    If watching movies, TV series and sports is your priority and don’t want to spend a chunk on a projector, then you should try Auking portable projector.

7. DR.J Halloween Decoration Full HD

DR.J L8 is a unique model that you will find familiar in almost every expert’s list of top cheap projectors, and they prefer it for the output quality it offers at a budget rate. It is an upgraded model that comes with some unique attributes thus making it worth every penny you pay for it.
Key Features:
• Maximum 1080p resolution support.
• 2600 lumens of brightness.
• 2000:1 contrast ratio.
• Lamp longevity: 50000hours.
• WTD4.1.1 dual fan cooling system.
• 3.02lbs overall weight.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

DR.J L8 is a handsomely designed compact that holds the prowess to impress you with its visual performance without boasting any high-end features. It boasts a configuration of 5 layer LCD display and 800 X 480 native resolution that yields a visual output that will surely leave you flabbergasted. Even though it comes with a cheap price tag but it hasn’t compromised either on clarity or black depth, and it’s 2000:1 static contrast ratio serves as the proof.
Whether you want to play standard SD contents or Full HD movies, it will help you to enjoy all types of visuals without any degradation.
DR.J L8 bags a whopping 2600 lumens which make sure all the frames are blended with a top of the line vividness. It also puts out a decent color performance, but you will expect more from it as there are other cheap models that offer better color accuracy at this price point. Longevity will never be an issue with this model as it comes with mammoth 50000hours of lamp life so you can expect it serve you more than 15 years.

What’s more? It gets the advanced WTD4.1.1 dual fan cooling system which not only keeps the device cool but lowers the fan noise by a large margin.
While hosting a movie session, the number of the crowd won’t matter, and it is due to the wide 32-170inch screen range DR.J L8 offers. Not only that it also bars you from arranging a large amount of space for the set up as it gets an excellent projection distance range of 2.5-5m. Surprisingly, it even features a dual stereo speaker, but it doesn’t provide the required audio quality.

Being a multimedia projector, it houses all the necessary connection facilities, and you will find HDMI, VGA, AV, 3.5mm audio, USB and micro SD on its rear section. Most importantly it gets three years warranty along with a full one-year refund guarantee coverage.

  • Incredible price point and totally value for money.
  • Decent image clarity with good vividness level.
  • A modern cooling system with low fan noise.
  • It supports various type of media formats.
  • Availability of one-year refund warranty.
  • It is light and easy to port.
  • The color reproduction is below par.

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    Special Note:
    If you are not particular about visual quality and want a projector that will fulfill the need of your evening movie session, then DR.J L8 should be your pick.

8. GooBang Doo ABOX T22 White LCD Projector

ABOX T22 is a popular flagship model from the brand GooBang Doo which has a made massive mark in the budget segment of the projector market. It won’t give you any chance to dislike its performance even though it houses a low hardware configuration.
Key Features:
• 60 ANSI lumens of brightness.
• 2000:1 contrast ratio.
• Five layers LCD display technology.
• Native 800 X 480 resolution.
• 3.97lbs weight.
• 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio.
• Fan noise below 15dB.

Features Overview:

GooBang Doo ABOX T22 is a simple looking projector that might seem inferior for its price point, but there is saying that looks can be deceiving. This model right justifies the phase as it utilizes an LED light source and five layers LCD display technology to offer you a vibrant and rich visual. It’s 800 X 480p native resolution also play a significant role in producing a mindboggling visual output.

Although it may come with 60 ANSI lumens once you watch any visuals, you won’t find any difference. Clarity of a visual serves as the essential criterion for most of the buyers, and that is why the manufacturer has incorporated a 2000:1 contrast ratio in this model.
Surprisingly like other brands, GooBang Doo hasn’t compromised on the color quality of ABOX T22, and this is the reason it manages an excellent color reproduction with its 45% NTSC color gamut coverage. It is ideally built for substantial size screen experience, and that is why it gets a screen size range lying between 32inch and 176inch.
Not only that, it treats you with an impressive projection range which allows you to throw an 80inch screen size from just 2m away.
After buying this model, you won’t require an external speaker because it is geared with two 2-watt, but it is not suitable for large rooms.
Fan noise is a big issue with cheap projectors but not with GooBang Doo ABOX T22 because of its modern cooling system which has kept the noise level below 15dB. It promises to last more than 20 years even with daily usage and its 50000hours serves as the primary proof.

HDMI, VGA, AV, 3.5mm, SD card, and USB serves as the primary connection ports, and they support a lot of modern devices like Chrome Cast, iPad, ROKU, PS4, etc. It comes with the weight of a 3.97lbs which depicts you won’t face any difficulty if you plan to carry it during your vacation.

  • Excellent visual quality with decent color accuracy.
  • Lamp longevity around 20 years.
  • First-rate build quality.
  • Low fan noise with effective cooling.
  • The sound volume is not suitable for a large crowd.
  • The contrast level could have been better.

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    Special Note:
    If you are prioritizing projectors on the basis of longevity and brightness level, then GooBang Doo ABOX T22 should be your target because it excels in both these divisions.

9. Crenova XPE496 Portable Projector

Another potential addition in the list of budget models is Crenova XPE496 whose main intention is to treat you with engaging movie session while you are with your family or friends. Since its entry in the market, it has grabbed every expert’s eye, and most of them consider it as one of the finest models under the $100 range.
Key Features:
• 800 X 480 native resolution.
• Square pixel LED technology.
• 22000:1 contrast ratio.
• Short throw ratio of 1.38:1.
• Projection size: 28-180inch.
• 50000hour of lamp lifespan.

Features Overview:

Crenova XPE496 might come in a small box, but there is a beast lying under the simple box which has the prowess to outclass many budget models in performance. The 800 X 480 native resolution and square pixel LED technology serves as the central pillar behind its lucid visual performance.

Like every other model, it also provides support up to 1080p resolution, but unlike others, it tries to maintain the same input quality of any Full HD video. It comes with 100 ANSI lumens of brightness which ensures you are never treated with washed-out frames in the presence of little ambient light.
Once you start watching movies in Crenova XPE496, you will get hooked to this model and the clarity offered by 2200:1 is partly responsible for this attraction. It also puts out a good color reproduction, and it is due to its 1.07billion color support.
If you don’t have an external speaker in your room, then you won’t probably need it because it 5-watt inbuilt speaker with SRS sound system which oozes out the decent sound quality. It gives you the freedom to expand the size of the screen from 28inch to 180inch which is a great boon, especially during a large gathering.
You can use Crenova XPE496 for long hours without any issue, and all the credit goes to its enhanced cooling and fan system that reduces overheating as well as fan noise. Although it comes with a cheap tag, it offers the best in class lamp life which is around 50000hours. HDMI, USB, AV, SD card, 3.5mm audio, and VGA serves as the primary connectivity port of this model, and these ports support most of the external devices. To save you spending money on cables and miscellaneous items, Crenova has given HDMI cable, AV cable and adjustable foot in the package.

  • The richness and crispness in the frame are praiseworthy.
  • Razor sharp clarity.
  • It gets an excellent screen size array.
  • It is light and well built.
  • The cooling system is highly effective.
  • The luminance figure could have been better.
  • The volume of the speaker is not optimum.

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    Special Note:
    Crenova XPE496 is an unusual model which is designed to serve general mass in the United States whose primary demand is a simple movie session with a good visual output.

10. Crosstour Mini LED

Crosstour P700 is a one of a kind projector which is an outcome of sheer craftsmanship and nothing else. It is packed with some exclusive attributes, and they are configured in such a way that you will regret your decision of purchasing this product.
Key Features:
• 480p native resolution with max 1080p support.
• 2000 lumens of brightness.
• 16.7K displayable color.
• +/- 15-degree keystone correction.
• Advanced noise reduction technology.
• Three years warranty.

Features Overview:

Crosstour P700 is a standard LED home theater projector that is geared with five layers LCD display along with LED light source technology and together they produce a remarkable visual output. It boasts a native resolution of 800 X 480, but you will have the authority to play to 1080p visuals with ease.

Brightness plays a significant role in deciding the quality and vividness of the visuals, and that is why it is coupled with a whopping 2000 lumens. It also 2000:1 contrast ratio which cradles all the frames with optimum clarity and black depth but the clarity level degrades when you notch up the screen beyond the ideal size.
The color output offered by Crosstour P700 is quite praiseworthy, and it is mainly due to 16.7k displayable color. This cheap projector won’t bother you with fan noise while you are enjoying a movie or TV series and all the credit goes to its advanced cooling system with noise suppression technology. Despite being a mini-sized projector, you will have the option to expand the screen size from 32inch to 176inch.

Although it doesn’t get a terrific throw ratio and the projection distance lies between 4.9ft and 16.4ft. It comes with different installation methods, so you want to have to worry about placement.
Like every LED budget model, Crosstour P700 also pampers you with extended longevity, and it offers 55000hour of lamp lifespan which boils down to a minimum of 15years. During placement, you can utilize its 15-degree keystone correction for any adjustment, but you won’t get any other correction option.

This model is quite flexible in connectivity options as it houses HDMI, TF card, USB, AV, 3.5mm and VGA port. It offers the best in class three years warranty along with a money-back guarantee so you won’t have to think about any repairing cost. It has been designed in such a way so that it can be carried anywhere and its compact size with 2lbs weights serves as the proof.

  • Rich and razor sharp visuals.
  • Low fan noise with high heat dispersion.
  • The screen size range is quite broad.
  • It is small and low on weight.
  • text
  • The buttons on the box are difficult to press.
  • The absence of a lens cover.

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    Special Note:
    Crosstour P700 serves as a perfect choice for people who wants a portable projector under a cheap price range. It is a well-engineered model that won’t ever give you any chance to complain about it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Priced Projectors

Home theatre projectors allow 36 times larger and clearer images than an HD TV. These projectors not only focus on image quality and emphasizes every detail but also lets you scrutinize with its deep color saturation feature. Home projectors are best suitable for:
• A movie night
• Gaming
• Home theatre
• Slide view of photographs
• Sports
• 3D movies
Now you might be thinking about why to choose a home theatre projector? So, below are some listed answers to your question.
• Projection of quality images
• Large screening
• Fans to produce less noise
• Several ports to connect different devices

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While buying a mini projector for home theatre, there are several questions that overwhelm the mind of every buyer.
Below are some frequently asked questions on mini projectors, which might be of help to you when shopping for a projector.

What is the need for buying a mini projector?
This has been the most answered question about projectors. Everyone wishes to see images and movies on a bigger screen at home. It is not easy for everyone to hush into cinema theatres so buying a mini home projector is cost-efficient and everyone gets to enjoy together.

Do projectors support wireless connections?
When looking out for a mini projector, you might find various options in this range. One such option is wireless connectivity, which is available in only a few projectors such as Qumi and ACER. Do not panic there is an option of Wi-Fi dongle connectivity in some projectors which offer wireless connectivity.

Do mini projectors support direct memory card connectivity?
This range of projectors is available in two categories, one is simple and another smart. The smart projector range allows direct memory card connectivity but in the cheap projectors under 100 dollars range, you need to connect memory cards using external devices like a laptop.

Are all mini projectors supporters of Apple devices?
Yes, you can connect your Apple devices directly or indirectly by pairing it with an adaptor. VGA and HDMI type adapters, which connect every Apple device.

What is the battery life of mini projectors?
These mini projectors have built-in batteries lasting up to 2 hours.

Why must one opt for LED technology projectors rather than incandescent bulbs?
LED lights are brighter and whiter. They save up on energy without compromising the health of your eyes. They have a lamp life of 20000 hours so no changing of bulbs every few days.
On the other hand, incandescent bulbs are heavier and inconvenient to carry. They generate more heat and loud fan noises. This too depends on the brand to brand, but in general, these are less travel-friendly and not pocket-friendly.

What to do if the lamp gets shattered abruptly?
There is no way of lamp getting shattered prematurely. This might have happened due to some manufacturing fault, or the glass might be weak, which led to the breaking of the lamp. It is advisable to take out the lamp carefully and put it in a paper bag or a small box. Flip the projector upside down and fling out every fragment of the shattered lamp on a towel or newspaper. Do not panic, this shattering of the lamp in an abrupt manner is covered under warranty. You can contact the customer service as soon as possible to verify if an exchange warranty is applicable or not.

Why there are green or blue smudges appearing on the projected screen?
Try cleaning your LCD panels or pause the images so that those abnormalities can be rectified automatically. If nothing happens, you can try refocusing the projector in both directions. To avoid dust smudges on your projector it is advisable to clean the projector once or twice in a month. You can also clean the filter with a vacuum once a month.

Why do settings keep getting reset after switching on the projector every time?
You need to enable the save option in your settings for the keystone settings to be stored in the future also.

Why is there an unpleasant noise in the projected image?
Due to the large screen projection, it is obvious for the image to create awful noises from grounding or interference. Try connecting the projector to a different switch. If nothing works, then there might be an internal problem or in setup. You can contact customer service if nothing goes right.

How to control the size of the projected image on the screen from the laptop?
Every laptop comes with control for external display. Change the settings to 800×600 or 1024×768 to get an optimum result according to the projecting screen.
Always remember that the above-discussed projectors give the best results when projecting from a distance of 3 and 11 feet.

These are not the right choice for business presentations but are proven to be perfect partners in spending a nice family weekend. Before choosing the right model, it is advisable to read all the specifications carefully. This will avoid regretting later.
Enjoy the family weekend!

Why choose this mini portable projector?
This model comes with upgraded LED technology, which is brighter when compared to the rest. Improvised fan system to cut unpleasant noises has been incorporated. Now you can experience large screen projection and relax your eyes from TV as it is equipped with the functioning of adjusting image sizes.

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