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Best Cross Country Shoes: Pick Your Pair Now

    Cross Country Running: Racing Tips & Tricks

Cross country shoes are specially designed for long-distance running. These shoes vary by terrain and road conditions. These shoes are designed such a way that they help you to cover a long distance on any type of terrain with their special support and extra protection. And to prepare yourself from top to toe for a long distance (cross country) running track, or even to run on hills or on a treadmill, you should pick the best cross country shoe.

While the professionals are in their training season they are recommended to select heavyweight shoes as they are well cushioned keeping in mind their comfort level. Lightly padded shoes can cause injuries and less support to their feet and ankles.
When compared with track spikes, cross country is a hot pick amongst the runner as they facilitate a good ankle support. Their longer spikes help the runners to tackle any type of terrain.
Once they enter their training period, their feet changes shape and swells too, so they need a shoe that fit them well and offers advanced fitting settings.
Choosing the right pair of country shoes is really a difficult task when you have heaps to choose from. To make your task easier we have given a top 10 recommended country shoes and a buying guide to picking one the best one for your feet.

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Top 10 Best Cross Country Shoes of 2017: The Definitive Buying Guide

1. Salomon Speedcross 3 Men’s: A Short Review

Salomon Speedcross 3 is an improvised version of Speedcross 3 autumn/winter 2012 model. There have been few but revolutionary changes made to these shoes. It is a balanced combination of lightweight upper and aggressive tread to go through all the wet or sloppy trail conditions. This lightweight upper is made with an additional layer of anti-debris mesh. For a much more control-full ride, the forefoot is reduced to 50%. With this improvisation, you can feel lower to the ground with fewer chances of twisting of your ankle.

Review image of Salomon Speedcross 3 Men's

For a great contract surface, the heel has been widened on the sole area. This feature ensures the stability of the runner. You can also notice a reduction in the size of Quicklace slider and even garage pocket. This means that a lot of weight has been put down and stowage is compacter than before.
Altogether, you get a fabulous pair of shoes at a little higher price but its features balance it out.

Key Features

• A light and fast racing shoes
• Made with a durable sole
• Heel made lower to provide stability
• Water resistance without compromising on the breathability of the feet
• Effective in muddy and snowy conditions
• Rugged design to keep you going
• Ortholite insole
• Quick lace system
• Upper made with a Sensifit technology

  • Made with a synthetic material to ensure lightweight and breathability.
  • Gender neutral colors available.
  • Various size options including half sizes.
  • These provide a strong terrain support
  • Pinch-able pricing.
  • No arch support.

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2. ASICS GELKayano 22 Mens: What Does Make It Special?

Image of ASICS GELKayano 22 Mens: One of the elite cross country shoe

Kayano 22 offers flexibility, comfort, durability all made of a lightweight material. It is manufactured with ASICS latest and exclusive combinations of technologies. The DuraSponge technology on its outsole gives you an enhanced comfortable wear to withstand long miles of running.
FluidRide technology is incorporated in its midsole offering a spring-like bounce back to the feet. It is made with soft cushiony material that is responsive and secure. The DuoMax system in the midsole adds to the comfort level of your feet and makes the shoes extremely light.

The upper part of the shoes is made with FluidFitmesh technology that stretches and contracts while you are running. It ensures your comfortability and breathability at the same time.
These shoes are not light as compared to models available in the market but its advanced technology will never make you feel its weight. Its Trusstic system reduces the weight and increases the stability of the sole.
Furthermore, these shoes are infused with a ComforDry Sock Liner, which is meant to keep your feet sweat free and comfortable. A thin mesh on the upper part is added to ensure proper ventilation and keep your feet dry and fresh.
Its Asics gel helps you in running faster without feeling any discomfort to your feet.

Key Features

• 8 color scheme for wider selection
• Durable
• No wear or tear
• Ensures a smooth ride
• Gel cushioning
• Exoskeletal heel for better fit
• Idel for traditional road terrain
• Moisture absorbent technology
• Cushiony midsole

  • FluidFit technology offering a high comfort level.
  • Trusstic system installed for weight drop of the shoes.
  • Fewer chances of wearing and tearing due to abrasion rubber.
  • Duramax incorporated for stability.
  • Less arch support.
  • Lacks stiffness.
  • Heavy shoes for running.

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3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 (for Men and Women) Review: Why Special?

A great pair of shoes for outdoor running Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 is the popular choice amongst the shoe lovers. Its advanced system of treading and integrating of the cleats offers a great amount of stability and comfort level. Its lightweight and durability make these shoes a comfortable wear in every condition.
On talking about its designing, its stylish looks and different color schemes steal many looks of the people. Its high-grade designing adds to the durability of these shoes, which makes them all the more effective to maintain a strong footing.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 review image

To maintain a stronger traction Adrenaline GTS 16 are manufactured with low-profile cleats. This also makes these shoes suitable for every outdoor condition. For a better and strong footing in unstable conditions, Brooks made these shoes flexible to contour every surface.
Brooks is offering you a great pair of shoes, which is a great value for its features.

Key Features

• Advanced tread system
• Lightweight
• Great pair to contour every terrain
• Affordable
• Offers high stability
• Extremely comfortable
• Stylish designing

  • Inexpensive price.
  • Makes running more comfortable.
  • Provides a better fit for wide feet.
  • Sometimes cleats cause difficulty in running on hard surfaces.
  • Low top designing does not provide comfort on uneven terrain.

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4. Adidas Supernova Riot: The Matchless Pair of Cross Country Running Shoe

Review Image of Adidas Supernova Riot

Supernova Riot is made to adapt the changes of the terrain and provides great comfort and freshness to your feet. Its shock absorption technology is outstanding and the durability it offers is greatly admired by its users. Its high-quality material and comfort make it the best companion for your trail.
Its outsole made of continental rubber helps to cross the toughest of the mountains. This material also offers an extra protection and durability to the shoes.
Supernova Riot’s midsole is infused with Adidas superior Boost technology that makes these shoe ultra shock resistant.

Adidas claims that extra cushioning of the midsole offers more energy return than any other running shoes. The midsole also incorporates a TABLE FRAME that supports and adapts dynamically with every stride you take.
The upper part of the shoes is designed in such a way that keeps your feet away from any debris and keeps your feet clean and breathable. Its high cut collar designing offers a great fit and stylish look. Adidas has also incorporated a Velcro strap to adjust the fitting according to your preferences. Also, there is a hook and closure system to provide stability to your feet.
These shoes rank highest in comfort and durability. It weighs light according to the features it offers. A stylish pair of runners available in different colors makes you look great and stand above the rest.

Key Features

• Tightly woven
• Suitable for unstable terrain
• Velcro strap for pristine fit
• Continental rubber used in outsole
• Attractive colors
• Stylish designing
• Well cushioned
• Ensures protection from debris

  • Delivers amazing energy in every step.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Outstanding grip.
  • Well cushioned
  • Offers high durability.
  • Technology incorporated is outdated.
  • Narrow for wider feet.
  • Seams makes you uncomfortable.
  • Not so breathable as company claims.

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5. La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX: The Perfect Running Shoe

Wildcat 2.0 is a great and deadly combination of durable performance with stylish appearance. It is a trail runner especially made for mountainous terrain. They are strong, durable with a tough upper and comfortable insole. Its GTX material offers dryness and freshness by giving extra protection in muddy terrain or any causal trails.
Wildcat 2.0 is made out of an aggressive outsole with pins projecting out to deliver optimum performance. It grabs dirt to keep you moving. Its efficiency is produced differently in a different season.
Its midsole is built with a LaSpeva layer that offers cushiony comfort and is highly responsive to shock.

Image of La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX: Perfect Running Shoe

Talking of its upper, it is highly attractive and has a durable mesh cage to give superior durability and protection. GTX material is water resistance. Overall, the upper part of the shoes is strongly built and provides stability.
Now with so many layers and protection offered by Wildcat you have to compromise on its weight. Its 14 ounces weight is acceptable due to the heavy duty it performs.
Pro tip: these shoes are snug and might feel tight on your feet. So it is better to buy a half or full inch extra for a high comfort level.

Key Features

• Specially designed for trail and mountain running
• Wide platform offering stability
• Shock absorbent
• TPU wrap on heel for protection
• Midsole padded with EVA
• UreTech reinforcements
• Single lace hold
• Tongue webbing for control
• Tough and firm outsole to grab traction in roughest of the terrains

  • Protective.
  • Waterproof can easily steep through streams.
  • Well cushioned for high comfort.
  • Durable can withstand beating.
  • Midsole is highly responsive.
  • A bit too firm.
  • Heavy but protection balances it out.

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6. Mizuno Wave Ronin 5: What’s Special in It

Image of Mizuno Wave Ronin 5: The special cross country shoe

For minimalist runners, these shoes are highly recommended. Its designing is kept flexible and light so that it can offer a high amount of protection to our feet. It never interferes with your experience and makes you feel a barefoot running. The natural motion and unobtrusive nature keep you going.
Wave Ronin 5 designing is a protection layer to premature wearing and tearing of the shoes. For comfort, while running, it is incorporated with breathable material.

Made with the latest technology that offers strong grip regardless of the terrain. Its soles lend you fast and unobtrusive running experience. Also, it uses advanced systems to keep your feet stress-free and protect them from harsh conditions.

Key Features

• Lightweight designing
• Prevents premature wear
• Solid soles to hold on hard surfaces
• Breathable material
• Protection on different terrain

  • Designed for optimum flexibility.
  • Flexible.
  • Minimal design to provide protection.
  • Designed for hard and soft surfaces.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Sole designing makes stopping difficult.
  • Size issues.

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7. Pearl iZUMi Women’s W EM Road M3 Running Shoe: Perhaps The Perfect Running Shoe for You

Perfectly built shoes for off-road running. Manufactured with ultra-lightweight and breathable material to deliver optimum comfort to your feet. Its added heal support facilitates long-distance running. You get a variety of basic and simple colors in this model to match your preferences.
Technology incorporated in the carbon made sole offers durability and comfort while running. Designing delivers flexibility and lightweight material makes the shoes breathable for feet.

UMi Women's W EM Road M3 Running Shoe

EM Road M3 Running Shoe is moderately priced and lasts quite a long time. Its profile is small, designed for minimalist runners it gives a snug fit to the feet, which some might feel comfortable.

Key Features

• Light and breathable material
• Facilitates longer running
• Heel support resists shocks
• Small profile offers snug fit
• Flexible than other options available

  • Minimalist designing cuts down the weight.
  • iCarbon sole for high durability.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Flexible for better foot positioning.
  • Not suitable for hard surfaces.
  • Uncomfortable for some.

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8. New Balance 1400v5 Reviews- Men’s and Women’s: Is It Worth Buying?

New Balance 1400v5 (both for men and women) Image

For runners who need to add on support while running New Balance 1400v5 is the ongoing trend. It is durable and at the same time made of the lightweight and breathable material. Although it weighs little more its comfortable cushioning prevents unnecessary stress on your feet.
Its snug fit helps the runners to feel more comfortable while running long miles. The wide designing is a great option for runners with wider feet.

It fits more like a sock than a shoe, which is a great plus point for runners. Its cushioning material is made of REVlite, which is quite light and comfortable. The upper part is also manufactured with a breathable material. So, you get comfortable and sweat free feel from everywhere even on rocky and rough courses.
Not so highly priced with the features it offers. Enhanced comfort and breathability is all a runner want for long distance use.

Key Features

• Extra support while running
• REVlitecushion
• Maintains higher running speed
• Breathable material
• Shock absorbent
• Prevents stress
• Wider designing for wide feet

  • Availability of different sizes.
  • Additional support for comfort.
  • REVlite lasts longer than other technologies.
  • Taller stack increases the height of the shoes.

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9. New Balance Men’s Running Shoe for Men and Women: Why in Top 10?

A perfect supportive fit for wide feet with an extra and an enhanced support to solve other foot related issues. It is designed exclusively to tackle any terrain condition and even an off-road travel.
Its thick soles and great support for feet and ankles are a great help to walk on uneven terrain. Its color schemes blend easily with your outfits. Arch support is well provided by keeping in mind the wearer’s comfort.
The sole of New Balance Running shoe (available both for men and women) is reinforced with an extra layer of padding to keep the feet in right position. Thanks to its strong and thick designing, which makes this model a durable pair.

Image of New Balance Men's Running Shoe for Men and Women

Great product for those looking for extra support in their trailing. New Balance running shoe makes your walking and running more comfortable than any other shoes could do. Thickly constructed shoes for add-on support and a great solution to solve leg related problems.

Key Features

• Extra padding
• Durable designing
• Comfortable running and walking
• Solves leg-related issues
• Many color variants

  • Extra support in specific places like ankle.
  • Durable material that lasts longer
  • Protection in rough and uneven terrain
  • Not enough flexibility like other models.
  • Thick designing makes it difficult for the feet to breath.

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10. Nike Zoom Victory Waffle 3: Does It Worth Your Money?

Review Image of Nike Zoom Victory Waffle 3

Zoom Victory Waffle 3 by Nike is a unisex pair designed especially for trailing to long distance. Minimalist designing is done to keep the shoes as light as possible. Its add-on features make it suitable for cross-country conditions.
This model is improvised with integrated cleat system and treads to tackle hard and hazardous areas and quick gripping on uneven surfaces. Its tighter fit makes the runners solve their fitting and comfortable issues.
The upper part is made with a more comfortable and breathable material. Its lightweight designing helps the runners to run faster and longer.
Each pair of Waffle 3 passes the quality standards, which yields high quality and efficient shoes.

Key Features

• Integrated cleat system
• Great traction in hazardous areas
• Gives a natural feel of running
• Lightweight designing
• Durable
• Snug fit
• Breathable material

  • Its integrated cleat system leads in running swiftly.
  • Nike offers different color schemes to match your outfits.
  • Light designing.
  • Flexible enough for long-distance running.
  • The integrated cleats makes it difficult to run on hard surfaces.
  • Lower level of adding resulting in wear of the runner’s feet.

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Why are cross-country shoes best?

Cross country shoes are highly recommended shoes for the athletes. Their grooved and sticky rubber grips the trail and helps the runner to go ahead.
Their comfortable adding and breathable material enhance the training experience. Some trainers and racers offer great traction and support on unstable or uneven surfaces, even while going up or down the hill.
Apart from these common features, some have advanced and latest technology incorporated for the runner to feel comfortable and the snug fit of the shoes keeps their feet in the right place.

Things to consider before buying cross country shows

There are many factors that compile together to make a great pair of cross-country shoes. Here are some factors to consider for a successful decision to buy a nice pair of shoes.

1. Choose your trail
Country cross courses consist of training on well-maintained grass like that in public parks and golf courses. So choose a pair, which can tackle this rigor and supports you efficiently during your training period. On the other hand, some trainers have to run on paved roads like in the urban environments and for this terrain, road running shoes are highly recommended.

2. Season friendly
A training athletic season is the most important time period for the runners like the volleyball or football players. So, you have to choose your pair accordingly. They are going to support you for next three or four months. All in all your shoes should be lightweight to handle extreme speed and should have layers of comfortable padding to handle long runs.

3. Flexibility
A great pair of a country cross shoe should bend from the flex while wearing and at the same time should remain rigid and strong from the mid portion to heel.

4. Give it a try
Try your shoes and look out that your thumbnail has enough space.
Tip: try your shoes after running, as on running the feet swell a little. So, this will help you to choose the pair pristinely.

5. Two pairs for you
A country cross athlete should have two pairs of shoes: trainer and racer. Trainers are helpful for daily practice and racer serves on the racing track.
In racers, the padding level is reduced and designing is lightweight to increase the running speed of the runner. But one has to be selective in choosing a trainer. Trainers are the most used shoes so they have to be comfortable and supportive. Therefore, focus more on trainers rather than racers.
That is it! Now you are ready to choose the right pair of shoes that will carry you through every season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best cross Country Shoe

1. What is cross country?
Cross country is running over various terrain. The course of the terrain consists of mud, dirt, sand, and concrete. This race might include valleys, mountains, sidewalks, trail and hills too. This race is popularly pronounced as run rain or shine.

2. What is the distance of the run?
Generally, the distance is 3 miles, both for girls and boys. Some are slightly less or more than this.

3. Do spikes in the cross country shoes help?
Yes, definitely. Spikes are the embossed accessory under the shoes, which grabs the dirt, mud or sand and keeps the runner going ahead without falling or slipping.


Choosing cross country shoes is one of the difficult tasks for an athlete but the above 10 pairs will help in making a great choice. Their extraordinary features available at an affordable price will leave no room for later regrets.

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