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Best 5 Monitors for Gaming Under 150$: The Ultimate List with In-depth Review – Pros and Cons

Gaming (whether on best mobile or with your best gaming projector) is one of the most relaxing hobbies that offer a great respite from the monotony of daily life. Investing in a good quality monitor will take the gaming experience a notch higher. Fasten up your belts and take your gaming to the next level with a power monitor. You might have high-grade graphics cards and a good gaming projector but that is not all you need. A good quality screen is important to complement your PC. A good display is a great way to enjoy the graphics to their full potential. To fulfill your gaming needs for the coming years we have put together six pocket-friendly and best gaming monitors under 150$.
These top six gaming displays are fully loaded with latest features and technologies.

1. Asus VS239H Gaming Monitor: The Best One for Visual Qulaity

With its decent warranty term, you can get this affordable IPS screen under 150$. It is listed as the number 1 product because of its E-IPS where you get an ultimate quality display. This beautiful and powerful beast is 23 inches and infused with 1920 of horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels.

It offers to solve the basic problems of every user. No cable management is required in this monitor for the horizontal ports reduce the clutter appearance.
You have ports placed under the monitor screen with labeling in front of the screen. But this layout of the buttons is sometimes confusing to use.

Key Features of Asus VS239H Gaming Monitor

• No flickering of the images
• Display Type: LED (E-IPS screen)
• Fulfills basic needs
• 140cd/m2 of brightness
• Three-year warranty
• Dimension: 21.73 x 7.88 x 15.76 in
• Weight: 7.7 lbs
• Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

  • Clutter free connections.
  • Works well with PS 3 .

    The bottom line is that it is ready to do all kinds of basic jobs with an affordable IPS screen. A standard monitor but be careful of its pixel policy.

2. Samsung S24E310HL Gaming Monitor: Reputed For Better Image Quality

Samsung is currently the king of monitors and ruling the market with its popular products. Its superb feature of VA panel is quite remarkable and gives a strong contrast. It is designed for those looking for a model with gentle curves and a decent price tag attached to it.
Samsung made S24E310HL with a plastic material with little strokes of metal texture on bezel’s face, stand base and stand neck. There is joystick button installed on the bottom right corner of the monitor. It is an easy and quick option to navigate through the menu system.
There are different modes installed in the monitor like game mode, low blue light and a newly added one, which is eye saver mode. Another distinctive feature is that it has an alternative stand VESA 100 for those who do not like to keep the monitor on stands.

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Key Features of Samsung S24E310HL Gaming Monitor

• Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
• Screen surface is semi glossy
• 23.6-inch screen
• Supports 8-bit colors
• Ports made of faux brushed metal
• Improvised Gaming experience
• Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
• Display Type: LED
• Item Dimensions: 7.9 x 22.11 x 16.43 inches
• Weight: 8.8 lbs
• Color: Glossy Black

  • Flicker free images.
  • Breakthrough picture quality.
  • Eco saving function to control power consumption.

    Samsung has rendered latest styling and designing in one monitor and the cherry on the cake is its upscale technology. Its several modes help in reducing power consumption to enhance the gaming experience.

3. Acer R240HY Monitor: The Beautiful Widescreen Monitor for Gaming

A midrange model, which is infused with In-Plane switching panel offering great color accuracy. Without consuming much power it gives the optimum grayscale performance. The design of R240HY is sleek and bezel-free with three inputs for videos. You won’t find any ergonomic adjustments and USB connectivity. It has a non-reflective coating delivering brightness up to 250 units.
It is perfect to display fast-moving images in 4 milliseconds. Also, its electricity consumption takes care of controlling your electricity bills. On standard mode, it uses only 19 watts and 12 watts when in eco mode.

Key Features of Acer R240HY Gaming Monitor

• Full HD resolution
• 25-inch screen
• Excellent viewing angle
• No color shifting at any angle
• Tilting adjustability of 20 degrees
• Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
• Display Type: LCD [IPS Display] • Item Dimensions: 7.3 x 21.3 x 16 in
• Item Weight: 6.4 lbs
• Tilting adjustability of 20 degrees

  • Affordable price.
  • Great color.
  • Grey scale performance is remarkable.
  • Input lag is low .
  • Energy efficient monitor.
  • Stunning color in any angle.

    IPS monitor installed in this 24- inch beauty offers an all-round performance. Pocket-friendly pricing is another good feature but it doesn’t deliver any extraordinary features too.

4. Dell S2216M Monitor: The Stylish Gaming Monitor

This monitor is tagged for home users who have their basic needs to cater to. It is not loaded with many extra features but being a basic HD monitor it performs the standard jobs quite well. S2216M is a full HD LED monitor of 22-inch with a glossy screen.
It is a sleek monitor to have on your tables due to its black piano finish. You can actually touch the control buttons on the bezel and feel the luxury of a Dell product. It stands robust and strong with easily adjustable viewing angles.
No matter what you do, whether watching your favorite series or scrolling through photos you can feel the vibrant colors and contrast.
Its wide-view angling allows using multiple windows at once. For butter smooth display, it has a low refresh rate of 60Hz. Although it is not a professional monitor Dell has done a good job on a standard monitor.

Key Features of Dell S2216M Gaming Monitor

• 178-degree wide viewing
• Made with arsenic free glass
• Mercury free LED panel
• Full HD resolution
• 21.5-inch screen ((54.6 centimeter)
• Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
• Panel Type: In-plane switching
• Surface: Glossy with Low-Haze 3H
• Optimal resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz
• Active Display Area (H x V): 18.74″ x 10.54″ (476.06mm x 267.78mm)
• Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1 (typical), Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 8 Million: 1
• Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (typical)
• Viewing Angle: 178° vertical / 178° horizontal
• Adjustability: Tilt
• Color Support: Color Gamut (typical): 82% (CIE1976), 72% (CIE 1931) 16.78 Million colors
• Pixel Pitch: 0.248mm
• Display Type: Widescreen Flat Panel Display
• Display Screen Coating: Antiglare with hard-coating 3H

  • Ports placed at back side.
  • VGA and DVI connectivity for graphics input.
  • Power nap reduces brightness when not in use
  • Made with Eco-friendly materials .

    If you want to listen to music, watch videos and movies, operate word processing or email, it is a perfect companion to handle all your basic problems. But if you are looking for high-end video or picture editing or even high-grade gaming then this might not prove to be a good option for you.

5. BenQ GL2460HM Monitor: The Reputed Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor for Gaming

This monitor had been designed especially for smooth gameplay. A 24-inch Twisted Nematic monitor delivers HD resolution with a low input lag. The screen is supported by a robust stand with easy adjustments.
GL2469HM offers basic adjustments like brightness, sharpness, gamma, color temperature, hue and more like saturation and contrast settings.
BenQ also offers several ports and jacks for headphones, audio, DVI, VGA, and HDMI. With its decent warranty on labor, parts, ships, the backlight including VGA port and CD are also offered.
It offers an HD video for crisp display, all thanks to the pixel response of 2 milliseconds.
All in all, you get a standard monitor with HD quality at a very reasonable cost.

Key Features of BenQ GL2460HM Gaming Monitor

• Low input lag
• Offers tilt range of 5 degrees forward and 20 degrees backward
• On-screen menu
• Low blue light
• Display Type: LED
• Eco-friendly
• Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
• Item Dimensions: 17.1 x 7.6 x 22.2 inches
• Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 17.1 x 22.2 inches
• Item Weight: 9.5 lbs

  • Bright colors.
  • Quick pixel response.
  • Impressive blacks.
  • Reduces eye strain.

    GL2460HM from the house of BenQ is a 24-inch monitor offering responsive pixels. Perfect for everyday usage. Infused with dark blacks for impressive color contrast.

6. AOC e2752She Monitor: Best Gaming Monitor in Your Budget

This monitor is AOC invented e2652She with a 27-inch slim screen. For greater productivity, AOC has split the display into self-contained work. All you need is fast response time and multimedia connectivity with two HDMI ports. This monitor delivers impressive and crisp images with stunning picture quality. It also offers 3.4mm audio port specially designed for earphones.
This glossy and black designed monitor can display 16.7 million colors. Its ultra-dynamic contrast ratio and quick action sequencing are all you need.

Key Features of AOC e2752She Gaming Monitor

• A split of screen + software into four work areas
• Horizontal connectors for easy connection of cables
• 2ms response time
• Smooth motion playback
• Connectivity: VGA, HDMI with HDCP x2
• Audio In/Out: Earphone out (3.5 mm jack)
• Brightness: 300 cd/m2
• Panel: LED Backlit – TFT-LCD Panel
• Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
• Contrast Ratio: 20,000,000:1
• Item Dimensions: 8.3 x 25.4 x 17.8 in
• Item Weight: 11.6 lbs
• Viewable Image Size: 27″
• View Angle: 170 degrees horizontal, 170 degrees vertical
• Colors Supported: 16.7 Million
• Windows 8 Compatible: Yes

  • User-friendly designing.
  • Accessible power connections.
  • Easy connectivity with several ports.

    This 27-inch monitor that is energy star qualified, offers optimum usage. If you want high-quality sound, you can add extra speakers. Its solid performance is complemented by an ergonomic design.
    Things to consider buying a gaming monitor.

Things to consider Before Buy Buy a Gaming Monitor

Good hardware is quintessential to differentiate between victory and defeat. If you are a hardcore gamer or after hours player, a gaming PC is all you require. Powerful graphics is the solution to flickering and blurred images.
This guide will help you in choosing the best weapon to beat your opponent with a smooth gaming experience.


Always opt for a gaming monitor with HD display of 1920×1080 resolution. Some monitors also have Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) offering 2560×1440 pixels. Thumb rule while deciding the resolution is to keep in mind that higher the resolution, crisper the image.
Ultra-High Definition (UHD) is another stunning resolution range delivering 3840×2160 pixels.
One should always look for standard HD display. It not only delivers amazing picture quality but is also pocket-friendly.

Panel technology

Bigger monitors are recommended for better gaming. If you have enough space, you must always choose a 27-inch screen. Panel technology is on the improvisation trend every day. Twisted Nematic (TN) is the most affordable as it offers a fast response in pixels and refreshes rates. For higher contrast ratio, Vertical Alignment (VA) is another popular panel technology.
In-Plane Switching (IPS) offers great color contrast and quality with a robust grayscale performance.

Pixel response

Best gaming monitors are always technologized with fast pixel rates. It is measured in milliseconds. In simple words, the time taken to the transition from one color to another is known as pixel response.
A low pixel response helps in giving smooth images by eliminating smearing of moving images. For gray, to gray pixel response, 2 milliseconds are taken by good monitors but 4 milliseconds can also be considered.

Refresh rates

This refers to the time taken by the whole screen to redraw. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). The common rate is 60Hz, which means that the screen is refreshed 60 times in a second. It is recommended to choose a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which will help in reducing the blur and tearing of the images. It is also a requirement for 3D technology.

Other features

Variety of video and audio inputs are loaded in monitors. To connect gaming consoles these inputs are necessary. DVI connectivity is another feature to connect gaming controllers.
Once you are done upgrading your monitor, you can opt to upgrade the speakers for a good quality sound experience is required for a superb gaming experience.

What to expect from a monitor under 150$

If you are not willing to spend more than 150$ on a gaming monitor then you may not expect many superior features. If you are a smart buyer then within 150$ you can get a great gaming monitor for an amazing gaming experience.
You can expect certain things for a monitor under 150$


The best resolution offered by monitors under 150$ is 1080p, which is a commonly preferred format.

Panel type

TN is the leading panel technology of mid-range monitors. Its response timing and optimum nature make it the best choice amongst heavy gamers. Although you have to sacrifice a bit of color contrast and angling, its other features succeed at overcoming the drawback.

Refresh rates

Typically, you can expect a 60Hz or 75Hz of refresh rates in this range. This range provides a casual and fun experience in gaming unless and until you are a pro.

Screen size

The biggest size monitor, which you can buy under 150$ is 24-inches. This size is comfortable and chosen by many. You have to adjust on the field view but the delivery of images is crisp and bright.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Gaming Monitors

1.Is relying on quoted specifications necessary?
No, you should not completely rely on quoted specs. These are exaggerated and well decorated with Oxford words for marketing purposes. Always look yourself for the specs carefully.

2. Which all specs should one be careful of?
Dynamic contrast rates, response time, color gamut and backlighting are such specs, which one should be cautious while buying.

3. Which is the Patent Technology?
There are three types of Patent Technology. Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA) and In-Plane Switching (IPS). TN is the best ever-patent Technology for gaming. It offers pixel response time and fast refresh rates.

4. Which all Video Inputs is necessary?
If you really need to swap between home theatre, gaming console, and gaming PC. The HDMI ports are a must have on your monitor.

5. How to clean gaming monitors?
Follow the below steps for a proper clean-up of your monitor:
• Disconnect the power cords
• Spray a small amount of non-abrasive cleanser on a lint-free cloth
• Wipe the surface with light hands
• Never spray any liquid directly on the screen

7. Why there is no display of any video or image even when the monitor is switched ON?
• Check whether the video card is snugged properly or not.
• Check the video cable connection. It should be properly inserted in the port.
• Make sure the pins of the cable is not bent or broken
The gaming monitor industry is moving at a fast pace where new technologies and improvisations are on the rise. The best part of buying the best gaming monitor under 150$ is that you do not need to worry about high costs to gain an immersive gaming experience.

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