Best Projectors for Gaming: Review of Top 5 Projectors to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

(Last updated 06-26-2019) :- If you are hankering for an immersive gaming experience, a gaming projector is all you need. All thanks to the ever-growing technology, which allows the gamers to play on a larger screen without compromising on HD visuals, brightness and rich contrast.

Over the last few decades, gaming projectors have become an essential item in every house. For multiplayer games on a bigger screen or a 4K experience, a gaming projector is a solution to every problem.

Being great space savers, they never dominate your space by a big screen when not in use. To add a little spice in your gaming time you can invest a little more in speakers for a great VR feel.

Gaming is evolving to be one of the biggest industries in the world and not everybody is enjoying its novelty to the fullest. In order to let you enjoy those precious hours of gaming, you need a good gaming projector to get the real feel of the graphics.

In the list below, we have stated six best projectors for gaming, which will add extra magic to your leisure time.

Best 6projectors for Gaming

1.Optoma GT1080 DLP gaming projector


When it comes to best projectors for gaming, Optoma GT1080 takes the gold standard. Excellent video quality, large screen sizes, and silent operation are some of its best-installed features. Sound is an important take away in this projector as it comes with 10-watts mono speakers installed in it. The only drawback is its plastic body, which is actually thin and Optoma needs to improve only on this aspect in this model.

For hardcore gamers, GT1080 is the best ever gaming projector they can choose. Play as much without any jitters or lags. When talking about its price, it is obviously a high-end product due to its fairly attractive features. If you really want to experience big-screen gaming then this is a highly recommended product to choose from the house of Optoma.


• Widescreen range from 111-inches to 4-feet and 166-inches to 6 feet
• Short lag time
• Short throw projector
• Resolution of 1080p
• 2800 lumens

  • Designed only for gaming
  • A free HDMI cable supporting 3D formats
  • 10-watts mono speakers
  • Plastic exterior
  • Display of rainbow artifacts

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    Special note

    Optoma 1080 is a special combination of all the exclusive features all targeted solely at gaming. These all make this projector a top pick amongst the others.

2. BenQ HT2150ST gaming projector


BenQ HT2150ST offers a full HD quality image with 2200 lumens filled with lifelike colors. For a modern gaming experience, this short throw projector is an amazing choice. It is ultra-smooth and comprehensive with low input lag. Its 10-watt built-in speakers with an Audio+ tech adds brilliance to the sounds. Its consistent image delivering power enhances your gaming fun.

It gives the best ever immersive cinematic experience at the comfort of your home. It also renders normal color balancing in lower ambient lighting. Its single-chip installment avoids any misalignment, which is not possible in a three-chip projector.


• Its RGBRGB color wheel delivers brilliant color brightness
• Can put up a 100-inch diagonal image
• Automatic Eco Mode lamp for a reduction in brightness
• High ANSI contrast
• Solid color saturation

  • The fan produces less noise
  • Suitable for watching movies
  • DLP technology for image projection
  • Difficult to adjust keystone
  • text

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    Special note

    This model from BenQ is similar to the above Optima 1080. The only thing is that this projector is priced a bit high. It is just a matter of personal choices between Optoma and BenQ

3.Sony VPLHW45ES gaming projector


VPLHW45ES is a successor of VPLHW40ES, a classic HD projector. It took two years for Sony to come up with this improvised projector and it turned out to be a great model. Its low input latency makes it compatible for gaming. If you are looking for a full HD projector then this is the one to choose.

Its large body is a complete blend of smooth curves, sharp angles, and steep slopes. This model vents out its hot air from the front edges making it easier to mount on a wall easily.

It employs Sony owned SXRD technology for a full HD view. With its brightness of 1800 lumens and improved color performance, it is a promising projector by Sony.


• Playback in 3D format
• The brightness of 1800 lumens
• Gaming mode in low latency
• Image shifts in both vertical/horizontal mode
• 1.6x optical zoom

  • Fairly attractive designing
  • 4K picture quality
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • 3D pictures are projected little darkly
  • 3D glasses are not provided

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    Special note

    This projector is a great option to add to your wish list until you are using it on a low lamp mode. With its remarkable picture quality and new low latency mode, it is reeling in gamers and home theatre fans.

4.BenQ W1210ST gaming projector


BenQ is among the top gaming projectors in the present market. With its 1080presolution and 1.07 billion colors, it offers an amazing view of a larger panel. BenQ offers easy installation of W1210ST with different inputs and outputs. Its built-in speakers deliver optimum sound and you can connect it with PC for movies as well.

This gaming projector is aesthetically pleasing and proper ventilation is ensured to avoid over-heating. If you wish to increase the standpoint of the projector then pull out the little foot incorporated at the back. Its unique gaming mode makes your gaming more enjoyable. Its graphics quality will definitely make you go crazy.

There is no denying that it is quite an expensive projector but its features are worth the tag.


• DLP projector with a single chip
• HD resolution
• Short throw lens
• Low lag for gaming

  • Brilliant color and contrast
  • Projects movies
  • Proper ventilation to avoid overheating
  • DLP rainbowing
  • Slightly noise only in dark movies

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    Special note

    This projector from the house of BenQ comes with a short throw lens and an ultra-low input lag. These features make it a highly ideal projector for gaming. Its pretty round edges avoid any jarring angles. Do not forget to have the fast mode on while gaming for low input lag.

5.Optoma GT760A gaming projector


This is considered to be a cheaper version of Optoma GT1080. The only difference between the two is that GT760A projects images with a quality of 720p. This model is improvised with 3400 lumens and an impressive good sound system. You can also connect it to a PC for higher resolution. To give you a great watching and playing experience it works better even with the lights on.

The projector delivers good color contrast with predefined modes and good picture quality.
If you are looking for a reasonable choice then go for GT760A but it is surely not a compelling one.


• 3D support with an HDMI cable
• Immersive gaming experience
• 1.4 port connects directly to a 3D capable game console
• Works with IR glasses
• Short throw projector
• 3400 lumens

  • 3D with Blu-ray players
  • Produces bright images
  • 2-watt speakers reduced the projector’s sound
  • Low native resolution

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    Special note

    GT760A offers full advantage offers high resolution in the arsenal of gaming projectors. Its delivery at short throw with bright images and HDMI support is an addition to this model.

GT760A is available at a cheaper price but it is definitely a step down from GT750E. Therefore, the manufacturers of Optoma are planning to introduce a projector with 1080p in the same GT series of gaming projectors.
What to consider before buying a gaming projector

For those who are obsessed with big screens, projectors are a good option to ensure a great experience. A visual spectacle offers an unprecedented gaming experience. These are far more cost-effective than you might think. PS4 and Xbox are now the biggest hubs for leisure and social linkage.

Before buying a projector for gaming and watching movies, there are a few points to keep in mind.

• Game projector resolution

For a true home entertainment experience, 1080p is the best resolution to choose. You get a plethora of options especially designed for gaming and home cinema and that too at an affordable price.

• Game projector brightness

Projector brightness is measured in lumens. A game projector brightness is determined by two factors. One, ambient light from your location and second, desired image size. This feature will always add a few bucks to the price tag of the projector. So if you are in search of a great gaming projector you need to shed little more bucks. Below is the recommended lumens rating based on ambient lighting.

• The contrast ratio for a gaming projector

To get optimum results while playing never miss out on the contrast ratio. Many of your high-resolution games have vivid color ranges especially made for a darkroom. Higher contrast ratio supports this dynamic feature in games with utmost clarity. A higher contrast ratio offers a brighter image.

5000:1 is considered to be a good contrasting ratio whereas ratios of 40000:1 and 100000:1 are considered to be better and best contrasting ratios respectively.

• Input Lag

The amount of time taken by a projector to project an image is known as input lag. Long input lags result in a frustrating experience. A certain amount of input lag is inevitable on PC as they are connected with a third party server for multiplayer games. There are few projectors offering 20ms lag time at an affordable price range. If you are not into heavy gaming then lag time should not be an issue but for hardcore gamers, input lag is an important point to consider.

• Refresh rates

A projector’s ability to process a video refers to refresh rates. Faster refresh rates deliver crisp and seamless images. It is recommended to look for 120 Hz above refresh rates. A higher refresh rate not only benefits gamers but also produces3D images that are comfortable for our eyes.

Gaming projector tips

There are several other points to look for in a projector. We have jotted down a few tips to purchase a gaming projector for yourself.

• Sound quality

If you get a projector with great built-in speakers then you do not need to invest in extra speakers. If you already have a home theatre then try to purchase a projector that is compatible with it.

• Throw distance

You have three types of projectors offering long throw, short and a super short throw. It refers to the distance between you and the projector. Long throw projectors are somewhat cheap and restricted for certain room size. The Super throw is recommended to use for business presentations and projects. Whereas short throw is best suitable for gaming where you need to stand and play like in Xbox or PlayStations.

• Game Mode

Gaming projector comes with an option of ‘game mode’ or commonly known as ‘fast mode’. It decreases the lag time and quality of the image with an increased refresh rate.


1. How is the brightness of the projector measured?
The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. Earlier it was
‘ANSI lumens’ but with time it is cut short to lumens.

2. What are sources suitable to connect to the projector?
A projector can be connected to a PC, LAN, DVD, Blu-Ray disc players, gaming consoles and set-top boxes.

3. What is the meaning of lens shift adjustment?
Traditionally a projector must be placed in the center of the screen for a perfect image projection. But this is wrong, a projector needs to be placed higher or lower. This is done with the help of lens shifter, which allows for horizontal, off-center and vertical placements.

4. What is Keystone?
A keystone feature helps in the correction of the distorted image.

5. Which all wireless devices are compatible with projectors?
As wireless projection is becoming the latest trend, you can your projector directly via laptop, Pc, tablet or your smartphones without any hassle of wires.

6. Why don’t all games run in 3D format?
Latest games are designed with a 3D technology but the earlier ones do not have this format. They were made using either shaders or vertex algorithms. These are impossible to convert to 3D technology.

7. What is the meaning of active shutters?
These 3D glasses automatically open and shuts with the help of a liquid crystal lens placed over your eyes. When there is a depiction of the left eye image, the right eye is covered with the glasses so that the user can see only with their left eye for an amazing experience.

8. Why is there a difference in the 3D viewing of the games?
It all depends on the knowledge of the developer. If he/she knows a lot on 3D counterpart then the game will have better 3D designs and one with less knowledge have poor 3D designs.


Gaming projector creates a room for a magnificent big screen playing. Compared with televisions or PC projectors are reasonably priced and can perform functions of both TV and a PC.

By using the above information on the best projector for gaming, you can easily make a satisfying choice for yourself.

Happy gaming!

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