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Best Laptop for Watching Movies – 2018: The Definitive Guide

Table of Contents

Searching for the best laptop for watching movies is a lot of different than it seems and there are high chances that you might run into trouble as there so many wrong decisions. Laptops are available in different ranges, and if you go above a certain price, the chances of finding the wrong product get minimized by a large margin.
Now, you might wonder?

That any cheap projector holds the capability to suffice your need to watch a movie without any ado and save you from spending a good chunk of money. However, you forget the fact there are features in top end laptops whose only job is to enhance the viewing experience to an optimum level beyond your expectation.

Hey, wait! Are you aiming to buy a laptop only for watching movies and having good visual experience?
What if you get a few ones with which you can even play high-resolution games and do your office works, or personal assignments smoothly?

Interesting, right?
Well, good things don’t come cheap, and if you are yearning to find an excellent display with some lucrative feature, then you have to come out of low price tag. It is a desire of many people to treat their eye with lifelike visual quality and an appealing environment while they are watching a movie on a portable laptop.

The primary motive behind getting the most excellent laptop in the market so that a movie buff can get the theater-like experience at home comfort.

Daniel Walker
Your Guide

Electrical Engineer: North Carolina, USA

You won’t love to own a laptop which will jeopardize your movie experience with low RAM, poor visual resolution or any other issues. So it is always a plausible solution to opt for a well-packed laptop rather than deflecting towards any home theater projector.

So to relieve you from all these fusses, we have to coagulate a list of ideal laptops for viewing movies so that you won’t look anywhere else.

All the laptops have been selected depending on various requirements and penchants. We have tested each laptop one by one and based on their performance, longevity, build quality and price we have put forward you the best ones.
So before heading towards the detail of each laptop, first take a look at the names of our top ten laptops that are worthy to be associated with best laptops for watching movie tag.

10. Dell XPS 9560 – Unarguably the most potent laptop for watching movies and listening to music.
9. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 – Probably the best laptop for listening to music.
8. Asus F555LA US71 – The most exceptional laptop for streaming videos.
7. HP Spectre x360 – An elegantly designed laptop with the most potent display.
6. Apple MacBook Air MQD42LL/A – One of the ideal laptops for streaming video.
5. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM – The most potent laptop for watching movies and internet surfing.
4. Asus UX360CA Zenbook Flip – Undeniably the most appropriate laptop for movie session.
3. Asus Q304UA – Incontestably the most excellent laptop for streaming movies.
2. Toshiba CB35-B3340 – The ideal laptop for streaming live video.
1. HP Envy 17 – The finest model for you to watch movies on the laptop.
Check out the details of all the laptops that we have listed for you in the catalog which will give you a bright idea.

10. Dell XPS 9560: Unarguably The Best Laptop For Watching Movies And Listening To Music


• 15.6 inch 4K UHD Display with Infinity Edge IPS touch-screen panel.
• Intel Core i7 7700HQ processor.
• 16GB DDR4 RAM.
• Nvidia GTX 1050m 4GB DDR5 GPU.
• 256GB SSD storage with option for 1TB upgrade.

Dell XPS 9560 is a highly accredited and critically acclaimed laptop which is hailed to carry the best screen. This is the most potent laptop for watching movies and listening to music and title is entirely appropriate as it holds an ideal display.

The main reason behind all its credibility is its 4K Ultra HD 3840X2160 touch display which is far more superior than any high-end gaming projector available in the market.
To back up its quality, it also has an infinity edge which means that you will get a full 15-inches display with the almost negligible bezel on the screen.

Dell XPS 9560 even cradles your eye with lifelike color quality as it covers 100% of sRGB spectrum. This denotes that this laptop provides the most accurate color display thus ensuring you with rich and vivid movie frames.
It is crazy, right? Yes!
You will be startled to hear that even surpasses the accuracy of most high range displays in the market. While watching a movie with Netflix, other online movie streaming websites, YouTube or offline, you won’t have to struggle with viewing angle as it comes with IPS panel which makes sure that you get the same video quality from all sides. Not to forget it also packed with 350nits brightness whose vividness is far more superior than any projector under 300.

Not to forget, while playing movies with large file size you might face the lag issue in an ordinary laptop. With that being said, you find any performance issue because it comes loaded with GTX 1050 4GB GPU which can almost anything at blazing speed.
To cope up with its incredible display, it also comes loaded with Intel Core i7 7700HQ along with 16GB DDR4 RAM. For storage, you will 256GB SSD storage which will not only allow you to store a lot of movies but also boot your PC in a blink of an eye. With its powerful battery, it can last up to 8hrs which is feasible for a long movie marathon.

  • Incredible UHD and FHD display.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Commendable overall performance.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Battery life could have been better.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    If you are looking for an incredible display with exceptional performance, then you might take a look at Dell XPS 9560. An outstanding device that brings out every detail of the movie utilizing its IPS infinity edge display. Once you get this laptop, you won’t ever opt to buy a projector.

9. Dell Inspiron 15 5000: Probably The Best Laptop For Listening To Music


• 15.6inch Full HD IPS TrueLife display with a multi-touch screen.
• Intel Core i5 8250U processor.
• Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU.
• 1 TB hard disk with 5400rpm.

Here comes the best part:
Dell is always known for a high-quality product which never ceases to amaze their buyer with its performance. Likewise, Inspiron 15 5000 is a new flagship model which not only will caress you with striking display performance but also soothing audio quality.

It’s 15.6inch FHD display offers a lucid visual which you would hardly find in any projector under 200. With that being said, it may not provide the best-in-class color output, but still, you won’t get any chance of complaint about its quality. The screen is build using TrueLife IPS panel which ensures that you will get the same view from any angle.

Watching a movie or listening to music on this laptop is quite fluidic as it packs LED backlit ten finger multi touch-screen so you can maneuver over all media contents. This is an ideal laptop for listening to music at the budget range, and the main reason behind this fact is its Waves MaxxAudio Pro.

This stereo speaker holds the prowess to cradle your ear with beautiful sound when you play music on the laptop. You can even listen to the music for a long hour, and all the credit goes to its powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 5hrs.

Inspiron 15 5000 is packed with some powerful hardware which comprises Intel Core i5 8250U and 8GB DDR4 2400Hz RAM kit. You won’t find any trouble in store substantial number movies on this laptop because it holds a 1TB 5400rpm HDD. It also boasts a 3 in one media card reader and audio combo port which will assist you to relax and listen to music.
Although you won’t need a powerhouse to run movie and listen to music, surely you will need this hardware for other prospects. It only weighs 4.85 pounds so you won’t face any ado to listen to the music while lying down.
It gets better here:

  • Lucrative design.
  • Speedy visual and audio performance.
  • The audio is quite loud.
  • A negligible amount of bloatware.
  • The keyboard is a little bit shallow.
  • The trackpad accuracy is not commendable.
  • The screen could have been better.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is a complete package with a gorgeous outlook and stupendous performance in both visual and audio division. It provides top of the line audio speaker and sound card which will hook you into a long music session.

8. Asus F555LA US71: The Finest Laptop For Streaming Videos


• Intel Core i7 5500U processor.
• 8GB DD3 RAM.
• 15.6 Full HD LED Backlit display.
• In-built 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN and 802.11b/g/n WLAN.
• Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU.
• 1TB 5400RPM internal storage.

Now, comes the scintillating portion:
Asus is a well-known brand name among everyone, and many people rely on their product because they never compromise on quality over price. F555LA US71 is one such critically acclaimed product which is cherished by a lot of streamers and movie buffs. All the credit for its popularity goes to its superior i7 5500U processor coupled with 8GB DD3 RAM, and this potent blend assists the system to stream videos seamlessly.

However, you need to have good internet and rest you won’t have to worry as it has 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN along with 802.11b/g/n WLAN. It is probably the best laptop for streaming videos, and its lucrative performance is its proof.
Along with streaming, watching a movie in Asus F55LA is a treat to the eye, and the main reason is its Full HD display with LED Backlit facility. To back its quality level, Asus has provided integrated Intel HD 4400 GPU that holds the prowess to play high-quality content with any lag.

This is a competitive price laptop which won’t set back you with a hefty price but rather cradle you with eye-popping visual. It is an ideal device to engage you in a long movie session without interruption. With that being said, it is also loaded with stereo speaker along with Asus SonicMaster Technology which produces a crystal clear sound quality making every movie session worth remembering.
F55LA is loaded with various other indispensable features which comes handy while watching movie or streaming videos on the internet. It includes an HD webcam, a modern digital card reader, HDMI, RJ-4, etc. While using this laptop, you won’t have to worry about battery life because with one full charge it can last up to five hours.
It also packs USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI for connecting external devices during streaming or watching a movie. Lastly, it is preloaded with Windows 10 OS which makes the video streaming smooth and error free.

  • Incredibly fast processing performance.
  • Commendable streaming capability.
  • Razor sharp image output.
  • An extensive array of facilities.
  • Often troubles with troubleshooting issues.
  • The absence of a backlit keyboard.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    If you are seeking for the most potent laptop for streaming as well as watching a movie, then it would be a good ideal take a look at Asus F555LA US71. It is decently priced model from Asus that suffices all your needs to stream videos without any ado.

7. HP Spectre x360: An Elegantly Designed Laptop With The Most Potent Display


• 15.6inches 4K UHD Micro Edge display with foldable WLED backlit touch-screen.
• Intel Core i7 7500U processor.
• Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2GB GPU.
• 512 GB SSD storage.

Now, here’s the kicker:
HP Spectre x360 is one of the most good looking and elegantly designed laptop which will make you will fall on your knee with its drop dead gorgeous look. It is doubtful you won’t dazzled by its look and an incredible list of features. First and foremost, Spectre x360 carries a top-tier 15.6inch Narrow Bezel 4K Ultra HD display that holds prowess to baffle you lifelike video quality.

This WLED backlit touch-screen display features a Micro Edge display with the promise of eight million on-screen pixels. The display is compliant with beautiful 2-in-1 design making it handy for you to watch the movie any way you want.

Spectre x360 is indisputably a laptop with the best display that HP has ever made, and it puts a commendable 305 nits of brightness in every image. The color accuracy of this laptop is unbelievable, and it covers 131.5 percent of sRGB spectrum making it produce eye-popping clarity. To make it the best bang for the buck, HP has also introduced Nvidia GeForce 940MX which will not only engage you in a mesmerizing movie session but an enjoyable gaming session too. So, what are you waiting for?

Just get this projector along with a gaming headphone.
What more appealing?
Spectre x360 powerhouse is backed up by Intel Core i7 7500U along with a 16GB of DDR4SD RAM giving it the prowess to run any movie, software or game. You won’t feel any lag while playing large movie sizes or playing high-end games. It even comes with 512GB of SSD of storage allowing the window 10 to boot in no time.

As expected, it comes with 57.8watt hour battery that lasts up to 9hours letting you go on a movie marathon. Lastly, it packs a Bang & Olufsen built-in speaker which will entirely grasp your mind with soothing sound quality.
Let’s dig into:

  • Jaw dropping outlook with slim design.
  • Superfast processing power.
  • Top quality sound quality.
  • Top of the line display quality.
  • A broad array of ports.
  • The absence of SD or microSD card slot
  • The hinge is slightly stiff.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    If you are looking for a laptop with the most potent display and cutting-edge design, then there is no better alternative than HP Spectre x360. With top of the line performance and impeccable 4K display, this is probably the most exceptional model you get for a given price.

6. Apple MacBook Air MQD42LL/A: One Of The Ideal Laptops For Streaming Videos


• Intel Core i5 5350U 1.8Ghz processor with TurboBoost facility.
• 8GB 1600Mhz LPDDR3 RAM.
• Intel HD Graphics 6000 GPU.
• 13.3 inches LED-backlit Glossy 1440X900 display with IPS panel.
• 256GB SSD internal storage.

Now, begins the central section:
When it comes to streaming video seamlessly without downgrading the quality, then there is no match to the performance of Apple MacBook Air. Many streamers utilize this little magician and don’t forget not only streaming; you can even exploit it for mesmerizing movie session. It can be regarded as one of the best laptops for streaming video and why?
Its mighty processing power backed by 1.8Ghz Intel Core i5 5350U with Turbo Boost and 8GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 RAM. Another reason to add this product for streaming is its decent graphics processing power, and the primary source is Intel HD graphics 6000.
MacBook Air takes up the streaming game to a high level by allowing smooth wireless connection with the help of 802.11ac Wi-Fi along with AirPort Extreme. The added advantage of this slim device is that it will also overwhelm with top-notch visual performance and credits goes to its glossy 1440 by 900-pixel display.

It even boasts LED backlighting which adds to vividness and sharpness of movies frames. Not to forget, it uses IPS panel which treats yours with excellent viewing angle and high color production. The overall design is quite thin so you won’t have trouble keeping it on lap for a long time while watching a movie.
The OS plays a vital role in streaming and video playback, and that is why Apply has integrated MacBook Air with MacOS Sierra. To make things more efficient, it even comes with 256GB SSD which won’t not only allow you to store a right amount of HD movies but also stream without any ado. You won’t have to worry about battery life with this projector as it boasts of providing a prolonged 13hr backup with one charge.

Lastly, you will find Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 which guarantees that you are only treated with super-fast connectivity.
Now, comes the exciting section:

  • Excellent streaming service.
  • Good battery life.
  • Smooth processing speed.
  • text
  • Stupendous display with excellent color accuracy.
  • Light and thin.
  • The design needs up-gradation.
  • Thick bezel.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    If you are eyeing for the finest laptop for streaming videos, then spending your hard earned money on Apple MacBook Air MQD42LL/A worths every dime. It is loaded all kind of necessary hardware which will allow you to carry on with your streaming without any interruption.

5. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM: The Most Potent Laptop For Watching Movies And Internet Surfing


• 15.6inches Full HD widescreen ComfyView LED-backlit display with new ColorBlast technology.
• Intel Core i3 7100U processor.
• Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU.
• 1 TB 5400 RPM storage.

Aspire E 15 is a well packed and competitively priced flagship model from Acer that has turned many heads with its performance and incredible display. This model is for those who require a sturdy laptop for internet surfing and entertainment purpose. It is backed up by Intel Core i3 7100U processor and 4GB of DDR4 RAM that allows you to quickly to surf the internet and watch a movie at the same time. It provides an incredible processing speed which ensures that you will need a bit of lag.

By keeping that in mind, it packs a highly efficient and latest version of the cooling pad that makes sure you can use the laptop for a long time without facing any heating issue.

According to many happy customers, Acer Aspire E15-575 happens to be the best laptop for watch movies and internet surfing, and its 15.6inch Full HD display is its proof. It offers an incredible visual output, and 400nit brightness ensures that every video comes with good vividness. It rocks on a ColorBlast Technology which boasts of providing 94% NTSC ultimately giving out superior color clarity.

It utilizes a LED-backlit LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio which treats your eye with a proper movie experience. To notch up the visual and create a crystal clear quality, it also packs an Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU.

Aspire E15-575 is a treat for binge-watchers and movie lovers as it comes loaded with a true harmony which oozes high clarity audio. The 12-hour long battery life relives you the hassle of frequent charging thus allowing you to surf the internet or watch movies without any worry in the world.

Connecting external devices won’t be a problem with this projector as it boasts all modern ports which include USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Type-C. Another USP of this laptop is its clean and sleek design which provide handiness and comfort to the user.
Here comes the kicker:

  • Proper full high definition videos.
  • Attractive price tag.
  • Impressive battery performance.
  • Incredible color output
  • Availability of USB C port.
  • The hard disk is slightly slow.
  • The cooling level is not up to the mark.
  • Keyboard and touchpad are not very handy.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    At the end of the day, if you are hunting for a better alternative to a cheap projector, then Acer Aspire E 15 would serve as a useful logical choice. It has a lot of potential in it making it the paramount laptop for watching movies and internet surfing.

4.Asus UX360CA Zenbook Flip: Undeniably The Most Appropriate Laptop For Movie Session


• 13.3 inches QHD (high resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels) touch-screen 360-degree rotatable display.
• Intel Core i5 7Y54 processor.
• Intel HD 615 GPU.
• 256 GB SSD internal storage.
• Window 10 Home 64-bit operating system.

It gets better here:
The Zenbook series from Asus is well known among movie buff and it mostly due to its ability to offer jaw-dropping visual output. It is the most appropriate laptop for movies as it provides the perfect blend all required hardware and feature to engulf in long movie session. It is top of the line notebook featuring 13.3-inch marvelous QHD resolution (3200X1800 pixels ) along with high color accuracy.

What makes it more appealing to the movie watcher is its 360-degree rotatable display allowing you to keep laptop anyway you want while watching movies.

A potential always requires a GPU to produce a crystal clarity visual and keeping that in mind, Asus has induced Zenbook UX360CA with Intel HD 615 integrated GPU. The overall design boasts a sleek and lightweight characteristic thus you won’t find any hassle during an ongoing movie marathon. The inbuilt speaker with Asus Audio wizard produces a soothing sound output which ultimately adds to the mesmerizing cinema experience.

It is also backed up by a powerful lithium-ion battery which enables the laptop to run for a long time. You can quickly hook external devices to the computer as it comes with the various type of ports.

Well, Zenbook UX360CA is not only meant for watching movies, and you can seamlessly run various software and games without any ado. Why? Because it comes with Intel Core i5 7Y54 processor with 8GB LPDD3 1866Mhz RAM. It is loaded with Windows 10 64bit operating system, and it boots up the laptop in the nick of time.

It rocks on a 256GB SSD storage which serves as the main reason for fast boot-up speed. For wireless connectivity, it also packs an Intel Wireless AC and Bluetooth 4.1.
Let’s take a look at its good and bad part:

  • Lucid display.
  • Decent processing power.
  • Massive duty battery with long standby time.
  • Availability of Type C and Type A USB.
  • Convenient touchpad and keyboard.
  • Visual with good color brightness.
  • The keyboard is not illuminated.
  • The screen bezel is slightly broad.
  • The hinges are not very sturdy.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    Asus Zenbook UX360CA is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that can suffice your need to buy the most potent laptop for movies. It is a value for money product that offers all type of feature to engage you in splendid home entertainment.

3. Asus Q304UA: Incontestably The Most Excellent Laptop For Streaming Movies


• Intel Core i5 7200U processor.
• 13.3inch Full HD LED-backlit display with the 360-degree rotatable facility.
• 1 TB internal storage.
• Wireless AC.
• Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU.

Now, the detailed part:
Asus Q304UA is a uniquely built 2-in-1 laptop that performs like a top tier model but cost almost similar to budget models in the market. It is a top quality and efficiently designed multimedia laptop which will serve various purpose including streaming movies. With that being said, Asus has geared this model with Intel Core i5 7200U processor and 6GB DDR4 SDRAM making it the best laptop for streaming videos. You will also have Wireless Ac and Bluetooth 4.0 for assistance while you are streaming any movie on the internet. It is quite light in weight so you can even stream while carrying it in your hand.

Asus Q304US is a 2-in-1 laptop which can be placed on any table or can be converted into a tablet thus providing flexibility to the user. Not to forget, this model is not only dedicated to streaming but also for binge watching. It is equipped with 13.3inches Full HD LED backlit display which offers a convincing image output with balanced color and brightness.

To keep the visual production at the optimum level, it also packs Intel HD Graphics 520GPU with a magnificent screen which ensures that you get razor sharp clarity every time you watch a movie and having the surreal experience. The touch-screen facility and 360-degree hinge make it easier for movie buffs like you to watch a film at you own comfort.
A highlighting feature of Asus Q304UA is its extended lasting 3-cell battery that holds prowess to last more than 10 hours. Asus has also thrown a decent stereo speaker with this laptop making it a better alternative than any cheap projector in the market.

It comes loaded with lot port facility which comprises USB 3.0, HDMI, 3.5mm, USB 2.0, etc. To watch or stream movies, you need to have a right amount of space, and with this laptop, you will get 1TB storage thus enabling you to stuff colossal amount.
It gets better here:

  • The decent visual performance with crisp clarity.
  • Responsive touch-screen.
  • Good processing power.
  • Slim and easy to carry.
  • Availability of USB 3.0 and USB C type.
  • The hinges are creaky.
  • It doesn’t include wireless display adapter.
  • The sound quality could have been better.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    If the streaming movie is your main priority apart from watching them, then look no further and head towards Asus Q304UA. It is undoubtedly the most excellent laptop for streaming films, and it doesn’t provide you any room to regret your decision.

2. Toshiba CB35-B3340 – The Ideal Laptop For Streaming Live Video


• Intel Celeron N2840 processor.
• 13.3 inch Full HD IPS panel display.
• 16GB SSD internal storage.
• Intel HD GPU.
• 9-hour battery backup.

The key section:
Toshiba is a well-known marquee giant in the market that has always cared for the need of their customer and CB35-B3340 is the result of such dedication. It is an economically priced laptop that would dazzle you with mindboggling performance. It is powered by Intel Celeron N2840 processor and 4GB DD3L SDRAM which allows it to stream live videos without any ado seamlessly. It is a Chromebook laptop, so it is configured in a such a way that all the processes are done in a blink of an eye.
Toshiba CB35 is designed in a such a way that it can stream video at a much faster rate and its dual antenna 802.11 AC Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth 4.0 is its proof. Many streamers love it thus it is often associated with the term the ideal laptop for streaming live videos. You also get various extra facilities with this mode which includes HD webcam, dual array microphone, SD card reader, USB, etc.

This device is suitable for both streaming videos and watching movie thus Toshiba has included a sturdy battery with a backup of nine hours.
Toshiba CB35 is a highly curated laptop which can be ideal for you movie session and that too in a slim packaging. It oozes out a theater like visual quality with and all the credit goes to its 13.3inches Full HD IPS display. The IPS display and Intel HD graphics processor makes sure that your eye is treated with every detailing in the movie irrespective of the environment.

Although it comes with low storage space which is 16GB SSD you will have the option to connect external hard disk when you wish to store a large number of movies. Lastly, you are also offered Skullcandy speaker which engulfs your ear with rich and natural audio.
Now, the exciting part:

  • Excellent full HD resolution.
  • Decent audio output.
  • Provides 100GB of cloud storage.
  • Sleek and trendy.
  • Availability two months free Google Music subscription.
  • Good battery life.
  • A little bit of color issue.
  • The lid is not very sturdy.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    Toshiba CB35-B3340 will be perfect for you if you are looking for the finest laptop for streaming live video as it holds cards to meet your need. It is a decently priced product that doesn’t robs you in any section instead offer you a worthy overall performance.

1. HP Envy 17 – The Finest Model For You To Watch Movies On Laptop


• 17.3 inch Full HD Edge to Edge glass display with IPS panel and touch-screen.
• Nvidia GeForce 940MX with 2GB DD3 GPU.
• Intel Core i7 7500U processor.
• 1 TB internal storage.

Now, the kicker:
HP Envy is an output of modern engineering that has overwhelmed everyone with its fluidic performance and top of the line specification catalog. It is the finest model for people who love to watch movies on the laptop, and its 17.3inch Full HD display serves as the primary reason.

Moreover, it is padded with IPS display so you won’t have any issue with viewing angle and your eye will receive true to life color output in every visual. It is enabled with an edge to edge glass and multi-touch clear screen display which adds to the convenience of the laptop in usability.

To make the movie session more enthralling, HP Envy 17 also comes loaded with Nvidia GeForce 940MX with 2GB DD3 video memory which provides an edge to visual output of the movies. While you watch a movie, the laptop swallow you up in a theater like, and all the credit goes to powerful HP speakers that provide crystal clear sound clarity.
The excellent battery life makes things more easy for you as it can live up to seven hours with a single charge. Connecting external devices won’t be an issue as it packs all the latest ports which includes USB C Type.

You will be flabbergasted to hear that HP Envy 17 is powered by Intel Core i7 7500U processor and 12GB DDR4 SDRAM allowing the laptop to offer top-notch performance. It comes loaded with Windows 10, so you can expect all the processes to done swiftly. Storing movies won’t be any ado because it provides you 1TB internal storage with 7200RPM speed.

Lastly, there is no doubt it boasts a sturdy build quality which far better than any average laptops in the market.

  • Impressive display with the top quality color output.
  • Decent amount of brightness.
  • Top notch audio quality.
  • Boots up within few seconds.
  • Heavy duty battery.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • It is heavy.
  • The design could have been better.

See What the Customers are Saying

    Special Note:
    If you are planning to buy the most exquisite model to watch movies on the laptop, then there is no other better option than HP Envy 17. It is the most elegant model to watch movies on the laptop and like every good thing it also comes with a slightly high price mark.

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