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Best Projectors of 2018 Reviews: Dive Deep and Get the Right One

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Best Projectors of 2018 Reviews: Dive Deep and Get the Right One
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Choosing the best projector for your need (and under your budget) has always been confusing, right?
It takes a lot of careful considerations especially that there are lots of new and advanced models advertised on the market nowadays. If you have used LCD projectors in the year 1995 to 2000 and was amazed by the features of those older models of projectors, definitely, the LCDs and DLPs with Decor projector today will give yourself a big WOW as they bring you the high-end types and models. The advanced features of these models are results of manufacturers’ continuous research in the use of projectors for different areas: education, business, and entertainment. And believe it or not, projectors are being used as home decors, too!

Consider this:

In looking for a projector, always take a look at your purpose of buying so. If you plan to buy projectors to alerted in the classroom, then go for something that offers up to 1080p resolution, 2000 – 3000 lumens and other secondary features. Now, if you are planning to set up a home theater, then consider those projectors that would always make for movie viewing amazing. You can get a 1080p resolution, with built-in speakers, etc.

Oops! You can also take a look at those portable/mini projectors that you can easily stash in your bag wherever you may want to make presentations or watch movies.

And yes! There’s a lot more!

Now, take a look at the following and get to know more about projectors!

All You Need To Know About the Different Types of Projectors

Give Presentation or Watch Movie Most Anywhere with Portable Projectors

Get this:

Projectors nowadays have come down in size which makes them portable and convenient to use. These models allow users to project data or watch movies wherever he may go. Surprisingly, with their smaller sizes than the projectors, they have a wide range of brightness.

Sound’s cool? Yes! And these Portable projectors come in different sizes. There those pocket-sized or pico, with sizes larger than your smartphones. Even with smaller size, these projectors can accommodate videos and photos, slides and charts for business and classroom use. These types are very convenient. The only flaw of these projectors is its brightness which is low.

Now, take a look at this: There are also palmtop projectors which are larger in size and even brighter than that of pico projectors. Though they do not literally fit on the size of your palm because they’re a bit larger than most palms, these projectors are still portable due to its lightweight feature. You can just easily stash these types in your bag and carry them conveniently. Palmtop types have brighter illumination than pico projectors.

Did you know? These portable projectors can run files from a USB thumb drive as well as SD Card? Definitely, yes! They are not just designed for laptops. These projectors are usually used with smartphones and tablets which are also more portable than laptops.

The Art of Gaming: Using The Ideal Gaming Projector in Playing Video Games

Imagine playing your favorite video game a wider screen. That would be much fun, clearer, and exciting. While others today are using wide-screened televisions, there are still who enjoy a much bigger screen size using a projector. Yes! You’re right! You can use your projector for gaming.

While VGA, SVGA, and XGA projectors allow you to project your powerpoint presentation when you’re in the classroom or office, there are now HD projectors specially designed for gaming as well as home theater. Indeed, good news! It can project up to 1080 resolution, make for graphics and true colors.

And you know what, gaming projectors come from different manufacturers, and they vary in prices, too. What’s good? There are affordable ones that offer you good gaming experience in the home and wherever you like to play. In fact, these gaming projectors are often used in online game tournaments, where everybody gets to enjoy watching an exciting game.

Optoma GT1080 Gaming Projector

If you’re a serious gamer, you’d love the advancement made by manufacturers of projectors. The Optoma GT1080 HD steady images for gaming which delivers a super bright 2800 lumens to the screen. You’ll love its stunning colors accuracy with a contrast ratio of 25,000:1, thus providing you with the maximum details of images and improved visibility. With such feature, surely you can acquire and assess your game situation and formulate the strategy quickly. Undoubtedly, you’ll defeat your opponent and experience an exciting game. What’s greater? You can allow others to watch your exhilarating game through a wider screen with clear resolution.

What’s more? The Optoma GT1080 is equipped with the level of all digital connectivity. It has two HDMI ports, MHL connectivity, VESA 3D sync port, and razor sharp 0.5:1 short throw lens. The lens delivers larger than life images even in small spaces. Additionally, its powerful 10 Watt audio adds more thrill to your game. With a 6500 hour-long lamp life, you’ll definitely enjoy your game.

Appreciating Short Throw Projectors in Tight Areas

Let’s get to know this specialize projector. Why specialized? Because of its ability to create big pictures in tight spaces, without giving you annoying shadows that may obstruct the image or light shining on the presenter’s face.

So, why do you think it is called Short Throw? Because these projectors have very short throw ratios. Throw ratios refer to the distance from projector to screen compared to the screen size. Take a look at this: Regular projectors usually have 1.5:1 throw ratio should be placed at 7.5 feet back to project a 60-inch wide image. For short throw projectors have a 0.6:1 throw ratio, it can project the same 60-inch wide image even when placed in less than three feet away from the screen.

If you talk about Ultra Short Throw Projectors, it has the same specification as the latter but is capable of projecting the same width of an image from just 1.85 feet away from the screen.

These projectors are commonly used in small conference rooms, discussion rooms, small home theaters, etc where an area of the room is small.

Now listen, if you want to experience a good Short Throw Projector, take a look at Epson Powerlite 520 XGA Short Throw and get amazed at its reliable performance. It guarantees to deliver bright colors 3x than its competitors. It features 2700 lumens of both colored and white brightness. The Epson Powerlite 520 is an Ultra Short type of projector designed to be optimized for small spaces. It can project images up to 108 inches – 4 feet away from the screen with minimal shadows.

So, having the idea of what a Short Throw Projector is, I assume you already have an idea about Ultra Short Throw Projectors. Having the ULTRA description means you gotta project the same image quality with your device much nearer to the screen.

Take a look at this Optoma Technology Ultra Short Throw Projector which is a for gaming, movies, and sports. This features an amazingly bright and colorful image with its 3500 lumens. It has a contrast ratio of 18,000:1 which can be observed on its solid deep black projection.

Here’s what: It’s Ultra Short Throw lens is capable of projecting a 100-inch image from a flat surface such as walls, or even to wall-mounted screens from only 13 inches away. Guaranteed, you’ll experience a big screening of your games and movies with vivid colors even when you are in somewhat a tight area.

LED Projector: How Does It Work

Unlike another type of projectors which are often defined by their display technology, LED projectors are often looked into by its lightning. It actually is becoming more and more popular.

Fact: LED technology nowadays is being used in a wide range of products. If you are enjoying home theater projectors, business, and education projector and even the trending mini projectors, you might get interested to know that they are using LED technology too.

Look at this: The LEDs in a LED projector have a longer life than traditional projector lamps at 10,000 to 20,000 hours compared to the latter with only 1000 to 5000 hours. This could mean that the LED light source of your device would last longer, and prevents you from replacing lamp during the entire life of your projector. This could be advantageous to those who are into multimedia setting-up activities. Take note: Replacing a projector lamp could be very expensive.

Additionally, you don’t need to warm-up or cool down your device before and after using it because LEDs are energy-efficient than traditional light sources. Maintenance wise, LED projectors are economical.

Now, let’s get to know one of the high-end projectors with a LED. Take a look at this Pyle Widescreen LED Projector. This projector which is intended to make your every movie marathon amazing has a 50,000- hour lamp life. It is one of the best entertainment projectors often used in home theaters and even gaming. Of course, this is not just for entertainment, but it could also be used as a business and education projector. It has a maximum brightness of 200 lumens, enough to give you clear images. You may adjust its viewing screen size from 50 inches to 140 inches so you can enjoy more of your viewing.

It’s a Full High Definition Projector with 1080p, with a native resolution of 800 x 480 to 1080p. This feature makes it the perfect home theater projector. What’s greater is its built-in speaker that gives you a clear audio. It comes with a remote control for more convenience in using it.

Home Theater Projectors

Good news for all movie lovers out there, who are dreaming of setting up a home theater. You can actually do it with the latest home theater projectors which are making a noise in the projector world today. There are projectors which are highly advanced and offer full HD with up to 1080p resolution, making them ideal for your home theater.

Get this: Projectors designed for home use come in two flavors: Home Theater and Home Entertainment. Both projectors are bright, showing you the clearest images of your video/movie. And because they are highly advanced, they usually come at a steeper price. Well, there are those with cheaper price, the ones which are at the introductory price, but you have to take the risk of their performance are not yet proven. And if you’ll ask the price range? They’re under $2000 compared to those popular models having a price range of $2000 to $4000.

And by the way! These projectors are not only great for movies. They are also chosen for gaming because of the clear resolution the projectors could provide.

BenQ HT3050

BenQ, one of the makers of top-rated projectors have been advancing its product to satisfy your needs in the home by developing the BenQ HT3050, your choice Home Theater Projectors.
Now, let’s dive deep!

Take a look at this: The BenQ HT3050 includes small vertical lens shift that makes it possible for you to move the image up and down without tilting the projector. there is a predefined 709 mode that works on the matching of colors to the ITU standards, similar to that standard for HD television. What’s more amazing? It has the built-in sound system compared to other competitors.

Looking at its lens, it has a similar feature on that of BenQ HT2050—having a 1.3 zoom, while the predefined mode feature is similar to that of BenQ HT4050. If you are going to look at them closely, the BenQ HT3050 is somewhat a combination of HT2050 and HT 4050, which are both great projectors.

Another interesting thing to know about BenQ HT3050 is its design. Well, the size is somewhat bigger compared to most home-entertainment projectors having a dimension of 4.8 by 15 by 19 inches. This size makes the projector less portable.

Further, when you talk about the set-up, this projector has almost the same operating procedure like other projectors, hence, if you have already used one, definitely it won’t be difficult for you to manage the BenQ HT3050.

USB Projectors: Becoming Popular in terms of Flexibility of Connectivity

Check on this:

Another good feature of a projector about projectors is that some come to be very handy. When you are about to present your business proposal or a report maybe during a meeting, then you can just take your presentations on the go using laptops and small projectors.

Now, hooking your laptop to your projector could be simpler. While many projectors connect to your computer through a “VGA” cable, there are few models of projectors that can connect to your computer using a USB cable.

Projectors with USB ports do not just allow the user to conveniently use laptops without the connecting through VGA, but it also allows us to connect smartphones and digital camera using USB ports. As of today, there are tablets with laptop features such as Microsoft Surface Pro. These advanced tablets could also be connected to projectors via USB port. These make USB projector become so popular among consumers due to the projector’s flexibility in terms of connectivity.

Technology in the Classroom: How Smart Board Projectors
Enhance Student Learning Experience

Most classrooms all over the world installed Smart Boards that enhances the way teachers teach. And because teachers’ skills in teaching are enhanced, students’ learning experience is enriched too by projecting them visual elements as part of their lesson.

Now, get this: Student’s learning experience will be enhanced through Smart Board. Why? Because this technology provides a chance to students to view diagrams, charts videos and more on a larger screen. Their learning would come to life, and that would be more fun to learn.

Well, the right projector is an essential factor so that your Smart Board could present awesome visual elements for your class. The first thing to consider when choosing a projector for Smart Boards is the capacity to provide high-quality images. These projectors should have the right physical aspect ratio and display resolution to work with Smart Boards.

Physical aspect ratio refers to the picture size that a projector can project. With this, you can choose between projectors with a physical aspect ratio of 16:9 and 16:10. These specifications are offered by Acer C120 DLP projector and ASUS B1M projector.

Consider also the display resolution. This refers to how many pixels are there in the image that is being shown. The resolution, the projector, and the Smart Board should be matched for optimum image quality. For example, the WUXGA Smart Board has 1920 by 1200 resolution which is offered and matched with Sony VPL-FH35. The QHD Smart Board has a resolution of 640 x 360 which is matched to VVME VO1 (B) Projector.

Other things to consider is the brightness, which recommends 5000 lumens.

DVD Projectors: Captivating Audiences with easy multimedia functions

Believe it or not, there are projectors today that provide more convenient ways to users. Aside from the common interesting features of most projectors such as commendable brightness, great built-in speakers, good flexibility in terms of connectivity, etc., there are projectors which also has a built-in DVD player to make your presentations more fantastic. There’s no need for you to fit your projector, DVD player and speakers in your audiovisual cart because you already can take them all in one.

Think of this: most people are fond of throwing a movie night down where invited friends can enjoy watching a movie, get snacks, and get a relaxing night. While movies can be enjoyed indoors, it could be a bit trickier when movies are being watched outdoor. You can actually do that conveniently with your DVD projector where you can just bring the projector with a built-in DVD and speaker, and boom! Your kids will experience the magic of projector light, the glow of the screen against the dark sky, as well as the fresh air.

When looking for a DVD projector, you should consider these things:

Lumen. At the minimum, you should have at least a DVD projector with 2000 lumens. If you have more enough budget, you can climb up 3000 lumens. The brightness of these lumens can already make your every movie fantastic to watch.
Resolution. If you can get a 1080p resolution, that would be great for your movies.
Aspect ratio. Ideally, your DVD projector should have an output at a ratio of 16:9, which is a widescreen format and is favored by a majority of movie releases.
Other considerations include diverse inputs, lens shifting, and size which fall into secondary considerations.

Mini projectors: The Projectors for your Pocket

While traditional HDTVs and high-end projectors can be used for home theater and business applications, they are less to be portable for users who are always on the go, the Mini projectors also known as Pico projectors are built around value and portability. Well, the quality of the picture often cannot be compared to high definition projectors, it can still project data such as client’s presentation in an office or play a movie in small rooms.

See this! Mini projectors are built like your cell phones. And if you wanna show content like movies, games, or videos outside of your room, these mini projectors are portable and can easily be moved from one place to another. Smartphones can also be connected to your mini projectors using accessories. In fact, some of these mini projectors have a Bluetooth device where you can easily connect your phones.

If you are in the business world, mini projectors are also of great help for your presentations. Because they have small sizes, these Pico projectors can easily be stashed in your bag. Moreover, many of them have good quality batteries, thus making them perfect for your presentations wherever they may be.

Make your place spectacular as ever with Décor projector

Did you know? Projectors are not just for lectures, presentations, and movie purposes. There are specialized projectors now which are purposely designed to decorate your place. Most décor kit projectors include a high-definition projector and tripod for projecting pre-loaded scenes onto any flat surfaces. Usually, a remote control is included too in your kit so you can change the scene.

Now, if you want to be more advanced, you work on some transparency to your display as most of the kits often have window film. You can use it in your window where the projector provides opacity for your projections, giving effects to your home when viewed from the outside.

These décor projectors are the easiest and most convenient way to create spectacular designs to your home. Surely, your kids gonna love them. It would also make your place more relaxing and comfortable which is great when you come home from a tiring day.

Have a Good Night Sleep with Night Light Projector

Send your babies to a good night sleep with the comforting glowing light brought by Bight Light Projectors. These type of décor projectors provides a soothing ambiance as they offer illumination for you to check on your kids without flicking the big light and waking them up.

Good for your kids, but greater for parents. Why? As night light projectors are marketed for kids, parents benefit more in installing these specialized projectors to their kid’s rooms. First, it helps the parents fall back to sleep easily at midnight when they walk into their kid’s room and check on them. How is that so? When one opens a bright light, the brain tends to become alerted and active, which gives you difficulty in falling back to sleep. And as night light projectors offer dim illumination, one can actually check on the kids in the middle of the night without opening the big light and go back to sleep easily.

And guess what? Night Light projectors are cheaper to run compared to ceiling lights. They use lesser electricity than ceiling lights, you can then save a money on your electric bill.

Hey! Just to give you a few tips for choosing a good night light projector. Always remember that night light projectors are purposely designed to gently illuminate the room and to not light up the room brightly. So, choose something that is not too bright as it can break sleepiness and make your kids awake at night.

Falling Asleep with Laser Star Projector

Sometimes, staring at the four walls of your room as well as the ceiling could make feel boring. What about making your room exciting, and stare into a never-ending view? As if starting the universe? Well, that could be possible with Laser Star Projectors.

Starlight projectors are the type of décor projectors that display the appearance of stars and the galaxy on walls through the use of lights, making your room look like an exciting view of the galaxy. They come in different shapes and sizes, as well as features and capabilities. Some of these projectors are designed to just be plugged in one place, while others are designed to be portable.

Surely, children could fall asleep with the dim light illumination, making them more relaxed and tranquil during the night. But hey! These could also be great for adults as you make your wish-upon-a-star moment before drifting off to sleep.

Bring color to your private place with these Laser Star Projectors!

Galaxy Projector: Bringing Milky Way Into Your Own Room

Known as a Star Projector, this electrical device projects the appearance of a galaxy on your ceilings and walls with the help of light. If you are trying to enhance the beauty of your room, make it more relaxing especially at night, then galaxy projector could be a wise choice. You cannot appreciate its beauty during the day, or with bright lights. But after a long and tiring day, galaxy projector assures you that you’ll have the most relaxing feeling when you turn your room into a space where stars are almost within your reach.

There are various types of galaxy projectors in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs as well as its capabilities and techniques of turning your room into a milky way-like area. You may find portable types of this kind of projectors, and take it wherever you want to use it. There are also those types which can be easily mounted on the wall. And as you go to sleep every night, somehow your long and tiring day would be turned into something calm, placid, and relaxing with the help of galaxy projector.

Experience an outer space ride at home with Planetarium Projectors

These planetarium projectors are the stuff you can use in turning your boring walls of a bedroom into an amazing view of outer space, where planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies are surrounding you. Just like other décor kit projectors, Planetarium projectors are easy to use and usually comes as steady projectors or portable ones.

Using light, this stuff projects the different planets in the ceiling or flat surfaces of your wall. Such type comes in different design and unique features. In fact, you can turn your room into a Star Wars themed one where you get to enjoy the darkness of the outer space and star-filled universe. And what’s good about this type of projector? You can freely choose from different designs. There are also those that come with a built-in speaker where you can play additional effects and sounds to make it more like an outer space like home.

Christmas Projector vs Traditional Christmas Light: Which is better?

When the festive season of Christmas is approaching, colorful lights around the house and other places are starting to get a life. But did you know? There are more and more people who are changing the traditional Christmas lights into Christmas Projectors, and undoubtedly, they’re more amazing.

Here’s why:

Some people have issues with cabling the traditional Christmas lights where lots of wires are needed to be installed. these wires tangle easily that usually are the reasons for trouble. But with Christmas Projectors, no wires and cables are needed for it to project lights. You can just plug in the device, turn it on, and there you go! you get to enjoy a light-filled space during the special occasion. And what’s more? There are lots of available designs to choose from.

And what about the way these decors are being installed? Well, usually a traditional Christmas light are being placed above you such as hanging them on ceilings, trees, walls, etc. This is why Christmas Projectors become a way better than the latter. By just simply plugging in the item, it automatically projects different lights on the walls and anywhere you want them to be projected. This way, you can save energy and time of installing wired lights everywhere in your place.

So, if you are looking for more practical, beautiful, and hassle-free decors, go for Christmas Projectors and let the Spirit of Christmas come in your home.

All you need know about Business Projectors

Now, if you happen to see projectors as very useful in the classroom for lectures, home theaters, gaming, or even for decors, such gadgets are also great for business.

Now, have you seen projectors in the conference rooms where there are business presentations, interactive advertising, sales, market analysis, etc? They are Business Projectors and are typically high-end ones. They include the latest categories namely LCD, DLP, and LCOS projectors and are often lightweight and portable with the brightness that ranges from 5000 to 10000 lumens.

While some of these projectors are portable which is helpful in your presentations anywhere, there are also small/mini projectors which are being installed in small offices for meeting purposes. This saves the company from distributing hard copies of the agenda, minutes, and other concerns of the meeting. By just projecting charts, tables, and other data through projectors, everyone in the meeting can be well-informed.

Business projectors used in seminars, conferences, special occasions and other large crowd gatherings typically possess good features. If you are looking for projectors specifically for these purposes, you gotta get the advanced ones which often come at a steeper price.

Let’s take a look at this:

One of the most discussed Business Projectors that exhibits great performance when it comes to the projection of images such as charts, figural presentations, and tables is the Epson PowerLite 83+ that is affordable and helps you bring your presentation everywhere. It provides you with bright and sharp multimedia presentations with its 2200 lumens resolution.

This projector makes everything easy: from transportation because it is lightweight and portable to its built-in 10W speaker that provides you clear sound. Thus, you don’t have to bring with you speakers if you make presentations. And what’s truly amazing? It lasts up to 4000 hours with its Energy-efficient E-TORL lamp technology. It comes with a remote control for more convenience of using the device.

Hey! Noticed the manufacturer? This is an Epson product. The brand is known for producing computer accessories such as projectors. The Powerlite 83+ is undoubtedly another one of the breakthroughs of Epson.

What to expect from 4000 Lumens Projector?

Let’s begin with the price. Well, these types of projectors often come at a very expensive price which often ranges from $1000 to $2000 dollars. The price is justifiable, knowing that it provides you with 4000 lumens of brightness, something that most of cheaper projectors cannot offer. Typically, you can see these projectors being used in medium to large conference rooms/halls, training rooms, higher education training rooms and churches with a large crowd. Because it has an amazing brightness, it still provides viewers with clear images even if ambient light can’t be controlled. This projector can also be used for outdoor gatherings.

Now, let’s check on this one of the applauded 4000-lumen projectors in the market today, the Optoma EH500 that boasts its crystal-clear images in a fully-high definition. It has 4700 lumens that absolutely give you the amazing brightness, combined with 10,000:1 contrast ratio. This brings you a vibrant and sharp -colored presentations, clear texts as well as graphics. If you are planning to use this projector for large screen applications, then you have chosen the right one.

Playing videos and movies is truly possible with its 1080p resolution. The Optoma EH500 is designed with a lot of options for connectivity including two HDMI, two VGA, VGA out, Display Port, S-video, composite video, 12 v trigger, RS 232C, and RJ45. These options offer a variety of application that maximizes uses of the projector.

Top-Notch Mini Projectors under $100: Check Customer Reviews And Whether Any Discount Available Deals on Amazon

If you and your friends are fond of having a sleepover with a movie marathon as the number one activity? Why not get a projector that’s extraordinary for a very small crowd? Surely, laptops and tablets won’t make movie marathon exciting for 4 to 6 people. Well, HDTV’s would do. But if you love to watch movies anywhere like in the bedroom, or terrace, or kitchen may be where foodies are right there, then having mini or portable projectors would be great.

Hey! Projectors for your movie marathon doesn’t have to be very expensive. In fact, there are models that you can get under $100 dollars. Yes! Not that expensive.
Have you ever heard of AAXA Technologies LED Pico Pocket Projector? This is one example of the mini projectors we have been talking about! It boasts an HD 960 x 540 native resolution and a triple RGB LED light source where Vibrant Color Technology was used to generate vibrant color reproduction. It can actually render a crisp 60″ diagonal image but it has to be in a dark environment. It has 2.0 USB port and micro SD card that can support multiple file formats. There’s a built-in mini speaker as well, but it would deliver an exciting sound if you connect it with external speakers. It is powered by a lithium battery that could last up to 8 hours, great enough for 2 to 3 movies.

Another amazing mini projector under $100 is the Taotaole Multi-media 150 Lumens Portable LED Projection Micro Projector which is again ideal for watching movies and playing video games. This affordable projector is capable of producing an image size of 30 to 100 inches, enough to make your simple room into a mini home theater.
Actually, there are lots of mini projectors under $100 you can choose from. Just remember, these mini projectors are usually not recommended for PPT presentations. They are purposely designed for movies and video games.

Best Projectors under $200: What these projectors could offer at a cheaper price?

Imagine having a budget of $200 dollars for a projector. Is it possible? Yes, of course. If you can get good projectors under $100, there are definitely better projectors under $200. And hey! Their performances are satisfactory even if they are categorized as cheap projectors.

But remember this: buying projectors based on your need is one of the important considerations. Hence, before deciding to buy these cheap projectors, make sure that you have made needs assessment. Why do you intend to buy a projector? Where would you use it? By asking these questions to yourself, you will be guided on what projectors you need to buy.

Now, if you are planning to get something for the home such as for watching movies, games, etc., it doesn’t have to cost much because there are good projectors for home theaters that you can get under $200.

Check them out:

When you’ll look for cheap projectors, you may always find the Hausbell LED Lumens 1500 ANSI

This projector provides you a native resolution between 800 x 600 and 1920 x 1080. Such a resolution would be good for movie viewing as well as gaming. But remember, this projector doesn’t perform well in bright areas, thus, it will require you to close the light for you to enjoy its performance. Unlike those mini projectors, these projectors under $200 can be used for PPT and other presentations.

The second name on the list included in this category is the Cibest GP90 Projector that supports 1080p HD video. It is recommended for its commendable brightness and resolution, knowing that it comes from a cheap projector category. It has a native resolution of 1200 x 800 and has the ability to project 32 to 380 inches image size.
Watching a clear video would be extraordinary. Aside from its clear images, the built-in speaker of Cibest GP90 Projector is of high quality.

Now, take a look at this another projector categorized as unrivaled projector under $200 range, the Meyoung Portable Projector that is portable and definitely a user-friendly device. It matches to almost all devices that are HDMI enabled such as a tablet, laptop, DVD, or smartphones. And if you like video games, this affordable projector could be a wise choice. It has a luminous efficiency of 1200 with a native resolution of 800 x 480.

Top-quality Projectors under $300: Owning Pleasing Projectors at Lower Price

Projectors are very useful nowadays: may it be in education, business, and even entertainment. And it becomes so ordinary because anyone can purchase such a device especially now that most manufacturers are launching decent models at an affordable price. Yes! in fact, you can get projectors under $100 and $200 dollars. And believe me! They’re great if you’ll just know how to choose the ideal ones.

This time, let’s go for something higher.

Projectors that fall into this category are actually can offer you a lot of decent uses. They can be a great companion for your presentations and with their specs, surely, they’ll never let you down. And hey! You should expect higher illumination efficiency this time. Better brightness, contrast ratio and other a bit of advanced features can be in these projectors.

So, why don’t we take a look at some of the products under this category? Let’s start it off with Optoma S341 3500 Lumens SVGA 3D DLP Projector which is packed with many features. It offers a 3500 illumination and definitely brighter even when the room is not that dim. Images of your presentations would be vivid in this device. What’s more? it has a superior lamp life and HDMI, making it more useful for varied applications.

What about the ViewSonic PJD5153 3300 Lumens SVGA Projector? Well, this is another great projector under $300 that provides sharp and true to life colors because of its Advance Color Technology feature. At a lower price, this could be a practical projector for home, business, entertainment, and educational uses. With its 3,300 illuminations, the projector allows you to perform well in both dark and bright areas. And just like other models, it comes with a built-in speaker.

Now, let’s examine another product under this category which is the Taotaole HD Home Theater Projector. Actually, this is purposely designed for home theater uses, but it can also perform well when you make some presentations during a business meeting and small group discussions. It supports 720p to 1080p file, making it an ideal for video clips and movies. Images projected by Taotaole HD Home Theater Projector are of good quality with superior color performance. With such features and performance, you won’t regret spending on a wise budget for a projector.

Again, it doesn’t have to be that expensive when you choose a projector. Yes, be wise and practical!

Great Projecting Performance among the unsurpassed Projectors under $500

Let’s admit the fact that projectors nowadays are becoming more and more advanced. But of course, the price for these projectors are somewhat steeper, too. Just imagine this: some of these projectors are already producing 2D images which are more attractive and clearer together with their commendable features.

Surely, you are interested in getting to know some of the projectors that fall into this category. These projectors may not be considered as cheap projectors, but actually, they fall on the average price as there are also devices that cost more than $500 and sometimes reach $1000. But believe it or not, getting projectors under $500 is actually owning modest projectors.

Now, let’s explore some of the models and brands that belong in this category. Let’s begin by getting to know the ViewSonic PJD5555W 3300 Lumens WXGA HDMI Projector. This projector is not just perfect for both your home theater and office use.

What’s greater is that it doesn’t limit your usage in the home and office because the device is portable, which means you can use our projector even when you are on the go with your presentations. It’s 3,300 lumens of illumination gives you a bright projection in both dark and bright environment. The contrast ratio of 20,000:1 contrast ratio provides you with vivid colors. Designed with advanced color technology and outstanding sharpness, this projector gives you true to life images in clear and sharp colors.

The Viewsonic PJD5555W is designed with DynamicEco and tends to reduce power by 30%. Such Eco-mode feature nearly helps you save with almost zero maintenance while providing the amazing performance to all your presentations.

If you like to try another brand that still falls in under $500categories, then maybe you’ll like BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (TH670) – 3D Home Theater Projector. It boasts its 3D HD resolution which contains 1 billion colors and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. It features SmartEco Technology that helps you conserve energy by activating auto standby mode when not in use. This saves energy and also prolongs lamp life.

Now, when we talk about where this projector is commonly used, well, mostly as a Home Theater Projector. Why? Because it allows you to watch full HD 1080 movies, tv shows as well as video games on screen up to 200″ in any part of your house. But you can also see this projector being utilized in business such as medium-sized conference rooms/hall. And finally, because it is manufactured by BenQ, undoubtedly, it performs well in whatever types of uses.

The above-mentioned projectors are just a few of the many high-grade projectors under $500. Now, if you have enough budget, then why settle for mediocre devices. Projectors under $500 usually worth the price.

Exploring the world of Top Projector Manufacturers

Let’s talk about the brands behind your favorite projectors!

If you get to follow the evolution of projectors, you may have familiarized some of the manufacturers that continuously producing projectors with extraordinary features which are far way advanced compared to the models in launched in the last 5 to 7 years. Yes! Because these companies are not merely into business, but more so of providing convenience to your day to day activities through the use of technology.

Now, let’s try to know each of them starting off with Epson Projectors. Epson is one of the leading manufacturers of computer accessories as well as in projectors. And as a market leader, Epson continues to set standards for image quality, performance, and innovation with the aim of delivering quality products. In fact, Epson products have received a lot of recognition and awards from the industry.

Next, let’s get to know another world-leading designer and manufacturer of projection and audio products, Optoma. Aside from designing HD projectors which are commonly used for installing home theaters and gaming, Optoma has made a noise in the Projector industry when the company was able to design the world’s first 1080p ultra short throw projector. Optoma is also a fine maker of audio products and no wonder why their built-in speakers/audio of Optoma projectors are undoubtedly amazing.

Would you believe that BenQ actually means Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to Life? Yes, it is. And such name really brought enjoyment and quality to people’s lives by producing quality in which one of these is the Projector. In 2013, BenQ once again brought enjoyment to people’s lives by launching the first low blue-light and flicker-free LCD monitor all over the world. And guess what? It became the leading brand for the eye-care monitor.

Here’s another famous name: Viewsonic! Projectors manufactured by Viewsonic deliver breakthrough technology known for vivid and true to life images as well as the exclusive SonicExpert feature that fills your room with great sound quality. What’s more commendable with these projectors? They come at a lower price compared to their competitors with almost the same specs they are featuring.

We are certain! You have heard about InFocus Projectors, right? Yes! Because such name has also made itself famous by producing quality projectors, and believe it or not, very much affordable ones. For over 30 years, InFocus has been one of the leading innovators of projectors for a wide range of applications: business, education, home, and entertainment. From portable projectors to affordable classroom and office projectors, InFocus remains to be powerful.

Alright! Let’s add a bit more by introducing you another top brand when it comes to projectors, the Dell. Surely, you have heard about it in the laptop industry, but maybe just a bit of projector. Well, this good name produces projectors. The company’s research and development efforts have already spanned the globe, driven by innovative product designers and engineers.

Lastly, let’s get to know NEC projectors, in which you may think the name did not exist, but hey! They produce great projectors too just like the other top brands. In fact, they are applauded and was known for producing projectors with high illumination. If you search for their products, you can see NEC projectors having lumens from 1000 to 12,000.

Maximize your uses of Projector through Projector Accessories

Take note: If you a set budget for a projector, you should also include a budget for its accessories. Definitely, your projector wouldn’t work well without these accessories. Moreover, you can maximize your uses of the projector if you also own different accessories which are often sold separately.

Here are basic accessories for your projector. Check them out!

Projector Ceiling Mount

Get this: your projector is very much sensitive especially the lamp that plays a big role in your projection activity. Most projectors have troubles in the lamp and other sensitive parts inside when being the projector are being transported most of the time. That’s why in rooms where projectors are usually used, the projector is often mounted on the ceiling. This prevents the projector from being shaken or moved from one place to another. Moreover, when mounted, it would be easier for the device to project to the wall of screen steady images and presentations.

Ceiling Mount will also help you deal with wires running everywhere on the floor. When tangled, these wires will easily get damaged. This will add up to your maintenance expenses. And of course, when mounted, the projector and it stand may not take some of the space in your room which could be used for other activity.

Dream Vision Projector Lamps

Let’s start it this way: Most common lamp life specs a the market are 3000 to 4000 hours at full power and 4000 to 6000 hours in low or eco ones. These the are commonly featured in home theater as well as business projectors.

Now, beware of those which are claiming their projectors has a lamp life of 10,000 hours. Yea, I see some out there from 6000 to 7000, but you have to educate yourself about these.

FYI. High-pressure mercury lamps are used in the majority of projectors, while some other high-end projectors use Xenon in. But no matter how long the life of your lamp may take, there will really come a time for its end. And of course, you need it to be replaced for you to continuously use your projector.

By the way, projector lamps are very sensitive and they are the ones that get damaged by parts of projectors. So, you must handle your projector with the necessary care.

If you’re looking for a replacement of projector lamp, here’s one popular manufacturer: the Dream Vision Projector Lamps. Actually, the lamps and bulbs come in different models and are available as a bare lamp or a lamp in module.

What’s a great deal? Dream Vision Projector lamps and bulbs are all original. Guaranteed, they are made from affordable and genuine materials.

Screen Innovations Projector Screen

Surely, buying your projector wouldn’t be completed without purchasing its ideal partner, the Projector Screen. It could add cost to your budget, but hey! It’s a lot better than white cloth or plain wall.
Remember this: Projection screens are not just made from the ordinary material. It has optical coatings reflective properties, thus maximizing the clear capability projection of your projector which white walls and cloth do not.

One of the famous manufacturers of projection screens is the Screen Innovations. This manufacturer delivers revolutionary projection screens and provides images in both bright and dark environment. And you know what? Aside from producing regular projection screens, the Screen Innovation was applauded by creating the well-known “Black Diamond Screen. It is the world’s first and only screen technology that is capable of rejecting ambient light from multiple directions. This enhances images and all things your device is projecting.

Projector Screens from Screen Innovations come in both portable and fixed screens. And if you want to achieve a great projection of your presentations, consider Screen Innovations.

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