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Best 10 Projectors Under 200: What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Cheap Projector

Your choice of projector determines a lot- your level of fun, durability, the cost incurred and the like. While the choice depends on a multitude of factors, it is a difficult one owing to the fact that you don’t buy a projector every day and it is going to be an important gadget in your house.

Before getting on to a decision, it is important to keep the factors in mind and also analyze the products in mind based on trends. Out of the numerous categories available, the major is portability.

The mobility of projectors depends on the dimensions. Mobile projectors include ones that are either small enough to fit in the pocket or easy to move about. The stationary projectors, on the other hand, are not easy to move around.

But how do you decide if you need a portable projector or not? Ask yourself about the true purpose of the projector. If all you need to do is cast presentations or videos in a fixed room, a portable projector is futile for you. However, if you need to switch between home and office, a portable projector is a worthwhile investment.

Below are some of the best projectors under $200 based on our extensive research and user reviews:

1. Hausbell Projector, Mini Projector Portable Video LED Projector HD for Outdoor Indoor Movie/Home Cinema Theater/Game (Black)

The promise:

The Hausbell projector comes with a promise of a smart life and is an extensively used product with over 1 million users. The company promises industry-leading technology and a service that keep the customer as paramount. The products are certified and comply with laws and regulations in the United States.

If you can manage a pitch-dark environment, this a perfect projector that offers an amazing viewing experience. Perfect for home cinema needs and those cozy weekends it offers a native resolution of 800*600 and can be upscaled to 1920*1080. You can now see your matches and movies projected to 16:9 screen ratio and up to 220 inches with a crystal-clear image for a distance ranging between 0.5-5 m. With the static and dynamic contrast of 600:1 and 10000:1 respectively it offers an unprecedented viewing experience.

It is portable enough to be transported easily even in your backpack. The low weight will not bother you as you carry it around. It comes with HDMI/USB/AV/SD/VGA interface and hence can be easily connected to play station, other gaming consoles, computer, laptop or cell phones.

It supports all possible video, audio and text formats and offers an immersive viewing experience.
It is extremely user-friendly. It comes with an Led light that renders the output just soft and not blinding bright. It also offers the capability to focus the lens and a tiltable keystone to adjust the images. There are multiple options available to enable you to adjust the color, contrast, and brightness. It makes it possible to read an ebook too, such is its versatility.
The audio capability is pretty good with its built-in speaker as well as the headphone jack.

  • Pretty decent image quality
  • Can be used on a tripod
  • The setup is as easy as plug and play
  • The built-in speaker is decent
  • Can be paired with practically all media devices
  • The remote control is very convenient
  • The adjustable focus of the lens makes it easy to customize based on need and space
  • The image is not crisp when the room is less than pitch dark. Needs to be extremely dark
  • The fan is loud
  • The screen tilt and focus are only till 10 ft

See What the Customers are Saying

Final words:

It is quite an amazing product at the reasonable price tag. We tested it in our lab and found that most of the promises are fulfilled by the product. Most of the user reviews also support the product. However, you just need to maintain complete darkness to get the best output.

How to get the most out of your Hausbell projector:

• Invest in special cables, so you can easily project from your phones and tablets
• Use an external speaker if using the VGA cord to connect as it cannot transmit audio signal
• Ventilate it well to avoid overheating and ensure a better life
• The high fan noise during functioning mainly indicates that the projector is overheated. You must give it a break after using for 3-4 hours to allow for better performance.
• The remote functions only if pointed to the back end of the projector. However, if you plan to install it with back towards the wall you must place a mirror on the wall that can reflect the IR of the remote to the receiver at the back.
• Use the HDMI input option if using HDMI cable to play videos.

2. ELEPHAS LED Movie Projector, with 2018 Updated LCD Technology Support 1080P 150” Portable Mini Projector Ideal for Home Theater Cinema Video Entertainment Games Party, White

The promise:

This state of the art product from Elephas comes with a promise of fabulous picture quality with adjustable picture size ranging from 50-130 inch. Perfect for a projection distance between 4.95 to 13.12 feet it offers an immersive home viewing experience that is coveted at this price.

The native resolution of 800*480 pixels is expandable up to 1080 pixels and supports 1000:1 contrast. It works on TFT LCD imaging technology.

It is correctly named as the home theatre projector with its ability to connect to a multitude of devices including the Fire TV stick, Roku streaming stick, Computer and other devices. There is HDMI port to connect to gaming consoles and TV boxes. The VGA port is perfect for connecting to PC. It also comes with a USB slot to plug in U-disk or hard disk devices. You can also opt for adapters to connect to tablets or other mobile devices such as the iPad.

It is perfectly compact and portable and so easy to set up that you can conveniently replace your smart TV. The guests would always want to stay in and cuddle up watching movies and cheering for games. And its cars for your eyes by being gentle on them with its Built-in LED that is free of mercury. You can connect it to all possible devices with the multimedia slots for AV / VGA / USB / SD / HDMI / Audio and it also comes with a free HDMI cable

With low power consumption, energy saving and long life it is one of the most environment-friendly projectors in the bracket. It employs the latest technology called the smart eco lamp care and contributes to energy savings up to 70% with its LED bulb. The lamp life is also pretty long (≥30000 Hours).

The purchase package is very tempting with a 3 years warranty, 3 months return, the best customer service and lifetime tech support.

  • Crystal clear image quality
  • The fan is not unbearably loud
  • Doesn’t get very hot
  • Very easy to setup
  • Compact, lightweight and very portable
  • Speaker quality is good
  • Remote control does not work well
  • Needs to be pitch dark for a good output
  • The stand is not very sturdy

See What the Customers are Saying

Final Words:

It is an amazing product that does what it promises and is ideal for your moving projector needs. You, however, need to make some arrangements such as a sturdy place to mount etc. With 4.3/5 stars based on 510 user ratings, it is indeed a product preferred by the users.

How to get the best out of your Elephas LED movie projector?

• Invest in a lightning to HDMI adapter cable or an HDMI WiFi display adapter to connect to a mobile device such as iPhone or iPad.
• Use an MHL cable to project from an android device
• Take a break after every 3-4 hours of projection to extend the lamp life
• Keep the surrounding absolutely dark for a better visual experience
• Use the screw hole at the bottom to mount

3. Projector, ohderii 2018 Newest Upgraded LED Video Projector +30% Lumens for 180” Home Theater Support HD 1080P HDMI VGA AV USB for Laptop iPhone/iPad Sma For Watching 2018 FIFA World Cup (Black)

The promise:

This amazing projector from Ohderii is brighter than the regular projectors with LED. With nearly 30% more brightness, it is perfect for indoors as well as outdoors. Your cosy time with friends and family is guaranteed as you watch movies and matches with its amazingly vivid colors and crystal-perfect images that are a lovely quality in the dark. While it is not recommended for data presentations, your entertainment shows will be a huge hit with this projector.

With multi-device support, you can easily project music, images, and video files. You can also project your video games from the gaming console and play in HD quality on a huge screen on 28-180 inches.

The portability of this projector adds extra convenience that is perfect for you to take it anywhere or move around. It is barely 3.9 inches thick and only half the size of an A4 sheet. HDMI connectivity is a breeze with this projector for all major HDMI enables devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Blu-ray players, media players etc.

This projector adds the safety with its 4.9 feet AC cable that is much longer than other projectors. It also includes a foldable holder at the bottom of the body that makes it an ideal scenario for cooling the machine and mounting as you like.

The powerful voice with SRS sound of the built-in stereo speakers makes the viewing experience all the more immersive with its 4Ω,5W capacity.
With a native physical resolution of 800*480 and a projection size of 28-180 inches, it offers very clear images from a throw distance of nearly 3.93-18 ft. The throw ratio of 1.38:1 and the aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9 are a great combination with the LED display technology. It supports a contrast ratio of 2200:1.

It supports multiple video Encoding, video, audio, image and text formats.
The best attribute is its low-pitched fan sound that is nearly as low as a laptop at 30 db.

You do not have to worry about upgrades or repairs with the long life of the light source module that is up to 20000 hours.
It also comes with a vertical keystone correction of 15 degrees to adjust the image based on your requirement. The 1.07 billion colors support to ensure an awesome image quality that is perfect for this price.
The OSD menu is available in 23 languages so it is ideal for a wider audience.

  • Awesome picture quality when it is dark
  • The inbuilt speaker is of decent quality
  • Very user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Customer care is very good
  • Very compact and easily portable
  • The fan is not too loud
  • Images are a little fuzzy, resolution should be improved
  • Needs a pitch-dark room for crisp images

See What the Customers are Saying

Final Words:

With awesome user reviews and ratings, it is a very good and portable product at the price barring a little less than extremely crisp images. Invest in one for an awesome movie and sports experiences with your loved ones.

How to get the best out of your Ohderii projector:

• If you plan to project using VGA cord, invest in an external speaker as it is unable to transmit audio signals.
• Operate using the remote control included in the package for added convenience.
• While it is well-suited for those quick events and presentations, you cannot rely on it for professional level PowerPoint Presentations.
• Install an external speaker for added sound.
• Connect the adapter before turning it on for added security.
• Satisfactory image quality can be achieved by adjusting the keystone ring of the projector and focusing it.
• Adjust the focus ring for better image quality if you are troubled with a blurred image.
• You need to move forward and backward in a proportional fashion if you are not able to strike the satisfactory adjustment for the required clarity.

4.DR.J (2018 Upgraded) +10% Lumens 4Inch Mini Projector with 170″ Display – 40,000 Hour LED Full HD Video Projector 1080P, Compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD for Home Theater

The promise:

Here is a breakthrough projector from the house of Dr J. With constant upgrades and advancements, the 2018 version is an improved product with a 105 rise in the lumens of the Led projector. It now has 2000 lumens in all and is 70% more bright than the others in this range and its own predecessors.
We conducted a thorough research and found that users are no longer satisfied with the usual 1500-1800 lumens and this product is impressive as it has surpassed the criteria with 2000 lumens.

It is a worthwhile buy with one of the highest native resolutions of 840*480 and support for up to 1920*1080. The lamp will last you for nearly 40000 hours and is hence a great life product. You can watch in the 32- 176 inches size bracket from a distance of 1.5-5m. The aspect ratio and Contrast ratio are 4:3/16:9 and 2000:1 respectively.

It offers a very sharp and clear resolution with a focus on every detail using its five layered LCD lens. The healthy diffuse refection technology is also at play where the projector doesn’t use a direct light source. This helps to reduce the fatigue even if you have been glued on for long.

It ensures a real theatre like experience with its superior built-in speaker that retains the detail in every sound.
Another path-breaking technology that Dr. J includes is the dual fan that cools as well as is quiet. You can now enjoy peaceful and joyous time with family without worrying about overheating of the projector and irritating fan noise.

It is a versatile multimedia projector that is compatible with Set-top boxes, fire stick from Amazon, Mac and Chrome devices, tablets, DVD players, media players, card readers, mobile devices, smartphones etc. It also supports as many audio, video and encoding formats as possible.
If home entertainment is what you seek, it is your best partner for movies and video games. You, however, need to invest in a more sophisticated product with more lumens for more detailed data presentations.

With amazing customer service, it comes with a 3-year warranty and a money back promise if you are not satisfied with the product.

The long life by the virtue of the advanced German light source is commendable with about 10 years of use up to 10 hours a day.

  • Picture quality is very good
  • State of the art features at a minimal price
  • Can be mounted on a tripod
  • More Lumens is a very good thing to have
  • Comes with an HDMI cord
  • Works with all the devices possible
  • Picture quality is not HD
  • No side adjustment for projecting
  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand

See What the Customers are Saying

Final Words:

If you are not expecting HD quality, (that would anyway be present only in the high-end ones) This is an awesome choice, perfect for all your home-viewing needs.

How to get the best out of your Dr J projector:

• Give the projector a break after 4-5 hours of use
• Keep the room pitch dark for better image quality
• Invest in a tripod to mount it anywhere you want.

5. Video Projector Portable, CiBest GP90 LCD Projector HD 1080p 3500 Luminous Efficiency LED Multimedia Home Cinema Theater Entertainment Movie Party Game Projector HDMI VGA for Laptop iPad Smartphone

The promise:

This breeze for the pocket product comes with a promise of high resolution and high brightness. It supports full 1080 P HD video with its 5.8-inch LCD TFT panel. It boasts a superior native resolution of 1280*800 and an aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3.

With up to 3500 luminous efficiency that is considerably higher than other products in the bracket, it assures a superior image clarity and perfection. The life of the Led lamp will relieve you of all the worries to upgrade it anytime soon. The 30000+ hours mean that it will last for over 20 years when used 4 hours a day. And you will not need to replace the lamp.

You can immerse yourself in true big screen experience with a ginormous image size of 35-180 inches when casting from distance nearly 1.2m-5.5m. It also facilitates TV video playback. You can achieve 1080P video input with the built-in HD decoder chip. It supports 1.07 billion colors for superior image quality. The image is adjustable with ±15° (vertical) Keystone Correction.
The audio performance will impress you with the built-in amplifier chip, stereo speakers with SRS sound and hence an immersive movie and game experience.

It supports multiple inputs such as dual HDMI, VGA, Dual USB, AV etc. You can connect to numerous devices such as computer, laptop, mobile, iPhone, tablets, blue-ray player etc. You can also connect to your gaming console to enjoy games.

It can also be mounted permanently, so achieve output on a fixed screen or wall.

In the package, you get an LCD projector, a power cable, a remote control for easy operation, a VGA cable, AV cable, HDMI cable and a user manual. It also comes with a 1-year guarantee for exchange or return.

  • Picture quality is good
  • It is quite portable
  • Lens and focus can be tilted according to screen requirements
  • The projected display is adequately big and retains the quality too
  • Can be viewed even if there is some light in the room
  • Brightness sometimes fades from centre to the edges
  • Push buttons in remote do not have a debouncing function

See What the Customers are Saying

Final Words:

It is a good projector with a superb brightness that you can get in an illuminated room as well. It is certainly a great choice at the price.

How to get the best out of your Cibest projector:

• Invest in an HDMI adapter to connect to iPhone or smartphone
• Keep the room as dark as possible for the better image
• Adjust the image size by changing the distance
• Sit 1 m away to be uninterrupted by fan noise

6.AbdTech LCD Portable Projector Home Movie Theater Projector With 2600 Lumens Support HD 1080P Video-Max 200″ Screen With USB/AV/HDMI/VGA Interface-Ideal for Video Game, Outdoor Movie Night

The Promise:

AbdTech brings to you an LCD HD projector that offers high fidelity images. With a function that allows to focus on the images and enhance them by adjusting the focus, it offers an impressive viewing experience.

It comes with a luminous intensity of 2600 and HD resolution of 854*540 and a contrast ratio of 3000:1 that enables HD picture from a distance of 4-10 feet. The crystal-clear picture quality is ideal for movies as well.

An impressively humungous display of 32-200 inches with 4-20 feet projection distance. With a weight of only 5 pounds, it is quite easy to carry around. Outdoor movies, camping expeditions and backyard games all will be super fun with this projector. It can also be mounted on the ceiling with holes at the bottom.

With constant improvements, in the new version is a practically sound free version that employs an innovative cooling system that disperses the heat and hence the fan noise is down to half.

Its multi-function input capability comes very handy and makes it possible to connect any devices and read all video/ audio and file formats. It includes AV/VGA/2 USB/ 2 HDMI interface, so you need not buy a separate adapter. You can also use one of the USB slots to charge your cell phone.

Just like the others, it is not suitable for detailed PowerPoint presentations but only games movies and video games.
The superior audio system offers a great movie viewing system and ±15°Manual Vertical Keystone Correction enables the perfect angle to stay on the sofa and adjust the image to your need.

It also helps you do your bit for the environment by saving nearly 70% energy and ensuring 20000 hours of life.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Good built-in audio
  • Amazing image quality
  • Build quality is very good
  • The life is pretty long
  • IR sensor is on the front, that make sit quite convenient to use the remote
  • The fan is not too loud
  • When connecting an external speaker, it plays sound from both the sources
  • Keystone adjustment is difficult

See What the Customers are Saying

Final Words:

If you are looking for a humongous viewing experience with superior image clarity and decent choice, this is one of the best choices for you. With the IR sensor in the front, it offers a whole lot of convenience as well.

How to get the best out of your ABDtech projector:

• Give a break to viewing after 3-4 hours of use
• Use the keystone correction to achieve the perfect angle
• Invest in longer cables so you can connect to all possible devices

7. iDGLAX DG-747 LED HDMI Movie Video Projector, 800 x 600 Pixels for Home Theater and Game

The Promise:

It is a perfect 720P projector that boasts a native resolution of 800*600 and an aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3. It is also compatible with 1080i/p.

It offers an impressive image size of 50-150 inches when measured diagonally and can support throw distance of 5.8-18 feet.

The 2 built-in speakers ensure decent sound for an engaging movie or sports experience.

The various input jacks available make it compatible enough to be connected to any input device. The specialty it boasts is superior gaming experience after connecting to multiple consoles.

With an average lamp life of nearly 14 years, it is a long-lived product that will impress you for years to come.

  • Picture quality is good
  • Doesn’t need the space to be extremely dark, works with some minimal light too
  • Built-in audio is of decent quality
  • Menu navigation is fairly easy
  • It supports zoom function
  • Keystone correction is mechanical, not digital
  • The manual doesn’t have proper instructions

See What the Customers are Saying

Final words:

It is a no-frills projector that does its job pretty well. While it may not have all over the top features, it works great for the price. Most of the users who have chosen this are satisfied with their purchase.

How to get the best out of your IGDLAX projector:


The quality of your projector is going to reflect a lot of your ideas for fun, but you do not need to break your bank for the best projector. Invest in something that suits your need. The above analysis is quite comprehensive and you can choose the right product based on your need.

Factors to consider before choosing the right projector for you

Why should you buy it?

You are of course here because you decided to buy a projector. And you made that decision because you want to project images for expansive display. But the Why of buying depends on your exact need and extent of use.

While consumerism dictates that only expensive objects are cool and inexpensive ones are either substandard or plain crap, it may not always be true. Yes, it does hold good in numerous circumstances but isn’t an absolute truth that should dictate your buying decisions. When you are looking for a projector under 200$ it is important to leave the misconception aside and analyze with an open mind.
Before zeroing on the final product, you have to do a lot of brainstorming, research, and planning in order to ensure that your purchase is long-lived and worth the expense.

• Where will you mount the projector and where will you cast the images. This purely depends on your space and approach. For instance, you can conventionally install a screen or choose to project on a well-painted wall.

• The screen size of projectors falls between 75 to 100 inches when measured diagonally. If you need to scale the performance as compared to televisions, projectors fare much better. They upscale the images with quite a lot of precision and detail.

• Projectors offer a pleasant viewing experience for the eyes because the large images entail lots of detail and are easier on the viewers as compared to small images that lose the detail as well as cause havoc on the eyes in the effort to see.

Your customized need analysis before buying

One can go endlessly analyzing the products in the market and compare them relatively to get the best projector on the market. A relative comparison, however, will mostly emerge the costlier product as the winner, but you may not need those winning attributes at all. Now that is a big waste of money when you can do with simply a projector under $200.

It is thus better to plan your purchase based on your requirements and not on platters available. This will offer a great cushion against manipulative advertisements that do better to the manufacturers than to you. Your personal preferences and resources must direct your buying decisions and not fancy promises.

When a layman prepares an outline of their vision of a prospective gadget, they may tend to indulge in the less important details such as aesthetic appeal, choice of colors etc. It is important to ignore what meets the eye and keep the requirement crisp and consider only what matters. Here are some points that you must consider.

• Your budget: How much money you can afford to shell out. Do not get carried away by the style statement and the impact it is going to have on your visitors.
• Purpose: It is important to figure out where you plan to use the projector-indoor or outdoor.
• Level of image clarity and resolution
• Media compatibility, for instance, Blu-ray or smartphone/mobile device support.

Factors to consider while buying budget projectors:

Once you have your short and simple list of requirements from your projector, it will be easy to judge the individual products based on the requirements.
We have been conducting a thorough research of projectors in that price bracket, and our trust to find best projectors under 200$ has helped us derive that micro projectors are better in that range. Some of the best performing projectors in the range are micro projectors. Apart from size, below are some factors that influence the choice:

Image Quality:

Well, to be honest, one must not expect 4k quality from projectors in this price band. If thousands of dollars are to save, it is important to keep the expectations under check.

However, it is not too much to expect decent, crisp and realistically colored images. If the images do not make their way to the decent list they should not even be launched to sell, leave aside being the best choice available.


If you are looking to move about a bit with your projector, it is apt to look for a compact projector. Micro projectors in the $200 range are also some of the best. You must remember, the smaller the more convenient to move about. You can look for models with batteries too, it is pretty handy while camping outdoors without an option for AC supply.

Ease and mode of Connectivity:

Apart from size and price, it is ideal to look for options that can easily connect to common global standards. This makes it easy to connect any device at hand such as a laptop, mobile device, tablet, blue-ray player etc.


If a projector takes forever to set up and you feel like building a hill out of mustard seeds while trying to connect it, it doesn’t really fulfill the idea of being a portable projector. The setup and operation should be straightforward and apt for a layman to operate. Only then, does the projector qualify to be user-friendly?

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Hi, this is Mark Hanson, a financial advisor, tech geek and the chief editor of https://www.justinrange.com/ from Tempe, Arizona. Our aim is to provide you with genuine information, guide and reviews about the best products you wish to buy and help to save your hard-earned money. We review honestly to ensure that you may select the right product that could fulfill your requirements.

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  1. Thanks for suggesting the best projectors, which can be purchased in below $200 USD. It is really very difficult to get both quality and affordability but your blog post has made it. Thank you, a lot!

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