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Best Short Throw Projector 2018 – The Updated List

Are you considering taking your movie-watching or gaming experience to the next level?
If so, you have most likely been looking into short throw projectors. The problem is, there are so many available that it can be difficult trying to pick out the best one for you.

There are so many things to think about before buying one of these projectors.
Am I going to use it for gaming or movies?
Maybe I want to use it for both?
I wonder what I can get with my set budget?

We’re about to put all of your questions to rest, right here. We have carried out extensive research into the top eight short throw projectors and compiled a detailed review on each of them.
Take a look below to learn everything you need to pick the best projector for you!

Best Gaming Projector: BenQ HT2150ST Home Theatre Projector

The BenQ HT2150ST Home Projector is one of the best projectors for gaming we’ve come across. The set-up is simple and the remote is easy to use. you can plug in and start playing in no time.



We couldn’t help but be impressed by the high resolution, full 1080p HD quality of the image that this BenQ projector provides you with. It uses 2200 ANSI lumens which creates incredibly bright images.
These lumens are powered by the 240W of light source wattage available. The life expectancy of the light source is anywhere between 3500-7000 hour.

Not to mention, the excellent 15000:1 contrast ratio on offer too.
With DLP tech, you can be sure this projector comes with no deterioration problems later down the line. This is because it’s been made to be resistant to diminishing in quality. Therefore, you can rely on it to produce high-quality images every time you turn it on.

The CinematicColor tech enhances the color resolution that you see to ensure the truest visuals possible. This feature adds to the intense sharpness of images that you see.
The resolution is VGA (640 x 480) with WUXGA reduced blanking (1920×1200)


You get 6x RGBRGB color wheels that produce amazing colorful images that have been specifically constructed for people who like gaming.
You can select the picture mode to Game or Game (bright) for the best experience.
The fact that this short throw projector is 100” large, it lets you become completely immersed in video games like never before.

Some people may think the enormous size results in a lower response rate, but it’s actually the opposite. The input lag associated with this projector is extremely low, meaning you can play games with incredible smoothness.
Furthermore, you may be surprised to find that, despite the big projections, you only need to place the actual projector a minimum of 4.9ft from the wall.


There is a total of two built-in speakers that incorporate BenQ Cinema Master Audio technology which makes it awesome for both gaming and watching films. Each of the speakers is 10W, which gives off plenty of sound power.
Technology straight from Hollywood has been implemented into the sound system to create bass-booming sounds to suck you into the movies and games.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell:

• 4.8 x 15 x 10.9” in size
• Weighs 7.9 lbs
• 2,200 ANSI lumens
• 15,000:1 contrast ratio
• 6 x RGBRGB colour wheel
• Two 10w speakers
• DLP display tech
• 240w light source
• 3,500-7,000 light source life-span
• 1.07 billion colours
• 0.69 – 0.83 throw ratio
• 1.3:1 zoom ratio
• 15 – 102 KHz horizontal frequency
• 23 – 120 Hz vertical scan rate
• Mini USB
• Audio in/out (3.5mm)
• 3D compatible
• Video compatible with SECAM, PAL, NTSC & SDTV
• 353W/110V power consumption
• Batteries included


• Incredibly crisp and bright images
• High response rate for improving the gaming experience
• Advanced speakers for immersive sound
• 16” high and 7.93 lbs is a great size and weight for home environments
• White colour looks modern and stylish


• Unfortunately, it’s not a 4k short throw projector
• No lens shift available
See What the Customers are Saying

Final Verdict

For those of you who love to game, this short throw projector is the best option you’ll find in this review. You get to play video games on a gigantic scale, with amazing sound quality, and a low lag rate. It can also be set-up within minutes!

You’ll be glad to hear it can be compatible to tons of different devices. This includes HD TV’s from as low as 480i, to 1080p HD. This also included 3D TV’s.
It can also connect to a wide variety of video types. Some of them include PAL, SDTV, NTSC, and SECAM.

Best Smart TV Projector: LG Electronics PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector

The LG PF100UW short throw projector combines Smart TV technology with an incredibly short throw distance. It’s very compact in size and is able to support various streaming services, such as Netflix, among many others.


Throw Projection Length

This LG short throw projector produces incredibly high-quality images. However, the part that we were most blown away by was the distance needed.
You can set this projector up to be as close as 5” away. Even though it’s so close, it still manages to create an image of 60”-100” in size.

Full HD

With the huge screen available, your cinematic experience with this LG projector is taken to new heights.
The 100-inches of moving images in front of you can be seen with complete clarity. This is because it creates 1080p, full HD images. The viewing experience is then taken another level up with the 1000 lumens of brightness and 150,000:1 in contrast ratio.

LED Illumination

This model used an LED light to provide you with the most natural and vivid colors possible. It has also been estimated that these lamps and light sources have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.
Essentially, that means who won’t need to worry about replacing the lamp for 10 years… and that’s if you were to have it running for eight hours each day of the week.

Wireless and Smart TV Settings

We liked how you can wirelessly connect various smartphones and tablets to this LG projector. This means you could stream things from YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and any other services that you can watch movies/TV with.
The Smart TV feature lets you browse TV and films with ease too. It can be used, hassle-free, with Magic Mobile, Magic Remote, and Magic Zoom.

Bluetooth Sound

The Bluetooth aspect of this projector adds another element of connectivity.
You can easily sync various Bluetooth items, such as headphones or audio speakers. This lets you add some large sounds to the large-scale viewing experience, with ease.
Wirelessly stream sound directly from the PF1000UW projector to a Bluetooth compatible sound system like home audio speakers, headphones or portable speakers to pair big sound with the big viewing experience.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• USB connectivity
• LED display tech
• 1,000 lumens image brightness
• 150,000:1 image ratio
• 5.2 x 12.2 x 4.5” in size
• Weighs 4.9 lbs
• 2 AAA batteries included
• Compatible with smart TV
• Wireless screen sharing with iOS, Android, and laptops


• 5” throw projection length makes it perfect for medium/small rooms
• Full 1080p HD, crisp and bright images
• Lamps have a very long duration (30,000 hours!)
• Bluetooth and wireless settings allow for easy connectivity to devices
• Built-in Smart TV to access services with ease


• Smart TV system can be slow to operate sometimes
• Lights on in the room can interfere with image quality
See What the Customers are Saying

Final verdict

The standout feature of this projector is the ultra-short throw distance. In addition to the wireless and Bluetooth features, it means you won’t have to deal with annoying wires to truly enjoy your viewing experience.

Optoma GT5500 Ultra Short Throw Projector

The Optoma GT5500 is one of the most affordable short throw projectors that has 3D viewing abilities. With a short throw and easy set-up procedure, you could be up to an running, watching movies in HD, fast.



This Optoma short throw laser projector is able to produce amazing 3D images. it can connect to 3D Blu-Ray players and consoles to give you a 3-dimensional viewing experience.
It’s able to create 3D images with no flicker. This is a result of the 144Hz rapid refresh rate built-in. it ensures the visuals remain crisp, despite being 3D.


You can view your movies and games on a huge 100” image. You get a better chance to be completed immersed in whatever you’re viewing which makes you feel like you’re in the cinema.
We and many customers were impressed by the short throw length of 13”. It is able to produce such vivid, 3D images while being fairly close, which is great for medium-sized rooms.

Colours & Contrast

The contrast ratio is 25,000:1 and is combined with an optical lens. The result? An incredibly detailed image.
You get to see every single one of the tiny details, such as deeper blacks and textures like never before – all while sitting at home.
The colors on display here are also amazing. You’re able to experience 3500 lumens which are all working to put very vibrant colors up on the screen. You could even choose to take this a step further by activating the Vivid Colour mode. This setting focuses even more on the colors to make them pop.


There are a variety of connectivity ports available which make it easy to connect various devices. These include VGA-in, HDMI, Audio-in, and more.


There are built-in speakers included with this projector. They produce a very high-quality sound and mean that you don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive speakers to go along with it.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• 3D-sync out port
• VGA in/VGA out
• Audio in/out (3.5mm)
• Mini USB
• 3500 lumens
• 25,000:1 contrast ratio
• Weighs 6 lbs
• 6,500 hours of lamp life
• 12.2 x 15.2 x 4.7” in size


• 3D compatibility
• 100” screen size for immersive viewing
• Optical lens and contrast ratio created detailed images
• Built-in speakers
• Easy connectivity to many devices


• Only one custom setting mode available
• Rainbow artifacts appear in black and white films
See What the Customers are Saying

Final verdict

This projector features 3D, 1080p HD viewing, with incredible brightness and contrast settings. The short throw and 100” large screen capabilities wrap it up in a nice bow.
However, one of the most appealing aspects is how affordable this model is, considering how many features it packs in.

ViewSonic Pled -W800 Ultra-Portable Projector

ViewSonic’s PLED-W800 is made to be easily portable – and that’s one of its major features that outshines the rest.


Colour & Visual Tech
There’s advanced color technology used within this projector. It creates incredibly sharp images that are fantastic to look at.
While it’s not a 1080p ultra-short throw projector, it still manages to produce very crisply, HD images.

Compact Design & Lamps

We liked how compact this projector is. You can easily set it up and uninstall it with no problems. This means you could take it around wherever you like and set up to begin watching in just minutes.
It uses LED lamps to produce the vividly bright images. these lamps have an impressive lifespan of 30,00 hours, which gives you plenty of screen time.

Connectivity & Speakers

There are two USB ports for charging or connecting various devices. You can play audio with different gadgets too by using the 3.5mm audio jack. You also get to utilize a composite RCA, VGA, and HDMI port too.
You are able to connect this short throw projector with Blu-Ray/DVD players, Windows/Mac computers and laptops, as well as Apple TV, Chromecast, and much more.
There is also one built-in speaker to create a big sound to accompany the big picture.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• 1280 x 800 (WXGA)
• 120,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
• Weighs 1.83 lbs
• 6.89 x 2.03 x 5.43” in size
• 800 lumens
• 30,000-hour LED lamp lifetime
• USB 2.0
• Audio in/out (3.5mm)
• 2 AA batteries included


• Very vivid and bright colors available
• Sharp, HD images
• Easy connectivity to tons of devices and streaming services
• Built-in speaker for sound
• Powerful LED lamps with a long lifespan


• No wi-fi
• Noisy when brightness is up
• Not 1080p full HD

See What the Customers are Saying

Final verdict

Considering the price of this one, compared to some of the others, we felt we should include it in our review. It comes with some fantastic technological features that improve the way you watch movies.

Optoma GT1080Darbee Projector

Anyone after a 3D projector with a very short throw distance and complete HD visuals will be interested in the Optoma GT1080Darbee. It also does well to keep images crisp, even in the presence of ambient light.



This is another Optoma projector that produces incredibly sharp images. It implements a contrast ratio of 28,000:1 and 3,000 lumens to create full 1080p HD visuals. The contrast ratio is responsible for ensuring you can see the blacks in amazing detail, whether you’re playing a video game or watching a movie.

A DarbeeVision Image Processor is built-in which works to take the detail you see on the screen to another level. It provides a lot more depth and separation between objects to make your viewing experience crystal clear.
The colors on display are enhanced by the RGB display. It creates very rich colors that are remarkably true to life.


We liked how great the response time with this projector is. It’s at 16ms, which is extremely fast and means you can game with a very high level of response rate. While playing on such a large screen with those kinds of response times, you can be sure to improve your game.

Short throw

You can set up the Optoma GT1080Darbee just 4” away. While being this close, it is still able to produce impressive images on a 100” screen.
Therefore, if you have a smaller room, but still want to experience movies and games on a large scale, this projector may be what you’re looking for.

3D Viewing

In addition to the 100” screen size and 4” throw, you also get to experience the visuals in 3D. The projector can easily connect to various sources of 3D, like Blu-Ray players and game consoles.
So, you can game and watch in ultra-HD and 3D on a 100-inch screen.

Lamp Life

You’re able to get around 8000 hours of use from the lamp’s built-in to this projector. Although, customers have been very pleased to find out these lamps are very energy efficient.
Therefore, you can experience high standard, bright images, without using up tons of energy.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• 8.8 x 12.4 x 4” in size
• Weighs 5.5 lbs
• 3,000 lumens
• 28,000:1 contrast ratio
• 2 HDMI inputs
• USB power
• Maximum lamp life hours of 8,000
• DLP display tech
• 16ms response time
• Connectivity to Apple TV, Google Chromecast & Amazon Firestick
• REC. 709 HDTV colour function


• Remarkably short throw distance and large screen size
• Full 1080p, detailed visuals
• 16ms response time for an improved gaming experience
• 3D viewing available
• Energy efficient lamps


• The remote control can be too bright to use in dark settings
• Built-in fan prone to making noise
See What the Customers are Saying

Final verdict

All in all, this projector is great for experiencing completely HD and 3-dimensional images in a small room due to the extremely short throw distance. The gaming features are like the icing on the cake.

BenQ W1080ST Home Theatre Projector

This BenQ short throw projector comes with some fantastic built-in features. All of which can enhance the way you watch movies from home and play games.


3D & Visuals

This BenQ short throw projector comes with the ability to watch movies in 3D. You simply put on the specific 3D glasses required and you can be transported into the film you’re watching.
The over visuals with this one are pretty great, even in regular 2D. it uses 2,000 ANSI lumens that provide you with a lot of brightness. However, despite the high brightness levels, you’re also still able to get detailed looks at the deeper blacks on the screen.

All the images you see are crystal clear. This is because they are full 1080p HD. You’re able to choose between different picture modes too. These include standard, dynamic, 3D, and cinema.
There are also additional ones where users can customize their viewing settings to their preferences.

Connectivity & Gaming

You get to use two HDMI ports for regular Blu-ray players or consoles. The DLP link system is the connections you should use for dealing with 3D images.
You can easily connect various consoles and start gaming on a huge scale. Gamers will be glad to hear that the lag times are pretty minimal. This means you can play with more accuracy, on a larger screen.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• HDTV compatibility (480i-1080p)
• 9.6 x 12.2 x 4.1” in size
• Weighs 6.3 lbs
• 2,00 lumens
• 10,000:1 contrast ratio
• DLP display tech
• 3D compatible
• 220V
• Rear projection mode


• 3D viewing experience
• Low lag rate for better gaming
• Easy connectivity
• Full 1080p HD images


• Some notice minor rainbow effects
• Others struggle to focus the lens
See What the Customers are Saying

Final Verdict

BenQ has managed to pack in a lot of great features with this one. It really can improve the way you watch movies at home, and we were surprised to see the more affordable price it’s available at too.

Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Short Throw Projector

The Epson LS100 projector incorporates laser lights into its design. This proves to have amazing efficiency benefits.
You also get a gigantic screen size and good short throw distances.


Laser Tech

This Epson short throw projector comes equipped with an incredible 4000 lumens. Each one of them contains a lot of power which works to create some fantastic brightening effects.
These lumens work to light up the screen and produce very vivid bright colors.
We appreciated how the lumen lamps are actually powered by laser technology. A laser diode has an amazing lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, which is far more than the regular bulbs found in other projectors.
The laser lights turn on instantly and do not deteriorate the overall image quality- even after a decade of use!

Viewing Experience

You’re able to set this projector up pretty close to the wall and be left with very high-quality images.
Everything you see using this projector is full 1080p HD. Therefore, you can view movies and TV in ultra-detail.
You also get to experience some incredible deep blacks and shadows while watching on this projector. This is a result of the impressive 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio. We found this to be one of the highest contrast ratios we’ve seen, and it pays off during your viewing.

Furthermore, Epson has incorporated an advanced 3-chip design. This is some excellent technology that ensures you never see any rainbow, color wheels, or white segment effects.

Short Throw

If you have a smaller room, you could place the LS100 as close as 5 cm away from the wall. While this can still create a great viewing experience, placing it back further is more beneficial.
For example, if you were to set the projector up at 50 cm away, you’d be able to experience movies and TV on a gigantic 130” screen.


We liked how you get to choose between a good range of connectivity options. The Epson LS100 comes with a total of three HDMI ports to plug in consoles and Blu-Ray players.
It’s super easy to plug whatever you want to use to view movies/TV/play games as everything you need is in one place.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• 17.2 x 19.4 x 6.8” in size
• Weighs 24.3 lbs
• 4,000 lumens
• 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio
• 3LCD technology
• 37.5mW power output
• LCD display tech


• Huge screen sizes possible with short throw lengths
• Laser tech for brighter images and more efficiency
• Full 1080p HD images
• Easy connectivity to many devices


• Heavier than some expected
• System operation can be tricky
See What the Customers are Saying

Final verdict

Setting up the LS100 Epson projector is simple. The bigger the room you have, the larger the screen can be. The laser lights take away the concern of replacements on lamps and you’ll be able to view in full HD on a broad range of devices.

ViewSonic PJD5553LWS Projector

The ViewSonic PJD5553LWS is considered to be more of a cheap short throw projector. However, don’t let that lower price fool you.
This projector comes with 3D capabilities, remarkably detailed visuals, and a smart design to enhance the way you watch movies.


3D Visuals

This projector can easily be connected to 3D Blu-ray players via one of its HDMI ports. However, it can also connect with 3D Blu-ray players too. So, you can watch movies in a lot more depth by wearing the specified glasses.

Colors & Image Quality

ViewSonic has incorporated SuperColor Technology which works to provide 6-segmentations of color.
As a result, you get to see sharp, and true colors in vivid details. You are also able to see all the details in darker and brighter settings, without the quality of the image diminishing.
There are also five viewing modes to choose from. These let you customize your viewing depending on how bright or dark your environment is.

Smart Design

The Smart Design feature lets you easily deal with any wires. There’s a section at the back where you can manage those annoying cables.
Not to mention, a lamp door on the top to easily access the lamps if needed.

SonicExpert Tech

the SonicExpert Tech uses a very large speaker which is built into a chamber. It works to create incredibly loud sounds, in order to match the very large size of the screen.
It can provide an impressive sound range of 20Khz-20KHz. As a result, the sound while watching films makes it even more immersive.

Further Details & Specs in a Nutshell

• 9 x 12.4 x 4.1” in size
• Weighs 5.5 lbs
• 3,200 lumens
• 10,000 hours of lamp life
• Connectivity to PC’s MAC’s, laptops, mobile phones, and media players
• 1280 x 800 native WXGA resolution
• 2W speaker
• AC in
• Mini USB
• RS232
• 2 AA batteries included


• Can watch movies in 3D
• Incredibly sharp, full HD, bright images
• Smart Design for managing cables
• SonicExpert technology adds incredible sound features


• Height adjustment legs are a little weak
• The system takes time to learn
See What the Customers are Saying

Final Verdict

Those who want to watch movies in 3D, with very detailed lights and darks will love this one. The built-in speaker adds to the cinematic experience and the smart design just makes it easier to use.

Short Throw Projector Advantages and Disadvantages

You now have some valuable insights into some of the top short throw projectors. However, you may still be a little confused as to what the exact advantages are.
I know you will also want to leave feeling completely informed. Therefore, you should also know about some of their disadvantages.

Learn everything you need to in the section below.


One of the biggest benefits of a short throw projector is that you can use it in smaller rooms.
This is because you’re able to place it very close to the screen. As a result, you don’t need tons of space to allow the images to fully project onto the screen.
The technology used in these short throw projectors allows you to still view 1080p HD images on screens as large as 100” plus.

Short throw projectors tend to be a lot more compact in size too. Therefore, they’re easier to install and uninstall within minutes. So, if you wanted to take it round to a friend’s house to play a video game on a 100+” screen, you have the option to do so with minimal hassle. You can simply set it up on a flat desk or small table, just feet away from the screen, and start playing/watching.

These projectors also reduce the interference of shadows. So, if you’re in a group watching or if someone gets up, you can be assured the image quality won’t be impacted.


Quite a common complaint among customers concerns the zoom features.
Short throw projectors do not come with adjustable lens settings. Therefore, you do not have the option to zoom in or out to configure your exact preferences.

Many of these projectors also need to have a specific amount of space in regard to the bottom and top of the screen. AKA, the fixed offset.

If your screen/wall doesn’t match with these fixed distances, the image projected is likely to be off-centered. It could start showing the images partly on the ceiling and floor too if the screen size is too small.

Short Throw Vs. Standard Throw Projectors

What are the differences between short throw and standard throw projectors?
Which one is better for my viewing experience?
To discover the differences between these two types of projectors and which one’s best for you, take a quick read below.
The Definition of “Throw” Explained
“Throw” is the word used to describe how much distance is required between the projector, and where it’s projecting the image onto.
You may have noticed that many of the product models in this review contain the letters “ST”. This is included in the model names as it stands for “short throw”.

What determines the throw distance?
The kind of lens used in the projector is what decides the throw length. We’re about to take a look at the main differences between long and short throw projectors in the following section.

Short Throw and Long Throw Differences

Projectors with a short throw are equipped with lenses that allow them to project huge images, without needing as much space. (As close as 4ft with some models seen in our review!). The smaller throw means you don’t need such a big room to watch movies and play games on a 100” screen.

Long throw projectors, on the other hand, need to have a minimum of 6ft of space. Without this minimum gap between the lens and the screen, it won’t be able to hit the 100”. The most notable benefit to long throw projectors is that they are generally cheaper than short throw ones.

Furthermore, they may be more suitable for people who are looking to use it in large spaces. You may need a projector that you can install further away from the screen due to the layout of the room. But, if you wanted the option to bring it in closer, you would lose out on the enormous screen size available.
Therefore, it’s not so great for people with smaller rooms.

Should You Use Short or Long Throw?
Well, that largely comes down to the amount of space you have available and your budget.
Those who have a bigger budget and smaller room should definitely go with short throw projectors. They’re more convenient to set up and can be transported easily too.

If you have a larger room, you may be more inclined to go with long throw ones. You have the room to place it far enough to experience sharp visuals on a 100” screen.
It could also save you some extra cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short throw projector and how does it work?
Short throw projectors are devices that project images for films/TV/games on a scale of 100” +. However, they manage to do so while being extremely close to the screen.
The lenses used in short throw projectors are what enable it to produce such enormous images in crystal clear HD.

What does it mean by “short throw” and “ultra-short throw” projector?
Projectors with a short throw are able to be approximately 4ft away from the screen.
Ultra-short projectors can create huge images while being even closer. Some of them can be just 2ft away and still produce images on a 100” screen.

What is a throw ratio?
The throw ratio simply refers to the width of the image being produced in relation to the distance of the projector from the screen.

How do short throw projectors work?
Manufacturers incorporate certain chipsets into the projectors. Since the lenses are generally bigger, these chipsets work to get rid of any warping effects on the image, despite wide-angle lens.

How to calculate short throw projector?
So, If a projector has a throw ratio of 2.0, and 2” of image width available, the projector should be at least 2ft back.
Therefore, a projector with a throw ratio of 2.0 and a 7ft image width means the throw distance should be 14ft.
The easy formula is:
Throw ratio x image width = distance from the screen
So, in our example above that formula would look like:
2.0 x 7 = 14

When to use a short throw projector? Or, Why do you need a short throw projector?
Short throw projectors are mostly recommended for people with smaller spaces.
Simply because of their incredibly short throws. You can place it as close as 2ft to the screen and still be able to watch movies and play games on a 100” screen.
These projectors are also smaller and easier to transport. So, if you wanted to take it over to someone’s house, you could set it up within minutes. You also don’t have to worry about wires as many of them are built with wireless connectivity features.
You can use them for watching movies and playing video games to be completely sucked into the entertainment.

How many lumens do I need a short throw projector?
The lumens inside short throw projectors are what create the vivid brightness.
They could vary from 1,000-4,000 lumens depending on the projector.

why use a short throw projector
It’s awesome for watching movies and playing games on a large scale in smaller rooms.

How to install short throw projector?
The easy installation process is another one of the big draws for short throw projectors.
You can pretty much place is anywhere that’s flat and it will work great.

Are ultra-short throw 4k projector’s the future of television?
There is a real possibility that ultra-short 4k projectors could replace our current TV’s. It essentially creates panel-free viewing.
There aren’t as many wires to deal with and the connectivity features are vast.
These projectors can create images of 100” while being mere feet away from the wall. The high-quality images and sounds produce to enhance the viewing experience.
So, there are very likely chance projectors, like short throw ones, will become the standard way we view TV and play games.

Where to buy short throw projector?
It’s paramount to purchase your short throw projector from sources that can be trusted.
That’s why we recommend somewhere like Amazon. The best short throw projectors have tons of reviews which you can look to for reassurance.
We also advise taking a look at the warranty and return policies before buying. This will give you a peace of mind for the future when committing to a purchase.

Is it possible to turn a normal projector to a short throw projector?
Unfortunately, no.
That’s why short throw projectors tend to be a little more expensive. The technology used to prevent warping from the huge lenses used is something that cannot be replicated with a standard projector.
Short throw projectors are specifically crafted to be very close to the screen and produce enormous images.

About Mark Hanson

Hi, this is Mark Hanson, a financial advisor, tech geek and the chief editor of https://www.justinrange.com/ from Tempe, Arizona. Our aim is to provide you with genuine information, guide and reviews about the best products you wish to buy and help to save your hard-earned money. We review honestly to ensure that you may select the right product that could fulfill your requirements.

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