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Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

Have you ever wondered why manufacturers of rangefinders are launching new models almost every year? And yes! Mostly, these newly launched models have steeper price than their preceding models. It’s because manufacturers continue to conduct in-depth researches, so rangefinders could be more useful to golfers. Of course, a new feature is always a highly-developedthan the old ones.


Rangefinder has evolved in its tech features through the ages. These rangefinders find their uses in many events and sports. Our main focus for today is Golf. There are more of these top rated rangefinders hitting the market with their unique features to give golfers better control of distances. One of the leading brands that make these golf rangefinders is Bushnell.

Let’s discuss our main course today: Golf Rangefinders.

There are more of these rangefinders hitting the market with their unique features to give golfers better control of distances. Did you know what leading brand is maintaining their fame in the golf industry today? Yes, you’re right! Bushnell!

Bushnell has been a trusted name and famous by releasing some of the best rangefinders on the golf course. The Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is the most recent release from the brand and it bears with it its entire latest tech.

image of Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Well, now if you are used to other Bushnell rangefinders, then the Tour X is a good upgrade from the Tour v3 Jolt Slope. This Tour X rangefinder has all the techs offered by Bushnell with some new ones included. It only seems to be lacking the 7x magnification that the Pro X7 Jolt Slope features but, its 6x magnification are also great!

So why should you buy the Tour X? I see no reason why you should not. The Tour X provides the three basic things needed by golfers in any rangefinder – accuracy, set up & ease of use, and fast display. Just check out some of its features…

9 Top Rated Golf Rangefinders of 2017....

Image Name Features USGA Approved? Check Out
Bushnell Tour Z6
  • Max Range: 5 to 1,300 yards;
  • 450+ yards to flags
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA Approved
    Bushnell Pro X7
  • Max range: 5 yards - 1 mile
  • 550 yards to flag
  • 7x Magnification
  • Unapproved
    Bushnell Tour X
  • 5 and 1,300 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA Approved
    Bushnell Pro X2
  • Max range: 5 - 1300 yards
  • 450 yards to flag
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    TecTecTec VPRODLX
  • Max range: 5-600 Yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Precision Pro
  • Max range: 400 Yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Bushnell Tour V4
  • Max range: 5 - 1000 yards
  • +400 yards to flag
  • 5x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Nikon Coolshot 20
  • Max range: 6 - 550 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Leupold Gx 5i3
  • Max range: 6-800 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved

    Features of Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

    Let’s take a look how it boasts its features!

    Dual Display Technology

    One of the things you notice when you use the Tour Xis this DDT feature. This feature is seen in some of Bushnell’s previous models. It has both the red and black display colors as always but the Tour X also allows you switch between the colors manually. There is a quick switch on the device that allows for this change of colors.

    Exchange Technology

    This feature gives you the option of using the rangefinder in slope mode or in flat terrain. The slope mode is your best option if you are in a terrain with uphill and downhill. It will help you play through the contours of the terrain. A similar tech was released by another brand some years ago but it was not legal for tournament use. This feature is legal for use in USGA tournament.

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    JOLT Technology

    This feature takes golfing to a whole new level. Once you get use to golfing with it, you just simply can’t golf without it. With this feature you are able to hit your target with ease. It’s even more exciting with its added vibration feature. A small vibration alerts you that you have locked on to your target when you locate the target with the PinSeeker feature.

    6x Magnification

    The Tour X offers a 6x magnification that ranges between 5 and 1,300 yards. It comes with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards. You will also be able to get more accurate and faster yard selection with its 2nd generation E.S.P feature.


    • You will be able to get the best of both worlds and adapt to any terrain on the course with its Exchange Technology. It is also legal and conforms to the rules of the USGA tournament.
    • No matter the type of lighting, the DDT feature allows you to enjoy your game. You are in total control with its quick switch that allows for easy toggling between both red and black colors.
    • Never miss your target with its great PinSeeker and Jolt feature.
    • Its 6x magnification allows you know the distance to your target.
    • It is made from a strong material which not only makes it durable; it protects the rangefinder from damage when it hits the ground by mistake.


    • You may find its price on the high side if you are on a budget.
    • It is a little bit heavier than some of the other rangefinders in its category.


    Q: How long will the battery last?

    A: The rangefinder uses a normal lithium battery like the ones you would find in cameras. The battery lasts a very long time but it depends on how often it is used. It would last you for few months if you are an average user.

    Q: Does the rangefinder come with a carrying case?

    A:Yes, the Tour X comes with a carrying case

    Q:What is the warranty on this rangefinder?

    A:It comes with a 2 year factory warranty.

    Last Words

    One of the things this Bushnell Tour X has more than other rangefinders out there is its tech.The Tour X is a good example of a rangefinder because it has all that is needed from rangefinders and even has a little more features. Is the price of the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder a little too high comparing the other rangefinders of this category? Yes it is! You would see that it is worth the price when you compare all the features it has to give.The Tour X is one of the few high price rangefinders that actually give it all for the price.

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    1. I just brought my gadget through credit so I felt that the price was just OK,,, when I got it and used some of its features, I can say that it’s the best! I got almost all the features of an advanced rangefinder in Bushnell Tour X.

      • Well Justin, you got a lot of features in Tour X. I think that makes the gadget its price. If you have enough budget, then why settle for the cheap ones. After all, you’ll be the one who will benefit of using it.

    2. Well mark,
      So, this Tour X features the Slope Technology. Actually, if you’re not really interested in Slope Rangefinder, there are other affordable rangefinders out there that you can purchase, without Slope. If you’re really a good golfer in tournaments, you don’t need a Slope feature in your rangefinder. Just always practice on the way you play during tournaments without the help of Slope. Some are complaining that they are just confused when using the Slope, so if you are a beginner, then maybe you can stick on to the traditional ones, I mean those with not complicated buttons and features.

      • Well, if you are playing competitively, you can practice using the slope so you could familiarize the course and won’t use it during the actual tournament assuming that you’re hitting the shots the same way you did during your practices (with the Slope). And if your Slope features is just intended for your practices, then get something which has a cheaper price. The Tour is quite expensive, but if you have the budget, then there’s nothing wrong with purchasing The Tour X.

    3. Bushnell Rangefinder has really amazing optics, but you know what, you can actually own the same brand with the same feature BUT with a lower price. I just really can’t see the practicality of this model.

      • Hello John,
        I somewhat agree with you. But I think it’s not just the Slope feature that makes it expensive. Remember it also has a JOLT Technology as well as Duel Display Technology that enhances your performance when you are at the course.

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