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Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder: Hit or Miss? – A Detailed Review

Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder by Nikon promises an unforgettable, smooth experience to all golf players out there looking to take their game to a new level. With many rangefinders promising excellence, you are probably wondering, is this for me? Or will it end up forgotten and collecting dust on my shelf after my first use? To answer your questions and find out more about this magnificent rangefinder.

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The Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder is an advanced tournament laser rangefinders specifically built for golf players of all levels from beginners to pros. It has superior pin acquisition and is capable of targeting objects in succession for up to 8 seconds by just one button press.

It comes in a sizable protective case that completely covers the device offering extra protection especially while carrying. Beneath the case is the sleek, full rubber body with an easy grip design that ensures ease in use.

Image of Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder

This is an upgrade from its predecessor the Diablo Octane which had a weaker body in comparison. Speaking of an upgrade, it is 10% smaller than the Diablo making it easier to hold in one hand while using. This change in size was achieved by making the front narrower making it portable. It comes with two buttons, the power button, and the mode button both located at the top.

The available colors are gray, red or black which are attractive but not too flashy. Many users describe the Callaway RAZR as sleek, and it has been rated a nine out of ten regarding appearance. A definite guarantee of design satisfaction.

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    FEATURES of Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder

    • The Callaway RAZR is built with plenty of unique specifications that are definitely an upgrade from most rangefinders as well as give the user a wide array of benefits. The specifications are:
    • Water resistant (except for battery area).
    • Nitrogen filled chamber to make it resistant to mold.
    • Diopter adjustment ring that can focus by simple twisting action.
    • X6 monocular eyepieces with 600-yard accuracy. (Allowing fast sighting, reading and targeting capabilities)
    • Fog proof and shock-resistant.
    • Lightweight, compact and stylish design.
    • Powerful 3 volts CR2 lithium battery.
    • Comes with a travel pouch for protection and transportation.
    • Comes with a travel pouch for protection and transportation.
    • Can pick up multiple targets at once within 8 seconds.
    • Can display in meters or yards.
    • Has first target priority mode (a feature that allows it to focus on even tiny objects on the field).
    • Turns itself off automatically.
    • Power and mode buttons at the top.
    • Provides back-lighting for low lighting conditions.
    • Full rubber body with non-slip grip design.
    • Internal LCD panel for displaying results.

    Size and Build

    The Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder is designed to perfectly fit the palm of its user with side ridges to allow easy grip. This is made possible by the reduction in size. The rubber body allows use even in rainy weather without slipping. It is compact enough to ensure easy transportation and guaranteed comfort.


    Being a laser rangefinder as opposed to GPS, it is considered quite accurate and will provide the user with the fast sighting, reading and targeting capabilities. It comes with x6 magnification and 600-yard accuracy. The first target priority mode is a unique feature allowing you to view even the tiniest thing on the field. It comes with an adjustable diopter for changing the resolution. This range finder can also pick up multiple targets in succession for up to eight seconds enhancing further its accuracy.

    Ease of use

    I find the Callaway RAZR very user-friendly such that a newbie can get the hang of it pretty fast. For starters, to switch it on, just press the power button which will start the device and fire the laser. The same button is used to obtain distance reading. Its small size and lightweight allows perfect aim using one hand and can also be used with sunglasses or even spectacles on. Cool? It gets better.

    Remember how you had to leave golf because the sun was setting? Well, no more cut short games since the device comes with a mode button allowing the user to switch for low light conditions. The calibrations are switchable between yards and meters according to user preference using the same mode button.

    The Callaway RAZR also has the ability to turn itself off after 8 seconds of no activity. Many users gave it a rating of 4 stars out of 5 with a few who rated a 5 claimed it was quite easy to comprehend.

    Where to Buy

    You can pick up your own Callaway RAZR Rangefinder at Amazon online store; they offer shipping at a fee depending on your location. It can also be obtained from leading sports equipment shops such as the Callaway online store.

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    • Lightweight and compact hence easy to carry and use.
    • Display covers up to a 10th of compact a yard.
    • Targets different objects in succession for 8 seconds.
    • Has first target priority mode.
    • Smaller than the previous version hence is more efficient.
    • Allows low light setting options.
    • User can switch from yards to meters.


    • First Target Priority mode does not work as well as expected.
    • The backlight is easy to miss.
    • The cost is too high compared to performance.
    • The battery might be problematic in some cases.

    FAQs about Callaway RAZR Golf Rangefinder:

    Q: Does the Callaway RAZR have a warranty? What kind?

    A: Yes it has a warranty that covers it for one year after the date of purchase.

    Q: What should I do if my device starts to malfunction?

    A: Consult the troubleshooting guide that comes with the device. If nothing works, inquire from a dealer on where to send the device.

    Last Words

    Although the Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder is pricier than the Diablo Octane, it is a significant upgrade from its predecessors ensuring perfection and guaranteed satisfaction to the user. It should be noted that the waterproof capability is up to the duration of 10 minutes and a height of 1 meter.

    The Past that the device might get water into the LCD panel. The battery chamber, on the other hand, may sip water into the device if dropped in water. On the chance that this happens user should wipe it and let the device dry out completely. In conclusion, it is without a doubt that anyone who purchases this rangefinder is guaranteed to gain a lot from its unique features.

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    Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder: Hit or Miss? – A Detailed Review
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    1. What about the speed? I’m choosing between Callaway RAZR and Leupold GX-3i. I had Bushnell Scout before and I’m not happy with it. I’m reading your review and it seems that RAZR is quite commendable. Are there any other infos that you would like to emphasize?

      • Callaway Reviews say that RAZR isn’t that great at pinning target. You can check reviews of LEUPOLD GX-3i and compare the rangefinder to RAZR.

    2. Dennis D Nichols

      I like the sturdy housing of this Callaway RAZR Laser Rangefinder. It looks so durable, tough and I think it doesn’t easily get broken even when it fell. I don’t know for those who have experienced their device falling, but as of me, I haven’t tried. There’s just one time when the display becomes unclear, I don’t know happened. I just turned it off for a while, then powered it on again. Luckily, it came to life. That was just once, and I don’t know what happened.

      • Hey Dennis,
        Thanks for your comment!
        There are many instances that your display is not clear sometimes. It could be that the battery is weak, or the light might too bright. Just see to it that your battery is full. If this happens again, restart the device just like what you did. If it happens again for more than 3 times, I think you should consult a technician.

    3. It says in the review that Callaway RAZR’s specifications are upgrade of most rangefinders. I disagree to that! The RAZR is far from other advanced models such as Bushnell Tour X or Pro 7. Well, it looks fine. The constructionis quite good but I found a lot of flaws on the rangefinder which made me purchase a Bushnell when I got enough budget and sold it to my friend. I experienced a lot of hung-ups on this device and it’s really annoying. I need to wait for the unit to shut off so I could restart it and use it again.
      Aside from the looks, I think there’s nothing you can brag about Callaway RAZR. It’s actually just an ordinary one that you can use for a typical game but there’s nothing extraordinary you can expect. Got this from my sister when she purchased Bushnell Pro 7.

      • Well Martin, at least it can be used during a game than nothing. But it’s true, it’s too far compared to Bushnell’s. Maybe it’s good for beginners and those who are in a tight budget.

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