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Top 5 Best Budget 1080p Projectors in 2019

image of a 1080p projectors

(Last updated: July 2019) Do you love watching sports or you just want to watch your favorite episode of the“WrestleMania?” To have the ultimate experience, it is highly advisable that you watch your stuff using a projector. A good 1080p projector will bring home the movie theatre experience; this is because a movie or a sport will always look beautiful …

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Is It Possible For Projector Lights to Damage Your Eyes

projector light

When one is using a projector that works well with its screen, and it performs in the proper ratio, then it is safe to view the screen. When you use the appropriate display, the light is then projected on the screen accurately. The light output will be reliable to display on the projection. The visible light is filtered from the …

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How To Mount a Projector To The Ceiling of Your Home

projector mounter

Bought a new projector? (Read about: How to set up a projector) Planning to mount it on the ceiling of your home? Well, mounting might seem easy in the first place with the mounting kit, but it is quite a tricky task to accomplish. Many people take the assistance of experts to achieve this task, but if you do it …

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Comparison of the Projector with other Screen Types

Comparison of the Projector with other Screen Types 1

(Last updated June, 2019) With the popularity of home theatre systems, more people are using projectors as opposed to TVs. But when it comes to choosing, why should you choose a projector over a TV? After all, TVs are now much cheaper, bigger and with a better resolution than a few years ago. The benefit of a projector is that …

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The Cheapest Razer Blade Laptop – All About Speed, Lights,and Weight

Image of the cheapest razer blade laptop

(Last updated June 2019)- We are no more teenage students playing games all day. But that does not mean we still don’t love gaming. Now, we just have computing needs outside of gaming too. That makes us more demanding. Now our laptop has to be sleek, good battery life, excellent track-pad and solid sound capacity along with horsepower suitable to …

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How to Make and Set up a Projector: A Definitive and In-depth Guide

how to make a projector

(Last updated June 2019)- How to Make a Projector – Make a Projector in Your Home (DIY Projector) First, we need to collect the materials needed for this project. The first thing that you need is a rectangular box, which will serve as the projector’s body. Next, we need a phone holder made out of cardboard. We also need some …

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10 Cheapest 4k Monitors of 2019: Complete Review & Buying Guide

4k monitor

(Last updated June 2019)- We have to acknowledge the gains made through technology, and you can say that life is now more convenient and fun. Among the most significant inventions is the 4k monitor. The clarity and performance associated with 4k monitors is something that would have been unimaginable some decades ago. However, given the clarity and performance, many people, …

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Types of Projector: What are the Different Kinds of Projectors

types of projector

(Last updated June 2019)- You should have heard the names of various types of projectors and might have confused how do they work or which one would be perfect for you. Here in this in-depth article, we have categorized the types of projectors and discussed how they might fulfill your requirements. Let’s start… What is a Slide Projector? It is …

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How to Connect Projector to a Laptop without VGA Port

image of a VGA cable

(Last updated June 2019)- You have to appreciate the far we have come in terms of technology. It was just years ago when overhead projectors and slide presentations were the in thing. Amazingly, contemporary projectors have HD capability, wireless connectivity, and interactive features. More premium models can split the screen into quadrants and display different images at the same time. …

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