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How to Connect Projector to a Laptop without VGA Port

image of a VGA cable

You have to appreciate the far we have come in terms of technology. It was just years ago when overhead projectors and slide presentations were the in thing. Amazingly, contemporary projectors have HD capability, wireless connectivity, and interactive features. More premium models can split the screen into quadrants and display different images at the same time. In short, a projector …

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10 Best Gaming Laptop under $200 of 2019- Review and Buying Guide

cheapest gaming laptop under 200

You love gaming. Your friend has an Alienware and you wish he would adopt you. But alas! How impossible is that? Probably as impossible as you buying an Alienware of your own right now. Some 5-10 years down the line but right now, Nah. I understand your pain buddy. What can I say? I got no Alienware to spare. But …

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The Cheapest Razer Blade Laptop – All About Speed, Lights,and Weight

Image of the cheapest razer blade laptop

We are no more teenage students playing games all day. But that does not mean we still don’t love gaming. Now, we just have computing needs outside of gaming too. That makes us more demanding. Now our laptop has to be sleek, good battery life, excellent track-pad and solid sound capacity along with horsepower suitable to gaming needs. You cannot …

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