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10 Cheapest 4k Monitors of 2019: Complete Review & Buying Guide

4k monitor

We have to acknowledge the gains made through technology, and you can say that life is now more convenient and fun. Among the most significant inventions is the 4k monitor. The clarity and performance associated with 4k monitors is something that would have been unimaginable some decades ago. However, given the clarity and performance, many people, you included, maybe a …

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Cheapest 144hz Monitor for 2018 – Pick the Right One for You

image of the cheapest 144hz monitor

Would you love to play The Witcher 3, Far Cry 5, Overwatch, GTA V in a 144fps at 4K/1080p or 60fps at 720p/1080p? Well, you will always prefer the first one, and even a good GPU can easily offer 144fps without any drop. Having a 114Hz monitor for gaming or movie amplifies the whole experience as it provides a smooth …

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Best Outdoor Projector Screen (2019 Updated): Review and Buying Guide

Front Image of Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

What better way to enjoy the weather outside, under the starry night than to watch your favorite movie or a game or your favorite Netflix series with your friends and family. For those who love the theatre-like experience even the large screen TV’s available in the market today won’t suffice, so a projector screen is their way out. You can …

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Cheapest 120hz Monitors – Few Top Picks for You

featured image of 120hz monitor

Gone are those days, when 60Hz visuals were considered to be the ideal for optimum viewing experience in PC. Currently, it is the generation of 120Hz monitors that has become a rage in the market. However many 120Hz monitors come with an expensive price tag, and it is tough for people who are tight on budget to own them easily. …

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Best Gaming Monitor Under 300: The Ultimate List with Pros and Cons

image of gaming monitor under 300

All of us, gaming enthusiasts, know precisely how a good screen influences a gaming experience. You are probably a gaming geek if you are here and we try to make the ideal monitor choice easy and affordable for you. Choosing anew gaming beast is all the more baffling when you have a plethora of choices to choose from. Even after …

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