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Top 9 Best Home Theatre Projectors in 2019

home theater projector

Everyone loves to own king-size home entertainment, but it is not possible for everyone to fit gigantic TV and sound boxes in their home to quench that thirst. A home theatre projector is what you need to maximize your home entertainment. Starting from 4K Ultra HD videos to the supersized gaming experience, you can view a lot of content on …

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The Best Projector under $1000 in 2019

best projector under 1000

If screen size is your priority, you are never going to be able to get a TV that fits the 300” screen requirement. But a good full HD projector will. Of course, it will never be like watching a TV, especially during the daytime. But then where will you get a TV screen this size under $1000? After spending 20 …

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Best 3D Projectors in 2019: An In-depth Buying Guide

image ofa 3d projector

3D projectors have always been a fascination for movie enthusiasts as it allows them to immerse themselves into the movie environment entirely. It is that device that brings life to every character in the movie. Who won’t love to have a three-dimensional cinematic experience at their home comfort? We guess no one. Well if you are an enthusiast and planning …

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Top 5 Best Budget 1080p Projectors in 2019

image of a 1080p projectors

(Last updated: July 2019) Do you love watching sports or you just want to watch your favorite episode of the“WrestleMania?” To have the ultimate experience, it is highly advisable that you watch your stuff using a projector. A good 1080p projector will bring home the movie theatre experience; this is because a movie or a sport will always look beautiful …

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Is It Possible For Projector Lights to Damage Your Eyes

projector light

When one is using a projector that works well with its screen, and it performs in the proper ratio, then it is safe to view the screen. When you use the appropriate display, the light is then projected on the screen accurately. The light output will be reliable to display on the projection. The visible light is filtered from the …

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How To Mount a Projector To The Ceiling of Your Home

projector mounter

Bought a new projector? (Read about: How to set up a projector) Planning to mount it on the ceiling of your home? Well, mounting might seem easy in the first place with the mounting kit, but it is quite a tricky task to accomplish. Many people take the assistance of experts to achieve this task, but if you do it …

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Comparison of the Projector with other Screen Types

Comparison of the Projector with other Screen Types 1

(Last updated June, 2019) With the popularity of home theatre systems, more people are using projectors as opposed to TVs. But when it comes to choosing, why should you choose a projector over a TV? After all, TVs are now much cheaper, bigger and with a better resolution than a few years ago. The benefit of a projector is that …

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How to Make and Set up a Projector: A Definitive and In-depth Guide

how to make a projector

(Last updated June 2019)- How to Make a Projector – Make a Projector in Your Home (DIY Projector) First, we need to collect the materials needed for this project. The first thing that you need is a rectangular box, which will serve as the projector’s body. Next, we need a phone holder made out of cardboard. We also need some …

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