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10 Cheapest 4K Projectors of 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

(Last updated June 2019)- The 4k display serves as the current rage of today’s generation, and everyone is getting overwhelmed by its lifelike picture quality. So various manufacturers are embedding modern projectors with 4K capability so that buyers can quench their thirst for superior visuals. However exclusive things come with hefty prices, and it is not possible for everyone to own high range projectors.
It might have crossed your mind that 4K projector will remain as your dream as most of the 4K projectors cost thousands of dollars. But don’t be appalled by that fact because nowadays some top manufacturers are coming up with cheapest 4K projectors that won’t make a hole in your pocket.

Now, the top 10 list here:

1. Optoma UHD60– Arguably the Best Affordable Projector with 4K Availablity in the Market.
2. Epson 4000 – An Efficient High Lumen Short Throw 4K Projector.
3. Sony VPLVW385ES – One of the Best Sony Native 4k Projectors in the Market.
4. View sonic PX 747 – A Great Efficient 4K HDR and Dual HDMI Projector.
5. Epson 4010 – Top Rated 4K Ultra High Definition Projector.
6. BenQ HT2550 – The Best BenQ 4K Projector with an Affordable Price Tag.
7. Epson 5040UB – Unarguably One of the Best 4K PRO-HDR Projector.
8. Acer V 7850 – A Top-notch 4K HDR DLP Projector for Entertainment
9. LG HU80KA – The Best UHD Laser Smart 4K Projector at an Affordable Price Tag.
10. Vivitek HK2288 – Yout Top Pick Ultra HD 4K DLP Projector under Your Budget

If you dream to bring a device that would provide you with the feeling of a movie theater in your home, then there is no better alternative than a 4K projector. You might think any of the budget 4K projectors won’t have the capability to produce exceptional quality, but you will be baffled when you will come across them.

It gets better:

Even though the most inexpensive projector is slightly costlier than ordinary Full HD projectors but they worth every penny you pay. The real beauty of 4K devices is that you experience four times the quality of a Full HD visual and it remains whether you own a great projector or cheap projector with 4K quality.

ImagesBrightness (lumens)​Resolution (pixels)Check Out
Optoma UHD60
3000 3840x2160
Epson Home Cinema 4000
2200 1920×1080
Sony VPL-VW 385ES
1500 4096x2160
View sonic PX 747
3500 3840x2160
Epson 4010
2400 4096x2160
BenQ HT2550
2200 1920×1080
Epson 5040UB
2500 1920×1080
Acer V 7850
2200 3,840x2160
2500 3840x2160
Vivitek HK2288
2000 3840x2160

Finding a highly rated low priced 4K projector is quite tricky due to the abundance of brands that boast of providing 4K projector, but in reality, you will be given HD quality. You should get the reality check that a cheap projector under 200 can’t have the 4K capability.

4K projectors are slightly costlier than ordinary projectors and to clear out any ado, we have created a specially curated list of some cheap projector with 4K capability. This will clear out any ado as it contains names of devices that would surely leave you flabbergasted with their quality and feature.

Let’s dig dip into the details of the projectors which will assist you to choose your dream 4K projector.

1. Optoma UHD60: Arguably The Best Affordable Projector With 4K Capability

Optoma UHD60 4K Projector

Optoma has always impressed with their impressive line of projectors, and UHD60 sits in the pinnacle position of that line. It delivers a state of the art 4K quality that you can say has rewritten the 4K HDR rulebook. It serves as a perfect alternative to a gaming monitor, and you can associate this projector as the best affordable projector with 4K.

Optoma UHD60 4K is one of the highly rated 4K HDR projectors. It comes with a single-chip DLP system that would baffle you with its quality and clarity. You can blindly trust the quality because it boasts a true 4K 3840 X 216 with HDR 10 computability which produces colossal color depth and deep black.
UHD60 is offered with 1000000:1 contrast ratio with UltraDetail technology that provides highly detailed visuals with immense clarity.

You will be excited to know that it also boasts a wide color gamut with REC2020 color space that adds to the trueness of quality. To make things more interesting, you will be offered with a large screen size with a short throw distance. Optoma has never hesitated in providing exclusive features and vertical lens shift in one such example. To provide you with a seamless movie watching experience, it comes padded with 4-watt speakers which is suitable for small rooms.
If getting the best affordable projector with the 4K facility is your target, then immediately head to Amazon to buy Optoma UHD60. This is a steal deal because you won’t break the bank to treat yourself with superior 4K visuals.
It gets better here:


• It has a native resolution 3840X2160 pixel producing True 4K HDR quality along with 8.3 million pixels.
• It comes packed with bright 3000 Lumens along with Dynamic black facility.
• HDR10 compatibility that produces lifelike picture clarity along with huge color accuracy, deep black and bright white.
• 1000000:1 contrast ratio combined with REC 2020 color space for rich color depth.
• UltraDetail technology for adjusting image clarity.
• Single DLP projection system which doesn’t require any alignment.
• Vertical lens shift.
• Colossal screen size range that goes more than 140 inches.
• It comes with 1.6x zooming capability.
• 4.26 feet to 30.5 feet serves as the projection range.
• Efficient color wheel with a clear slice capability.
• It supports a varied type of HDR settings.
• Massive lamp life hour with highly durable 240 watt UHP lamp.
• 4-watt speaker that produces soothing sound quality in mid-sized rooms.
• The fan doesn’t produce much noise when in action.
• HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 port that entertains 18Gbps so that it can provide the best 4K UHD bandwidth.

  • It comes with an affordable price tag.
  • Huge picture clarity.
  • It doesn’t make much sound.
  • Stunning HDR performance
  • True 4K resolution
  • Impressive color space
  • Heavy-duty lamp
  • The build quality is not up to mark
  • It carries some input lag
  • It doesn’t carry a right amount of HDR effects
  • The black level isn’t profound

See What the Customers are Saying

2.Epson 4000: An Efficient Short Throw 4K Projector

Epson 4000 4k Projector

Epson is a prolific name in projector industry, and it has never seized to amaze everyone with their new projectors. Epson 4000 is one device that can make you drool over its lustrous visual quality along with a vast array of intriguing features. It is a highly capable short throw 4K projector that bags 3 Chip 3LCD projection technology that doesn't produce any rainbow effect or white segment.

The most attractive part of this projector is its 4K enhancement technology that projects accurate 4K UHD content. It also holds the capacity to enhance the quality and clarity of a non-4K content.
Epson 4000 projector also packs HDR10 that generates full 10-bit color output so that it can dazzle you lifelike color production. To make you flabbergasted by its extraordinary capability, it even bags 140000:1 contrast ratio that ensures heavy detailing in every scene. The DCI-P3 color space along with 2200 lumens of white and color brightness changes the definition of the visuals. You won't hear any noise while you are watching a movie or TV series because it creates 20dB sound when at full power. It carries all the necessary ports so that you can hook up your Blu-Ray player, video player or console.
Epson 4000 projector is one of the least expensive short throw 4K projectors that can fulfill your desire to view 4K content without breaking the bank.

It doesn't end here:


• Native 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with 4:3 compatibility.
• 4K Enhancement Technology that supports 4K content and upscale Full HD content.
• 3-Chip 3LC design for producing errorless visuals.
• HDR10 with 10-bit color output for natural color production.
• 140000:1 contrast ratio with UltraBlack technology.
• 2200 Lumens for rich white and color brightness.
• Low throw ratio range depicting 1.35 to 2.84.
• Screen size staying between fifty inches to three hundred inches.
• 3D content support.
• Considerable color gamut support with DCI-P3 color space.
• A motorized lens with ten positions presets.
• Huge lens shift facility.
• 2.1x zooming capability.
• +/- 30 manual vertical keystone correction.
• 5000 lamp life hours in Eco Mode.
• Availability of HDMI, HDMI ( HDCP 2.2), USB, mini USB, LAN, D-Sub, and RS-232c.


  • Stunning visuals with no rainbow effect
  • The visuals are pretty bright
  • Impressive enhancement of non-4K content
  • Wide color gamut for bringing more natural color production
  • Commendable lamp life hour
  • Affordable price tag
  • It doesn’t 4K HDR at 60fps
  • The images don’t have a huge black level
  • It is not at all easy to mount

See What the Customers are Saying

3. Sony VPL-VW 385ES - One of the Best Sony Projectors with Native 4k in the Market.

VPL-VW 385ES is a great deal when you are out of the budget and in a need of buying a 4K projector. Even though you might think that it is not cheap but the features it offers make it a worth buying device.

Originally, it was manufactured to substitute its predecessor VW365ES and a quite number of impressive improvements have been made. Particularly, this projector has an improved black level and optics and also few features like dynamic iris, optical performance and lens memory are added to make the picture quality notably better.

With its high-end features, it ranks second in the race of least expensive projectors with 1500 lumens and a great 4K resolution without any pixel shifting. Considering the older version, this one has a lens memory, which means all the movie lovers can view their favorites on a wider screen without any letterboxing on top or bottom of the screen. However, a more important add-on feature is the dynamic iris that has helped the 385ES to improve its back level performance to enhance the picture quality and show you the best of all. Sony has equipped a lot of image processing in this projector like smooth motion, which automatically controls the dynamic iris and offers you a completely new 4K content.

As we all know that a 3D demands lots and lots of brightness with Sony 385ES you can get to see an average 3D view but it would be only an occasion that you can view 3D inaccurate color. However, for gamers, it is good news. Sony has reduced the input lag to 35ms and since it is a good speed, it can satisfy many gamers. Naturally, there are better projectors than this but what makes it worth buying is its price value and impressive picture throw on the screen.

Sony VPLVW385ES 4K projector


• 4K with HDR that supports a number of modes and even HDR10 and HLG (hybrid log gamma)
• 1500 lumens
• Uses pixels relatively half of those produced by UHD DLP
• Dynamic iris to improve black level
• Different color modes to treat different moods
• The sharp image that looks natural rather than processed
• Great remote control
• Good lamp life
• Full control for calibration

  • Good coloring without any adjustments
  • Impressive dark shadow detailing
  • Fast enough
  • 3-year parts warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Great adjustment for brightness
  • Back blue colored light remote is hard to read
  • Less brightness according to HDR
  • Bit bulky projector

See What the Customers are Saying

4. View sonic PX 747 - A Great Efficient 4K HDR and Dual HDMI Projector

This is the first projector to offer an acclaimed 4K projector in less than £1000. Despite its heroic pricing, the features are also impressive. To start with, it is small enough to fit in every corner of the room without even anyone noticing it. Its smooth and round edges give it a domesticated look. Its single wheel chip functions through a color wheel passing it through some tiny mirrors to lens and then it is displayed on your screen. This DLP chip is made with pixel shifting technology also known as XPR by the Texas Instruments, the makers of the chip.

Particularly, View Sonic claims it to have 3,500 lumens, which delivers some astonishing pictures, which are enough to fill your dark room. Talking of its color performance, the resultant images decent, dynamic, rich and well-balanced that you would expect an HDR capable projector to do. The colors are so finely balanced with a level of precision that is eluded in most DLP projectors. Above all these, it has a great lamp life of 4,000 in bright mode and 15,000 in Eco mode. Moreover, whichever mode you use the cooling fan noise is next to negligible.

Thus, if you have a good budget to invest in projector PX 747 is worth your consideration. Partly because of its all-rounder performance and a party of its 4K support in less money.
A great bargain at such a low price and with a good deal of features. Thus, it is a fantastic all-rounder projector that helps in creating some moments of happiness with your family or special ones.

ViewSonic 4K Projector


• 4000 hours lamp life in normal mode and 8000 hours in Eco mode
• Great picture quality and pretty good in most modes
• Fastest color wheels with no rainbow artifacts
• Impressive remote control with backlight
• Fast input lag especially for gaming
• 3-year parts and labor warranty
• 10-watt inbuilt speaker
• 4K UHD resolution with 1920x1080x4 pixel shifting

  • Detailed user manual
  • Suitable for gamers
  • Good backlit remote control
  • 4K supportive
  • Not enough brightness
  • Lacks 3D
  • No real audio system
  • Bit noisy

See What the Customers are Saying

5. Epson 4010 - Top Notch 4K UHD Projector Available in the Market.

As we all know, that ultra HD or 4K is a new thing in the television world, so buying a screen without it is a waste. But Epson has an impressive solution to this problem. With its pro HD technology and great pixel shifting technology, you can experience a complete cinematic projection. The projected images on your screen are clear, sharp and rich in dynamic colors.

4010 is equipped with a motorized lens with an astonishing 2.1 x zoom range. This helps you in filling any screen up to 300” from farthest of the distance. This European styled projector with a matte white finishing. Its fan is quiet and inaudible especially Eco mode.

In addition, to ultra HD projection, it supports DCI-P3 color, 3D and HDR. It offers 2400 lumens of both white and colored lenses for medium-sized projection. You can also notice the low fan noise, silently running without disturbing your games or a movie. With less than $2000, this becomes an attractive deal to lay your hands on.
This model has the ability to beat the features of models ranging more than $5000, especially from Sony or JVC. Thus, if you are looking for a great HD model then you will find a hard time beating 4010.

Epson 4010 4K UHD Projector


• Designed to elude any rainbow artifacts
• Improved 4K pixel shifting for input signals up to 4096x2160
• 15 elemental glass lens for an even light throughout
• White and colored lumens of 2400
• Auto iris to optimize dark scenes
• Optional Wi-Fi dongle
• 2-year warranty
• Great lamp life of 3500-5000 hours maximum

  • Bright HDR and SDR images
  • DCI-P3 color support
  • Supports 3D
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Iris needs to be improved for contrast and output

See What the Customers are Saying

6. BenQ HT2550 - The Best BenQ 4K Projector with an Affordable Price Tag.

When you will give a first look at its beauty, it will impress you with its stylish and modern designing. Apart from having attractive designing, its functioning is also extraordinary. With an array of inputs and outputs, you can enjoy some great streaming of movies on your screen.

In addition, setting up this projector is hassle-free. All you need to do is take it out from the box, plug in the power cord and turn it on. For more simplicity, you can adjust zoom, focus, and Keystone from the easy to operate the remote control. Despite an array of wide selection of the buttons, which helps you to pick up any control with a snap of your finger.

BenQ has manufactured this great device with both 4Kresolution and HDR support system. Although it has only 2200 lumens I can still deliver great brightness when compared with others. It is for sure that it will not give out much brightness but I still work fine even in low brightness. Nevertheless, BenQ has bartered its brightness with a fine color accuracy, which is enough to beat some projectors of this range. This next feature is a good point for all hard-core gamers. HT2550 delivers allows 4k gaming with a reasonable input lag of 30ms.

You can also use this projector from bright light to dark room. Moreover, its color accuracy is also detailed and clear. With continuous watching, you will find it stunning with impressive performance when compared with the expensive ones. Its built-in speakers are also manufactured to deliver a decent sound, which is enough to fill a moderately sized room.
However, it might look pricey but with its outburst performance and detailed image quality, all under $2000 is worth buying.

BenQ HT2550 4K projector


• 4k resolution of 1920x1080x4 with pixel shifting
• An array of connections like HDMI, audio, etc.
• No rainbow artifacts because of fastest RGBRGB wheeling
• 4000 hours of battery life at normal mode and 8000 in eco mode
• Built-in speakers provide a decent sound when no other audio substitute is available
• Good remote control in terms of layout, backlight, and range
• Input lag of 48ms, which means the fastest gaming experience
• Excellent projector with 4K capabilities

  • Small and light
  • The great remote control system
  • Supports 3D
  • Full-color controls
  • Need a better audio system
  • Irritating fan noise
  • Could have been better in terms of brightness

See What the Customers are Saying

7. Epson 5040UB - Unarguably One of the Best 4K PRO-HDR Projector.

As we, all know that there are two wide categories of projectors: 4K and rest others. Sony, as we all know ha firm grip over this device but Epson is another emerging brand in projectors. 5040UB is an impressive device featuring in latest 4K enhancement at a fraction of price than other 4K projectors in the market.

The outer look of this projector is simple with white rounded edges with a small lens door that opens at the time of projection. The automatic whirring of this lens door gives it a cinematic feel. Moreover, 5040Ub is known for its pixel shift technology that uses 1080p resolution and shifts the number of pixels to 4K resolution.

Beyond its 4k resolution, there are other features, which makes it stand above all others in the market. On the top is its glass-built 16-piece, 2.1 x zoom lens especially tailored for 4k performance. This lens has a motorized lens shift, focus, and zoom. Moreover, you can adjust the 3 settings with a single command, Constant Image Height (CIH).

It has a boosted technology that displays entire RGB and DCI color. Now coming to its lumens, it has a super rate of 2500 lumens available for both white and colored projections. The picture quality is based on some basic principles of high contrast, deep black, and rich colors. To your surprise, the 4K enhancement is so impressive that the human eye can resolve. Its pixel shift technology also helps in increasing the resolution of the pictures.

Recently Epson has been launching many projectors with extraordinary lumens but on testing, this model was found to be above showing 3527 lumens in the bright mode. This means you can show your presentations in the brightest from even in moderate lighting.

The only point where it lacks is its fan noise, which on measuring came out to be 31db. It is quite noticeable in some quiet scenes. Ideally, fan noise is irritating but if you can tolerate this in exchange for some great features then it can be your best purchase in terms of projectors.
This great device produces 4K resolution images without compromising on performance and that too at the cost you need.

Epson 5040UB projector


• Impressive image enhancement with pixel shifting at 4K resolution
• Produces bright and excellent color contrast
• RGBRGB color wheel for an accurate brightness of 1800 lumens
• Input lag of 30ms; an excellent feature for gamers
• Supports HDR and has lens shift and lens memory
• 2-year labor warranty and 2-year replacement guarantee

  • Spectacular image quality
  • Great gaming experience
  • Impressive 4K quality at a medium distance
  • Big and bulky
  • Bit noisy
  • Costly

See What the Customers are Saying

8. Acer V 7850 - A Top-notch 4K HDR DLP Projector for Entertainment

This is a device with stiff white looks or in other words, is a standard looking projector completed with vents on the side and lens in the front. Its remote control is a plastic built that sits firmly in your hand with a backlight for easy operation when the light is not apt.you can find the direction keys in the center and it is also equipped with a 3D button but it is non-functional as this projector does not support 3D. Apart from the stiff, old-school outlook, its performance is quite impressive.

Acer V 7850 uses a XOP chip to project many sharp and clear images. So V7850 is sharp and projects high definition pictures without any sign of blur. All this gives a great competition to Sony and JVC of this range.

The first thing to note is its 4K resolution image throw. Normally, standard projectors have 8 bits of HDR display but this one supports 10 bits of high definition display. Moreover, it supports RGBRGB color wheeling with 30-bit colors and a bright lens of 200 lumens to project in finest quality. You will find 3 picture enhancement settings and Blu-ray to stream super quality videos.

The next striking feature is the high pixel density. The DLP chip and 4k UHD standard mingle to display 8 million pixels using its pixel shift technology. This helps in giving a modest amount of enhancement to the pictures and videos.

Stepping forward to its performance, it takes 20-25 seconds to start up, which is pretty acceptable when comparing with other projectors. And to shut down it takes nearly 10 seconds. Its built-in speakers are able to substitute the sound delivered with other external speakers but you might feel to hook up external speakers when playing games or watching a movie.

Further, you will notice 3 major components of UHD. First is for 4k resolution, second for high dynamic range _HDR) and third for wide color gamut (WCG). Its HDR is the function, which has made all the difference. All the displayed pictures are brighter with an added pop. Therefore, you can expect a good level of balance between native contrast and black level. Its wide color gamut is another technology, which is infused to result in more intense and saturated colors on your screen.

So, if you are really in search of a good HDR supporter that gives you 4k resolution, V7850 is worth your consideration.
Overall, this is a great projector to go for and if you need to carry it almost daily then its free carry case is another striking feature that increases its worth.

Acer V7850 4K projector


• Backlit remote control for efficient usage even in dark lighting
• HDR10 compatible
• DLP UHD projector with a 2160p single chip
• Vibrant RGBRGB Rec. 709 color wheeling to deliver sharp and fine images
• 4.15 million mirror device with 2100 lumens
• 1.6:1 zoom lens for a good placement flexibility
• Works with mobiles with MHL port
• Pair of 5-watt speakers delivers a decent sound quality to fill a moderately sized room
• Excellent build and quality finishing for superb outlooks

  • Precise and compact designing
  • Produces detailed images
  • Supports HDR
  • Quiet operation
  • Light and easily portable
  • Low fan and operating noise
  • Needs improvement in deep black level
  • Cannot deliver ultra 4K detailing
  • Not Dolby vision compatible

See What the Customers are Saying

9. LG HU80KA - The Best UHD Laser Smart 4K Projector at an Affordable Price Tag

LG HU80KA is by far one of the most unique projectors in the market. Moreover, it does not even look like a projector when pulled out of the box; a charcoal rectangular projector resembling the metal pillars of any stadium. It is only when it is set up you can witness its impressive high-quality production with superb color saturation.

On top of this beauty, you can locate a pop-up mirror, which helps in directing the images vertically on the ground. You can flip back this mirror when not in use. Moving further, you can find some great assortments of inputs and outputs, USB ports with an Ethernet port. It even has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to stream your videos in a more stabilized manner.

Another thing to notice is that this projector does not use those traditional bulbs to light up the projections instead it uses lasers, which runs for 20,000 hours. But the major drawback is that once the laser burns out you need to buy a new projector. Although, this should not be a point of much consideration as everyone changes these viewing devices after a decade.

In terms of its video quality, you will surely love what is projects both in terms of brightness and in terms of quality. No matter whatever you stream; Netflix, YouTube or movies you will get the best of everything which will be simply amusing.

Simply, this projector has grabbed great attention because it is the first 4K projector by LG, which runs on a laser phosphor light engine that enhances the black level and contrast performance. Moreover, it promises 20,000 hours of lamp life and you can also stream various shows wirelessly. It also has an array of ports to connect HDMI, HDCP, gaming consoles and even Blu-Ray.
If you are planning to buy a portable 4k projector which you can move anywhere with ease then there is no going further. With some of its great modes and impressive sound quality, you can enjoy a football match or a great Netflix series with your friends or family.

LG HU80KA 4K UHD projector


• Laser engine of 20000, which is enough to maintain color and lamp brightness for a longer duration
• Has an impressive pair of speakers especially for action movies
• Supports broadcast TV when attached to an antenna
• Many preset modes are available where vivid and sports mode is excellent for ambient lighting
• Despite its remote is not backlight but its quick navigation with gyro tire designing attracts many customers

  • Quite a projection
  • Wired and wireless networking options
  • Great color contrasts in some aspects
  • Has CFI for smoother motion
  • Needs improvement on the black level
  • No backlight in remote
  • Slow for gamers

See What the Customers are Saying

10. Vivitek HK2288 - Yout Top Pick Ultra HD 4K DLP Projector under Your Budget

The name of Vivitek HK2288 might seem non-popular to you but don't be fooled by this underdog because it will leave you flabbergasted by its superior performance.

It is a True 4K Ultra HD projector that has 8.3 million on-screen pixel facility, so your eyes are treated with fluidic visuals with huge clarity. Vivitek has padded this beautifully designed projector with DLP DarkChip3 which indicates that you will have an impeccable visual performance every time you switch on the projector.

To make visuals more vivid, Vivitek has also included HDR10 facility so that the projector can provide high natural color production along with rich brightness.
HK2288 comes with 2000 ANSI Lumens and 100000:1 contrast ratio which notches up the quality of visuals by a large margin. It also packs all the necessary color facilities which include BrilliantColor technology and six segment RGB color wheel to produce top-notch visual with huge color depth.

All thanks to Rec 709, it can effectively treat your eyes with an exceptional visual experience.
When you opt for this projector, you won't have to worry about its lamp life hour because it comes with whooping 4000 lamp hours. Vivitek has supplied all the necessary that would be required during installation and long movie hours.
If you are seeking a real 4K Ultra HD projector that would baffle your eyes then go for Vivitek HK2288 projector.
Now, let's jump to the feature section:

Vivitek HK2288 4k projector


• True Ultra HD 4K native resolution with maximum 3840 X 2160 pixels.
• On screen 8.3 million pixels bringing more depth to visuals.
• 2000 ANSI Lumens for color and white brightness.
• 16:9 native aspect ratio.
• DLP DarkChip3 projection technology producing outstanding visuals.
• 1000000:1 contrast ratio with a maximum 120Hz V-sync rate.
• HDR10 compatibility providing more production of natural colors.
• BrilliantColor technology for vibrant color images.
• 12-bit customizable RGB color adjustment.
• Screen size ranging from 23.6 inches to 325 inches.
• Six-segment RGB color wheel with REC 709 color space.
• Advanced calibration facility with the option of color management and gamma settings.
• 4000 hours of lamp life hours in Dynamic Economy mode.
• 1.5x zoom facility.
• Vertical lens shift capability.
• 10-watt mono speaker.

It doesn't end here:

  • Exceptional performance by DLP DarkChip3 technology
  • True 4K video quality with outstanding detailing
  • High contrast ratio providing huge black depth
  • Impressive color accuracy
  • Decent noise level
  • It comes with all the necessary equipment
  • It doesn’t have multiple HDR settings
  • The lumens number could have been better

See What the Customers are Saying


1. What is 4k projector actually?
4K resolution refers to the horizontal display of media in 4,000 pixels. In the television market 3840 x 2160, also known as 4K UHD is dominant and whereas in movie industry 4096 x 2160, also known as 4K standard is used.

2. how much does a 4k projector cost ?
Earlier, it was hardly affordable to get a 4K projector but now with advancement in technology, the cheapest one starts at $1500.

3. How many lumens do a 4K projector requires?
The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. Therefore, the number of lumens required in your projector depends upon the amount of light available in the room where the projector is installed. For example, in a dark room1500-2000 lumens are enough o do a great job. In dimmed light rooms, at least 3000 lumens are required and rooms with high ambient light 4500 lumens or above are recommended. Moreover, in movie theatres or big stadiums, 20,000 and above lumens are necessary to do the rightful job.

4. Are the cheapest 4K projectors really better than full HD projectors?
Yes, indeed. 4K is the new show caster in today’s world. A full HD projector is good but cannot beat the image quality given by a 4K projector.

5. Are Ultra HD and 4k the same?
Yes, they both are the same. In fact, 4K is a derivative of Ultra HD with a bit of higher resolution. While 4K shows in 4096 x 2160 resolution, Ultra HD has the resolution of 3840 x 2160.

6. Is 4k projector worth it?
Purchasing a 4K projector depends wholly on your needs. It is indeed not an economical device to lay your hands on but you can find some cheap 4K projectors coming up. But in terms of picture quality, this device is worth it. With an aesthetic quality and a cinematic experience, it will surely make your jaw struck.

7. What is a 4k projector screen size?
Always remember that an ideal size for the projection is dependent not only on the size of your room but also on its depth. For most rooms 16:9 is considered the ideal size of the screen.

8. Is it possible to watch 3D in 4K resolution?
With a 4K TV, it is possible to view 3D in a 4K resolution but not with a 3D TV.

9. What type of Content for 4K Projectors?
A 4K projector has the ability to project any type of content in surreal and true picture quality.

10. Do I need new HDMI cables for 4k?
With the development of technology, cable manufacturers also have got a chance to spread some hype in the market. You can see 4K HDMI cables but they are utterly useless because your existing HDMI cables can also do the same job.

11. Why 4k projector is so expensive?
There is a reason as to why 4k projectors are expensive. It is majorly because of the high picture quality it delivers with an outstanding resolution. Better lenses, lamp life, optics, and high contrast ratio are other factors adding to the increase in the price of 4K projectors.

12. Is my room big enough to install a projector? How to measure the throw distance?
Throw ratio is a way to measure how far does the projector need to be from your wall. For example, a projector with a throw ratio of 5 means the projector should be 5 feet away from the screen. Thus, according to your room size, you can choose between standard, short throw and ultra-short throw projectors.

13. What is HDR?
This stands for high definition range and is used in most smartphones like IOS or Android. It is a process to capture your special moments with an increased dynamic range, which could not be possible otherwise.


  1. I can’t understand why all these websites doing reviews are perpetuating the lie from the marketing departments. People, like myself, Googling “True 4K Projectors” are looking for a projector with a 4k, 8.3MPix image sensor, not one that uses lens/pixel shifting to create a 4k image. Using lens/pixel shifting may create a better image than 1080p, but it still creates pixels that are twice the size of a true 4k image.

    • Agreed if your going to make this a true 4k projector list you’d have to exclude everyone here except the Sony projectors this should be a Faux K projector list cause only 3 of the 10 even support true 4k without using technology wizardry to create a fake almost 4k image to hat really is only like the equivalent of 3 1080 displays where as it should be essentially 4 1080p displays but again only the Sony listed are actual 4k projectors the rest are like 3.5k projectors in reality.