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Easy Guide to Achieve a Perfect Golf Swing

Attitude, Equipment, Knowledge, and Easy and Perfect Good Swing Guide: You all need these things to achieve your best game in golf. Among those things, golf swinging is the hardest to do. It needs timing, imagination, and of course skill to make your best hit!


This ain’t easy. Well, if you want to be good at something, you have to exert effort. Believe me, the feeling is different when you notice improvements in your actions. In my quest to golf for years,

I’ve discovered that some golfers made it into their best by constant practice and well, play and play and play!

Playing a lot helps! But aside from this, you have to discover secrets too in your ways of playing.

Perfect golf swing

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So, attention soon-to-be golf champs: let’s get started and improve your golf swinging. Take note that you will be encountering technical words on golf. Before exploring yourself to proper golf swinging, let’s take a look at these terms:


Make sure to remember the elements of golf stance namely: the right width of stance, the right amount of knee flex, the angle of the feet and overall posture.

If you’re the kind of golfer that makes a stance that is too narrow, your stance would likely prevent you from generating power in your golf swing. Moreover, it could also give you difficulty in maintaining a balance. Certainly, it compromises the way you strike your ball.

I have also observed golfers the opposite way:

Having a stance that is too wide, a golfer may find it difficult to shift his body weight during the swing which is necessary in timing and striking the ball. In this manner, one can be much of sway in which, not a good one.

Well, I know there are golfers who are comfortable of doing either of the two kinds of stance. They might be performing a good swing. But wait: There’s nothing wrong with trying other strategies or alternatives. Who knows? Following the above suggestions might allow you to have a more rewarding game.

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Here’s the trick:

To achieve a great posture in learning a golf swing, it’s good to start at making the body straight and feet apart- approximately as aligned with the shoulder. Next, bend the knee slightly. Yes! Just like sitting on a high chair or stool.

This is exactly for what? To find the right amount of knee flex. If you want to check the appropriate knee flex, just imagine: a line passing your kneecap and eventually passes

through the balls of the foot. If you think that you have imagined the line passed in your toes, it could be that your knees are too flexed. On the other hand, if it passes through the rear end of the mid-foot, it suggests that your knees are not flexed enough.


Bend at hip level by pushing the hips back. Some golfers have difficulty in getting the correct flex at the hips, but they usually do, they place a club shaft against the front of their upper thighs, then bending forward at the hips while pressing the shaft firmly to their thighs.

Last but not the least:

Have your lower back straight without losing slight roundness of your upper back. Try positioning a club shaft along the length of your lower back, while having your upper back somewhat slouched for that slight roundness.

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Pay attention to the position of your body relative to your ball or target. Align your body in a parallel manner to the ball or to the target line.

And your shoulders? Make sure they are parallel to the target line. Why? Because your shoulders will mainly influence the direction of your arms when swinging across in front of you and the arms tend to follow the shoulder line.

Now, knowing the fundamental of the golf, let’s go to the main menu: The Golf Swing! Check out the steps to achieve a perfect golf swing!

1. Warming up:

I know you’ve been doing any kind of warm-up you like when you’re up to something. In golf, you also need one. Before you hit any ball, take 20-30 easy golf swings back and forth while holding the club.

This is a form of stretching while getting used of your grip, making yourself comfortable and your arms relaxed. Increase your swings higher! Don’t be afraid of not hitting your ball! You don’t have to hit any ball yet. This is just a simple stretching of arms and shoulders.

Imagine this: you’re greasing up your machines and preparing for a race!

2. Swing at Half Speed:

Here we go! This is the beginning of a serious part (not too serious, just enjoy your game). Using your sand or lob wedge, begin swinging at half speed. Try to get a comfortable grip with your club, getting focus on the weight of the club head as well as on hitting the ball in the centre of clubface.

Take note: You don’t have to worry on how far your ball flies. Just get familiar with the club and try to come up with an idea how much force you need to hit the ball.

3. Running Through you Golf Set

Make a dozen swings for each 9-iron and 8-iron. From there, skip the odd-numbered clubs. With each club, make the last two swings hard, because that’s how you attack the ball under pressure.

And oh!

Pay attention to your 6-iron shots. The 6 reveals the true quality of your swing!

4. This is it, Baby!

For your finale, hit about five drives. You might get tired at this point, but remember: stick with it and hit another 10 balls with your choice of short club.

Keep in Mind that:

These are the swings that truly accelerate the improvement. If you can hit good shots when you’re beat, you can easily do it when you’re fresh.


The appropriate golf grip is a great factor in achieving a perfect golf swing. Learning the appropriate gripping is actually the first thing you need to master. Why? Because it is fundamental in golf! There are numerous ways of a proper grip, but hey! There are numerous ways of the wrong ones too. And for beginners, this is gonna be confusing, and oh, quite tough.

Now, take a look at these helpful golf swing tips:

Interlocking Grip:

Be sure that the right pinky finger between the index and middle fingers of the left hand are locking the hands together.

Why? This kind of grip unifies the hands tightly and cuts down excessive movement of wrist. It gives a firmer hold on the handle without the need to squeeze hard. It definitely reduces tension.


  • With the unity between your hands, your wrist will act as a hinge when swinging.
  • Recommended for people with small hands or kids
  • Advantageous to golfers with weaker hands


  • Some may find the gripping awkward or uncomfortable

Neutral Grip:

It is considered as the ideal grip because the hands are aligned with the clubface. When you are able to see your two knuckles on your left hand when addressing the ball, then you are performing it right.


  • Does not cause slices or hooks. It makes it easier to work the ball in either direction.


  • Some golfers may fine it unnatural and uncomfortable.

Weak Grip

This refers to the hands rotating to the left on the handle and not on how you make a firm grip. When you are able to see only one knuckle on your left hand in addressing the ball, then you are performing such grip.


  • It can help the golfer hit the ball higher and with more backspin by keeping the clubface open.


  • Some golfers are not comfortable to have their arm rotation restricted.
  • Some find it difficult to properly release the club.

Strong Grip:

This is forming of V-shape by the thumb and forefinger that should point toward your chin using your dominant hand.


  • The club feels lighter
  • Easier for you to handle back-swing


  • Trouble at forming the V-shape as well as working on the timing.

I hope the above mentioned golf swing tips are helpful especially to beginners. It is also important that you get familiar with the golf swing mechanics so that it would be easy for you to determine if you’re doing the right thing or not.

Remember: It takes constant practice to perfect your golf swing.

Easy Guide to Achieve a Perfect Golf Swing
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