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Gotham Steel Pan Reviews: Does It Really Work? The Secret

Ever faced food burn or black mass accumulation in your pan? Frustrating. Isn’t it? How does it feel to have your culinary skills questioned over such issues?
We often use gallons of oil or continue changing stove temperature numerous times to combat this issue. But all you need is a new pan. A pan that prevents your food from sticking and burning. Therefore, here are the Gotham steel pans: an easy solution to all your problems! No oiling required and no more sticking to the pan, all you have to deal with is delicious dishes.

But first, we should know what Gotham steel pans are and what technology they use while manufacturing their pans.
Inviscid ceramic coating and excellent grade titanium are used to manufacture these Gotham cooking pans. Completely safe for both children and adults the Gotham steel pans are made of non-toxic components.

A well-balanced kitchen cookware, nor too heavy neither too light, all thanks to its premium titanium composition. This feature provides ease of use while cooking in these steel pans.

1. Gotham Steel 10-Piece Kitchen Inviscid Frying Pan and Cookware Set

It is one of the first cookware of its ceramic class, which offers a premium grade titanium with an excellent surface finishing. Made to deliver an uncompromising efficiency it is built with a dual of durable titanium combined with the inviscid ceramic coating. This unique and sophistication combination promises to deliver excellent longevity. Its unique and attractive feature is its multi-functionality, which provides an all-round usage to the users.

Food can be made without oiling, buttering or any other kind of grease. ItsTi-Cerama feature combined with a non-scratch surface offers the usage of different metals for mixing ingredients.
This Inviscid frying pan and cookware set is recommended to use for stovetop or in an oven not more than 500 degrees of temperature.

Featured image:Gotham Steel 10-Piece Kitchen Nonstick Frying Pan and Cookware Set
One of its major drawbacks is that it cannot be used with an induction stove. So trying it working with an induction is just a wastage of time.
But on a positive note, this cookware set is lightweight and manufactured with alloy iron which makes this product a rustproof kitchen tool. Also, it is a dishwasher safe, which makes it even more necessary to be used in the kitchen.

    This cookware set comes with a packing of 2.5-quart pot with lid, 5-quart with lid, 8.5-inch pan, 1.5-quart pots with lid, 10.25-inch pot with lid and a steamer is inserted to make it an ideal and a complete cookware set.

    Well-suited for beginners and as well as for professionals it is easy to clean, but it can be a bit prone to scratches and thus doesn’t keep up well with the claim of scratch resistance. You might feel that this product is expensive because of its cheap quality only one use is sufficient to convince you of its high durability and a multi-purpose functionality, which is very important in a kitchen.

  • Offers a multi-purpose usage
  • Highly durable
  • Can be used on high flame
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Inviscid coating with a strong titanium
  • High cost
  • Made with cheap elements
  • Bottom surface scratches easily
  • Its Ti-Cerema coating peels off easily from the bottom

2. Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5 Deep square frying & Best cooking pan with Lid, Frying Basket, Steamer Tray

Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5 Deep square frying & Cooking Pan With Lid, Frying Basket,Steamer Tray

Made up of high-grade ceramic and titanium coating this deep-frying and best cooking pan offers multi-usage with maximum durability. This deep square cookware is manufactured with an alloy iron induction base that offers a lid, steam rack and a fry basket. This oven-safe product of not more than 500 degrees is also a dishwasher-safe kitchen tool.

It lets you minimize the extra cookware in your kitchen because of its multi-functionality. Giving you a crispy result its fry basket allows you to drain out the extra oil, which means no more extra calories and less greasy food!

Its heavy-duty steamer offers you the best of your vegetables by retaining its minerals and nutrients.
This pan for deep frying is manufactured with a lightweight material, which makes it look like a cheap tool. Also, do not expect a deep-fry as those T.V ads claim to be so.

    At the bottom line, it is a versatile and a consistent cookware from the house of Gotham that has a reliable inviscid coating offering an effortless cooking.
  • • A versatile and consistent cookware
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Reliable inviscid coating
  • • Cannot be scratched easily
  • • Offers effortless cooking
  • • Does not give deep fries as claimed
  • • There is no actual cookbook only a downloadable link is provided
  • • Lightweight product
  • • Not recommended for induction cooktop

3.Gotham SteelTastic Bundle 7 Piece Cookware Set Titanium Ceramic Pan, Copper

Now you can get a combination of 12.5-inch and 9.5-inch frying pan and a 9.5-inch frying pan in just one purchase. The Ti-Cerema coating used by Gotham steel is now well-known to you, the high-quality titanium combined with inviscid coating proves this product to be durable, versatile and a smooth finish. If you are following a strict diet, then this tool might turn out to be a great companion as it does not require any kind of oiling, buttering or other types of greasing for the preparation of the food. Highly suitable for baking, cooking, and use on stovetops. 100% food safe and free from rusting and a complete dishwasher-safe kitchen tool.
Unlike those T.V ads, its 12.5-inch and 9.5inch frying pans fail to deliver an inviscid usage, but greasing can come to your rescue at least for a while.

Gotham Steel Tastic Bundle 7 Piece Cookware Set Titanium Ceramic Pan, Copper

On a positive side, these frying pans are made from premium quality, which promises to deliver desired results. But as the manufacturer claims the frying pan to be, it is not offering that much depth. Its promise is being fulfilled by its combination of ceramic and titanium coating, which works as an intended for this cookware set.
You will get a seven-piece set made up of a versatile frying pan and a tempered glass lid to cover the pan. A steamer tray, frying basket and two sizes of pans (12.5-inch and 9.5-inch) are also included in this set. A downloadable link is only a replacement for the recipe book.

    To sum up, this product is built with a durable material and premium quality components. Ace your cooking with this versatile and lightweight cookware set. The ease of cleaning is a significant merit to be noted down. While these pans are not well suited for induction stoves, the price is pretty reasonable, and they offer the best at that price.
  • • This cookware is highly versatile
  • • An efficient inviscid pan
  • • Constructed with premium quality
  • • Can be balanced well due to its lightweight
  • • Heat conduction is remarkable
  • • A downloadable link is included rather than a hard copy
  • • Does not go well with induction
  • • Inviscid coating is not as efficient as claimed
  • • Not as deep as mentioned

4. Gotham Steel 10.5-inch Inviscid Grill Pan with Ti-Cerama Surface, Copper

For the first time in the market, an inviscid grill pan is launched featuring a double-sided use for double usage. Now you can grill and griddle both at the same time with the help of this revolutionary technology. For easy cleaning, this cookware has grooves installed on its sides which trap all the grease leaving your food clean without any burned flakes on it. This amazing versatile product comes with a Ti-Cerama surface, which does not let the food stick on the pan. Most attractive feature of this pan is its dimensions, measuring 10.5×10.5 inches and those appealing ridges that give a barbecue appeal to the food. But do keep in mind that these ridges are not as deep as we would like them to be.

    Highly durable and a rustproof product which is dishwasher safe. When compared to Red Copper Pan this inviscid griller is inconsistent but on a brighter side, it’s tough coating is scratch resistant.
  • • Cooking food is easy and quick
  • • Safe for dishwasher
  • • Cooks double side
  • • High-quality ceramic
  • • Perfect for grilling
  • • Can be used on stovetop
  • Ridges should have been deeper
  • Cleaning is not easy as claimed to be
  • Cleaning is not easy as claimed to be
  • Black pasting is hard to remove
  • Panis a bit shallow

5. Gotham Steel 9.5 inches Inviscid Titanium Frying Pan by Daniel Green

This strong pan with long durability is endorsed by the famous Chef Daniel Green.It comes in a combination of inviscid ceramic and heavy-duty titanium. This ultra-modern frying pan promises to deliver a healthy cooking experience with less or no use of oil.
This versatile cookware comes with a non-scratch technology, which makes it even more convenient as all the metal utensils can accompany this. A dishwasher safe product cuts your kitchen time with effortless cooking and cleaning.
You can cook any type of food without leaving any mess behind with its Ti-Cerama coating, which does not allow the food to stick to the pan.
An efficient heat-conducting product that can slide everything on it quickly without using butter except the eggs. It is advisable to use this pan on a low flame to save your efforts from cleaning the mess later.

    As an extravaganza, this pan features in three different sizes 9.5 inches, 11 inches and 12 inches. You can also select a set in which all three sizes are available.
  • • Lets you use it on medium flame
  • • Strongly build
  • • Comes with efficient heat conduction
  • • Available in 3 sizes
  • • Can be balanced well with its optimum weight
  • • Some food can stick on the surface, but this can be avoided by special care
  • • Uncomfortable handle grip
  • • Cooking surface is small
  • • Does not offer cooking on induction

6. Gotham Steel 9950 Inviscid Titanium Frying Pan, Brown

Gotham Steel 9950 Inviscid Titanium Pan for frying is one of a kind product, which is designed with a premium grade ceramic and titanium coating which gives a smooth finishing to the surface. This pairing of Ti-Cerama technology ensures multi-purpose usage by delivering maximum longevity. Everything on this steel pan can be glided smoothly including cheese and chocolates. All thanks to its ceramic composition that does not compromise with the taste and aroma of the food while cooking veggies based on tomatoes or any other acidic base food products.
With its inviscid, coating it is just easy to clean this high-grade pan. Another feature of non-rusting makes it a versatile kitchen companion for stovetop cooking and oven baking. Even with multiple uses and long-term washing, the coating does not peel off easily.

    This product has a drawback of not working with induction and instead of sitting flat on the surface the food wobbles and spins all over the surface. This too is compensated with its 100% safe usage as Gotham steel pans are PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS-free.
  • • Multi-purpose usage
  • • Inviscid coating
  • • Built with premium quality ceramic
  • • Quickly heat or reheat the food
  • • Perfect cooking on low flame
  • • Not a good companion for induction stove
  • • Food does not sit flat while cooking
  • • Surface coating flakes off quickly
  • • DHigh on the price scale

7. Gotham Steel Ti-CeramaNonstick Loaf Panin Grey/Copper

Your perfect companion in baking those delicious cookies or creamy cakes, Gotham Steel Ti-CeramaInviscid Loaf Pan has everything installed in it. Manufactured with high-grade steel this bake cookware collection has an extra inviscid coating of ceramic and titanium to offer a convenient and hassle-free baking experience.
With its decent thickness, you can bake any food product you want. Post-baking cleaning becomes easy with its ceramic surface. Built with durable components, it gives a good look at this loaf pan which makes it oven safe not but not at temperatures more than 500 degrees.

    One of the best cookware products available right now in the market at an affordable price and good weight for proper balancing.
  • • Perfect weight for easy balancing
  • • Inviscid coating
  • • Food comes out easily
  • • Decent thickness
  • • This product does not have any drawbacks until now. It has been satisfying customers since a long period of time.
Gotham Steel Pan Red Copper Pan Copper Chef Pan
Endorsed by PATRICIA JONES [Housewife] JENNIFER JOHNSON [Professional Cook] DEBORAH WILLIAMS [Passionate about Cooking]
Material Type Ceramic, titanium, and stainless steel Ceramic combined with tough copper infusion Ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass
Heat Resistance Capacity 500°F 500°F 850°F
Oven Safe or Not? YES YES YES
Why Good?
Dishwasher Safe? YES YES YES
Price $$-$$$ $$$ $$$
Overall Users Ratings

These seven Gotham steel pan reviews are based on long investigations and tests.

The specialty:

Apart from its latest non-stick coating, these pans are loaded with some more attractive features.
• Now do not worry about those toxic substances being released at high temperatures, as these pans from the house of Gotham do not include PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS. This technology is your sure shot path to non-toxic food: a way towards a healthy life!
• They are compatible to be used in ovens at temperatures up to 500 degrees
• Maintenance of these pans is easy as you can wash them in a dishwasher for an easy and quick clean up. If you are running short of time then add some hot soapy water to the dirty pan and clean it with a damp towel
• These pans have been manufactured with a combination of titanium and stainless steel to make them more pocket-friendly
• These pans have an ideal weight with perfect balancing due to their composition of titanium and stainless steel. So, it becomes easy to move it on a stove or taking off the food
• No more oiling or buttering of the pan before preparing your food. (Yeah! Now eat without worrying about those extra calories)
• The most useful feature of these pans is their resistance to scratches. In simple words, these pans can be stored with any metal utensils and will still stay clear of scratches. Even whisking an egg would not cause any damage to the pan.
• Easy returns to retailer upon dissatisfaction are a win-win situation
Wow! This seems to be many features under one brand. With the increasing competition, Gotham has ensured an enriching experience for real-time cooking with its non-stick and non-scratch benefits.

The weight of Gotham steel pans to the pocket

The initial cost of the pan can go up to $30 with an additional charge of $6.95 for shipping your product. Once you decide to spare the $6.95, you can avail the offer of getting a free omelet maker pan. As the pan is directly shipped from Canada, you can purchase its shipping insurance, which might cost you around $3.99.

Are Gotham pans worth purchasing?

As a cautious buyer, you must be thinking twice before spending the hard earned dollars on these pans. It is important to figure out if they are worth the expenditure. Let us find out!
When you search for the manufacturing of Gotham’s non-stick pans, not much information is available on the official website. Therefore, the question of its making is still a mystery to many.
Although, you might feel some pans from Gotham are overpriced, but the tough nonstick coating is worth spending for. Whatever you plan to cook, these pans will always prevent your food from sticking or burning even at high temperatures.

What are the approved heating sources for non-stick cookware?

After reading about its compatibility with high heat, you might be wondering about the kind of burners that can support Gotham Steel Pans.
Below is your answer:
• Titanium made cookwares must not be used on electric stoves, as the heat conduction is too quick for the pan and might damage it. You can also double check the user manual provided along with the Gotham Pan.
• Using Gotham Steel Pans on an induction cooktop is precarious. Using a vessel on an induction cooktop, the base should be made of ferrous material, and titanium is a non-ferrous metal.

Safety parameters of the non-stick coating?

As the Gotham site is unable to show the making of non-stick coating, one is often worried about the safety of the coating and its durability.
It is a delight to see the great Chef Daniel Green whisking eggs directly into the pan. That is a nightmare for us to do it with our existing non-stick pan. Isn’t? We tend to avoid usage of abrasive metals on the surface. One must, however, rest assured for Gotham Pans are made with a tough non-stick coating. Whisk eggs or cook with sharp utensils nothing will happen to your pan.

Easy cooking with Gotham Pans

As it is a professional non-stick, chef-inspired pan it is designed to give you a unique cooking experience in your kitchen.
With a tough supreme grade Ti-Cerama coating on its surface, it prevents your food from sticking or burning. You can easily glide off your food with its best aroma.

Gotham steel pans come with a low or minimal cost of maintenance as it can be used in the dishwasher without any damages. You can also save your manual cleaning time and energy. All you need is to fill the pan with hot soapy water after cooking, this will ensure that the residue does not dry on the surface of the pan, and thus it becomes easy to clean the steel pan with a damp paper towel.

Here are the reviews for the top steel pans that will compliment your skills accordingly and have you grab compliments over and over for the superior taste. Go check them out!

Final Words

Gotham builds its products with superior grade quality of ceramic and titanium coating. Along with single pans, you have the option to buy a complete cookware set offered by Gotham, both for amateurs and professionals.
Most striking features, which all the products have in common are the Ti-Cerama coating made with an amalgamation of ceramic and titanium. Their resistance to scratches and sticking offers its customers to get their food in its perfect state. No need of greasing or oiling these pans as it has the ceramic coating, which avoids your favorite delicacy from sticking.
Do not forget about the easy cleaning of these pans as they are dishwasher safe and can be clean perfectly manually as well. Suitable for both stovetops and oven delivering not more than 500 degrees temperature.

This revolutionary product from the manufacturing house of Gotham deserves a big thumbs up! With its unique components, the price is also set fairly. It is also worth consideration owing to the components that are not at all dangerous for your food.
The only issue in the whole product is its handle. It made of stainless steel and thus gets heated up which makes the pan difficult to handle. Therefore, the handle needs to be protected or covered with a tough material.
Gotham steel pans can prove to be your faithful kitchen partner but only if you choose the best one from the wide range available.
Piece of advice
We recommend you not to base your purchase because of a Chef endorsing Gotham Pans.
Choose wisely, so that you do not have to regret later.

With hardly one or two drawbacks in some pans, Gotham’s pans are user-friendly and worth the expenditure.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the most suitable Gotham steel pan. from the list above!

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