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How to Fix Golf Slice: Easy and Effective Tips Inside


"How to fix golf slice?" This is one of the most common questions among the newbie golfers. Whether an amature or a professional, you must have faced this irritating question several times in your life as a golfer.

Let's dive us deeper:

Golf is simply a club and ball sport, meaning players essentially use various clubs to hit quite simply a ball into a series of holes throughout a course with the aim being as minimum strikes as possible. Golf quite simply is one of the few games that don’t require a designated or standardized playing area. Once played on a course with an ordered progression through a series of holes, either 9 or 18 holes making it up. Each hole has a tee box that you start from and a putting green which contains the actual hole, with standard terrain forms such as fairways, rough and hazards but the holes are each different and unique in layout and arrangement.

Golf the sport

Golf is played for the lowest number of strokes to score in the hole, or for fun. In this format is typically called stroke play, meaning literally lowest strokes on the most holes. Stroke play is the most popular and accepted form of golf known.

An improper slice can dramatically affect the quality of the game being played. Numerous ways of improving of fixing a slice ensure that the game quality is improved, but also the physique of the player isn’t harmed. While there are many obstacles and so forth on the road to playing golf, nowhere is there any mention of slice. That is to say, a good game of golf isn’t dependent on the slice. If you don’t correct the practice early, you won’t have good golf games.

how to improve golf slice

"Fixing Golf Slice"

The reality is that many players struggle with slice, oh yes! They don’t grip well, make steep swings into the ball and don’t understand how the hands work in releasing the ‘clutch’. Those things vary the type of shot produced, whether high weak or off centre shots. Best way to correct slice is to identify the true root of the problem to begin with. Once found the correction to the path and plane of travel with the club can be addressed.

How to correct your slice

Firstly, you check the driver, as you need to evaluate your equipment. You cannot go on a job with faulty or ill-fitted equipment. Slicers typically use drivers that are too little loft, as they are reacting to the high weak ball flight. Drivers with adjustments can increase loft and move weight.

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Set your hands so they can release

The biggest grip mistakes that make a slice inevitable are those of players that grip too weak, or grip too strong. When the thumb is pointed straight down the handle, grip tighter, so your hands are away from the target and palms parallel to each other. If you drew imaginary lines from your thumb base, they should hit the point of your collar on your right side. When you grip too tight it makes releasing through impact a challenge, take a soft grip and modify it through.

Reverse your loop

With the gripping out of the way, it’s now time to substitute the swing loop with a loop that goes in the opposite direction. The most effective way of achieving this is to simply start with a clockwise circle. For this the player can practice making circles, and then place the club head in front of the ball and draw a big backward circle starting from the target, then over the head and down and over the ball. From here we take our normal stance, with the ball between our front heels. Instead of soiling the club head (digging dirt), place it in front of the ball. Slowly make a small circle in your hands, swinging the club to the ball. From here you continue above your head and down over the ball again. With this exercise you’re focusing on the loop. As the swing proceeds, the club will drop onto a shallower plane approaching the ball and your hands will start releasing or roll over.

"PRO Swing Tips: Improve Your Golf"

Lift and turn

The next aspect is to incorporate some body turn into the drill, and to move the start of the loop from in front of the ball more toward your normal address position. Once you've grooved the clockwise circle motion keep that loop going and add your shoulder turn. To do that, start with the club head behind the ball and lift it up over your head, until your hands are in front of your face. Turn your shoulders back and feel the weight of the club head, keeping it on the shallower plane you've established, and then swing over the ball. You're making half of a clockwise loop--from the position over your head down to the ball which keeps the club on the correct inside path.

Turn and release

The last step of the process is the transition from practice drill to real golf swing. Lift the club into a two-thirds backswing position, with your left arm in front of your chest. Then make your full backswing turn, and graduate from swinging over the ball to actually hitting shots. You'll continue to feel the backward loop that you started in the first part of the drill, and you should immediately see a right-to-left ball flight. It works for any player, at any handicap level. Just take it slow, and do it in parts. I walked the range and helped dozens of slicers at our slice-a-thon, and everybody, from a 20-years-old beginner to a senior woman, got it right away. They could see in five minutes that getting rid of their slice is the first step to playing to their potential.


With all the above techniques, it will become quite an easy feat to overcome the slice. With time and practise, a slice is a remnant of older days, when players didn’t have the luxury of being able to research their weakness and limitations. If a player manages to erase his slice, his game will be significantly improved, and all it takes is some patience, practise and realisation that it doesn’t happen overnight. A golfer without a slice is a world class golfer ready to take on any opponent on the course

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How to Fix Golf Slice: Easy and Effective Tips Inside
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  1. Always listen to your best teacher—your golf ball. Whatever your moves are, as long as you see your ball on its better direction, then that’s it!

    • You have said it, right sir. We may have a new move, but as long as the golf ball is in the direction, you can say that you are doing fine.

  2. Your tools play a big part in your game. It means, finding the best club that fits to your hand and strength. Practice. Practice and Practice will also improve your game.

    • Yes Ulia. It plays a big part. But researches show that your body movement still has the biggest influence in your game. So, instead of focusing more in your club, work on your body orientation. Remember, you are in control of your swing, and not the club.

  3. Thanks for your comment.

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