How to Make and Set up a Projector: A Definitive and In-depth Guide

How to Make a Projector – Make a Projector in Your Home (DIY Projector)

First, we need to collect the materials needed for this project.
The first thing that you need is a rectangular box, which will serve as the projector’s body.

Next, we need a phone holder made out of cardboard. We also need some sort of stationery to make the measurements of the box for cutting later. Therefore, a few markers and pen will not go amiss.

Furthermore, we need a magnifying glass serving as the projector lens.
Next, we have other tools used to make measurements like a ruler. The scissors will be used to cut the cardboard when needed. Alternatively, using a box cutter also makes your life easier. A hot glue gun will stick the pieces of cut cardboard together as well. The glue sticks obtained will be inserted in the glue gun.
Further, you have to option to use foil to paste on the four sides of the inside of the box to make the quality of the images better, but it’s up to you.

Making The Lens For Projector

Take the magnifying glass and remove the glass from it. Put the glass in front of the rectangular box that has been kept for use. Draw an outline of the glass onto the box. Make sure that there are no mistakes. Use the box cutter to cut out the circle. Put the magnifying glass into the hole and make sure that it fits. Hold it in place and make sure that it doesn’t fall off. Next, apply glue to the glass and the circle with the glue gun. Make sure that there is no glue on the lens.

Making The Holder

Use your ruler to measure the width of the rectangular box. Write down all the measurements and make sure not to lose these measurements to make the back support for the holder and create a rectangle out of the width and height of the holder. Make a bottom for the holder. Follow the outline of the rectangles out and cut out the rectangles accordingly. Take a hot glue gun and connect the two rectangles together with their side touching each other. Make sure that the pieces form a correct angle when looking it from the side. Next, measure the foil according to the rectangles. After that glue the foil on the sides.

Tutorial on Using The Projector

  • Take the holder of the phone and put it flat on the ground.
  • Use tape to stick the phone onto the holder. Make sure it is centered.
  • Play the video or movie that is going to be projected.
  • Hold the phone upside down
  • Make sure to set the phone at the highest setting of light. After that put the phone holder into the body of the projection.
  • Make sure the environment is dark before playing the movie.

How to Make a Movie Projector: Make Your Movie Projector at Home

A movie projector is a device that continuously passes a film through a medium so that each frame of the film gets a pause for a fraction of a second in front of a light source. This source light illuminates brightly which mirrors the image on the film through a lens onto a screen.
Many people enjoy watching movies on the big screen in their leisure. Even if some want to watch it on the big screen, they are reluctant to provide adequate space for the purpose. Some also agree to provide but are not aware of fact that they can enjoy movies at home by making a movie projector easily with the help of a shoebox, a smartphone, a magnifying glass, and some other necessary tools for this purpose.
Materials you need to make the movie projector:

  • A smartphone
  • A shoebox
  • A magnifying glass
  • A foam board
  • Gluesticks
  • Handsaw
  • Hot glue
  • A cutter
  • Prepare your lens and the box:

    Place the magnifying glass on the edge of a sturdy table and make the handle hang of the table’s edge. Keep the handsaw at the place where the glass and the handle meet and give pressure while moving the saw back and forth over the handle to remove. You can use an old camera lens that claims not to remove the handle. What is necessary is to make use of a lens that will not be used on the camera. Don’t forget to use protective goggles and gloves while using the handsaw.

    Find out a sturdy shoebox for a better result. Make sure that your device will fit inside the fox. If you have a shoebox of thin cardboard with loose sides, line the flaps with glue, let them stick by holding them down.
    Keep one of the small ends of the shoebox flat on the table. Place the magnifying glass inside the shoebox, mark a circle around the lens with a pencil. Remove the lens-sized circle around the lens to make the hole for the magnifying glass with the help of a knife. Be careful to avoid damages by the knife. Do it on a workbench table or outside on the ground.
    Put the lens into the hole and reinforce it with hot glue. Apply tape around the lens where it is united with the cardboard.
    Measure your shoebox. Use black construction paper to line all of the surfaces if the shoebox. Reinforce the edges of the construction paper with glue. Hold them until the stick.

    Preparation of the device:

    Take a sturdy foam board and cut it into 17cm*10cm pieces so that your smartphone fits there. In case you use a tablet device, measure the device and make a larger stand for it. Be sure of the size of the shoebox for the tablet device.
    Reinforce the foam board with glue to make a stand for the device. Give it a shape of an upside-down “T”. Apply the hot glue to the bottom edge of the standing board. Apply pressure until it holds.
    Next is to download a movie-playing app on your phone. Go to the app store and search for “movie apps.” Netflix, IMDb, Hulu or Amazon Prime are some popular apps.

    After downloading the app, go to the settings to set the brightness of the device to the highest level.
    Connect a Bluetooth speaker to your device for the sound.

    Insert the device and the stand into the shoebox at the end opposite the lens. Select a movie and play it. Be sure that the picture is clear. If it’s not clear, bring the device and the stand closer to the lens inside the projector. Keep the stand at the point where you can get the clearest images. Adjust the size of the image on the screen if you want to project your movie on a bigger screen.

    How to set up a projector: A Step by Step Guide

    Are you going through problems while watching videos on the screen of your mobile? Don’t be upset! It’s time to enjoy watching videos, movies on a big screen by means of a projector. You can watch movies, videos at home with a perfect and clear image by connecting the projector to your phone, laptop. Projectors are the kind of device that lets you get what your heart desires for. How to set up the projector? Don’t be tensed! We are going to tell you about the steps.
    Below are the steps to set up your projector easily at home. Go through it!
    Materials you need:

  • A projector.
  • A screen (stationary or portable).
  • A stand or small table to place the projector on.
  • Cloth tape/cable protection (not sticky tape).
  • A/V cable on order to connect the media source.
  • Audio-amplification method.
  • Extension cord or power table.
  • The first thing you need to do is to find the exact location where you are going to set up the projector. It needs spaces to be set up (a screen or a patch of a blank wall). The goodness depends on the size f the projector. The images from the projectors vary in size. The larger the images, the dimmer it will be. If the images are bigger, the projector will be placed in a distant place. Set it in a higher place so that the beam is obstructed by you while watching.
    The speaker and the projector will not be in the same queue. Place the projector on a small table or a stand. You will get a better image if you place the projector on an ideal height.

    The next step is to set the screen if there is any with you. A screen gives you a blank surface and has the ability to amplify or reflect the light of your projector in a better way than a wall does. The image will be brighter. You need to match the room, the screen, and the projector.

    Now you need to turn the projector on by connecting it to an electrical outlet. You can connect it to a cable box, a streamer, a game console, etc. You need to press the power button and hold it for a few seconds to turn it on. You will find a solid screen in one of the corners. If you cannot find anything, you need to check whether you have removed the lens or not.

    Each model has different inputs and their location in the projector. You need to find out the types of inputs that will fit those of your media sources (mobile, laptop, DVD player).

    Adjust the center of the lens with that of the screen. Keep the edges of the projected image the same so that it fits the screen. Use zoom control if necessary. Adjust the center and the corners for a better view.
    Next is to set the right picture modes which are present in the projectors. Select “Movie” or “Cinema” if it’s in the darkroom and select a brighter mode if the light is ambient.

    You will find built-in speakers in most of the projectors. If the picture is big, you need a bigger sound. A decent Bluetooth speaker will work if the room lacks a full-on sound system. You can connect the audio and video system of the satellite equipment.
    Next is to adjust the focus circle by screwing the ring to the right or left so that you can have a clear image. The sharpness of a small text image should be kept in mind while adjusting. Lift or lower the front of the projector to adjust the angle.

    How to make a projector with a magnifying glass

    Have you ever wanted to create your projector with locally available materials? Well, making a homemade projector is not a difficult thing to do. You may find all the elements that you need at home.

    Before we go straight to the project, it is essential to understand how a projector functions.

    Typically, Common projectors work when the light passes through a lens and focus on the image. The picture is then projected onto the surface such as a screen or a wall.

    Contemporary advanced projectors create this picture internally. However, it is possible to project the image from television or any other device to a wall, through a lens. One of the most significant challenges that you can encounter when creating the projector is the placement of the magnifying glass. Ideally, there should never be any light leak or the image would be distorted.

    However, it is not impossible. You can use cardboard and a significant amount of duct tape to prevent any possible light leak. The following are steps that you need to follow to make your projector.

    Step 1

    • You are going to need two boxes. One box will be bigger than the other one. The first thing you need to do is paint the inside of the boxes with a black color. Alternatively, you can use construction paper to line the inside of the boxes appropriately to prevent light leak. Furthermore, the dark color will minimize the chances of reflection and thereby create a good quality picture.

    Step 2

    • Using a utility knife, cut a hole in the big box that is just enough for the small box to go through. This hole should be as near as possible to the center of the big box and also make sure that the little box fits snugly through the hole without any challenges.

    Step 3

    • You will then need to cut the hole in the smaller box and make sure that it is big enough for the magnifying lens. The hole should be at the bottom of the box, but as nearer as possible to the center. Make sure that that the magnifying glass fit snugly, as well, on this hole.

    Step 4

    • Move the right box directly in front of the screen that you need to project the images from. The type of lens that you are using will also determine how you place the box. For the concave lens, set the box upside down. Use the duct tape to attach the box to the screen and then make sure to seal off all the possible places that light may penetrate. This is a critical step to ensure you get the best quality picture.

    Step 5

    • The moment of truth is when you turn on the screen and slide the small box in and out to acquire the right image quality on the wall or screen. Typically, a smooth sheet and blank white walls make good projection surfaces for the best quality images.

    How to make a box projector

    You can use an old shoebox that you have lying around into a box projector. The other materials that you need are everyday office stuff.

    Well, you are probably wondering whether the process is as simple as it sounds. The simple answer is that you can do it. You need to be a little perfect with the methods. Everything will fall in place.

    Some of the materials that you are going to need to include the following

    • An old shoebox that you probably don’t need
    • Stick glue
    • PVC glue
    • Foam border
    • Your smartphone
    • Magnifying lens

    Using a hacksaw, cut the handle of the magnifying lens then reinforce the shoebox by gluing the flaps in place. This is to make sure the box is stable, and there is no wiggling. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the project. Let the box dry sufficiently before you move on to the next step.

    Place the shoebox in an upright position and use the magnifying lens and pencil to trace where you need to cut and fit it. Make sure to center the magnifying glass.

    Use a small sharp knife to cut along the traced lines, and make sure it is a perfect round. You don’t want to leave spaces through which light can penetrate the DIY projector. For a perfect circle, you can use a compass and XACTO knife attached to it. But we are not all old school, and it may not apply to some of us.

    Position the lens in place before you can start the gluing process. Put the shoebox lid back and trace it as well before cutting the portion that may block the lens. Of course, the cover will block the lens if left uncut.

    The next step is to build a phone stand using the foam board. To avoid image distortion, make sure that the stand is perpendicular to the base. The double-sided padded tape is appropriate for taping the phone to the phone stand.

    How you set the phone is an integral part of the process. Set it to the highest brightness possible for the best images. Remember to deactivate the auto-rotate option.

    And like you do with all the other projectors, you will need to calibrate the new projector. Start at the far end and then move your phone closer to the lens. You will notice that the image on the screen or wall is changing. Stop when you get the best picture.

    The last small step is to wait when it is dark and then turn on the projector to enjoy the images. I am sure that it is going to be so much fun.

    How to make a pinhole projector with a Box

    A solar eclipse is not something that you encounter every day. It takes some time before you can see the next one. You may probably not see the next full solar eclipse. Therefore, it is always important to enjoy the moment when it happens.

    It is always easier to buy a pair of eclipse glasses. However, it is not all of us that have an extra few bucks to spend. If that is the case, you can make your pinhole projector. It may not be as good as the eclipse glasses, but it does the work. Most importantly, the homemade pin projector protects your eyes from the harmful rays from the sun.

    The following are the materials that you need

    • Thumb tuck or pin
    • Cardboard box
    • Aluminum foil
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • A sheet of white paper
    • A pen or pencil

    Step 1

    • Take the shoebox or an empty cereal box and place it on the piece of paper. Trace it on the paper and then cut it out using a pair of scissors.

    Step 2

    • Pick the rectangular piece of paper and tape it inside the box. It is going to be the screen on which the image will lie.

    Step 3

    • Close the top and cut two holes along the left and right edges on the top side. Tape a piece of the aluminum foil to one of the holes.

    Step 4

    • The last step is to poke a hole on the aluminum foil to let in light necessary to project the image.

    Step 5

    • Point the aluminum foil to the sun and then look inside through the other end that you did not cover with the aluminum foil. You will notice that the image of the sun is projected on the white paper. The longer the box, the bigger the image that you are going to have.

    How to make a holographic projector

    Having a holographic projector is one of the most fun things to have. You can never have enough of seeing 3d images from your devices such as a smartphone or iPad.

    Some of the things that you are going to need for the project include the following.

    • Protractor
    • Pencil
    • Scale
    • Sharp knife
    • Scissor
    • Super Glue
    • A thick white paper to create a template with

    Step 1

    1. To go about it, you will need to draw one centimeter by one centimeter square on a piece of paper. Then draw diagonal lines on the square drawing to determine which the center point is.

    Step 2

    2. You will then draw additional vertical and diagonal lines going across the initial one by one-centimeter square. In total, you should have about eight lines passing through the center to the corners and the center of the square.

    Step 3

    3. Then from the border of the one-centimeter square, measure 3 cm and draw a bigger square. It should be about 3.5 centimeters from the center of the small square to the border of the big square.

    Step 4

    4. Use your protractor to measure 55 degrees from the border of the small square. Draw 55° lines that run the center of the small square. You should have eight 55° lines in total.

    Step 5

    5. Use a sketch pen to highlight all the critical lines. Then use your scissors to cut out the templates, and be careful not to mess it up. You should have four triangular models in total and a small center square.

    Step 6

    6. You will use these templates to cut out the pieces on the cd case.

    Step 7

    7. Use super glue to join all the pieces together. This may be a little difficult, and so you will need to be careful and diligent.

    Step 8

    8. Your hologram projector is now ready for use. Enjoy 3D images, and you can even invite your friends to share in the fun.

    How to make a Projector with a Flashlight

    Flashlights produce a straight and strong beam of light that you can use in a homemade projector. However, this type of projector will only work with photographic types of slides such as the phone slides or others that you may get from handheld devices.

    You will need to make some changes to the beam of light coming from a flashlight. That is if you want your projector to be useful. For example, you will need to distill the light before it reaches the frame. Furthermore, you, as well, will need to determine how to magnify the image.

    1. Used tissue paper to cover the front end and the lens of the flashlights entirely. Secure the tissue paper with a rubber band

    2. Get two pieces of cardboard and cut U shapes with square corners. They should be the same size as the flashlight. However, one part should have a wider opening than the other to hold a slide.

    3. Glue the two pieces of cardboard together to form a frame that can hold the slide. With the bigger piece of the cardboard on the outside, tape the frame in front of the covered flashlight.

    4. Insert the slide in the frame so that it is securely in front of the flashlight.

    5. Point the beam from the flashlight to a wall and place a magnifying glass in front of the lens. Turn on the light and make sure it goes through the lens for a clear image on the wall. All you need to do now is adjust the position of the lens for the best picture.

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