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Kirkland Diapers Review: A Real Mom’s Review

Kirkland Diapers Review: A Real Mom’s Review
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Hey mommies! Maybe, you too felt confused when choosing the best diaper for your babies. Yes! all mommies went through that stage especially with your firstborn. It’s just that, we want our babies to feel the most comfortable feeling in the world, right? And while others are complaining of the diapers they are using for their babies, hearing their stories can also make us worry, too.

Here’s what: Some mommies will just prefer the cloth diapers to prevent their babies from rashes and other allergic reactions of some diapers. Now, let’s see which is better, the cloth or the disposable ones.

When you talk about being economical, cloth diapers are undoubtedly cheaper than disposable ones. They are more environmentally friendly. You can minimize your trash in exchange for additional laundry.

Now, let’s see the advantages of disposable diapers. One major advantage of using disposable diapers is the ease of use. It’s very simple to wear on your babies. In less than 30 seconds, you can wear it to your baby, and off you go! and guess what, everybody knows how to use it. Second, you don’t’ have to put on any nappy washes or hang the nappies to dry. This is helpful to all mommies who also go to work without much time of doing laundry. And oh, one more thing. Most of the disposable diapers now are eco-friendly, this, you don’t have to worry regarding environmental issues.

And what’s more helpful? When you are traveling, disposable diapers are very much convenient. You can just pack them because they are compact, and throw them properly when already used. This could mean that you won’t be bringing smelly used nappies when you are on travel with your little munchies. Cloth diapers are not recommended to be used when traveling, but only when being used in the home.

Alright, let’s focus first on disposable diapers as this is the thing that you need to be very careful when buying. Unlike cloth diapers that come with almost the same fabric, disposable diapers may come in different absorbent materials. although some are advertised as hypoallergenic, there are babies who have very sensitive skin, and you have to be very careful about that. Surely, you don’t want to make your baby feel uncomfortable or worse, get some rashes.

Buying Tips for Disposable Diaper

1. See to it that the diaper is hypoallergenic.
2. Get the right size for your baby. Too fit diapers give them discomfort.
3. Research on diapers which are best at dealing with leaks.
4. Do not put more emphasis on the price, but rather on the comfort and healthy ones.
5. Ask other mommies on what are the best diapers for them.
6. Best if you found eco-friendly or green diapers.
7. Do not buy too many packs during the first week. Make sure that the diaper you are using works well in your baby’s skin.

Did you know that one of the popular disposable diapers is the Kirkland Signature Supreme? Yes! This is a branded diaper and one of the strong competitors of Huggies Diapers as well as Pampers Diapers.

Oooops! I know what you have in mind! The price. Yes, you’re right, it’s a bit expensive in Costco, but you can enjoy discounts if you are a member. So, why the price? Well, just like other things, you get it at a quite steeper price because they are made special. Hey! You want anything special for your baby, right?

So, let’s get to know this Costco Diaper. All claims about Kirkland Diapers in this article is from the test we conducted versus other branded diapers. Some information is based on testimonies of mommies.


Kirkland Signature Supreme boasts its soft materials that ultimately best your babies. Among 20 diapers, it ranked 10 that falls on the average, and this is according mommies who participated in the survey. It received a 7 out of 10 average scores on Comfort. What makes it more comfortable to wear aside from the soft material, is its leg cuffs which were coarser compared to other brands. Some issues of other brands of diapers refer to the leg cuffs which often cause chaffing and discomfort to baby’s sensitive skin (inner thigh).

Absorption and Leaks

For absorption, Kirkland scored 6 out of 10. It was scored the same with Huggies – Snag and Dry, but is quite better in terms of price than the latter. Huggies have steeper price compared to Kirkland.

Talking about the Leak score, Kirkland scored much higher compared to Up & up. Up & up is generally an inexpensive diaper but very poor in dealing with leaks. In the test, only the Pure n Gentle and Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive scored better at dealing with leaks, but the rest especially those considered to be in low rank are quite awful.


For durability, the Kirkland Signature Supreme scored 7 of 10 in our tests which is a way better than other branded diapers. When the test conducted, there were only a few crystals/gel explosions on the diaper which indicates that Kirkland diaper is durable. It was observed on the test that those cheap diapers including Parent’s Choice by Walmart as well as Luvs Ultra Leakguars were prone of expelling SAP crystals compared to expensive brands like Kirkland, Pampers, and Huggies.

Eco and Health Friendly
Among all areas being tested, Kirkland score was 9 of 10 impressive in Health, tying up with Pampers. Earth’s Best Tender Care garnered the score of 7 tying up with Up & Up, however with a much higher price (as much as twice the price) than the latter. Other diapers scored below 6 such as Parent’s Choice, Babies R Supreme, White Cloud, and others.

In looking at the Eco-Friendly criteria, Kirkland scored a fairly high remark with 6 out 10. Bambo Nature and Nurtured by Nature got the highest in the eco category with 8out 10. The rest such as Luv Ultra Leakguards, Up & up, Babies R Us Supreme got a score of 6 and below respectively.


If you are a budget conscious parent, surely, you would get attracted to Kirkland Signature Supreme Diaper. How is that so? Because even if you get it in quite an expensive cost, you’ll get satisfied with its performance. As you can see in the test result, Kirkland has the average score in terms of comfort which is one of the important things to look into when buying a diaper. Your baby would surely give you sleepless nights and a lot of crying if they feel uncomfortable with what they are wearing.

Moreover, it scored fairly on dealing with leaks and absorption which is another important consideration. This is very important during night time where you do not want your baby’s sleep to be interrupted. Remember, good sleep affects better growth to your child.

Some diapers are discouraged by health and environmental institutions because of the materials being used, which could be harmful to babies. Good thing that Kirkland Diaper was able to boost its score on this area.

And one last thing: Skin types of babies vary. Some might fit well to a particular brand, while others fit best to other brands. This could mean that mommies should be wise enough in choosing a diaper brand.

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