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Koolaburra By Ugg Reviews: All You Need To Know Before You Make a Purchase

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The perfect boots are perfect wardrobe companions and also add to the comfort of everyday walks. A good shoe brand must encompass great looks as well as superior comfort in its boots.
Koolaburra is one such brand that manufactures good boots that are designed to impress and stay with you for a long time.
This energetic and fresh brand of Santa Barbara is known for its adventurous spirit with a sensible touch of boho-chic. Its foundations lie on free spirit designing without compromising on comfort and trendsetting looks.

Koolaburraboots are inspired by their devoted fan following and the credit goes to its material. If you have a keen eye for original styling then Koolaburraboots is a perfect choice. It has drawn the inspiration from artistic culture, exciting ocean views and vivid atmosphere of Southern California. Koolaburra ranges from cable, short, slim ankle, tall, mini and short varieties of boots.

Therefore, you have the plethora of choices to make from.
This Koolaburra by UGG reviews will give you an insight into his wide range of boots with their street-ready styles.

1. Koolaburra women’s cable Boot Review

These cable boots are a perfect combination of dazzling tassels and velvety smooth feel, which gives it a boho-chic style. These boots celebrate fashion in its finest quality. These are crafted with the flirtatious fringes, soft cushion and plush sheepskin delivering whole day comfort.

Their fabrication with Australian fur with a double row of suede fringes provides durability with a 9-inch shaft height and EVA lightweight sole. You can choose your fit from four colors.

2. Women’s Koola Short Fashion Boot Reviews

These short boots from the house of Koolaburra are an everywhere must have wardrobe essential. Their timeless silky smooth suede is an iconic sport made with a combination of faux fur in its interiors and sheepskin. The cushion sock liner and its lightweight EVA sole is a necessity to have in every girl’s arsenal.
Available in three colors with a cow suede that will give you ultimate comfort and warmth with its 9-inch durable shaft height.

3. Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Classic Slim Tall Winter Boot

This another range of Classic Slim Tall Winter Boot are designed with streetwear sensibility hence regaining its timeless modernity. To give you the superior comfort and coziness it is fabricated with soft sheepskin, Thinsulate sock liner is incorporated for durability and comfort.
The unique feature of these boots is that these designs are an inspiration from boy’s basic given a twist of feminism. For the final touch, the manufacturers have added a mini wedge as an added height. These slimmer silhouettes are available in two basic colors.

4. Women’s Koola Mini Boots Reviews

All koola boots are fabricated with the same material to give you comfort and durability each time.
This one is the small sized version of the timeless Koola short boots.
Koola mini has got the superior mileage with its flattering ankle height and a curved top line covered with faux fur.
Get these mini coopers in five different colors to coordinate with your outfit.

5. Women’s Victoria’s Tall Fashion Boot Reviews

Providing comfort with its cushioned Thinsulate sock-liner gives all-day wearability from its equipped durable EVA sole.
It’s cute pretty design will appeal to you instantly. Those flirty bows placed at the center of the boots are handcrafted with supple suede and these boots are lined with faux fur and sheepskin. Gorgeous spills from the seams make it an ultimate calf height stunner with your everyday outfits.
You can choose your Victoria Tall from three neutral shades.

6. Women’s Victoria Short Fashion Boot Reviews

Fabricated with faux fur and a Thinsulate sock-liner. Its street ready sole will give you a transition from uptown to downtown with ease.
These cute little chic boots offer you ultimate comfort and its original Koola styling embossed with tiny bows on the exposed seam give these boots a feminine touch. Pick your Victoria short from three neutrals perfectly matching your outfit.

7. Women’s Koola Tall Fashion Boot Reviews

This one is quintessential for your closet and a staple boot for your comfort. Combined with sheepskin and faux fur it makes your feet pleasurable bound in it.
You get round the clock comfort delivered by its lightweight and durable EVA sole. These best-loved back to basics are available in three pretty colors.

8. Women’s Koola Slim Short Boots Reviews

These comfortable boots with a sleek touch are fabricated carefully with original sheepskin and faux fur.
These easy slip-on streamlined boots are easy to wear and have a ready to go sole, which you can sport every day. Pick from three gorgeous colors to compliment your outfit.

9. Women’s Koola Slim Tall Boots Reviews

This is just a long version of Koola Slim short. They just have a sassier look with extra length to suit your various outfits.
These boots are given the title of the skinny jean of boots made with a velvety suede, faux fur, and warm sheepskin.
This basic but yet flattering style boots are combined with a wedge sole to add some height. Choose these staple boots from three basics.

After a whole lot of discussion about the wide range of Koolaburraboots let us have a look at the pros and cons to make the right choice.

Well, watch this video quickly:


Comfortable fit

No other boots have the tendency to make your feet happy as Koolaburra by UGG have. These boots are the coziest and comfortable ever made. Glide into one of them and it will make you walk as if you are walking on clouds.

Ultimate warmth

Koolaburra is fabricated with original sheepskin and loaded with velvety faux fur to keep your feet away from the chilling winters.

Trend Setter

These boots are not only warm and cozy but are trendy and labeled with a renowned brand name. Those flirtatious bows, exposed seams, easy slip on boots; basics and feminine twist boots are eye-catching for everyone.

Half sized boots

Well everyone is well aware that these boots are manufactured in China and people out there have narrow feet. So UGG made half sizes like 1.5, etc. to add comfort.

Perfect runners

Running late for morning classes or making up to catch your flight on time? Do not worry Koolaburra by UGG are there to help you. These comfortable and pristinely made boots are easy to look at when you are in a pinch.


Not waterproof

In a country New England where the weather brings soaring rains or snowfall, these boots are not the right option to select. Wearing these boots on a rainy or snowy day is a big NO. After all, nobody likes to walk in with those boots soaked in water.

Difficult cleanup

UGG boots are quite difficult to clean as compared to leather boots, which take only a few minutes to clean.
To avoid this drawback you can follow these steps for an easy cleanup.
i. Nikwax is a cleaning gel that revitalizes and removes dirt, stains, and works as a water repellent for your boots.

ii. The best part is that this gel can be used on any type of material.

iii. You can also buy a cleaning kit provided by UGG itself on its website and on the official website of Koolaburra as well.

iv. If your Koolaboots are soaked in rain, you can clean them with a toothbrush and a liquid.

v. Or you can just let them dry and wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth.

vi. Some companies offer to dry clean your UGG boots. Not only dry-cleaning, they also re-dye the boots and make them water repulsive.

Not a good walking partner

There are a plethora of boots offering varied levels of comfortability in walking. The soles of Koolaburra by UGG are crepe soles giving a comfortable wear and the cushioned sheepskin lining avoids blisters. But there is the lack of arch support which does not allow these boots to walk long. If you are, hunting boots offering serious walking then look for the arch support.

Expensive buy

Koolaburra by UGG is an expensive purchase. But due to its high-end material, patent designing, and quality of workmanship the prices soars high. Although, expensive but worth their price.

Koolaburra by UGG makes the flat UGG’s like others but with a difference.
They have twisted the basic styling with attractive accessories like cute little chic bows, flirtatious seams, studded belts, lock made with beads and feathers and boho-style fringes.

They have also worked upon the soles by giving them a sporty sneaker look or a wedged look swapping them with those basic soles. Kookaburra is the perfect juxtaposition of rocking chic with a touch of boho sensibility. These boots help you to stay sharper with extra comfort and the leather laces allow you to adjust the grip accordingly.
Tuck them inside your jeans or expose them under a mini dress these easy to show off minions are worth your purchase. If you are in love with those cozy sheepskins and supple suede fabricated with faux fur Koolaburra are the right choice. Choose from varieties of ankle heights and soles these boots will never let you down. These Koolaburra by UGG reviews are done to help you to make a perfect choice.
Worth their price and especially when you are getting street-ready designs when the rest of the world does not.

FAQs about Koolaburra Uggs

Why are Koolaburra boots so popular?

Kola boots are usually known for their comfort and warmth. Other than these two traits, one of the biggest reason of UGG being so popular is their boho-chic street-ready styles. Every teenager or adult women want a pair in their wardrobe arsenal. With the plethora of ranges and styles available, these boots are the perfect pair for your every outfit.

How to clean Koolaburra by UGG?

UGG boots are little difficult to clean as compared to other. Following are some suggestions, which can be followed while cleaning your boots.

• Nikwax is a cleansing gel, which revitalizes your boots and removes dirt and stain. It also makes your boots water repellent. This ideal gel is favorable to use on almost every type of footwear made of any material.

• A cleaning kit by UGG is available and can be purchased easily on its official website.

• Another way to clean your boots is cleaning them with soda.

Does Koolaburra kill sheep to manufacture their boots?

No. Koolaburra by UGG does not kill sheep to fabricate their boots. They use the hides of dead sheep instead.

Are these boots favorable with snow?

If you are planning an outing on a snowy day then these boots might not go along. Water can damage the material of these boots. Nevertheless, if you are so keen on wearing these boots then protect these boots by using a spray beforehand.

Why are Koolabootsso pocket pinchers?

Due to their high-end quality in designing and workmanship and patented manufacturing, these boots come with pocket burning prices.

Is Koolaboots ugly?

These boots are puffy and made with thick faux fur that, might not appeal to everyone but the fact is that this fabrication makes these boots ultra-comfortable and durable. It is accessorizing with cute chic bows, studded draping belts and much more makes these boots trendy and modern. Therefore, it all depends on personal preferences.

How to buy your perfect fit boots?

These suede boots come in half sizes, which, makes them more comfortable, then rest. But it is advisable to purchase a half size larger to pair them with thick socks.

Can men also wear these boots?

Of course! If something is protecting you from cold chilly winds and offering you extreme comfort then why not. There are enough ranges available in beautiful colors. Therefore, men can choose their perfect fit and protect themselves from chilling frostbites.

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