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Leupold gx-3i Rangefinder Review: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Leupold gx-3i Rangefinder Review: Things You Need to Know Before Buying
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Golf is a game of confidence and competence. As a golfer, there are many factors that will help improve the quality of your game, put you ahead of your competition and make you enjoy the game immensely. Investing in the right rangefinder will be a step closer. The Leupold gx-3i for rangefinders is arguably one of the best in the market.

Many golfers who have used it before have recommended it highly especially at an amateur level. Many golfer enthusiasts did not think it was possible to improve the Leupold as they thought it was perfect.

They were wrong!

The gx-3i is its advancement, it retains most of the features to make them better. It has brilliant optics, great speed, easy to use and its accuracy is legit.

Side-Front image of Leupold gx-3i rangefinder

Features at a glance:

DNA Technology.
OLED Display
​Pin Hunter & Prism Lock
​Quick Set Menu
Scan Mode


Leupold gx-3i is rich in features. As a golfer, you need all the information you can get about a product before purchasing it. With so many other products, the pressure is on the golfer to decide what suits him best. These are some of the features of the Leupold gx-3i that should make you make up your mind.


For any golfer, he needs faith in his distance control. Leupold gx-3i is specifically equipped with revolutionary DNA technology, designed specifically for faster measurements. It works ridiculously fast.

It has a prism lock technology which makes locking on to flagsticks with prisms at a distance easier and ensures that exact distance is obtained. It is enabled when scanning at distances that are over 30 yards.


It also has a crisp display with a slight green tint. Players have the option of selecting from three different aiming reticle options. It blinks additional information that is provided on slope-adjusted distance and angle in the display.


The difference between a pro and amateur in a golf game is the ability to be accurate and also determine distance. The gx-3i has an improved laser for accuracy within six inches. Distances are displayed to a tenth of a yard. This ensures that you have both the accuracy and the distance to become a pro over time.

It provides 6x magnifications which is the average magnification by golf laser rangefinders. Under optimal conditions, it targets up to 400 yards to the pin, 800 yards to a tree.


It is excellently designed. It has this rugged aluminum body that is very distinct. This design is specifically for golf market and has a unique and innovative combination of features. It comes with a CR-2 lithium battery that is very durable and will keep you going in the game for a long time.

It has a fog mode for misty mornings. It can be turned on and off to improve performance in rain or fog to avoid false readings. It is extremely weatherproof making it nothing short of spectacular and leaving you with nothing to worry about.


It has multi-coated lenses for excellent clarity.


During a game, players keep moving from one place to another. Most of these players prefer lightweight rangefinders. Leupold gx-3i weighs 7.7 ounces only. It has dimensions of 3.7 x 2.9 x 1.3 inches.


i. The Leupold gx-3i is easy to use. It is as simple as putting the battery in and you are ready! The ability to retain aiming reticules, retaining fog mode and also displaying in yards are options that can be accessed through a simple two layout button that is very easy to navigate.

ii. Its speed and light have drawbacks. In case the course you are playing doesn’t have prisms and there are lots of trees then the gx-3i gives you a whole bunch of changing numbers while you try to laser the flag, this bugs you because of the different numbers that keep flashing on your screen.

leupold gx-3i unboxing


It has panning mode which basically enables the golfers to scan the course to get distances to different points while holding the laser button. It rapidly updates distance readings when panning across relatively new targets.

It has a pin locating feature called pin hunter 2 technology which is used at all times. This makes it simpler to determine distances to targets. This is done by filtering our readings from larger objects that are reflexive in the background.

It quickly separates the returned background readings from the objective readings, this advanced feature enables you to get the accurate reading to the target.

Scan mode allows the user to hold down the power to read multiple targets in one swoop. It has the ability to scan across while getting updated distance reading.


i. It has an exterior that is sleek and appealing.
ii. The fog mode comes in handy when conditions change and you still need to record correct readings.
iii. ​It is compact and easy to hold therefore making movements swift.
iv. Has a durable outer shell and it is weatherproof. It can work under any conditions without affecting the readings.
v. ​It is incredibly accurate to within six inches when ranging targets. Distances are also displayed to a tenth of a yard.
vi. Has a long battery life. You do not need to worry about the battery while playing.
vii. Has DNA processor for faster measurements.
The OLED display is clear. It makes information easily readable in different backgrounds and lighting situations.
viii. Has incredible speed. It calculates distances very fast. Good for people with shaky hands as they can still get accurate readings.
ix. The Leupold gx-3i is quick in all modes.
x. Generally looks amazing.
xi. It powers on really quick.


i. The Leupold gx-3i is expensive and costly.
ii. It can feel a bit small due to its compact size to those who have huge hands.
iii. ​It uses a lithium battery that may ultimately run low sooner than the others.
iv. ​Data is shown as blinking reading on the OLED display. This interface may be distracting to some people.
v. It may be sensitive when it comes to targeting flagsticks.
vi. The user has to remain steady for the best chance of locking on the pin. It is difficult to lock on to flagstick while panning across multiple targets.

vii. Extra Sensitive in targeting trees or flagsticks.
viii. Blinking Reading
ix. It has a design that is easy to hold and an incredibly compact aluminum body. It also has a very fast performance DNA (digital enhancement accuracy) for faster measurement. The quick set menu makes it easy to use because no golfer wants to have a hard time understanding something.

x.Once you set the device the way you like, you may never need to touch it again. To add to that, it’s vivid OLED display makes it easy to read distances against any background.

xiThe best thing about the gx-3i is that it is instant and works great even with shaking hands. It is simply the best rangefinder. Faster, better yardages? What is there not to love about this?


Does the Leupold gx-3i come with a warranty?

Yes. It comes with a two year warranty.

Is the Leupold gx-3i legal for tournaments?

Yes. This device is legal for golf tournaments.

What’s the secret to insert the battery as the cover doesn’t even budge?

Simply put your fingernail on the bottom of the cover and flip it up. Rotate the tab 90 degrees counter clockwise to open.


Remain steady for the best chance of locking on the pin
Find rangefinders without and tint as they are clearer.


If you are looking for a rangefinder then this is it. From the fast speed, the accuracy to the red OLED display that is easily readable and the effective DNA processor you have every reason to fall in love.

It is also very durable, the size is compact and the design is very attractive. It has a solid grip and therefore easy to hold. Generally the Leupold gx-3i will not disappoint. It will definitely exceed all expectations.

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