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Nikon ACULON AL11 Rangefinder Review : What You Need to Know: Check Editor’s Review

Nikon ACULON AL11 Rangefinder Review : What You Need to Know: Check Editor’s Review
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Are you searching for the best rangefinder that promises amazing performance? Nikon ACULON AL11 might be the one you are looking for! Nikon, being known for its good reputation around the world in providing exceptional performance when it comes to gadgets, no wonder this Golf Rangefinder makes some noise too in the Golf Industry.

Though some of the Nikon products has steeper prices, customers are assured that they are investing their money wisely. Just like this ACULON AL11, it may sound expensive, yet all worth it.

Think about this:
A rangefinder with high level of accuracy is much helpful.
This will help you a lot by providing the most accurate measurement when you’re rocking on the field.

Hence, this is one thing you’re gonna find in a rangefinder.

And what’s great?
Let’s dive deep what Nikon Aculon AL11 Golf Rangefinder can offer you:

Well, this is just one of the many things this amazing rangefinder can offer.

And there’s a lot more!​

Now, this article aims to assist you by providing an in-depth Nikon Aculon al11 Laser Rangefinder buying guide. In this review, you’ll get know the great things this rangefinder could offer. Of course, because this is an honest review, cons too are cited aside from pros to fully give you detailed and informative review. This is because we want you to select the best!


Because golf rangefinders are truly helpful to players may it be to newbies and professional, a lot of brands are out of the market today. And yes! It’s not easy to choose the right one. There are things you need to weigh on.

Before we get into ​Nikon Aculon al11 Laser Rangefinder review, let’s have a look on the 5 top rated golf rangefinders in the market.

Below are of the 5 top rated Golf Rangefinders being sold on the market today. These rangefinders have proven their performance and definitely considered to be of high quality.

These rangefinders include:

– Bushnell g-force DX ARC golf rangefinder

– TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

– Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder

– Nikon Pro stuff 7I Golf Rangefinder

Nikon ACULON al11 Laser golf rangefinder Review:

Let’s get to know its features in details:

Nikon utilizes enhanced multilayer optics which gives you images of your targets that are more defined. The optics are conveniently designed to ensure that even while on glasses, you still get clear images.

The distance of the target will be shown instantly on the screen just by pressing its button. With this remarkable unit, the precise distance of the flag can be determined so you can make sure calculated shots. Such rangefinder is user-friendly and won’t give you hard time operating it.

Additionally. Its display is free of clutter.

The Nikon Aculon Rangefinder exhibits a remarkable performance when it comes to accuracy. It zooms up to 6x magnification that offers you a crisp view. The measurement range is also very stable that shows readily the distance when button is pressed.

Distant Target Priority Mode
This unit has been set up to show the distance of the farthest targets when directed toward a bunch of targets. This provides users with the capacity to find targets even when they are hidden in trees. The unit ensures that your performance is enhanced every time you utilize it in a game.

Super -Compact Size
The size of the Nikon rangefinder cannot be disputed by any other rangefinder being sold on the market. Most devices that are too little end up being of low quality but this cannot be said about this device.

The device is designed to conveniently fit in your palms. It also ensures you can move about conveniently while you easily utilize this device.

Single Button Operation
This device can be operated with ease and it ensures attaining distance is fun and easy. It ensures the golfing experience is fun and enhances results. The utilization of a single button for controls ensures that images of the targets are shown accurately with ease.

The Nikon rangefinder comes with a striking design with the logo quickly spotted on the side of the unit. The design comes in a smaller size which is easy to hold and transported. It’s easy to move around because you can just put it in the pocket, or hang it on your bag by its pouch.

Because it’s handy, you’ll never get tired carrying it. Even though this device is not designed to be totally water-resistant, it won’t get damaged by water with ease.

Water Resistant
Just like other rangefinders, the Nikon Aculon is waterproof. Sudden drizzles unexpectedly come but the game must still go on. No worries! Your rangefinder is protected by this feature.


Even if it’s waterproof, one must not expose this gadget with too much liquid or water if possible. The inside parts are sensitive and could be damaged especially when submerged to water.

This device utilizes a CR2 battery. Replacing the battery can be done with ease as getting access to the battery compartment is not difficult. It can be carried out without the use of any technical tools.

The Nikon 8397 Aculon A11 Laser Rangefinder automatically goes off when idle for 8 seconds. This helps you save the battery so you could use the gadget for a longer period of time. This is a great feature in the event when you’re too busy with your game and forget to turn off the device. It’s energy saving and very much helpful while on the course.

The level of the battery can be viewed via the unit. This gives you an idea on when to replace or charge the battery and be ready for the game!

  • Budget friendly, and worth every penny spent
  • Comes with high-quality optics.
  • ​User-friendly. Anybody can use the device.
  • Comes with very compact design, durable and long-lasting case.
  • Extremely lightweight and can be carried without feeling strained.
  • Automatically shuts down when not in use, thus energy saving.
  • Provides an enhanced accuracy level necessary for determining target.
  • Battery compartment can be opened easily.
  • Units shown both in meters and in yards.
  • Can be set in First Target Priority Mode.
  • Doesn’t feature highly technical specifications such as JOLT.
  • Utilizes CR2 batteries which is expensive that other models.
  • Requires steady hand to capture clear vision of target.
  • View some user reviews on amazon

See What the Customers are Saying


Q: I wanted to buy this rangefinder for my husband who loves golf. Does it performs well with golf? How about in hunting?

A: I make use of this rangefinder for golf; the only issue is that it needs a person whose hands are very steady.

Q: Can this Nikon ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder be used for bow hunting?

A: It is ideal for quick ranges below 100 yards.

Q: Is there a wearable pouch or clip with it?

A: Mine comes along with a belt holder when I bought it. This is the most remarkable holder I ever owned.

Q: Has anybody had issues finding the range utilizing 3D targets?

A: I utilize mine on the golf course to measure the distance to trees, pines, lake banks and others. Well, it works great.

Q: I like putting my glasses on while shooting my bow, would ranging be possible with glasses on?

A: Yes, ranging can be done using your glasses.

Q: Does it function properly in low light?

A: Yes, I sometimes use it in the morning, and the rangefinder works perfectly.


Did you know?

Rangefinders are sensitive specifically in the area of optics. It is ideal that you handle the unit cautiously. The following may assist you in helping you take care of your unit.

– Ensure it is properly stored after usage

– Do not submerge it in water as water could damage it if it gets into sensitive parts

– Ensure you clean the device gently after use and store in a dry and cool location.

– Keep away from your children as well as other adults that do not know how to handle it efficiently.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of our review!

The Nikon ALUCON 8397 Laser Golf rangefinder is definitely a budget friendly gadget for newbies and experts as well. Although there are some advanced features is not present on this rangefinder, it still works well.

So, if you are in search of a device that is easy to use, budget-friendly, reliable and durable, then this Nikon Alucon Laser Rangefinder fits your needs. The lightweight and compact design will attract not only you, but your fellow golfers as well.

Absolutely helpful at improving your shots, this rangefinder makes your game easy and at great speed. The design, performance, and accuracy definitely won’t let you down!

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