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Parent’s choice diaper reviews

Parent’s choice diaper reviews
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Parent’s choice diaper reviews
The first cry of a newborn inevitably comes with poop and pee and lots of diaper changes. The period from birth to potty training is full of choices for the ideal diaper, and the choice usually depends on various factors such as cost, comfort, absorbency, etc.
Parent’s choice diapers come with a promise of keeping your toddlers dry and snug at a very affordable price. Parent’s Choice diapers are considered to be the best absorbent diapers, especially at nighttime. For drier bottoms, it prevents leaking for up to 12 hours. It’s soft cottony and stretchable tabs to fit comfortably and preventing leakage and sagging. All the diapers manufactured by the Parent’s Choice are equipped with a hypoallergenic lining with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to protect the sensitive skin of your baby.
For your ease, the diapers of size 1, 2 and 3 come with wetness line. This line acts as an indicator, which tells you that your baby is wet by turning from yellow to blue. Made with no perfume or latex these diapers are, made with super care.
Parent’s Choice diapers are available in seven different sizes:
1. Newborn for under 10 lbs
2. Size 1 for 8-14 lbs
3. Size 2 for 12-18 lbs
4. Size 3 for 16-28 lbs
5. Size 4 for 22-37 lbs
6. Size 5 for over 27 lbs
7. Size 6 for 35 lbs and above
8. Size 7 for over 41 lbs
Parent’s choice diapers is a good choice for your toddlers, crawlers, creepers or infants.
• Provides 12 hours of leakage protection
• Comes with an all-roundsnug and comfortable fit
• Cottony soft and stretchable tabs
• Zoo crew designing on these diapers
• Comes in seven different sizes
Next best thing after Pampers
• Best disposable diapers
• Acts like a soft cotton cover for the baby
• Protects the sensitive skin of the baby
• Stretchable and shape contoured to combat leakage
• Easy to read wetness indicator
• Locks the wetness for drier and soft bottoms
• Great purchase at its affordable price
• It does not provide full coverage. To overcome this flaw, you can buy one size bigger for your baby
How Parent’s choice diapers are different from other brands?
Below are some points that prove Parent’s choice diapers a step ahead of others.
• A great snuggler
Parent’s choice diapers offer an excellent fit to the babies. Their well-made stabs from a plushy cottony material that embraces the bottoms with care and comfort. These diapers are perfect to surround the sensitive skin of the baby. Its soft leg gathers contours the shape to ensure a comfy fit for your toddlers. On the other hand, diapers like Pampers, Huggies, Target, Luvs, along with others are quite harsh on the skin of the baby. They are soft but does not work on the sensitive skin. Whereas, Parent’s choice diapers are made with specialized components like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to avoid rashes.
• Ultra-absorbent
These diapers are made with ultra-absorbent technology that ensures up to 12 hours of leakage protection. It locks the wetness to keep the bottoms dry. This feature keeps your little comfortable in the nighttime also.
• Wetness alarm
Now you can know when your baby needs a diaper change with the help of Parent’s choice east to read wetness indicator. It turns from yellow to blue when the diaper is wet. This feature is present in other brands also but with its other feature Parent’ choice is the best choice to make.
• Affordable pricing
The most likable feature of Parent’s choice is its price tag. The manufacturers of this make are selling diapers at a very affordable range. When compared to other brands it is equipped with every feature that too at a cheaper rate. Huggies and Pampers like brands are expensive and are harsh on the sensitive skin of your little ones. So make a wise choice while buying the diapers.
Parent’s choice diaper reviews
Now listed below are some reviews for every size of Parent’s Choice, which will help you in making a better purchase.
• Parent’s choice diaper size 1
For light babies, these size 1diapers are best suitable. You can use this size for a child weighing 8-14 lbs.
• Parent’s choice diaper size 2
If your baby weighs 12-18 lbs, then this size is perfect.
• Parent’s choice diaper size 3
Size 3diapers can prove to be a comfortable fit for babies weighing 16-28 lbs. Size 3diapers are also hypoallergenic with 12-hour leakage protection.
• Parent’s choice diaper size 4
Babies weighing 22-37 lbs can fit perfectly in size 4diapers. From the size, 4onwards Parent’s choice manufacturers offer another range of overnight diapers. These provide 12-hour leakage protection and keep bay’s bottoms dry.
• Parent’s choice diaper size 5
Size 5diapers can provide a comfort fir for heavy weighing babies who are over 27 lbs.
You can even purchase a super value pack that offers a standard size that easily fits your little ones weighing 12-35 lbs and beyond.
Things to consider while buying a diaper for your baby
While purchasing for the comfortable and snug diapers for your toddlers is not a tough task if you follow the given guidelines.
• Choose the favorable type
You have the tone of variants in diapers. Disposables, disposable underwears, pull-ups, cloth diapers, all in one diaper, pocket diapers, fitted diapers, pre-folded diapers, and unfolded diapers. Let us have a peep in every variant to understand each more explicitly.
1. Disposables
Its absorbent pad is sandwiched between two sheets of non-woven fabric. It is fabricated with chemical crystals to absorb up to 800 times of liquid. The liquid is absorbed in gel form. One of the best-recommended option to keep your babies clean and dry always. These are thin and weightless making these diapers easy to carry. You have many variants in these diapers also, such as overnight, dry overnight, 12-hour protection and swim diapers. They are available in a variety of sizes.

2. Disposable underwear
These are specially designed to take care of your older children by offering dry nights. They are available for 4+ and above age group of children.
3. Pull-ups
When you begin potty training for your child, you can make them wear these comfy pull-ups. These are like regular underwear. Some brands equip these diapers with a wetness indicator line.
4. Cloth diapers
Cloth diapers fabricated with materials like terry, flannel, unbleached wool or hemp, and cotton fleece. Where each material is skin-friendly and has great absorbent qualities.
5. All in one diaper
This variant of diapers made with a waterproof cover from outside. But these are bulky and take more time to dry after laundering.
6. Fitted diapers
These are bit shaped like the disposables with broad wings and a narrow crotch. Some brands have fasteners and some have Velcro to wrap around the waist of the baby. With these diapers, you need to buy different size as your baby grows up.
7. Pocket diapers
Pocket diapers include a waterproof outer cover equipped with a pocket to insert an extra lining or a diaper. Velcro fasteners keep these pockets sealed.
8. Pre-folded diapers
Easy to use diapers because of their rectangular shape. You need to fold them once or twice to fit them in a waterproof cover. With these diapers, you need to get different size of the diaper as well as cover as your child grows. the
9. Unfolded diapers
These rectangular fabrics require to be folded according to the fit of your baby. These can also be placed in the pocket diapers.
After selecting the type of the diaper, you should also consider certain features for the right selection.
• Fasteners
You have a variety of fasteners depending upon brand. Velcro and tape fasteners are commonly used ones. Tape fasteners should not be used as it tends to lose its stick by time or when coming in contact with baby powder or cream.
• Fit for a perfect contour
Always choose those diapers that offer an elastic waist for comfort and prevent leaks between legs.
• Lotion
Some diapers come with a petroleum-based lining. Some even have scented linings with a light fragrance.
This lotion offers lubrication to the skin and care for the baby’s bottoms.
Parents should opt for lotion-based diapers, but fragrance based are not needed. Scented diapers cause allergic reactions in infants. So, it is advisable to avoid scented diapers.
• Stretchable sides
Diapers, which have stretchable sides ten to a better job. They mold into the shape of the baby’s body. This feature helps in preventing leaks and provide comfort to the body. Disposable diapers, waterproof cloth diapers and all in one diaper offers this feature.
• Ultra-absorbent
This feature is necessary nowadays in the diapers. If I equipped in the crotch padding to enhance the absorption power of the diaper.
• Wetness line
Diapers like, Parent’s choice comes with wetness indicating the line that informs you when your baby needs a diaper change.
• Fashion and styling
Diaper manufacturing brands take special care of fashion while manufacturing diapers for babies. There are a plethora of diapers with cartoon characters printed on the diaper, where some are gender specific.
Brands like Huggies offered a limited-edition diaper that was manufactured in blue jeans style.
We have listed out some common FAQ’s while buying diapers. These might help you in answering all the common problems of the parents related to diapers.
1. How are Parent’s choice diapers?
Many users prefer these diapers. They not only are pocket-friendly but also are super comfortable for babies.
2. What to prefer a cloth diaper or Parent’s choice disposable diapers?
Parent’s Choice diapers are w way better than regular cloth diapers. They are priced well and convenient to use.
3. Do diapers leave chemical burns on baby’s skin?
Every baby has a different type of skin. If you buy expensive brands, they might leave chemical burns on the skin of your little one. All you need is change the diaper time to time, and if your baby has sensitive skin, then you can switch over to traditional cloth diapers.
4. Can a baby have rashes from diapers?
Yes, babies can get rashes from using diapers. It depends on the skin of the baby. If they have a semi-sensitive or fully sensitive skin, then they might suffer from this problem. It is better to consult a pediatrician then regretting later.
5. Are some babies allergic to diapers?
Yes, there are cases where parents see redness on the butts of their little ones. This redness might happen when the baby is allergic to diapers. The lining of a disposable diaper is made from chemical, and this can cause allergy to some babies. You can consult a doctor before diapering your child. Cloth diapering I another best alternative in this case.
6. Where can I buy Parent’s choice diapers?
Parent’s Choice diapers are easily available at Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. These sites give many offers and discounts on super value and combo packs.
7. Who makes Parent’s choice diapers?
Manufacturers of Parent’s choice makes these diapers, but they have collaborated with Walmart for the selling of their diapers.
Stocking up on diapers can save lots of your money, but you have to be careful while piling up diapers so that you will not regret in the long run. Diapers have become an indispensable part of our lives especially when the baby is on potty training. Diapers are pristinely designed underpants to keep your little ones clean and hygienic.
Happy shopping!

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