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Did you know that buying projectors could be very confusing? Yes! It takes a lot of careful considerations especially that there are lots of new and advanced models advertised in the market nowadays. If you have used LCD projectors in the year 1995 to 2000 and was amazed by the features of those older models of projectors, definitely, the LCDs and DLPs of today will give yourself a big WOW as they bring you the high-end types and models.

The advanced features of these models are results of manufacturers’ continuous research in the use of projectors for different areas: education, business, and entertainment. And believe it or not, projectors are being used as home decors, too!

Consider this:

In looking for a projector, always take a look at your purpose of buying so. If you plan to buy projectors to alerted in the classroom, then go for something that offers up to 1080p resolution, 2000 – 3000 lumens and other secondary features. Now, if you are planning to set up a home theater, then consider those projectors that would always make for movie viewing amazing. You can get a 1080p resolution, with built-in speakers, etc.

Oops! You can also take a look at those portable/mini projectors that you can easily stash in your bag wherever you may want to make presentations or watch movies.

And yes! There’s a lot more!

Now, take a look at the following and get to know more about projectors!

What to consider

When you are looking for a good and affordable projector, highly cautious in choosing the correct model. Why I am asking so? There are so many models available in the market and of them may attract you with their looks and cheaper price tag with attractive features and design. We have covered, detailed buying guide for all types of projectors and other details, like connecting the projectors with other devices, or what type of screen you’d require for a specific type of projector under each type of projector in our post.


When you are planning to buy a projector, the first thing you should consider is your requirements. Are you buying it for your office presentation, or playing the game is your main purpose or you love to watch movie outdoor in a projector and enjoy it Depending on your requirements, you should go for a projector. For your home purpose, and if budget is not a problem with you, you could definitely go for a 4k projector or a short-throw projector. If you have some shortage of the budget, there are some good options as well. We have categorically picked some good but affordable projectors under your budget. You could opt for:
i. The best projector under $100 bucks
ii. Few best projector under 200 dollars
iii. Affordable but good quality projector under $300 range
iv. Few top projectors under 500 dollars