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Putting Greens Management: A Step by Step Process You Should Have Followed

Any golfer wouldn’t want to end up a game in dismay just because he/she didn’t enjoy much of his shots due to a poor quality of golf course (in some cases due to his best favorite golf  rangefinder. Hence, putting greens management is an essential skill in becoming a golf course superintendent.

The best skill of putting green management cannot be honed in just a matter of days. It requires a longer period of time and exposure to such job along with one’s patience, determination and a good training.

Did you know that such ability is being paid generously?

Yes! As we all know, golf s such a sophisticated sport, and everyone is willing to pay the price as long as they are able to play in golf courses that give them the confidence in winning.

If one is interested at Putting Greens Management? Here are steps that hopefully will give you an idea on what’s the mystery of creating an evenly grown grass and create a gorgeous golf course that becomes a favorite of players.

Image of putting greens

Image: Putting Green

Always remember:

This is not a real training. This article hopes to give you a glimpse on how these beautiful golf courses are being created. Having the knowledge on putting green management could be one of your passports in obtaining a job on golf course management.

So, are you ready to go green?

Check this out!

1. Select the best location

The green works best and should be built in an area of sandy soil, and where there’s plenty of sun-no trees and other distraction. If you have noticed, most of the golf courses are found in some elevated courses. That is to allow the breezes to come through so that the grass will be grown healthy. There should be a proper drainage so it won’t flood the area during heavy rains.

2. Excavate the area

The area of your golf green should be excavated to a depth of 20 inches or 51 centimeters. You have to make sure that all sods are removed so you have to go deeper if possible so that weeds won’t interfere in the grass you need to place in your green.

3. Design the Green

A variety of sloped could be more challenging to players so you have to work on that design.


Do not put any slope in the center to prevent puddle formation when it rains.

4. Install the drainage system.

Natural precipitation on a golf course can result to puddle formation and depression on ponds. To remove and control the surface water, a good drainage system should be appropriately installed. It is recommended that you use 8-inch (20cm) trench to ensure that water will drain away from the center. Be sure to duct tape all connections and wrap the pipes so that you don’t need to dig up the area when it needs repair.

5. Put in Irrigation System

To keep your turf healthy, there should be an adequate, even irrigation. If garden hose is used in watering the grass, it would be time consuming and there will be a tendency the water will not be distributed evenly.

This simple steps could give you an idea on the process of putting greens. Some woud like to install one in their backyard for regular practices and eventually honed skills in putting.

Video: How to Putting Greens

Tips on Managing Greens

Frequent Cultivation

Putting greens would look great and with quality if the surface is cultivated frequently. To maintain high standards, the golf course should be vertically mowed, top dressed weekly especially during optimal growth periods.

Mow properly

Mowing the turf grass is time-consuming operation in your putting green management. To maintain a well-groomed appearance and longevity of any turfgrass area, one should practice good mowing.

One should mow turfgrass at its physiological optimum. In times of tournament, it is then when turfgrass be cut below its physiological optimum.

Cultivate frequently

Putting greens could be achieved to its highest quality if cultivated frequently. The best quality surfaces develop on greens where you core aerify or deeply vertical mow at leasr 20% of the putting surface each year. The vertical mowing and sand topdressing together with core aeration produce the best quality putting surfaces. This results to firm, smooth, well-drained fast putting surfaces.

Apply Turf Regulators

Known as the magic bullet, growth regulators are best to maintain high quality putting green. It is an organic compound, natural and synthetic, which, when present or applied in small amounts, results in a change in turf growth development. It is very important that one who plans to use such magic compound should have enough knowledge on such thing to prevent your grass from any damages.

Water Properly

Part of your general management program is the water management program. Remember, you are growing and maintaining grass so it could look good and won’t let players dismayed on their every game.

Grass on the golf courses, like plants need water. Too much and too little amount of water results the same: damaging your grasses. Hence, everything should be in moderation.

Fertilize Properly

Fertilization contributes more to the improvement of poor-quality turfgrass as well as in maintaining its good-quality. Careless application techniques as well as excessive amount of fertilizer can damage your turf. Moreover, timing in fertilizing the turf grass is also important. If turf grass is fertilized in a wrong time, it could also result to damages.

The first thing that to do is to make an assessment of one’s turf nutritional requirements and to understand the need fertilizers. One should know how much to apply and when. Moreover, one should master different techniques at fertilizing to achieve the goal of maintaining well a golf course.

Developing a Maintenance Manual

Finally, you have come to the final step of your management plan. Developing a Maintenance Manual is very much important as it becomes your bible in maintaining a good quality golf course.

successful maintenance manual should consist of the following:

1. Maintenance Procedures including mowing, fertilizing, watering, etc.

2. Budget. It is impossible for you to maintain a golf course without spending money. Yes, it’s quite expensive, hence, it has to be properly planned.

3. Schedules concerning golfers and golf course event and play. As what being discussed earlier, using your golf course frequently could damage your grass. You have to develop schedule so it won’t be abused. Part of the schedule is the maintenance procedures so that such procedures will be performed on its ideal period.

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Putting Greens Management: A Step by Step Process You Should Have Followed
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  1. And also, its good if you use soft mowers for your turf. Be selective when you buy your mowers. You can ask other putting green managers whose putting green grows well. You may get some idea from them. Remember, you also invested for your project, hence, it is just right that you take care of it.

    • You can choose from many brand and models of your mowers. Many refer the push ones because they are easily controlled. The only problem is, it could be much tiring for you to push along the space. You can search online reviews of mowers best for your putting green.

  2. The putting green is also prone to growing of green algae. Why? because the turf is a good home for them. While they grow in this type of environment, algae tend to inhibit in your turf and sometimes cause thick crust on your soil. If not properly treated, this will damage the turf. So, you must determine the cause of the alga problem before you try to fix it. Some tips to prevent the algae from growing is to dry out the soil surface. You can also break the crust caused by algae and alter management strategies that are likely conducive for algae development.

    • Yes, that’s true. Thank for the tip. I have also read that there are medicines for easily killing the algae. But you just have to be careful because it may also damage your turf in not properly used.

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