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Justinrange Golf Scholarship Program

When we talk about scholarship for students, the things that come to our mind is either the student got the scholarship due to his/her academic records, or he/she is good at playing a particular sport. Giving scholarships is a great way to encourage the students in doing something that they love, be it sports or academics. Justinrange is all set to start its first ever scholarship program and that too for Golf.

Our first scholarship program for golfers will surely encourage their endeavors. This scholarship program is in its early stage, and right now we don’t have the budget to provide scholarships for more than one student. Therefore, we will give a sum of $1000, $500 and $250 respectively for 3 students as a scholarship for 3 students who will meet up with the required criteria we put up with.

Eligibility criteria for applying for this golf scholarship:

1.The most important of all, the applicant must be passionate about this sport and must know all the terms and rules regarding golf. This is important because he/she might be asked to demonstrate some shots.

2.The applicant must be at least 15 years of age or older.

3.The applicant must be the US or a Canadian citizen, or he/she should be carrying a valid student visa.

4.Students who chose a golf-oriented career and are still pursuing their studies can also apply.
Now, the applicants will be asked to write an essay or an article on any golf-related topics. The topics could be anything, and if you are a golfing enthusiast, things will only get easier for you.

For example, you might be asked to write an article on best golf putters reviews or best golf bags reviews. If you are well aware of things related to golf from best golf GPS watch to best golf bags, then these kinds of topics will be easy for you to write on.

Writing an article:

1. You will be asked to write an article on any golf related or projector related topic about 900-1000 words,
like these best projector review articles or this best golf rangefinder review article.

2. We’ll announce 3 winners for this program.

Prize money:
i. 1st winner $1000 USD.
ii. 2nd winner $500 USD.
iii. 3rd winner $250 USD.

3. The winners will be announced on 31st January 2018

4. The most important thing is to never cross the given word limit if it is 500, then, provide all the information you know within the 500-word limit.

5. Always write your content in a way that it seems interesting. You have to present your story in a detailed manner. And by detail what I mean is that you have to provide all the information about the things you are writing. You are allowed to add images to your article if you feel that it is relevant to add one.

6. Last but not the least, mention your personal information at the beginning of your document. The required details you need to provide are:
• Your full name
• Your contact information
• Your address
• The name and area of your college at which you are studying

7. After writing the article and providing your personal details, you have to submit your article to webmaster@justinrange.com and then wait for the results.

8. You are required to submit the application before December 30, 2018.
30, 2018, after that, the scholarship window will be closed. We recommend you to start writing it now as it will give you some time to think of an outstanding article.

9. The application will be discarded if we found that your article is copied or plagiarized. Using fake identity will not be tolerated either.

Remember, many people will apply, so the reward will be given to a person who will think differently and will present the best writing in terms of style, grammar, vocabulary, and uniqueness. Make it so engrossing that the reader feels like the screen is talking to him. All the Best!

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