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Simmons Rangefinder Reviews: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Simmons Rangefinder Reviews: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying
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Have you observed?

Technology nowadays is incorporated to almost everything. Industries, arts, manufacturing, marketing, and even Sports! All have different advanced gadgets that make things easier, convenient and of course, success. Well, in this article, let’s focus on Sports.

Particularly on what? Golf! Let’s talk about gadgets that can make you improve your performance on the golf course.

Yes, we are going to review the top rated Simmons Laser Golf Rangefinders.

A lot of gadgets are in the market to help you achieve a “real” game in Golf. And what’s the famous? The Laser Golf Rangefinder. And if you’re not familiar with the gadget,

well, such stuff basically helps you calculate the distance from your post to your target. Having an approximate distance help you make decisions on what strategies to use in your game as quickly and as surely as possible.

Image Name Features USGA Approved? Check Out
Bushnell Pro X2
  • Max range: 5 - 1300 yards
  • 450 yards to flag
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Bushnell Tour V4
  • Max range: 5 - 1000 yards
  • +400 yards to flag
  • 5x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Bushnell Tour Z6
  • 450+ yards to flags
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA Approved
    Bushnell Pro X7
  • Max range: 5 yards - 1 mile
  • 550 yards to flag
  • 7x Magnification
  • Unapproved
    Bushnell Tour X
  • 5 and 1,300 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • Max Range: 5 to 1,300 yards;
  • USGA approved
    TecTecTec VPRODLX
  • Max range: 5-600 Yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Precision Pro
  • Max range: 400 Yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Nikon Coolshot 20
  • Max range: 6 - 550 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Leupold Gx 5i3
  • Max range: 6-800 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved

    Well! Let’s get to know Simmons rangefinder and let’s find out how this gadget differs from other brands. In this article, we will be featuring five top-rated golf rangefinders manufactured by Simmons available in the market.

    Come on! Let’s take a look at each one of them!

    Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Why It is One of the Best Laser Rangefinder

    Think of this:

    While all Sports require you to master skills, there are also modern sport that incorporates technology to improve your ability. These technologies enhance various aspects such as accuracy, speed, and of course, help you succeed in your every game.

    What I am talking about are just a few of the technologies that prove Sports is also evolving throughout time. and you what? Golf is also on trend!

    Side image of Simmons 801600T Golf rangefinder (Laser)

    Did you know? A lot of helpful gadgets can be used to make your golf game amazing. And if you are just starting to rock on the golf course, then these gadgets will keep you rockin’! And by the way, not just newbies but also professional golfers are using these gadgets.

    So, let’s begin with golf rangefinders. A lot of golf rangefinders are out there in the market and yeah, it’s truly difficult to choose which one will fit your needs. Hence, this guide!

    So, are you ready to get better at golf? Let’s get to know Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder.


    Tilt Intelligence

    To give you a more satisfying result, this article introduces you the Tilt Intelligence Feature offered by Simmons Volt 600 Rangefinder. If you heard about angle compensation, then this feature is likely to be one. It gives you the true horizontal distance to the target. Such angle compensated yardage is displayed below the line of sight distance number.

    Vertical Design

    What is really captivating about this rangefinder is its vertical design that gives your palm comfort when using it. Compared to horizontal ones, this laser rangefinder is lighter and compact in design. It’s just about 6.5 x 3 x 5 inches in dimension, and approximately weighs 9 ounces.

    9 Volt Battery

    Most of the laser rangefinders are utilizing 3-volt battery such as Vortex Optics ranger 1000TecTecTec VPRO500 , and Nikon Pro Staff 7i, the Simmons Volt 600 utilizes the 9-volt battery. This type of battery is less expensive but weighs heavier than the latter.

    4x Magnification

    Practical for those who are just starting to master golf, you can enjoy the 4x magnification feature of the Simmons 600 Volt. This also can be beneficial to those who need a close range of a target. Unlike other hi-end laser rangefinders that offer 6x magnification just like the Bushnell g-force DX ARC, this Simmons 600 Volt still gives you a satisfying clear range.

    • It has a Tilt Intelligence6
    • Lightweight and handy in design
    • Compact and good physical features
    • Best for hunting, bows, and golf
    • Does not fogged up
    • Performs best even if it’s still in introductory period in the market
    • Cheaper than other models. Affordable
    • One button operation
    • Feature says that it can range up to 400 yards, but ranging 200 alone is a bit difficult.
    • Lack of features and modes for users to experiment with
    • Great only for beginners

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    1. Is it waterproof?

    No, it’s not. You have to be very careful in using it. Avoid drizzles and rain.

    2. What are other accessories included in the pack?

    There is no lanyard, though it has a hole for it, thus you have to buy such separately. A pouch is not included so I guess you have to purchase it separately too.

    3. Can this rangefinder be used in hunting?

    Definitely, yes! It performs well with hunting.

    4. Is it user-friendly?

    Yes, that’s why it’s good for beginners. It can be operated by one button only.

    Insider Tips

    Always remember:

    Any device wouldn’t last long if you do not properly take care of it. Good news! This article will give you a bonus! Check the following tips on how to take care of your laser rangefinder:

    Do not expose your rangefinder to rain or even drizzle. When it accidentally gets wet, wipe all the area with soft fabric and see to it that it is dried.

    Do not expose your rangefinder to rain or even drizzle. When it accidentally gets wet, wipe all the area with soft fabric and see to it that it is dried.

    Do not allow your rangefinder to be played by children or be operated by people who are not familiar with such device.

    If the rangefinder doesn’t provide you clear results, turn it off then power it on again. If it still doesn’t work, check the battery. It may be an indication of low battery life, thus needed to be charged.

    Always refer to your manual or user’s guide when something is trouble.

    Consult accredited service centers when you think that there’s something wrong with your unit.


    We’ve come to the end of our guide. How was it? Are you satisfied? Well, this Simmons Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder could be great for players who are still new in the golf industry. It is easy to operate with only one button, and not complicated at all.

    And the price? This rangefinder is best for those who are on a tight budget. With an affordable price, you can enjoy ranging and of course, enjoy your game!

    Simmons 801405 Rangefinder Reviews

    To all Golfers out there:

    I know you’re always searching for good rangefinders. Whenever there is a newly launched gadget, definitely it always makes a sound to your ear. Am I right? Yes! I know because I am exactly like that.

    And to help you decide on what rangefinder to buy on your next shopping, be with me in this detailed guide for Simmons Rangefinder and let’s know what Simmons 801405 Rangefinder has in store for us.

    A bit excited? Me too. Take time to read this article and let’s decide if these Simmons 801405 Rangefinder suits fit our need.

    Image of Simmons 801405 Laser Golf Rangefinder Reviews


    Compact in Design, Promises Durability

    Let’s begin by exploring the unit’s design. Compared to other laser rangefinders: Nikon Pro staff 7I, Callaway Rangefinder, Vortex Optics ranger 1000, the Simmons 801405 has an efficient vertical design which fits well in your hand. Compact in design, you’ll surely find this item durable and long-lasting.

    When caught with drizzles in the course (which actually cannot be avoided), you don’t have to worry because Simmons 801405 is designed with waterproof housing. But of course, you should not abuse this feature. It could still damage your gadget when submerged in water or other liquid.

    In-view Liquid Crystal Display

    What additionally captivates my eyes with this Simmons 801405 is the clear display of exact distance to your target from 10 to 600 yards. With this, you can easily make or revise strategy and keep your game on track.

    4x Magnification

    It may not provide you with 6-7x magnification just like other rangefinders, the Simmons 801405 still helps you bring your target much close to your sight as possible. It is still helpful in making great shots during a game.

    Functional Accessories

    It’s good to know that pack comes with a lanyard—great holder if your hands need to be relaxed. Moreover, the Simmons 801405 comes with a protective pouch. If not in used, you can just place it inside the pouch so it won’t get exposed to the heat of the sun or too much cold.

    • Compact design, durable and long-lasting
    • Has waterproof cover/housing
    • In-crystal display
    • Comes with a lanyard and protective pouch
    • 4x magnification
    • User-friendly, operated only with one-button
    • Affordable and best for those who are just starting to play golf
    • The battery is a bit heavy and adds up to the weight the rangefinder
    • The single button might get damaged easily because it’s the only thing controls operation

    See more customer reviews


    What type of battery shall be used to power up Simmons 801405?

    The unit is powered by 9-volt C2 lithium battery.

    Can this be used for hunting, rifle or bow?

    Yes, it can be used for those activities.

    Does the pack include the battery?

    Unfortunately, not included. You have to purchase the battery separately.

    It seems that some of the advanced features are not present. Is it expensive?

    No. it has lesser price compared to Bushnell g-force DX ARC, TecTecTec VPRO500, Callaway Rangefinder Vortex Optics ranger 100, Nikon Pro staff 7I and other rangefinders.

    Insider Tips

    This detailed article won’t just give you the features of Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, this is a bonus for you! The following are simple reminders on how to take care of your gadget. As we all know, rangefinders are very sensitive especially the optics, hence they need extra care.

    i. Keep your rangefinder in a safe and secure place when not in use.
    ii. Do not allow anybody not familiar with the device. It may be damaged or re-set.
    iii. Though your rangefinder is waterproof in design, it doesn’t mean that it is submersible to water. If accidentally got wet, wipe with soft fabric and dry all over.
    iv. Always refer to your manual or user’s guide when operating the device.
    v. Consult authorized service centers when you think something is wrong with the device.
    vi. Always bring with you the cover pouch for your device to be always protected.


    In this review article, we have explored the different features of Simmons 801405 Rangefinder. And after you have known its features, what is then your final verdict?

    Well, this rangefinder is great for beginners and those who are on a tight budget because of its affordability. Though cheaper, you can get to enjoy its wonderful features such as In-view Crystal Display that allows you view clearly your range.

    What’s more convincing? The compact design and the durability it offers. These things can also be seen to other rangefinders, however, considering that Simmons offers a cheaper price yet offers these great features, surely, you’re gonna be in awe.

    Simmons 801600T Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder with Tilt reviews

    Have you asked yourself:

    Am I that good enough at playing golf? Do I need to improve my skills such as How to Fix Golf Slice, making a great golf swing, or simply at identifying my targets? Well, you have to make a self-evaluation and identify the things you need to improve.

    What is just difficult in these gadgets is deciding on what type to purchase. There are many brands and models out there and it sometimes too confusing to choose the best. Let’s explore the features of Simmons 801600T Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder with Tilt. Who knows? This laser rangefinder might fit your need.


    Easy Operated Rangefinder

    If you’re that hesitant to use a laser rangefinder, no worries! This Simmons 801600T might be your good start in knowing what a rangefinder is. Super easy to operate. Just press the button, and there you have it, a very clear view of the result. The one button operation makes it easy for you to maneuver the device. This is one of the best to recommend for a starter.

    Tilt Intelligence

    This feature is of much help in deciding your strategy quickly. This is one of the uses of rangefinders, and with Tilt Intelligence, the purpose of the rangefinder truly served it well. It actually adds up to your confidence while you are on the golf course. How does it work? The Tilt provides a line of sight distance to a target and then calculates the true horizontal distance of the shot. This gives you a more accurate shot.

    9-Volt Battery

    While other rangefinders are using 3-volt batteries, this Simmons 801600T Volt 600 is powered up by a 9-volt battery. This is one of the good things this rangefinder could offer. Despite weight due to this kind of battery, it still makes you satisfy because it powers up longer than other batteries. The only thing frustrating is that you have to purchase it separately.


    Who could resist an affordable device with a satisfying performance? Yes! this is Simmons 801600T. It is recommended for newbies who are still trying to get to know rangefinders as well as to those who are on a tight budget.

    Compact Design with In-view Crystal Display

    This guide wouldn’t be completed without giving you the details of its great design. Efficient, this compact vertical design is easy to hold. It is comfortable to hold with and relaxing in the palm. It has waterproof housing, making sure that the optics are protected from drizzles.

    • 4x magnification
    • Waterproof housing
    • Comes with a Tilt Intelligence feature
    • In-view crystal display
    • Affordable
    • Compact in design
    • 9-volt lithium battery
    • Comes with a protective case
    • Absence of advanced features
    • Quite heavy because of the battery
    • Works well only to open area

    See more customer reviews


    Does it work well with dim light?
    The unit works best when well illuminated. You can appreciate its feature when there’s enough light.
    Is it easy to identify battery’s life?
    Like other rangefinders, it has a clear battery indicator on the screen.
    What is the accuracy level of this model?
    It has +/- 1-yard accuracy level.
    Does it come with a warranty?
    Most of Simmons models come with 1-year warranty, and I bet this model too.

    Insider Tips

    Fact: Laser rangefinders are so sensitive especially on the optics. It is just important that you know basic tips in caring your golf buddy. And in this article, we have included tips on caring your rangefinder:

    1. This model is operated by one button only, thus you have to be very careful at pressing it.

    2· Keep your device in a secure and dry place. When not in use, keep it inside the box and be sure not everyone can access it. Do not let people not familiar with the device operate it.

    3· If the unit does not turn on, or if the LCD doesn’t light up, check the battery, or restart the unit.

    4· If a target is not obtained, be sure that the LCS is well illuminated. Depress the power button when it still does not display a result.


    So how was it? Well, looking at the features, we can say that the features are impressing knowing that it only comes at a cheaper price. The in-view crystal display is great at revealing the clear result. It helps you make a strategy quickly according to whatever result your rangefinder suggests.

    And the tilt technology? Well, it’s just too helpful by making your shots certain as it can be.

    Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Laser Rangefinder reviews

    It takes a lot of consideration when purchasing your first golf rangefinder, hence this guide.

    Now, we will be exploring the Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Intelligence Laser Rangefinder. So, are you ready to see what’s in store for us? Check this out!

    Simmons 600 LRF Laser Golf Rangefinder Reviews


    Tilt Intelligence

    If you’re looking for the best feature of Simmons LRF 600 in the Tilt Intelligence that absolutely gives you the peace of mind when the opportunity arises to take the shot of a lifetime.

    How does this work?

    The rangefinder provides a line of sight distance to a target, and the Tilt Technology calculates the true horizontal distance of the shot for more accurate aiming of steep incline or decline. It definitely makes your shot accurate.

    User-friendly/Easy Operation

    Push a button! That’s it. Then the Simmons LRF 600 in view LCD display will tell you the exact distance between you and your target from 10 to 600 yards. This is why this rangefinder is best for newbies. No complicated operation, and definitely gives you a satisfying result.


    Yes, probably the most attractive thing about Simmons LRF 600 is the affordability, that captivates the heart of the users especially those who are still in the new track or those who are on a tight budget.

    Amazing Battery Life

    And because we are giving you a complete guide, let me give you its amazing feature, and that is a Commendable battery performance. It comes with a 9-volt lithium battery while others like Bushnell g-force DX ARC, TecTecTec VPRO500, Callaway Rangefinder, Vortex Optics ranger 1000, Nikon Pro staff 7I works in 3-volt. It proves strong even after 2000 uses, on the edge over other with only 1000 to 1500 use.

    • Tilt Intelligence provides true horizontal distance
    • Ranges up to 400 yards away
    • Compact, vertical design
    • In-view liquid crystal display
    • Weather-resistant housing
    • User-friendly with one button operation
    • Powerful optical 4x magnification
    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Long lasting battery life
    • Absence of highly-advanced features
    • Works well with enough light, but difficult to display in dim light
    • Fogs up especially in poor weather condition

    See more customer reviews


    1. What is the real dimension of this product?
    It measures 1.9 inches long x 3.6-inch wide x 4.2 inch high.
    2. Does the pack include carry case?
    Yes, it comes with a protective carry case.
    3. There are times when the range is not obtained? How can I check it?
    Make sure that the display is well illuminated. Make it sure also that the power button is depressed. You can also check the battery.
    4. Does the pack include the battery?
    Unfortunately, the battery is not included and shall be purchased separately.

    Insider Tips


    This detailed article includes tips to help you manage your Simmons LRF 600 Tilt Laser Rangefinder well. Knowing that your gadget is so sensitive especially on the part of the optics, you have to handle your device with much care. Below are some tips to help you take care of your rangefinder:

    a. Always keep your rangefinder dry. Place it in its box or purse when not in use, and keep it out of reach of children.
    b. Make sure that the LCD is well illuminated to obtain a clear target display of range.
    c. If the unit does not turn on, check the battery. You can also try to depress the button if you know that it is fully charged but still doesn’t turn on.
    d. Always refer to your user’s guide when there are minor troubles.
    e. Do not attempt to open your rangefinder, instead, go to the nearest service centers if you need to.


    So, how do you find the Simmons LRF 600?

    Well, this device is truly a good rangefinder for beginners as well as to those who are on a tight budget. Its affordability is truly attractive to everyone’s eyes, and as well as its features.

    Moreover, the in-view crystal display adds up to the good features of Simmons LRF 600. With this feature, you can clearly view your range results and allows you to make a strategy for your game. Though there are some advanced features which are not present in this rangefinder, this still provides you with a satisfying performance.

    Simmons 801601 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder ATAC reviews

    If you’re planning to own one, well, I should say that it’s quite difficult to choose what’s the best. This detailed article could be of great help. And today’s featured laser rangefinder, one of Simmons best creation, the Simmons 801601 Volt Laser Rangefinder, ATAC.
    Side Image of Simmons 801601 Laser Golf rangefinder


    In-view Crystal Display

    To complete this Review, the Simmons 801601 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder brings you its coolest feature, the In-view crystal display. This provides you a clear result of calculated distance so the player could make a quick strategy for the game. You just have to clearly illuminate the display, and there you go! clear and accurate distance calculation.

    Compact, Trusted Design

    As always, how your gadget looks like also matters, right? Admit it! We always consider the aesthetic value of something along with its functionality. And with this Simmons 801601 laser rangefinder, the design won’t let you down. The compact and great color makes this rangefinder attractive. It’s light and comfortable to your palm. What makes it greater is the water-resistant cover that truly shields the optics inside the device.

    4x magnification

    Designed with 4x magnification optics, the Simmons 801601laser rangefinder offers you a clearer view of your target. It also has an accuracy of +/- 1 yard and is able to range target up to 600 yards. Though considered to have magnification compared to Bushnell g-force DX ARC, TecTecTec VPRO500, Callaway Rangefinder, Vortex Optics ranger 1000, Nikon Pro staff 7I, the rangefinder still served its purpose, by providing you a satisfying view of your target.

    9-V Battery

    While other models of laser rangefinders use a 3-volt lithium removable battery, this Simmons 801601 is powered by a 9-volt battery which gives you a longer lasting battery life compare to the latter. It is best to use when you stay up on the course for so long.

    • Easy to carry and hold
    • Made of water-resistant cover/housing that protects the inside part of the device
    • 4x magnification
    • Uses a 9-volt battery
    • In-view crystal display
    • Easy to use with only one button operation
    • Affordable
    • The absence of some advanced features such as JOLT, Slope, etc.
    • The 4x magnification optic is quite not good for a long range of a target. The view could be blurry.

    See more customer reviews


    1. What are other features of this gadget?
    I think this model is designed for beginners, that is why it doesn’t come with many advanced features although its accuracy, magnification, in-view crystal display are commendable.
    2. Does it come with a pouch?
    Yes. It additionally protects your gadget and will serve as a good storage when not in use.
    3. Does it come with a warranty?
    Yes, just like other models of Simmons and other brands as well.
    4. Can it really range up to 600 yards?
    Feature says yes, but I have tried it, it gave me a quite blurry view. It’s great with up to 300 to 400 yards.

    Insider Tips

    Most of our gadgets are too sensitive just like this Simmons LRF Rangefinder. It needs extra care so that it would last longer and be with you all throughout your golf journey. The following are simple steps to help you take care of your gadget:

    1. Always keep your gadget clean and dry.
    2. Do not expose your gadget to water and other liquid although feature says it’s waterproof.
    3. Always check your battery so you could enjoy all the features while in the game.
    4. When results are not clearly displayed, restart your unit, or check the battery.
    5. Always refer to your manual when minor troubles arise.


    All the features of this rangefinder are impressive and definitely great especially to those who are just starting to get to know the best rangefinders. It may not possess the advanced features provided by Bushnell, Nikon, and Callaway brands, this Simmons 801600 Volt 600 is worthy of its price. If you’re looking for a gift to your teens who are starting to journey with golf, this gadget is absolutely that gadget that fit their needs

    Overall Thoughts

    Simmons has introduced their name well in the golf industry by providing an affordable laser golf rangefinders with satisfying performance. Yes, I agree that there are lots of advanced features that cannot be found in Simmons models, but who knows? Through time, the brand will be upgrading their models, just like how other famous brands started.

    Simmons, if remained consistent with their good performance and will work on upgrading and creating new models, definitely the brand would rock their name in the industry.

    So, May this article would be helpful in your quest of finding the best laser golf rangefinder that suit you best!

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