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Simply Fit Boards Complaints | Does The Simply Fit Board Actually Work?

Simply Fit Boards Complaints | Does The Simply Fit Board Actually Work?
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The growing emphasis towards fitness and the perfect body has brought in a flood of products on the market, but the confusion regarding the right fitness strategy and suitable products always persists. And Simply Fit Board is such a product creating a sensation in the health conscious people.
Now, as usual, some customers have found flaws in this fitness board, on the other hand, some found it to be the best way for burning fat. Here in this article, I ’ll tell you all the truths about this fit boards, and show you the unbiased customer reviews and complaints against it, whether you should go for it or think again.
Let us dive deep:
Simply Fit Boards Complaints
From all the positive views above, you might be assuming Simply Fit Boards to be an ideal way of melting down your fat.
The site states that these balancing wobble boards are tough fighters against muffin top and helps in burning fat.
According to the research and reviews, there is not much evidence to support this statement. Two customers have stopped using it because they fell from it. Now, this might have happened of poor balancing.
Some complained that the board is cracking from the middle and as such, there is no verdict from the company until now.
One buyer did not like the product and would never recommend it to anyone as she says it is not easy to use these boards as it sees on TV. Balancing became difficult for her and her agile and fit family members also fell from the board.
On the other hand, some really liked this product. As one remark this product is an excellent tool to balance body weight. The versatility of these boards amazed many buyers and the firmness they felt in their body was quite impressive.
Another positive review by a happy customer is that she felt active and this board really contributed to her loss in bodyweight. In the beginning, it was tricky to use but once she laid her hands on it then within a week Simply Fit Board became part of her daily routine.
On a whole, Simply Fit Boards received an average rating of 4.7/5 on Facebook and on online sites 85% customers stated that they will recommend this product to their family and friends.

On a positive outlook when we study all the reviews, this board deserves a chance and you will be pleased with its benefits.
To sum up, the Simply Fit Boards are undoubtedly different exercise equipment. It not only can accommodate 400 pounds of weight but also is suitable for almost everyone. After a few months of usage, you will be able to see the difference in yourself. After mastering the art of balancing on this wobble board, you might notice that it is a fun accessory in your workout and you will need to go back again and again.
Simply Fit Boards are created in such a way that its attractive designing and free workout session videos attract a large number of customers. It is one of the latest accessories in the market, which delivers optimum stability and accurate rehab sessions to your body. Manufacturers have done a remarkable job by creating such a board style. Its availability in vivid and bright colors gives fresh air to the market, which is suffocated with wooden and dark plastic boards.
To gain the full benefits of the Simply Fit Boards you need to see and understand the balance of specific workout videos uploaded on YouTube.
Before ending the Simply Fit Boards review, we would like to pinpoint that it is very important to use this balancing board slowly in order to achieve its effective results.
On a bottom line, this product is worth using as it adds a pinch of fun and energy to your workout sessions and will keep you engrossed whenever you step it.

How do Simply Fit Boards work?
It might be difficult to use at the initial stage but do not worry this board comes with a DVD, which is very helpful and guides you about the utilization of this product. You might take a few minutes to get comfortable with the balancing feature but once you learn to go with this aspect then there is no way going back.
Below are some key points to guide to get started with this revolutionary product.
• First, you need to place this board on a carpet or on a piece of rug. It is not advisable to use it on a hardwood flooring, as it will result in slipping or sliding off the board.
• Stretch your feet carefully on the edges of the board. Locate the last set of circles; this is the point where your feet should be resting.
• For the beginners, it is advisable to get hold of a nearby object when mounting on the board for the first time. This ensures a safe workout with a decreased possibility of falling.
• Now all is set and you are ready to rock yourself slowly from one side to another. Keep doing this until and unless you get comfortable.
• Once you are comfortable you can start twisting your hips along for quick fat loss.
It might take you a few days to get used to this product. However, once you glide down it will feel natural and easy to you. Remember to grab the nearby object in the beginning and slowly after a few days, you can see yourself working out without holding an object.
Now once you take hold of this board you might want to increase the intensity of your workout. To continue improving your physique Simply Fit Boards are manufactured by keeping the versatile aspect in mind.
You can use this board in various unique ways and can combine several workouts with it. To give an instance, you can add dumbbells while your work out session. You can follow the same steps mentioned above by combining it with dumbbells.
Keep in mind that always start with lower weights until you get hold of it.
In this way, you can increase the intensity level of your workout with these boards.
Simply Fit Boards have been proven to be effective for squats, push-ups and even hardest of the planks.
It is not necessary that every person would be able to balance they might feel unbalanced and clumsy making the Simply Fit Boards difficult to use.
Below are some quick tips to avoid common problems and keeping you safe while using the Simply Fit Board and achieving its maximum effect.
• Always place the Simply Fit Board on the carpet. It might work on other surfaces also but placing a carpet below will reduce the risk of slipping off the board.
• In the beginning, do not feel afraid to hold an object nearby the board. It will not only ease your workout but you will also feel comfortable.
• Twist your waist to get the most out of Simply Fit Boards. Remember to keep your knee joints stable throughout your twisting jam.
• These boards have been designed in such a way that they deliver optimum fun with an effective workout. You can listen to your favorite jam or watch television while on board. This tip will keep you engaging in your workout and make sure that you go for the next round as well.

Common things you need to know about Simply Fit Boards
Now balancing is a quick way towards your fitness.
Yes! We are talking about the Simply Fit Boards, which are currently ruling the fitness market. Simply Fit Boards are the key to your fitness goals.
The Simply Fit Boards are a revolutionary product in the world of fitness. Its balancing board is an exercise device purposely manufactured with the intentions for strengthening the core muscles and trimming the waist fat. This plastic made balance board enhances one’s workout sessions.
Simply Fit Boards came into notice on November 6, 2015, on a popular show Shark Tank where the company’s representative explained about this board and its beneficial effects.
Since then these fitness boards come in all shapes and sizes.
Before going further, let us have a quick look at the notable specifications.
• It can accommodate 400 pounds of weight
• It targets your abs, arms, legs, shoulders and buttock muscles.
• Manufactured in different vibrant colors such as blue, orange, magenta and green
• Allows you to workout easily without stressing much on your joints
• The Simple Fit Board comes with a step by step user guide and a workout DVD
• Lightweight and compact. Easy to port anywhere and everywhere
• Best workout option for beginners
• Veteran athletes can also benefit from this balancing board
With this review on Simply Fit Boards, you will learn more about it and its functioning.
But if you are in a hurry and want a one-word answer whether to buy it or not then YES, these wobbling boards are highly recommended to use at least once.
Let us go on further to answer your questions, which are hovering over your mind about this product.
Benefits of Simply Fit Boards
As discussed above, these balancing boards also known as wobble boards are around from a while. They are being sold in all possible shapes and size with attractive colors. Some are disc-shaped with round bottoms, others like skateboards equipped with knobs underneath.
Although these boards are designed differently, in general, they serve only one common purpose, i.e. improving your ability to balance.
But do these boards serve an effective purpose? Or are these just like those schemed pieces of workout equipment? Let us find answers to these questions.
These boards by Simply Fit are lifetime equipment rather than those fading with time. A person of any age or can use its benefits. One can keep on improving and maintaining their balance, as they get older.
It has many benefits like:
• Strengthening muscles
• Conditioning of your body
• Rehabilitating injuries
• Prevents falls
• Improving stability
• Aligning of the posture
These boards are proven to be a cure for ankle injuries and strengthening them. It should be included in your daily routine workout to improve your stability and decreasing the risk of injuries by 50%.
The Simple Fit Boards target the tough fat in the arms, legs, and abdominal muscles. Its twisting and swaying motion helps in flexing the muscles and further tone and strengthens them. With every rock of your body, you tend to get toned muscles. Once you are accustomed to the gliding of the board, you can add more bodily movements to enhance your exercises.
By practicing daily, you will be able to easily target your biceps brachii, triceps brachii, deltoid, and supraspinatus muscles. It is not necessary for you to become a professional athlete to avail the benefits of the board rather you need little creativeness and determination to target your fat.
Next common target of every person is the abs. abs are one of the most common exercised muscle group and are easily affected by every exercise you do. Good news! Whenever you try to balance yourself on the board, you are actually strengthening and flexing your abs. with the rocky motion on the board, you tend to exercise your abs too.
While the choice of activity varies individually, most enthusiasts aim to find an activity that they find enjoyable. The right mix of fun and fitness ensures continued motivation.
You can choose from sports to complex workouts but the key emphasis stays on enjoyment. Balancing is one such fun activity that ensures fun.

These simple boards prove to be an excellent way of improving your balance, rehabilitate your injuries and align body postures.

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