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Best Rifle Scope Brands of 2018: A Detailed Guide

Best Rifle Scope Brands of 2018: A Detailed Guide
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If you’re a hunter or just enjoy going out shooting for sport, then you know the importance of choosing
the right scope for your rifle to aid in accurate shooting. Just like other products and brands, there are
thousands of different brands that manufacture rifle scopes, but there are those that stand out in the
market. The hardest part is deciding which one produces the best products to guarantee an incredible
outdoor experience.

In this guide, we have rounded up the top ten rifle scope brands that make the best products in every

1. Leupold

Founded in 1907, Leupold is a brand that produces high-quality optics in the entire world. The company
claims to have products with incredibly high transmission based on the wavelengths of light. Its scopes
have been an excellent product for the US Marine, Navy SEALs, and Corps, which is a great quality and
design assurance to the brand. Leupold makes everything ranging from simple hunting and shooting
scopes to some of the powerful and high tech designs for the military.

2. Burris

Being one of the greatest brands that make the best rifle scope, Burris have enough experience to
create a high-quality optic that can handle a wide range of shooting tasks with a high level of skill for
each. They hire the most talented and knowledgeable team of engineers to make their products.
Whether you’re an occasional hunter or shooting for sport, Burris has a rifle scope for you. Some are
made for professionals in the military across the world. They are famous for their excellent scopes that
have larger diameter lenses than the rest of the brands.

3. Nikon

Nikon is considered one of the most famous optics brand in the world. When it comes to the best value,
it’s hard to beat Nikon. They have an array of products on the market, and they are also known for their
outstanding performance in the hunting industry especially for the optic rifle scopes. With the
commitment to quality, innovation, and high performance, they have continued to produce a unique
riffle scopes hunters who want to have a great outdoor experience. They also make the best inexpensive
glass, and all their rifle scopes are of high quality with affordable prices.


It is one of the best rifle scope made for the military with a proven record across the world. Trijicon rose
to fame when it manufactured an innovative illumination rifle that uses both fiber optics and tritium to

light up its reticle. It’s a perfect choice for a hunter who needs a rugged and reliable scope for hunting. It
produces a variety of products in different colors and shapes. Also, they are affordable for the ordinary
hunter. For those looking for a rugged riflescope for tactical experience, Trijicon has the best selection.
It’s a great option for all types of carbines from pump action, bolt action, or any other semi-auto

5. Bushnell

Bushnell is one the oldest rifle scope manufactures with over 65 years in business and a wide array of
great products on the market today. It produces some of the inexpensive riflescopes you can buy thus it
is considered as a great option to get the best rifle scope under 100. Most of their products are high
quality and reliable for any hunter. Bushnell probably controls the largest part of the market with great
offers for their scopes from as little as $20 all the way to $3000 for the most advanced military products.
It’s a great option for the absolute cheapest rifle scope.
Bushnell are the makers of best golf rangefinder too.

6. Vortex

Based in Southwest Wisconsin, Vortex manufactures great rifle scopes for hunting, recreational
shooting, and competitive shooting. It was founded by a group of hunters and shooter who wanted
every hunter to have a chance to choose the best rifle scopes for their adventure. They have created a
great brand with bombproof and classic hunting style optic that can do anything you want a scope to do.
Their products are affordable and high-quality with some advanced models for the military.

7. Nightforce

If you’re a long range hunter or shooter, then you’ll need a proper scope to go along with your
obsession. Nightforce is among the brands with the finest and tactical scopes used for hunting and
shooting across the world. They produce great rifles with huge and powerful magnification range for a
clear view when hunting.
The entire brand screams great quality, and from the design, you can tell that their products are
designed for people who shoot. They have a variety of rifle scope that can do a variety of functions
depending on what you want to achieve.

8. Zeiss

For hunters and shooters who do long range, then they need a high-quality optic to help in aiming and
shooting. Zeiss is flawless and produces a great choice of rifle scopes for any hunter. Similarly, if you
need high performance, then you need to check out the products at Zeiss. They are best known for their

authentic camera glasses, lenses, and some of the finest glass in the world which is remarkable for
shooting. It’s a great option for enthusiasts with an obsession for long range hunting and shooting.

9. Redfield

In 2008, Redfield was purchased by Leupold; Stevens Company, which is a significant player in the
manufacturing of rifles. Even before the purchase, Redfield’s still had a high capability of creating their
products and the trend continued even after the purchase. It is still one of the top manufacturers of
high-quality rifle scopes for enthusiastic hunters and shooters. They offer 100% fulltime warranty to
their customers on all their products including the rifle scopes.

10. Barska

Currently located in Pomona, California, Barska is a great brand that deals with sports optics for a great
outdoor experience. They are considered one of the top riffle brands that manufacture high-quality rifle
scopes on the market in the planet. With a distribution channel in over 40 countries, it’s clear that they
are determined to deliver the best quality of rifle scope to every hunter and shooter across the world.
They also offer products that can be customized according to the customer’s needs.


There is no doubt that optics has changed the face of the rifle. Finding the best brand that produces
great products can be a daunting task. Identifying the key features you want and then making a keen
decision based on the right specifications you need is a great start to determine the best brand in the
market. Go for a brand and model that suits your needs when hunting and shooting.

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