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What is a Rangefinder and Why it is So Popular: (4 Important Uses of Rangefinders)

Wondering what is a golf rangefinder and how is this used?

Here’s what:

A rangefinder allows somebody to measure the distance of his/her subject for accurate focusing. It all works using the same basic concept: emitting laser beams from the push button. As the beams bounce off on the distant object very fast, it gives an image of the targeted object back to your rangefinder, displaying such result/image on your LCD. Through this mechanism, you’ll be able to measure the distance from your position to the target, allowing you make decision on what you’re gonna do with it.

There’s more! Rangefinders are helpful in the following:

1. Ballistics: Rangefinders are used for shooting with firearms in long distances. The device is very much helpful to soldiers.

2. Hunting: More hunters are getting fond of using digital rangefinders to surely shoot animals when they go for hunting.

3. Photography: This allows photographer to capture great angles and shots by identifying the distance and adjusting it.

4. Golf: Players can use this golf ball rangefinder to measure yardage of a particular shot. And with some more advanced rangefinders, this device too could measure slope that helps golfer what strategy could be used in a specific course condition.

9 Top Rated Golf Rangefinders of 2018...

Image Name Features USGA Approved? Check Out
Bushnell Pro X2
  • Max range: 5 - 1300 yards
  • 450 yards to flag
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Bushnell Tour V4
  • Max range: 5 - 1000 yards
  • +400 yards to flag
  • 5x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Bushnell Tour Z6
  • 450+ yards to flags
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA Approved
    Bushnell Pro X7
  • Max range: 5 yards - 1 mile
  • 550 yards to flag
  • 7x Magnification
  • Unapproved
    Bushnell Tour X
  • 5 and 1,300 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • Max Range: 5 to 1,300 yards;
  • USGA approved
    TecTecTec VPRODLX
  • Max range: 5-600 Yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Precision Pro
  • Max range: 400 Yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Nikon Coolshot 20
  • Max range: 6 - 550 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Leupold Gx 5i3
  • Max range: 6-800 yards
  • 6x Magnification
  • USGA approved
    Golf Rangefinder Infograph

    Who should get/use Golf Rangefinder?

    Take a look at this:

    ​Every player may it be amateur or pro considers golf rangefinders helpful in their every game. Others might find it expensive, but for every player who wants to make great shots in the game generally would not mind its price.

    When I mingle with friends in the club, I usually hear players who just have purchased

    latest models of rangefinders

    players who brag the accuracy and satisfying result their rangefinders are offering; players who sell their old models to acquire latest versions; or even players endorsing brands of rangefinders based on their experience. These only show that rangefinder plays a very important role in their golf life.

    Have you ever felt sorry for being an amateur?

    Well, I know the feeling. But hey!


    Just take a look...

    Best golf rangefinders help you master strategies and game tactics in different game situations. Having a perfect shot for one who is still starting to learn golfing makes a player develop confidence and boost self esteem. And with the help of golf rangefinders, one can be encouraged in succeeding a game.

    Here’s one great fact: Professional golf players too own and use rangefinder during tournament. This would help them get the golf scope and condition and eventually help them decide for the best techniques in order to win the game.

    But remember this:

    The high end rangefinders commonly purchased and used by professionals quite have a steeper price than other models. Sticking on a budget could also make you find inexpensive golf rangefinder models but offers great performance.

    Always have the knowledge on assessing the best golf rangefinders.

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    Easy Steps in using a Golf Rangefinder

    I’m pretty sure that everybody who loves Golf has his/her Tiger Woods in his/her life. And even his/her Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott or Phil Mickelson as idol. Someone who wants to become and someone who would definitely be an inspiration in such Sports. Me?

    I also have one, my Dad! He introduced me everything about golf. When he was still alive, we often had conversations on how players made great shot, their techniques, equipment, tactics, winnings, losses, everything! Aside from those basic equipment, he had introduced me gadgets that would aid me in giving my best shot.

    Dad always found me too funny when I kept on complaining the distance I had to imagine just to hit my target. That prompted him to introduce me on his helpful device, the golf ball rangefinder. I don’t usually call it as rangefinder, but a “click and point” device. Maybe because this is how basically the device works.

    Here are easy steps to enjoy your Golf Laser Rangefinder:

    Step 1: Install the Battery. Always make sure that the battery is compatible with the device.

    Step 2: Power your device on by pressing the power button.

    Step 3: Scan the area to determine target.

    Step 4: Point the rangefinder at the object you intend the distance to measure.

    Step 5: Once you have determined target, push the button to send the laser beam to the target.

    Step 6: View and read result in the Display or screen of your rangefinder. The beams send result back to your device very quickly in just a matter of a blink of an eye. Your rangefinder could use that time measurement to calculate the distance it traveled, and then gives you an accurate result on your screen.

    Take note:

    Golf Laser Rangefinders work in the same concept which involves emitting laser beams at the button. Beams would bounce off distant objects and the device’s high speed clock would measure the total time it took from when the beams left the rangefinder until they returned.

    There’s a lot more!

    The joy of operating a golf rangefinder does not limit you at pointing and clicking to calculate distances. Though this is such a very basic purpose of rangefinders, technology has always been evolving and upgrading to continually give us comfort, ease, and satisfying result. Manufacturers kept on launching different Best Golf Rangefinder models with many helpful and amazing features.

    What I like most about newly upgraded models are the varying modes each manufacturer is featuring. For example, the Bushnell has just popularized the Tour V3 Slope Edition Golf Rangefinder with JOLT Pinseeker that helps player calculate the differences in elevations to get yardage and transform yardage via the scope.

    This device gives every player an accurate calculation in sizing up the course especially for slope surface and uneven terrains.

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    What is a Rangefinder and Why it is So Popular: (4 Important Uses of Rangefinders)
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